And the creation of man is weak

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because humans are weak by themselves, Allah says we're holding on insan or by Eva, and man was created weak. Yes, sometimes we love to feel or to think and assume that we are strong. And there are moments of strength.

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But these are temporary. And they are limited to a specific area in many areas in our life, we are limited, we are weak, we are dependent. We need help, we are deficient. That's the nature of humans and that's how Allah created them they are in need. Allah says yeah, you Hannah so animal for Allah will Allah Allah, O mankind, you are the one who are in need of Allah, you are in need, that means you can't stand alone.

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And this is why Allah also said to Prophet Musa alayhis salam call us and I should do, I'll do the cabbie I think we shall strengthen you and support you with your brother.

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So human weakness is an absolute fact. So we need the help. So Allah subhanaw taala enjoins upon us and advises us to look out for those who need because there will be others who need some of them speak out about their needs, some don't. So it's good for humans to look for one another.

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To watch out for one another.