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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a woman who is supposed to act by love and attraction to use funny Islam, and is very happy. She is supposed to be his master, and she is also supposed to act by love and attraction to use funny Islam. The transcript describes various scenarios and possible reasons for the use of a reference to Allah Subhaniah's master to help someone, and emphasizes the importance of protecting oneself and achieving goals. The transcript also describes a situation where Islam is punished for using it as a political tool and causing a criminal act, and highlights the importance of Islam in Islam's standards. The speaker also invites attendees to join them and be with them for Zakon Lafa, and reminds attendees to stay safe and their family.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was heavy H marine Morgado Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Welcome to the Friday Halaqaat overlayer center. And we're still doing our HELOC online due to the

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lock down and the restrictions in the,

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in the light of the rise of cases in COVID-19, ask Allah Subhanallah to keep everyone safe. And to protect us and our loved ones.

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We are dealing with solar use of array Salam. So we're still going through a thematic approach or journey through the Quran, as we are exploring each surah and what is the main theme in it, and we're trying to see how the sub themes connect and support, connect to and support the primary theme. And then we try to draw practical benefits from

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the from the solar.

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Solar use phrase to them, we said is, is a Mercury solar. And it's surah number 12 in the Quran. And the general theme here is the lessons that we can take from the story of Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam, and it's rich in events, there's a lot of events, and they're very, very deep. And even the treatment, the treatment and the treatment and the description of the events is quite powerful in solo yourself. And it seems that Allah subhanaw taala wanted the messengers, or Salam and the Muslims in general, to reflect on these lessons, learn from them and draw parallels, because the challenges share some similarity, although on the surface, the circumstances seem to be different.

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But again, the human condition, the human experience, shares quite a bit. So it's a reminder here, and there's a lot of the very interesting thing about solo use of there is a lot of

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I would say lessons that pertain to either the order of Allah, the Divine Will of Allah. And the other is the system of this life is how this life unfolds, how it works. What are the dynamics surah. Yusuf reveals a lot of the beautiful lessons that we can learn about the other as we will see, I believe we reached verse number 22. That's what we finished last time.

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So we start with verse number 23. So giving a background information on where the store where the story has reached, profit use for this, again, saw a very special dream his father knew or understood what the interpretation was, there are signs that US Friday, Sam would become a man of power and status. And most likely that would be through prophethood. Again, so he would, he would be a prophet.

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THE BROTHERS OF USE Friday, salam, they were from another mother. And they were not happy with the fact that use of or that their father loved us for Islam so much. They thought, maybe Yusuf was the obstacle. He was the reason why, as they thought their father was not giving them due attention. They decided

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to get rid of use of it, he said,

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a beautiful lesson that we can take here is that

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you feel you are wronged, or you are not given your rights, if you feel you're a victim of any any type, any type of victimhood, that you allow yourself to go in,

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can very easily slip or develop into a catalyst and the justification for you to commit unethical acts. So the brothers of use for an Islam they thought that their father was not doing justice and the father was loved, usurious, Allah more and again,

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a preference or a specific love that is very natural, to one of

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one of the children, or to specifically one person, sometimes there are, sometimes it's not completely under control when it comes. But treatment is supposed to be fair and speaking about a messenger or a prophet like yeah, obey his system. We have all the reasons to confirm and be assured that he treated his children with justice. But the children caught that there is love there is natural love there that is given to us very seldom, and when they felt that they deserve the same, and that usually Instagram was the obstacle.

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He was like winning all the love, not the treatment, but the love this natural love.

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Then they thought they they apparently saw themselves being wronged by use of, then they arrived at a conclusion that they were justified in contemplating even killing him murdering him. But eventually, they decided to go with a lesser of the lesser evil or lesser of the two evils that these were the two options on the tables on the table for them. And that was to get rid of use of any sandwich is still such a huge thing to be done.

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And it shows that humans have this tendency. So by the way, as we go through, so you're so far gone to, again, the saga is full with lessons, and it's very hard to go through it quickly without being caught in the lessons. So we are going to let the lessons you know,

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consume our time, and we will let the lessons dictate the pace. So inshallah we're not trying to rush through the soil. So we can learn here as well as that's the nature of humans that once you feel you are wrong, this is a very, you are wronged that you are a victim. This is a very dangerous place to be in, morally speaking. And there is human weakness, that the moment we feel we are wronged. We feel we have the right to inflict harm, and to wrong the other person and to act unethically. This is why it's a very serious thing and we all share this, this weakness.

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Prophet Adam Alayhis Salam had this weakness and this this was exactly what she found capitalized on. She Don came to animalism who was put in Paradise by Allah Samantha was honored with dwelling in Paradise by Allah subhanaw taala where Allah said, you have everything you want.

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All the beauty and Paradise is open to you except for one tree as a test she was born comes to administer and he says

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Manohar kumara buco man had his physiology ill and takuna monokini out Hakuna Matata highlighted Allah did not prevent you from eating from the street,

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except out of fear that you may become

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or you become an angel. You basically you upgrade your nature as a human being. And Adam, why Phil fell for that? Why did he fall for that? Because it was a feeling of I didn't get what I quite what I deserve. And this kind of weakness is very serious in humans. So we should be careful, you should always keep ourselves in check and not fall for this. In our human tendency, the moment you feel you are being wronged or that you are a victim of any kind, even if it's just imaginary, even if it's a matter of exaggeration,

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that you exaggerated the conditions and you just arrive at that conclusion, which is could very well not be true.

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You are in a position to start acting unethically. It's very easy to fall into this. And it's rare among humans that when someone is wrong, that they would respond ethically. So a very important lesson. So the left use relates to them in the well. They created a big lie, they made a whole act, pretend, pretending that use when he said, you know, feet making up a story and bringing false evidence to their father. Father is Gree is grieving, grieving, and is grieving and he's in so much pain.

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But he knows that they are not telling the truth. There's nothing you could do at the moment.

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use valleys is found by a trading caravan. They also take him so usually Sam is already wronged now, and in no small ways. And then he is taken now by strangers. And he's sold into slavery.

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So he's bought into this house and we said it's a very important influential man in Egypt. His name is title is Al Aziz.

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And they decided to take him either as a servant as a slave, or even probably a son. So it wasn't clear. But apparently, he was treated more as a slave but he was still treated like he was not abused in a sense

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And Allah subhanaw taala taught him, Allah give him wisdom, Allah gave him knowledge. And we mentioned last week and this is what we close this session with, that

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when someone acts when when you act morally and ethically when you stay true to the commands of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah will take care of you. So this is one of the lessons that we learn about, you want to this life to work

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well for you, hold on to the

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to the moral principles that are actually divine principles, and to the more the, unto the the divine command and guidance, things. This these things position you this kind of obedience and this kind of Tacu this is the point it's stuck what's called Taqwa. It's mindfulness acting, based on this mindfulness and awareness of Allah subhanaw taala. This will position you perfectly when it comes to life circumstances. It doesn't mean there is no trials, or there's no pain, but it means with everyone, you're going to get the best deal.

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usefully, Sam grows up, Allah gives him a lot of knowledge. Now we start with verse number 23. Now, the wife of a disease, now she is supposed to be his master, she is consumed

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by love and attraction to use funny Islam, he was very handsome, beautiful. And she just falls for her desires for a base desires. And she starts acting on that.

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And the way she acts on this is by locking the doors, shutting the windows shut, locking the doors, and

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securing enter the room, she was in with us for this and I'm like no one comes in, they are by themselves. So again, there's no sense of shyness, people are watching us or fear of people talking about that, or being found out or whatever, for her, and even for him. Because again, she's a woman of high status in society.

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her behaving this way is, is, is unacceptable to anyone, and is going to ruin her reputation, create a lot of problems, maybe even

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probably destroy her marriage, etc. But again, for use for any salaam, and apparently he lived in her house. And since he's

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his this type of person who's got knowledge who's taking care of by Allah subhanaw taala, we can definitely know, and we can tell from his behavior, that he's a man of

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shyness bashfulness, she knew that he would not get into something like that.

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And that he would, just in case, I mean, in case, which is not going to happen, but we're just trying to follow her, you know, thread of logic.

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If he falls for her temptation, then he would definitely be concerned about him being found out or being known to have done this or that. So she took all of that into consideration. And she tried to create a perfect in a

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set up for for him to fall for this kind of temptation or this kind of seduction.

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And she invites him explicitly.

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By words, she invites him to herself, even in words, his immediate response was,

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you know, I seek Allah's protection from that. It's not it's impossible, this man the law, he says, I seek protection, Allah from falling into this.

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And by the way, there is there's a lot in this just in this expression, Miranda law. Basically, he doesn't say not, I'm not that kind of person. He doesn't say that. Allah is the first that comes to his mind. And that shows duck what mindfulness of Allah spends an awareness connection to Allah, understanding that it's Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, who makes things happen, and it's Allah Who protects. So there is Reliance there is what coulomb Allah he says, Man, Allah. He says, I seek Allah's protection in this.

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I seek, I ask Allah to protect me from falling into this manner the law in Nevada BSNL mathway. So he says he's my Lord has really put me in a good place of taking good care of me. Now this could it has could have one of two meanings or probably double meaning

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It could be referring to Allah subhanaw taala Allah Townsend has been good to me, he's been taking care of me. I'm not going to betray, you know, the the grace and the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala I'm not going to

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transgress the limits of Allah subhanho wa taala, Allah Subhan Allah has been good to me like,

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so this is it shows shyness dutifulness to Allah subhanaw taala.

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Or it could mean

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could be a reference to his master to help her husband. So he could be saying, you know, but you are the wife of my master, and he's been looking after me. How do you mean to betray him in such in such a way,

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and both meanings are actually correct and suit, you know, the character of Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam, this is in no life, your whole volume on Indeed, those who transgress those who do wrong, will not be successful. Another lesson for all other is that if you transgress the limits, if you fall into oppression, injustice, you are setting yourself up for, for ruin. And that's exactly what your value cinammon is saying. So another beautiful lesson, and it's very important, obviously, for the Muslims for the early Muslims and for all Muslims to learn this and absorb it. And it's a reminder

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for the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Then Allah says Allah called him met to be and she actually approached him she started engaging in the

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sake for play or, or the initial signs of trying to get him involved. When occurred to him to be

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this is what she did. Well, how maybe how Lola Robert,

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had he not been? In

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insight have had he not been seeing witnessing the sign of a lost battle. And that's faith. That's a man that's the light of a man in his heart, his awareness of Allah subhanaw taala that he he's actually living it as a fact that Allah is watching him because it is a fact that he was experiencing it truly it was not only an idea for him, it was a reality. It was a truth that he was living and he was experiencing. So had he not been a witness of the signs of his Lord, he would have fallen for that he would have fallen for this temptation.

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Allah says Cara Lee Kalina Sullivan, who sue Irwin fascia in Naumann, brunette, Denon McCullough scene and thus

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and this is how we

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keep away, or we push away the evil, harm. And evil acts in decent acts like fascia like this, we keep them away, we push them away from use of various.

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So look at our losses, Allah says,

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I remove away I take away harmful things indecent, evil acts with I take them out of the way or away away from use of Alayhis Salam.

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this is Allah subhanaw taala talking about his plan and talking about how he makes the world unfold. Now what was the immediate mechanism for this protection? What was the immediate cause, if you like or the secondary cause that Allah use the tool that Allah used to protect us very soon, it was the Taqwa of Allah, nurtured in him, and it was the knowledge that Allah gave him. And it was the character that Allah built in him. And it was that behavior that Allah inspired in him, in order to protect him with and this is how the other works.

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Then Allah explains why in a home in a bed in any Macula scene, indeed he is from our servants who are pure, or who are chosen and purified. Both meanings are correct of this, and shows that Allah subhanaw taala knows who are the good ones in his servants and thus, Allah takes care of them. Allah protects them

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then the scene goes on and goes on was typically bad or that camisa whom in double and the race to the door of the room

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who would race apparently the from telling from the story that was used for a salon trying to get out of this room because

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It's such a it's the situation is completely wrong and it's going in the wrong direction. So,

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a very good tactic to avoid sin is to physically remove yourself from you know the area where the sin is likely to happen. So seems use various races to the door. She chases him like she's not even giving up. And it shows that she has contemplated this is she's been contemplating this for a while.

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She has been thinking about it, she has been

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rehearsing it in her mind, she's been planning it, she's reached a point of complete determination, she's not going to give up easily.

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She rushes in not only that, she grabs him from behind. She grabs his call her from behind his garment from behind, and

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duty, like she badly wants to bring him on store, get hold of him, she pulls his garment and she tears it.

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She rips it off.

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The moment is ready Salam arrives at the door, and she's right behind him trying to catch him.

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Who's there at the door? It is her husband,

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her husband.

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Now again, she's she switches the situation changes. Sorry, I just

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happen to hit my phone. Alright, so she automatically she switches her complete psyche at that moment, because now it's a completely different situation. Her husband is there, finds out what just happened.

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Everything could go down the drain. So what does she do?

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She automatically

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blames us for a username. She accuses him of trying to mess with her. So she says, pilot matches that woman, Allah Debbie Africa. So

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in the US General name, she doesn't even like make up an accusation. She has a full case, she thought up a full case immediately. She said, What is the punishment? What is the proper punishment for someone who's tried to mess with your family, except to be put in prison or to be severely punished.

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And it shows that her focus was on herself. And this is a lust for love. It's not true love, it is desire. It is desire.

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Use for a Salaam and this is a lesson that we learn here. The lesson that we learn from how she behaved is that those who do wrong and initiated usually,

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you know, come up with excuses. Sometimes, you know, good people could act with naivety and think that once they sort of oppose someone who's trying to do something bad, or they stand up for themselves, they think that person does not have Plan B, or even Plan C and D, they think all these person, this person is just going to give up or is going to shy away on know, a lot of these people who have had the audacity to do bad things initiate bad things usually are going to go to great lengths in order to protect themselves and in order to

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get you in trouble and in order to you know, achieve their goals. So just be careful. Don't underestimate in

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the I would say the stamina that people who initiate bad moves that they could actually maintain in order to you know, continue with their plan.

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Use of NASM in this immediate moment he realizes that he has been set up by this woman and not only that she tries to seduce him and get him into committing a grievous sin. But with the moment she's almost found found out she's willing to shift the blame completely on him accused him without justice.

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accusing him of some something extremely grave. He's considered to be a slave for them so they own him.

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so it's not only he's trying to mess with with a woman but he's trying to mess with the wife of his own master.

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Such a huge violation it would be like a double crime. Use Verizon immediately defends himself. He says Carla here our the NFC says she's the one who tried to you know, get

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had me into this. She's the one. And sometimes good people, you know, don't stand up for themselves. But this is a lesson that we take from prostitutes or any salon, that when something is being said about you that's wrong and you are able to defend yourself. Say the truth, say the truth. You have to defend yourself.

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But don't do that. Don't do that with drama. Some people like to create drama about everything you've already said, I'm just stood up for himself. As simple as that he stated a fact.

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And then, so his word actually had impact. So they needed to get someone a wise person to arbitrate to deal with to judge in the situation, where shade the shadow mean, and yeah, a man from her own household for her own family.

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His judgment was he was consulted. And he judged he said, if his garment is pulled from the front, that means she was trying to defend herself against his attack. So he would be guilty. But if

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which was considered to be in the context for them a remote possibility that if but if the RIP and his garment is from the back, then his story is true, he was trying to run away and she grabbed him from behind. So when they checked, because this man was not brought to see, it was just asked about to judge remotely. And when they noticed that the the RIP and use of garment was from the back, the husband realized what had happened.

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so what he said, he said, This is all our inner homing key decoding indicator Cornellians. And this is from your plotting, it's from your planning, this is your games. And he was actually speaking, generally speaking to, to women that you are very intelligent that you are, you're very good at setting like almost a perfect plan or setup for something like that. Then he says to us, for Islam useful for either one other use of turn away from this, don't mention it, don't talk about it. Again, it has,

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you know, grave grace, social consequences for the whole family.

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And for her stuff led them big seek a way out of this thing. And instead of add them Vicky here, it doesn't mean you know, seek forgiveness from Allah sponsor, because these people apparently did not worship Allah subhanaw taala. But it meant stuff led them big seek protection, because the far means protection means protection. seek protection means don't let this seep out. Don't this, don't let this leak out and be known. So protect yourself from this mishap or from this mistake in the continental Hopper in this was a huge mistake from you.

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Then the news leaked out.

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And other women in this city were talking about the wife of a disease that she was trying to set up in her own servant, her own slave, she was trying to seduce him. Apparently, she was consumed in attraction in love for him. She's surely misguided woman like she's completely like out of her mind. When she heard about that, again, she would not let that go. She wanted to set them up.

00:28:30--> 00:28:36

And she understood the impact of the beauty and the hands handsomeness of us very soon

00:28:37--> 00:28:38

on women.

00:28:39--> 00:28:44

So she set them up, she invited them for food. And

00:28:46--> 00:29:03

she let them sit comfortably. And again, it seems to be the norm of the time that women would get involved in preparing the food helping the host. So she gave each one of them a knife and it seems that they weren't cutting maybe some vegetables or something, any type of food.

00:29:07--> 00:29:16

And then in the midst of this as they were cutting the say, let's say the vegetables, she instructs us face them to walk past them.

00:29:17--> 00:29:43

That never seem useful Islam. Now they see us really selling young man so beautiful, handsome, as the messenger Salam said is given half of beauty that is given to humans. So beauty that was given to humans, half of it was given to us for a sedan, the other half was given to the rest of humanity. So you can imagine how beautiful he was. So when they saw him, they were captivated by his handsomeness.

00:29:45--> 00:29:59

And in the midst of that, as they were cutting the stuff they ended up you know, cutting their own fingers causing themselves injury. And that shows that they were almost intoxicated. They were hypnotized by the beauty

00:30:00--> 00:30:04

have use of any serum. And there's actually this this thing is.

00:30:06--> 00:30:14

And this phenomenon is known among humans that sometimes intense experiences.

00:30:16--> 00:30:22

Negative or positive, pleasant or painful, could actually be

00:30:24--> 00:30:48

hypnotic could really affect our consciousness and our experiences. And there are schools in pain suppression, who actually use something like like this, which is diverting attention completely, where the person loses connection with themselves into something beautiful, or something that captures the attention to the point that a person no longer feels the real physical pain.

00:30:51--> 00:30:58

So when when they show you it's very similar, they said, This is not a man, this is not a human being this must be an angel.

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Then, obviously, she catches them, like she tries to own them, right? She says, she says, This is what you were blaming me about. This is the man you just you like talking about me, like

00:31:16--> 00:31:27

chewing my name, right? But look at yourselves. You just saw him like you saw him fall once. He's living with me in the house. And she's been living with me for years.

00:31:30--> 00:31:34

And then she seems that he says to himself,

00:31:35--> 00:31:36


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or maybe she says to them, that, yeah, I tried to get him but he stopped some he sought protection, apparently. So she understood that he sought protection and a loss mentor, and he held on to his values to the, to the to more to the morals. So then she says, and and this shows you the determination, she could she was consumed by that desire. And this shows that when a person is not truly connected to Allah Subhana Allah, and Allah is not number one in their life, humans are going to fulfill their desires, humans will be weak, the way to transcend desires is to is to live for Allah subhanaw taala. Without that the person will fall for the for their desires, that is their

00:32:23--> 00:32:25

desire, desires will take the better of them.

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So then she says,

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and if he does not do what I want him to do what I command him to do, I shall send him to prison. And she told me about her. It's all about her fulfilling her desires. It's not about him, there's no consent, he's not even not treated as a human being

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useful Islam seeing this, he turns to Allah and he knows that there is no way out except in the by the help of Allah, He says, Oh Allah, even if it means going to prison, in a prison, I'd rather go to prison than come commit something that angers you or Allah, something that you hate, or Allah. And then he asks a loss controller for help, he cries out, he says, All life you do not take away all of their plotting and their desires away from me.

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My, the weakness of my my humanity will take the better of me, I'm afraid it will take the better of me. And then I will end up you know, acting

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against you know, what I against the best that I have of what I know.

00:33:37--> 00:33:38

So Allah subhanho wa Taala

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wants to try us very soon. So Allah does, Allah allows their plans to unfold these people to be successful. So they make up something a case against him, usually Sam, they accused him obviously of messing with women with other ladies etcetera.

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So through this Allah answers drove us for exam so it seems to be a very painful experience. Usually Islam is accused falsely of such a huge thing. And then he's thrown in prison, but it's actually it is a mercy from Allah subhanaw taala it's all happening for use of any he's set up. So

00:34:17--> 00:34:23

Allah protects him from all of their plotting, then he is actually

00:34:25--> 00:34:46

these people decide to put use of a histogram in in the in the prison. So he goes, usually Sam goes to prison. Now before we conclude, let me highlight that it's very important thing compare us for Islam to his brothers. His brothers were not really wronged by us for an s&m, but they considered themselves to be

00:34:47--> 00:34:49

victims, and

00:34:50--> 00:34:58

that made them transgress that give them an excuse it became the catalyst for them to justify in a committing such a huge crime.

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

against their own brother.

00:35:02--> 00:35:09

Use of Islam has been wronged one time after the other and with huge things, and he's completely innocent.

00:35:11--> 00:35:40

And things don't seem to be going in our standards don't seem to be going right for him. So he's being accused, he's being tried, he has been put in a very difficult situation, then he is being actually convicted and put in prison. And we will come to see how useful Islam never sees himself as a victim. These are painful experiences, these are huge, he was taken away from his father, he never sees himself as a victim. And it shows that life

00:35:41--> 00:35:49

is going to give us pleasant experiences and painful experiences. That's the nature of life is not going to be easy.

00:35:51--> 00:36:41

And problems in life are not going to just vanish, there will always be problems in life. But what really matters is our attitude is how we respond, how we read our circumstances, how we respond to them, how we experience them, if we just take ourselves too seriously. And we start to say, I was wrong, there was this, I didn't get this, I didn't get this, you know, other people had more than I had, there are better conditions etc, you are playing the victim card. And this is extremely dangerous, extremely dangerous, because it just, it gives you more licensing, where you can actually find it very easy and justifiable to step on the moral code that you believe in, and to violate

00:36:41--> 00:37:34

principles, and to act inappropriately. We see use for Islam, there is no mention, there's no reference at all, to him feeling as a victim. And it's important, this is a very empowering thing that helps us deal with this life. If you see yourself as a victim, that's going to take you in a in a moral downhill or downward spiral. It's not good. And emotionally, it's going to you know, have a very negative impact on you. So a sign of belief, a very important thing that we should develop within ourselves is not to see ourselves as the victims of our circumstances circumstances happen these unjust circumstances. Yes, there is pain, there is struggle, etcetera. But, um, there is there

00:37:34--> 00:37:55

is some sort of unavoidable pain, call it necessary pain, inevitable, that's just part of life. And Allah never gives necessary pain or does not allow unnecessary pain to happen. Unless it's within our capacity. The the pain gets overwhelming and unbearable, based,

00:37:56--> 00:38:07

based off of, you know, how we interpret pain, and our circumstances and how we respond to them. So a lot of pain is actually self inflicted.

00:38:08--> 00:38:12

And this is, I know, many people don't like this distinction.

00:38:13--> 00:38:34

Because many people like to wallow in their self pity, but it's not a good thing. Look at us for this to them. Like these are disasters happening in his life, but there is no sign of victimhood or feeling as a victim. On the contrary, we're going to see that how he actually sees the Allies taking very good care of him. Okay, so I think this is enough for

00:38:35--> 00:38:46

today in sha Allah, and be in the later how to we will carry on with the Surah Surah Yusuf next Friday, so you're invited to join us and be with us to Zakon lafa.

00:38:48--> 00:38:58

And, as usual, stay safe and look after yourself and your family was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.