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The British ruled India for 30 years and eventually ruled India for 4,000 years, leading to many problems and political crises. The French eventually replaced the thirteenth ruler with the first-ever Muslim king, Hyder Ali, who was fired and eventually led the American Navy to surrender. The British eventually recognized Ali and gave him a commission. The conflict between the British and the American Navy during a naval battle in 1784 leads to the loss of India if they don't remove a man from power.

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Check out people's Wilton weapons bottoms you will see Google it you will see is guns is Swords is rifles produced incident Gopuram in India in Southern India in his capital, the French were completely blown away, when they looked at the quality of his weapons and said we cannot match this, I cannot match this.

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So, the British themselves the East India Company officers and rulers and generals and military men, they were saying, if there is a match for the British in India, it is people's oppa.

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24% GB is sorry GDP in the year 1700 Even up to the year 1800 It is said the GDP was 23% of the world. But by 1947 it came down to 4% when the British left India, over 90% of the Indian population was below the poverty line. So, what did the British do for Indians is the question for 200 years

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they ruled India What did they do? So, at this time, a lot of a lot was happening so long as people So, tan was alive and other fear of freedom fighter, the British did not feel superior to the Indians, okay, they were still formidable powers resisting the rise of British colonialism in India. Now, the British had the eyes set upon the entire subcontinent. They were not satisfied with Bihar, Bihar and Orissa and Bengal, they wanted to occupy all of India. So they started to cause intrigues within Indian states. So they started to cause the Murata to fight the lung exam and then his arm is fighting the state of my soul. And then the British are causing basically Long story short, the

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British are causing a lot of problems within India, so that they can we can all the local powers and then overpower the territories occupied territories. And this is exactly what happened. But one power in particular, was standing like a rock in their way.

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And that was the state of my soul.

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In southern India, ruled by a Muslim king called Hyder Ali hydralie was a Soldier of Fortune who rose to this very high position in the military of Mysore by you know, performing extremely well for the Hindu ruler of the state.

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And eventually he removed the Hindu ruler and he became the Sultan himself because he found him to be too weak. So he became the Sultan himself when he became the Sultan of the state of Mysore, a principality of 33 villages became a powerhouse in Southern India, ruling 1000s of square miles 1000s of square miles, okay, nearly 40,000 square miles, this territory was carved by Hyder Ali. He started in 1760s. And by 1780s, he was a formidable power. He defeated the British in major wars. The British saw no other threat in India other than hydralie, and his young son called futon, Fratelli Mohammed Tebow, also known as people Sultan, born in 1751, the correct date of birth and he

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died or he was killed in battle shade in 1799. Right. So people photon is a 17 years old joined his father on the battlefield, one many major battles. So in 1782, his father died of natural causes, right? And then he comes through becomes a Sultan. So the British fear no one more than people in India, they don't feel the mirages. They don't feel

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that Islam, they don't feel the Mughal emperor sitting in Delhi at that time. Charlaine the second, he's already blinded. Okay, that's another story. They are looking at Mysore.

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And now Tebow is so clever, is so astute, so shrewd politically, that he joins hands with the French who are also present in India for their own interest.

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At this time, the French Revolution was going on when people photon was the Sultan, so he would read very enthusiastically about the French Revolution. He would get the French to bring the books of French philosophers like Rousseau, Voltaire, Montesquieu, and he will read the philosophies sitting in India and Mysore, and he had French soldiers generals working in IT

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His army, he had French ingenious teaching his men how to make weapons to Bhutan. In his factories was producing top of the range, best weapons in the world at the time.

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In fact, it is recorded that he ordered cannons you know guns, the so called guns at the time cannons right from the French, the French came

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and they looked at when when the when the when

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the delivery was made. They open the guns and he said This is rubbish. Pupils will bounce into. He said to the French engineers, this is rubbish. This is not useful. They said What do you mean? They laughed at him? Listen, this is the best product in the world. The French they created this, that okay, let me show you the best product in the world. He took them to his own factories. They saw his guns which were sold recently in a London auction in an auction called Borderlands born hands more hands okay Bo n h AMS checkout pupils will ban weapons bottoms you will see Google and you will see is guns is sword is rifles produced incident Gopuram in India in Southern India, in his capital. The

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French were completely blown away. When they looked at the quality of his weapons and said we cannot match this. I cannot match this.

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So the British themselves the East India Company officers and rulers and generals and military men they were saying if there is a match for the British in India, it is typical pa

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Long story short, in 1790. There was another war between the British and to Bhutan. Three armies came against Him the Murata has done his arm, and the British, the joint hands three militaries fought one ruler, and they took half his territory, he had to surrender two of his sons. He lost though he lost the war in 1792. He had to surrender two of his sons and pay the compensation for the war.

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But then again, he did not stop his intrigues. He was even sending support to the American

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independence. Founding Fathers, for example, to Bhutan was in correspondence with Thomas Jefferson, do you know that if you're not good, Thomas Jefferson is one of the founding fathers of America. He is the author of the Declaration of Independence 1776 The Declaration of Independence was authored by Thomas Jefferson DeVos will turn goals in correspondence with him. He sent his is embassy to meet with him in France. Typical tans embassy went to France to meet the French king. I think it was Louie the 16th and then later on when he was deposed, he had correspondence going with Napoleon Bonaparte, people Sudan was corresponding with the Ottoman Sultan, he was caught as he was

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corresponding with the king of Afghanistan, chars Amman, the grandson of Shah amateur of Dali, he was he was communicating with all important figures politically important in the world at the time to defeat the British East India Company in India. Okay, and the British had realized through the spies what Tebow is up to, in fact, you wouldn't believe this. But it is fascinating that in 1784, if I'm not mistaken, there was a naval battle between American Navy and the British Navy. In America near the state of Delaware, it is called the Battle of Delaware 1784 for vessels on each side. For vessels on each side. The British had four vessels, the Americans and for vessel for vessels and one

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of the American vessels American vessel, one of the American vessels was called Hyder Ali.

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It was named after the father of the proton. So there's clear evidence that Tebow was in direct correspondence with the founding fathers of American independence. Why? Because he wanted the British East India Company to be harmed globally. He wasn't fighting the East India Company in India alone, he was fighting this evil entity around the world. Why was it evil? He was fighting all of these British interests around the world. So the British decided that something has to be done once and for all if we don't remove this man from power, we will lose India, there is a potential to lose India if we do not remove this man from power.