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The speakers emphasize the importance of building a culture of Islam, including the use of "immensive value" and "immensive value" in various media. They stress the need for men and women to take advantage of the opportunity to build the engine of learning and stop crimes, as well as the importance of bringing in creative values and perspectives to make them successful in the current climate. The speakers emphasize the need for men and women to take advantage of the opportunity to build the engine and stop crimes, as well as the importance of protecting one's intellectual property and the universal nature of Islam. They also stress the need for individuals to support the message of the Islam deity and create an institution that produces leadership and inspires people to donate.

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We are live

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let upon Rahim and humbly lost.

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Brothers and sisters we are back with again Institute again it is myself without use of ponders and doctors man Latif, at your service.

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Again, today we are talking about building the engine, what engine are we talking about? We are talking about building the

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Dow so that we can take the Dow forward, we can create and produce the art leaders confident people who can express Islam in the public domain with confidence. This is exactly what we mean by building the engine. So tonight's appeal is about getting your support to build this engine of the art of leaders have come community leaders, people who can do dow effectively and share the message of Islam intelligent intelligently, intellectually and academically. This is exactly what we're focusing on.

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So the panel today is to start with Alhamdulillah myself, your stars Yousef and Dr. Swan Latif Alhamdulillah. We have been with you for few days in the month of Ramadan tonight is the 23rd Night of the month Ramadan which may well be later to Qatar and if it is, then we will be fortunate insha Allah because we are right now as far as I'm concerned, in I am the progress Allah Islam said man karma later the CADRE a man and wife a sovereign warfare Allahumma Takata woman, Gumby, anyone who stand and stand in the night of power, with accountability and conviction, Allah will forgive his sins. And if you do any good deeds in the night of power, then it is as if you have done it for 1000

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months or more than that as a loss

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of power. Laila,

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Laila, Laila to Qadri hieromonk, Alfie Shara, the night of power is better than 1000 months. So do not hesitate to start supporting our live

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are raising funds for Sapiens Institute and in the process, we will be having conversations with you, we'll be talking to you. We are broadcasting live right now on a number of channels on a number of Facebook pages. And please share this feed right now with your contacts on your social media content sharing so that more people can get involved and they can be in a conversation with us. We'll be answering questions, we'll make it very dynamic and exciting. We'll be answering questions on a number of issues Muslim woman is facing because Sapiens Institute is about giving solutions and this is what building the engine is about. Okay, so today we are at your service to do exactly that,

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to help you to help us to build the engine, the engine of our that key that takes us forward. So the link the donation link will be rolling on the screen in a short while. There it is Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live, and tonight may be your opportunity 23rd Night of the month of Ramadan, may well be local color. So we will have some opening remarks from each of the participants may Allah bless them for their time may Allah reward them for participating. This is a noble endeavor. And online is not easy in the month of Ramadan especially in the odd nights when people want to read the Quran pray at night and be with the families. It's not easy to sit on the

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screen and go on for three four hours talking to the public answering questions. But Alhamdulillah This is also a bother This is also worship as far as we are concerned. So over to you start use of opening remarks and then we move to our share. Dr. Rothman Latif Allah salam o Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh so

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we are in the last days of the month of Ramadan as a man has just said and as he's also mentioned, it's possibly the night of little cover and the night of little color is one where your your deeds will be multiplied exponentially I can't remember exactly by how much one of the brothers could remind me

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the you know, how much 1000 months Yes, if I'm gonna sell it works out to be a lot basically save anything you do today.

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Obviously inshallah might be one of the great benefits so obviously you do that with worship, do that with charity do that with donating to worthy causes, like Sapiens Institute, which works to promote

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vied a basis and a foundation for those that lack one. And insha. Allah, the work that we do here will trickle, it'll be like planting seeds that don't just affect the people that are watching the streams or, you know, getting involved with Sapiens Institute directly by engaging with the YouTube channel on the website cetera. But in interactions, you know that these people that do engage with us have with people who don't even know we exist, for example. And so that could therefore, you know, obviously multiply even further. So if you're donating on the nice, lovely little cutter, and whatever donation you make today has an effect in whatever way it does. And that is one which

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transpires and goes beyond, you know, the immediate realm of those who engage with us, then Allah knows best how much you could gain in terms of reward from that. So please, don't be shy, jumping in the stream, obviously, when we pop the link in there, as well, for you to join and speak to us directly. Make sure you're engaging in the comments, like, share, subscribe, as all of this helps with the work that we do. So even if you can't afford to donate monetarily, you'd be surprised how much effect it likes have how much effect shares have how much traffic that this can bring to the channel. And then overall, how much benefit people could gain from being exposed to the work that

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we're doing here. So do keep that in mind. And just yeah, straightaway now while you're watching, share it with your on Facebook, even if you've got five friends on there. You know, it's five potential people that could seek benefit from the work that we're doing here today and in the future in sha Allah. But yeah, I'll leave it to Dr. Othman Latif to carry that on control.

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So I want to come to light when I go to Al Hamdulillah. Hamlin shaqiri, in WA Salatu was Salam O Allah, Islam was friendly. And

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I mean, it's really wonderful on the being in the, in the presence of you guys have to learn it. And it's such a worthy cause to penalize, we were reminded, of course, we should have done spoke about this being Of course, the last 10 nights of Ramadan and the Prophet said that in the malamala bilhah team actions are judged by their end results. And we are in fact in the last leg of this great month and in the best of this great month. And we therefore seeking to multiply our energies exert our efforts more in these final days and we did perhaps in the beginning of, of this month, we ask Allah for traffic and afia for all of us. And like you know, like I will start the use of mentioned that

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this is a month that is Allah says it is haram, and official is a month that is better than 1000 months. So this is in fact, these are days of Asana, these are days of increase in all kinds of good deeds. And remember, of course, that Ramadan is a month of the Quran. And Quran is such, you know, for of course, it's like the spring, in fact, in the light of the in the heart of the believer, in the words of the prophets companion Jude who who said that the Quran is no rune, filial Muslim, or hidden in the heart, it's your light in your dark night and your guidance in the day. And the whole point is how do we as Sapiens Institute how do we as Muslims, really inspire ourselves and others to

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reconnect with the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala remember, of course, the Quran is a is a word of Allah, but it's a topic of, of a lot of, you know, characterization, the Quran or the contents of the Quran or the, or the Prophet Solomon who was who was sent with the Quran, and it's about that struggle that struggle against, you know, islamaphobia struggle against the detractors against Islam. How do we, you know, work therefore, to reconnect, you know, our, the Muslims, you know, with the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Thank you so much, Dr. Osman and

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this is why we are here. Our battle is against Islamophobia, which is a great evil in the world today, Muslims are threatened day and night, actually on daily basis by Islamophobia. And it has reached very, very high proportions. When we talk about Islamophobia. Now, it is found within the political circles active in the Western world. It can be found in the Muslim world, it is all over the place. It is being funded on the state level Now, unfortunately, presidents are involved in it, journalists, TV anchors, okay. radio hosts are doing it. There are websites online, there's a lot of Islamophobia and that causes somehow lack of confidence. So building the engine is about building

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those leaders who can handle Islamophobia who can tackle Islamophobia, Intel intellectually as well as academically. We want to create those leaders who are academically trained, who feel confident enough to

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Deal with Islamophobia to Sapiens Institute has done a lot of work in that regard. Okay. In the last nine months Sapiens Institute has done some wonderful work in such a short time since July 2020. Sapiens Institute has done phenomenal work, such as trained 6000 individuals on how to defend Islam intellectually and academically. So we did training sessions, offline and online for 6000 people in the last nine months is July 2020. Also, we developed and delivered over 33 academic webinars, we delivered 10, in depth online courses and seminars. We also delivered advanced training to the Blue Mosque outreach team, which has access to 4 million visitors every single year, who come to visit

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the Blue Mosque,

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published three books researched and published in essays and articles launched free online lighthouse mentoring service, and this service individuals who have questions who need empowerment or who have doubts, they can sit with one of the Sapiens member, one of the sap members and go through the questions within an hour. And this is a one to one free of charge session, privately mentored ex Muslims who are then people without will produce 30 sapient thought videos and some of our works have been translated into Turkish and Spanish also into Arabic, Persian and Urdu languages and other languages. Also other languages. So Sapiens Institute has done phenomenal work in the last

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nine months since July 2020. And this is the traditional This is the, the speed we we want to carry on with, we want to keep up with the speed. And this is what we are talking about building the engine, the engine that pulls the train of intellectual power. We need that engine, strong, solid well oiled, well funded, so that we can continue with the train that follows.

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And this train is the train of intellectual power, creating leaders, empowering people, empowering our youth, so that they can do the work of Islam and defend Islam intellectually and do away with Islamophobia. Islamophobia will only go away through education my brothers and sisters remember that we cannot afford to ignore it. The only way to do away with this evil is educate the masses, educate our own people, and then educate the non Muslims the masses, we need to have access to media. We need to have our own media outlets. We need to have our own media productions we need to have our own academic journals. We need to have our own scholars on speakers on confident representatives.

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And this is exactly what Sapiens Institute is raising funds for tonight, Sapiens Institute org forward slash lighthouse.

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That's the link for lighthouse service where you

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house session with one Institute members

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Sapiens institute.org forward slash Donate Life Do not hesitate to donate. And the least you can do is to share this live appeal on all the social media networks using Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, wherever you may be, start sharing our live feed so that you can support this work. And also encourage people to make donations and make donations yourself. Our target tonight is minimum 20,000 pounds. And can I have one line of logic come forward and start a competition let's say someone makes a donation of 2000 pounds or 3000 pounds or makes a pledge that he will donate if someone matches it. that encourages a lot of people for some reason. If someone comes across someone

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comes forward and makes a challenge to make a donation of 1000 pounds or 2000 pounds or 3000 pounds whatever you may be able to afford. Make that challenge and see the wonders. See the wonders in Ramadan in the last 10 nights. The Muslims are very generous not that they are not generous otherwise, but they are extremely generous, extra generous in the month of Ramadan and more so in the last 10 nights, and even more so in the odd nights. So tonight is the 23rd Night of the month of Ramadan. It may well be Laila to color. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has told us about the rewards of making donations giving sadaqa supporting noble cause standing in the night of power. And

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a lot older, told us in the Quran that the Quran was revealed in the night of power. And this night is better than 1000 months better, not equal better.

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Then 1000 months so beyond your imaginations. So if basically you make a donation tonight you are doing it as if if it's Laila Takada tonight, you would be doing it for 1000, over 1000 months you were doing we would be doing it for over 1000 months. So this is the appeal brothers This is tonight, don't do not let us down it, if it was a Christian appeal, the donations would be coming in like that. They would be coming in like that, for some reason, Christians feel that they religion feel needs to be defended, or it needs that support for it to spread. Islam is no exception. Islam is better, as we believe the Muslims we believe is a better is a clearer way of life. It is a

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clearer view on God, it is less confusing is more rational. That's why people might think, okay, Islam is more rational, and we don't really need to do anything about it. No, we do. We need to promote it, we need to give confidence to our youngsters, we need to build the engine, the engine that pulls the train of our intellectual power, academic power. So building the engine is the appeal tonight, we are trying to create produce leaders who will be pulling this off who will be managing this engine in sha Allah. So brothers sisters, let's join. Let's let's get people in so that they can ask the questions in the chats, and they can ask the questions live so that we can answer the

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question in sha Allah. Okay. In the meantime, if you really want to know more about Sapiens work, then you can go to the website, Sapiens institute.org is the website, you can visit the website and see some of the work we have done. That will show you the magnitude of good work we are dealing with here. So you would be supporting that work my brothers and sisters. So let's do our questioners or if there are any questions, any comments, people want to come in, they want to join the chat. They're more than welcome to join. Let's make it dynamic. inshallah. Brothers and sisters, are there any questions from the audience? We are being brought, we are broadcasting on a number of different

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channels. So I'm pretty sure there are a lot of people who want to join the chat. How do we join the chat by the use of is there? Is there a way to join the chat? How do we go? Yeah, yes. So I've put the link into the the comments section in the live chat. So feel free to jump on via that link. I've already got the link up there as well. So if you can't find it in the chat, for whatever reason, you can type it there. And I'm going to I can't put the link in the description unfortunate because I don't have access to the

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that basically the editing ability on the stream itself, but I would like to quickly remind everyone those who come for questions, please keep your questions short and snappy, and we will try to give our answers in as brief terms as possible inshallah, so that we can get more and more people involved. inshallah, at the same time, continue to remind you as to why we are here tonight, on the 23rd Night of the month of Ramadan, it may well be because of my brothers and sisters. So are there any questions? Are there any participants who want to come in? Maybe?

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Would you like to sit do some questions on the live chat first, or would you prefer? Yes, no problem. So we've got one here. What is the use with a rules paradox? Okay, that's a good question. I don't know what that is. Yeah. So you said throws paradox was something put forward by Plato in one of his books, where there's a discussion between

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I think, Socrates and euthyphro by chance, and so the question basically is, is, is God good? It is something good because God says that it's good. Or

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is it good in and of itself? does God say it's good, because it is good. And so it seeks to sort of make this dichotomy and it says, You either have to pick one or the other horn. And what they generally tend to say is that if you say that something is good, because God says that it's good.

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And that's the only reason that this somehow makes

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good, arbitrary, or they'd like to try to use the word subjective here.

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And what they end up generally missing is the fact that it Allah subhanaw taala isn't just making choices out of a whim, you know, Allah subhanaw. taala is wise. He's all knowing. And when he's making choices, he's making wise choices. And you know, that you can't just talk about the choices that he makes independently or without reference to his wisdom without reference to his knowledge. And so you can't refer to a choice in this particular way, as one that is arbitrary or random or based

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on a whim, which also it in a funny way, tries to make a comparison between the way we make decisions to the way Allah makes decisions, and that's really not a good comparison at all. To me, Allah subhanaw taala is unique and independent in the way he interacts. Whereas we are not

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independent. We are dependent on many things. We're finite, we lack knowledge in many ways. And we are driven by desires and emotions and ego. And obviously, a lot of the things that motivate us in our choices and our picking of things is certainly not the way in which Allah subhanaw taala is making choices or picking things. So for me, in general, it when they try to make you pick one of the horns, they often end up being very uncharitable in the way that they approach that particular problem. Dr. Mann Latif, I don't know if you want to add to that at all. Well, yeah, it does look like I think it's almost use it was a wonderful explanation you gave you know, for that. I think one

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of the things that I was reminded of as you were speaking about the, the whole, you know, the fact that Allah subhanaw taala described himself as Aleem, as Al Hakim, as one who is all knowing and honors all wise. And we find this me many times in the Quran one time until the use of is repeated. In fact, three times Allah describes as being Aileen when Hakeem Ali mala Hakim, the one who is all knowing and all wise, but in light of what you were saying about the, the whole concept of of goodness, and is it something that God says is good? Is that why it's good? Well look at the example of, of when Allah created Adam, in earliest time in the first place, and the angels began to

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question and they began to say, that geography ha when you have to do a fee, how would you place on the earth one would so corruption on the earth and spill blood on the earth? whilst we praise you and glorify You? And Allah says to them, in the moment Allah whom Allah to Allah moon, so he says, I know what you don't know. And I know what you don't know. And and then of course, Allah in a toward animal Islam words, names, which the angels didn't know when Allah then ask the angels to repeat those names that were unable to do that. And then they said, this beautiful prayer, beautiful words is a reflection therefore, of the humility of knowledge that people don't know everything that

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whatever they know is what is taught to them by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that they said that Subhana Allah Subhana is from sapan, which is free of all imperfections is Allah glory beat you Oh, Allah, Lyle Mallanna. We have no knowledge in lemma lm tonight, except that what You have taught us, and you are ultimune Hakeem, you're all knowing and you're all wise. So therefore, that we have to, of course, in some respects, many respects, surrender that to Allah that Allah is full of modules full of wisdom. And that's really if I that's, that's in the entirety of a person's life. Everything we observe, are in our walls that we appreciate it our senses and our very being is bound by that

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knowledge that everything that's being done, or not being done, is all in from allows wisdom and all from our love's knowledge. So

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it's the opposite. bring someone on as you've got brother. I mean,

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Salaam Alaikum. Brother, I mean, if you would like to unmute your mic and ask your

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Brother, I'm currently talking with him agnostic.

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And he, he claims to be agnostic. And

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after the first of the talk, I have shared the Kalam cosmological argument to him. And he just he said that yeah, it's logically sound. Then I said that, Are you certain that God exists? And he said, he and God exist. Then he said that you cannot prove that if Islamic God cause

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he is not merciful God. He just said the eternity of the hellfire.

00:24:20--> 00:24:25

Because he said that it is not logically sound for me. The Hellfire is eternal.

00:24:26--> 00:24:28

So how can I respond to him?

00:24:30--> 00:24:34

Why is it you've asked him, Why is it not logically coherent?

00:24:35--> 00:24:45

People, he's just making an assertion. So the thing is, would argue, if you make a claim, you have to back that up with a particular set of reasons as to why that's the case. And then

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he's saying is how to recons reconcile the concept of most merciful and the eternity of the hellfire.

00:24:54--> 00:24:57

Yeah, the question is, what's the contradiction? exactly

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is it he said, You

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If God gonna put us, the disbelievers in the Hellfire than how he can be most merciful? That's the question.

00:25:08--> 00:25:22

Yeah, no, I understand that. What I'm saying is when someone, for example, makes a particular claim and says it's incoherent, you ask them well, what is it specifically that makes it incoherent? If he's just making the statements, that's not an argument.

00:25:24--> 00:25:35

But that's how I would approach it. Mostly, I will say, well explain to you why is incoherent. Allah subhanaw taala can put who he wills into the site, and he can save whom He wills from the fire as well.

00:25:37--> 00:25:45

So, you know, in with regards to how long they spend in the fire. It's, you know, he's, he's wise, he knows what he's doing.

00:25:46--> 00:25:48

What's the issue? Exactly?

00:25:51--> 00:25:57

Yeah, I understand the issue, but he just repeating the question that how he can be most merciful and

00:25:59--> 00:26:06

he can make a Hellfire eternal for the disbelievers? Yeah, I would literally just say, Well, why? Why couldn't he?

00:26:08--> 00:26:32

Because he's mercy. him being the most merciful. So how many people does Allah subhanaw taala forgive? We don't know, he could, he could forgive a lot of people, he could forgive a little, but his being most merciful. And all that obviously means simply is that when people are approaching him on Judgement Day, that there will be plenty of people being forgiven.

00:26:33--> 00:26:55

And that people can't forgive like he does. And that in that forgiveness, that they will be given an ultimate reward for that. With regards to how many people he puts in the Hellfire, those who go to hell fire will be people who deserve it, not people just based on a whim, he's not just gonna throw them in there, because he, you know, of arbitrary reasons that there are going to be

00:26:57--> 00:27:38

there's going to be a weighing on that on the Day of Judgment. And those whose scales were heavy, on the wrong side, will be thrown into the hellfire. And that weighing is going to be based on the deeds, which are considered bad deeds. So it's not just a I don't like this guy he can go in it's a there is justice in that you have good deeds, and you have bad deeds, and they are weighed on a scale. And depending on how heavy one weighs on the other, he will put you in health and then I'll ask funnels, Allah repeatedly says in the Quran, that you know that when you do good deeds, and He will give you multiple rewards for that. And when you do something bad, you get given one deed put

00:27:38--> 00:28:22

on your scale. So you know, this is the the way in which Allah subhanaw taala is merciful, he makes it so that it's, you know, all you need to do is inclined to him and seek forgiveness, he repentance to do good deeds, and he will just pay all the rewards onto the good side of your scale. This is mercy. He doesn't have to do that he can make it a one for one. But he doesn't. He gives you exponentially in terms of the good that you do. And he gives you one for one in terms of the bad that you do. And he can turn Good, bad deeds, he can make them forgotten. He can turn bad deeds into good deeds, it This is how He is merciful. And there is no being like him in terms of that mercy

00:28:22--> 00:28:27

that makes him the Most Merciful. Now with regards to how long people go to the Hellfire,

00:28:28--> 00:28:33

like, I really don't see how that that entails that he's not the most merciful.

00:28:35--> 00:28:41

No, he's, you see, the issue of Hellfire is blown out of proportions many times by agnostics.

00:28:42--> 00:29:29

Hellfire is absolutely just Why? Because Allah in His divine wisdom, he knows that if he were to give a life of 1000 years to people like Hitler, they would commit to bigger atrocities. So the people who have been Hellfire are the ones who are truly deserving of it. Allah is just, it doesn't just create people to punish them to throw them in Hellfire rather he has given us a level of freedom, you know, there is there is there is some freedom we have, right. And based on that freedom, the magnitude of it, the reward and punishment will be equally applied. So if someone was given a life of a million, or 1000 years or 10,000 years, Allah knows if these people would continue

00:29:29--> 00:30:00

to commit the same since they went to Hellfire for. So there is a lot of wisdom if Allah is that all if he's all wise, and all powerful, then we submit to His wisdom. And this is how we understand it a lot. Just send people to hell fire for the sake of it for fun, rather, they will truly have it. So this is our view on Hellfire and people who will go to Paradise. Well, I think paradise deserve it and it will go

00:30:00--> 00:30:51

You receive a lot if they fail in doing certain good deeds. And if they were sinners of a minor scale, they will go to Paradise, having paid for their sins. But those criminals like Hitler, like Stalin, like Mussolini, like big mass murderers, they're not going anywhere except the Hellfire, because they would have done it for 1000 years. Because as long as they lived, and they did it the time when they were at the peak of their, you know, When, when, when, when to human went to humans become mature, right? Hitler was over 40, you know, he was in his 50s, when he committed Holocaust. Stalin was way into his, his, you know, past middle age, when he committed all the major atrocities

00:30:51--> 00:30:57

in Ukraine and, and Central Asia. Likewise, Mussolini,

00:30:58--> 00:31:07

look at him when he was killed. He was I think he was nearly 60, if not, in the mid 50s. These people had reached the peak of their maturity, they were mature.

00:31:08--> 00:31:14

You can't generally say they were rash. They were kids, they were young. They couldn't think straight.

00:31:15--> 00:31:24

They went astray. They were driven by the passions, no, these people who mature they were already very highly educated.

00:31:25--> 00:32:00

Mostly he was a teacher, Stalin was a priest back in the day before he apostatize. Hitler had written a book mind camps, you know, in jail, when he was in jail. Hitler was an intelligent man, albeit for the wrong reasons. Right? So Allah knows why these people are going to help fire those best. Well, who Allah mobilemonkey he tells us, and he's the, he's the most aware as to who deserves to be guided? That's our answer. I hope we have answered your question. I mean, like you saw, what one more thing if I could just say I think

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Yeah, before exactly, thank you. I think the whole problem whenever I think with agnosticism is that in their in their denial of Allah, they then they they construct their own version of who God should be. You know, because you don't because of that sense of belief. I think that the whole premises for for Islam and Muslims is to understand who is Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I think that if the if the journey begins them alone, the Quran says, You should know that Allah only Allah deserves to be worshipped. But and learn about Allah, his names and attributes, if Allah subhana wa Taala is an idol, if Allah is the one who is just, if Allah is the one who is like him, Allah, Allah was wise

00:32:41--> 00:33:14

and all knowing all of these things really help us in fact, because they, they remind us that all things that Allah does, Allah does with full wisdom and full understanding for wisdom. And even though we may not have that fullest understanding, it's all in Allah is complete and this full knowledge and and his full wisdom. In the Quran, Allah says subhana wa Taala. Many of if Allah lobby either become in ceccato momentum, what does Allah have to do by punishing you if you are grateful, and if you believe, and you see therefore the the travesty of not having belief

00:33:15--> 00:33:58

is a complete denial of all of the things that you're witnessing. You're feeling you're sensing simulataneously at every single moment of your existence, right, all of that is happening is being caused by by some by somebody, that that Allah divine cause Allah subhanho wa Taala but and then in denying that, and living as if you know, everything is your own making, it's, you know, it's the it's the, it's the epitome of of ingratitude that Allah describes in the Quran. And so therefore, you know, when Allah punishes you punish us for a reason Allah punishes him for from his full wisdom. And the thing of course to remember is that we believe as Muslims Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:33:58--> 00:34:45

is, is maximally omniscient, maximally Omni benevolent and maximally omnipotent Allah is Allah is maximally unnecessarily, all powerful maximally unnecessarily, all knowing and maximally unnecessarily, all loving, right? And the key point here for us is this and as your Canon was speaking about the fact that if people tend to Allah, Allah forgives them. There's a beautiful point here about the fact that even if people tend to Allah, Who is it that is inspiring them to turn to Allah? Right? And this is something that reminds us of when alencon says so metabo la familia tubu. So metabo la him Leah tubu. In what what Rahim Allah says, Allah turn to them so that they will tend

00:34:45--> 00:34:59

to hit to to him, right. And allies to level Rahim, the same with Adam alayhis salaam for tilaka adamak Miracle imagine that Adam was met with some words from his Lord. So even if there is a moment an instance in a person's life without

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

person feels a sense of awe in Allah subhanho wa Taala. That, in that is created by Allah, Allah puts that inspiration in the in the heart of that person, then it's upon that person, then to act and Allah of course would respond. So Allah gives so many opportunity, of course in life. If a person for example lives a very short life, that's in the knowledge of Allah, Allah will judge that person accordingly. So all judgment, Allah subhana wa jal is Maliki Yama, Deen, the Master of the Day of Judgment, right? Allah, Allah will judge people with full justice and even when it comes to the love, and the most like the brother mentioned, look at this Hadith, when the principal and we

00:35:37--> 00:36:15

saw, you know, after one battle, there was some inner captives and one woman was scurrying around looking for her child, she couldn't find him. And then she finds the child. Then she picks up the child and she brings a child to herself, and begins to embrace that child. And the Prophet and the Prophet companions saw that scene. And the Prophet told his companions, and he says to them, are at Mara, do you see this woman? Do you think that woman would ever stroke through her child in the fire? Right? And they said, you know, sort of live there's no need for her, then she would never do that. And the promise that although otter Hammurabi, I begged him in the head of morality, how Allah

00:36:15--> 00:36:54

is more merciful to his servants than that mother is to her child. Right? So we can't fully understand or conceptualize what is the fullness of Allah's mercy, fullness of Allah's love. And look at this hadith very quickly because we are, of course, in the month of mercy. In the last part of the month of mercy, these are days and nights of mercy. We ask Allah put mercy in all of us. When the Prophet said, in the Lamia, Dora, Allah has 100 parts of his mercy, ones element Rama, tanwar, Hadith and bennell Genie will ends and Allah reveals one part of His mercy between humans and Gen wilbraham. We'll have one and beasts and insects Yes, my friend sent me

00:36:55--> 00:37:00

a new story about, about a rat, in fact, about a rat, who

00:37:02--> 00:37:43

there's, there's two rats and one one rat is kind of, it's an scientific experiment, one rat is, is it's kind of trapped in something and the other rat, you know, would that other rat and tried to alleviate the suffering of its fellow rat by helping it to escape? And it showed that the rat made six consecutive consecutive efforts to help the other rat escape? And where is this coming from? When the Prophet is saying, therefore that even the beasts, even the insects, insects, I mean even rats share something of that Divine Mercy of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and Allah has delayed 99 parts of his mercy, to show mercy to his servants on the Day of Judgment, Allah. So Allah is mercy

00:37:43--> 00:38:23

really is everywhere. Allah's love is everywhere, but remember also, Allah is Allah Karim. Allah is the evanesce. Right? Allah is close to his servants, right? It's not about a very convoluted, difficult way of approaching Allah like from the Christian narrative, by accepting of blood sacrifice and atonement, all of these kinds of things. It's very simple. Alaina Quran says what are the Celica I barely any for any corrib one of my servants as you concerning me that I'm I'm very close and I respond to him or calls upon me. And then I of course continue so you know, we ask Allah for for Tofig. Thank you so much, Dr. Swan. for that. Someone asked the question. How can Emily

00:38:23--> 00:38:24

loving God?

00:38:25--> 00:39:12

How can maximum loving God send someone to Hellfire? How does it compare with the love of mother? before we answer this question, I want to remind everyone again, what are we doing tonight? We are building the engine, the engine of intellectual power to defend the intellectual boundaries of Islam. We are building the engine that will be administered by confident, educated, knowledgeable youth leaders. We are talking about producing leaders within the Muslim Ummah globally through this content through the work of Sapiens Institute. This is what we need to deal with Islamophobia. This is what we need to deal with misconceptions. This is what we deal with this is what we need to deal

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Check. I'm gonna do that. Okay, these people don't just come out of vacuums.

00:40:00--> 00:40:57

They are produced. They are inspired by examples Sheikh Ahmed deedat was made by a book he read. He found in a storeroom as a youngster, he found a book a book written by an Indian scholar, when he had debated a Christian pastor, a missionary in India in the mid 19th century in the 1850s. And a debate took place between shakra Mikela. aeronwy and founder a German missionary who was taunting and challenging Muslim scholars in India. And he accepted the challenge defeated him in the debate and wrote a book as a result called his horrible Huck hamady that found that book in storage in South Africa, read the book. And lo and behold, there we have it, ever Daria, who is confident who

00:40:57--> 00:41:33

is knowledgeable, who could look them in the eye and debate with them and confront Islamophobia in South Africa. He was a product of Islamophobia. Likewise, Dr. naiku became a student of shakaama d dot d that inspired him. And then, as a result, this is a chain reaction. This is a chain reaction and we want more and more dour leaders who can do thou intellectually on even a higher level, academically speaking, we want people to take Dawa to the next level. This is what we call building the engine. Do you want to be part of it? Can you afford to not be part of it?

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upon men and women both like seeking knowledge is like the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said tabula rasa either canonically Muslim, called a Muslim, almost that means all Muslims, it is only men, Muslims, and Muslim men, right? For men and women. And this is what Sapiens Institute. Pioneers are articles, or our content online doesn't have the exclusivity note with them. It doesn't say only for men, for men and for women. So my sister, the answer to your question is go online, check our content, it is for you. It is for you. Go and check it out and learn in sha Allah. So we go to the next question. How can a maximally loving God send people to hell fire? How does it compare with the

00:43:11--> 00:43:29

love of mother? Now? I will try I will attempt an answer and then my brothers can come in and brothers, please jump in. Dr. Oz. Man. As you said, don't hesitate to jump in if you need to. If you'd like saying something, you don't need permission, this is your show. Please come in. Okay.

00:43:30--> 00:43:37

You gave the example of a mother imagine a mother who has a child who is a criminal. He loves him no doubt.

00:43:38--> 00:43:45

He loves him to which she gave him birth. She loves him very much. But he is raping in front of his mother.

00:43:46--> 00:44:12

He is torturing children in front of his mother. He is about to throw a million people into a gas chamber. any sane mother, any loving mother, any just mother any morally upright mother would stop that child Yes or no? besides us? Yeah, yeah. So basically, what people tend to forget is Allah subhanaw. taala is not just merciful, he's also just

00:44:14--> 00:44:59

so and there are cases where someone being too merciful leads to injustice. And there becomes this conflict here. And so with that, like the example you gave, so a mother who is out of love for that child, refusing to allow justice to take place, getting in the way of justice preventing the crimes that he is committing from being punished. This is not just and Allah subhanaw taala is just and in cases where justice or an injustice is occurring. Allah subhanaw taala will only go so far with his mercy. And you know, there are some people that not worthy of mercy

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

That's quite clear from the example you gave there. And you know, you don't need to be that creative to think of countless other examples where someone being merciful is itself a wrong, not the right thing to do. If like, for example, someone is murdering people, you could be merciful and not punish them. But is that, is that really a good thing? Is that commendable? So the question is, is, at what point where's the line? At what point does mercy cease to be a commendable attribute and becomes something bad?

00:45:40--> 00:45:47

You know, and obviously, with the the examples that we've given so far, I think that's that's enough to sort of deal with that particular contention, personally.

00:45:49--> 00:46:34

Thank you for that use of so this is the answer. So justice and love do not necessarily contradict each other, each other rather, they are intertwined. Love, requires justice, and justice requires love. And this is, this is exactly how we feel a lot as a balance. He loves his creation. And the same time he has to do justice, he really have to do justice. And His justice is a manifestation of His love. If you love your children, you will do justice between them. Right? If you have 10 children, let's say, and you're treating to in a special way, and the remaining eight are suffering, longing for love. That's not justice. So any loving father or mother, if you want to use that

00:46:34--> 00:47:15

example has to be just equally. So justice sometimes requires reward and punishment. That's what it is. So we move on to the next questions. If you have any questions from chat, you can post them share Youssef. Otherwise, we have some here. There is one question I want. I'm gonna summarize it. It says science continues to change. And in Islam, you have something like allowing cousins to marry, and that leads to disease. So if I can bring you on, and you can ask more specifically, it doesn't want to come on this person wants to want you to type in the chat. So I'm reading from the chat. Okay. Well, firstly, Islam is not obligated to get an idea cousins. It is allowed, but it is

00:47:15--> 00:47:30

not recommended. I hope that's clear. It is allowed actually the province also, if I'm not mistaken, there are reports that he encouraged marrying and other people, right. So there is no injunction Islam in Islam that forces you to marry,

00:47:31--> 00:48:12

you know, within your family or with your close cousins. It is allowed. It's an option right now, but it's not an obligation. It's not obligatory. So that's the answer to answer your question, and sighs science is indeed changing science keep keep shifting Paul. What Newton was doing is not science anymore. What it will Haytham was doing is not science anymore, right? What, let's say, other scientists were doing in the Renaissance period, or during the Enlightenment period, their experiments they conducted, for example, what Joseph Priestley was doing in the 18th century is not science anymore. Okay? Even what Einstein was doing is not science anymore. Strictly speaking,

00:48:12--> 00:48:50

science has moved on, even from the time of Einstein, right. Physics has moved on quite a lot on that time. Oh, it will keep moving. It will keep going because we are learning by the day. We are learning every single day. So on that note, brothers and sisters, let me remind you again, 23rd Night of the month of Ramadan, may well be Laila Coker. The Prophet said anyone who's trying to stand in the night of power with accountability and firm faith, Allah will forgive his or her sins tonight, maybe local color and we are asking for your support to build the engine, build the engine of Dawa, that will pull the intellectual

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dour train of Islam. Okay. And we are talking about building leaders tonight Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link and here we have something. What do we have here?

00:49:08--> 00:49:10

What do we have? We have your beloved

00:49:12--> 00:49:13

is your beloved.

00:49:14--> 00:49:17

I wish that was true. As the Lavalier.

00:49:20--> 00:49:29

Brother use of mine, Dr. Oz man, how's it going? Are we ready? Are we are we pumped to build the engine?

00:49:30--> 00:49:35

Hello. Anyway, so important that we build the engine for that our brothers and sisters because

00:49:36--> 00:49:59

we have to elevate the Dow because there's so much more that's happening now when I started the Dow 1015 years ago, our bond would know this as well. The arguments have become far more sophisticated now. Look, see the minute you enter the field and you start throwing out these ideas and values and perspectives and philosophies and field philosophies. You're going to get people coming back with responses like for example all

00:50:00--> 00:50:27

Ahead use of for playing very well to the euthyphro dilemma that needs a response, then he's a robust response. And he's development he needs a kind of understanding where people could understand what it means and how you can apply it to this to more realism, right? Because a more realist doesn't mean a moral anti realist, someone who doesn't believe that there are mind independent, more properties and values, they don't really care about the

00:50:28--> 00:51:11

you prefers dilemma that's aimed at Muslims who are theists who articularly that there are mind independent, moral values. And even in the Islamic tradition, there's differences of opinion, how do we unpack that for people to basically understand and internalize and be able to, you know, respond to the anti theists, the atheist of the world. So the point here is, we want to become the engine for the dollar. And this is what we're trying to do. And that's how we trained over 6000 Muslims since last July. And for instance, we do things that you may not be aware of, for example, we train the volunteers in advance doweled training program, the volunteers at the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, the

00:51:11--> 00:51:53

outreach volunteers, and they have access to four to 5 million million visitors each year. And not only this, I instructors personally have trained students from Medina University, mer Shaya scholars imaams, from America from Europe, we've gone to the data looms, this is what we do. And we don't claim to have any special knowledge, we are standing on the shoulders of giants, we will lie he will just echoing what the Giants have said, the only thing that we may have something is that we're able to contemporize what the Giants have said. We just try and make it contemporary because we're lucky brothers and sisters, I even said this in my book.

00:51:55--> 00:52:04

There's nothing to worry about. Islam is the most robust, convincing intellectual, emotional, spiritual tradition helaas is going to be successful with us without us as a promise from Allah.

00:52:05--> 00:52:33

All we need to do is to beg Allah that we're given the opportunity for him to use us as a means to actually become the engine for the dollar and get involved to the dollar. And we should also make him so we could be able to use these timeless values and perspectives and ideas for example, I was watching briefly it wasn't brief I need to watch the whole thing I think I was watching the podcast thought adventure for the use of his on that Yeah, phenomenal

00:52:34--> 00:53:19

they did an amazing job on our and raw like it was annihilate tree it was annihilate tree it was it crumbled him It destroyed him intellectually he had no clue what was going on. And the way brother Sharif he the way he basically articulate the contingency argument in a way to make him understand because he used the the principle of sufficient reason and applied it to the to to scientific phenomena and that then he explanations the way he anchored off that I was like hats off as bravo bravo and what was I going with this? Why did I mention this? I've lost most of my thought was I mentioning before

00:53:20--> 00:53:21

wasn't saying

00:53:23--> 00:53:26

you were talking about needing robust answers.

00:53:28--> 00:53:52

So the answers that you know brother Sharif myself have them to loose in others. They just take it from our tradition. If you read any book any creed book, take a kid at the highway I will all the schools of creed agree with this book. Go to the explanations you will find the argument from contingency in most in all the creed books. That's why you have concepts such as mumkin algu, possibly existing why

00:53:53--> 00:54:28

the necessary existing we're all just taking this from our tradition brothers and sisters, all we're doing we're just bringing it into the contemporary reality in a contemporary way for people to understand as well. The point is brothers and sisters This is worried about what will be the engine behind the dollar. And I want you to go to Sapiens Institute org forward slash donate live and donate right away use a quick question Have we showed them any videos yet? We have not. Okay, I'm going to pull out a video for them. Let me share this video with you guys.

00:54:31--> 00:54:38

Just bear with me. And remember how to do this again. I'm on call Hannah who wants to come in and ask question repeatedly.

00:54:40--> 00:54:45

Sister but let that person in and while we are watching the video, we can go back to them inshallah.

00:54:51--> 00:54:52

Right. Is that Hannah?

00:54:53--> 00:54:56

Yes, that sounds like a slam Go ahead, please.

00:54:58--> 00:54:59

Um, so my question

00:55:00--> 00:55:02

Was I was watching you surf on

00:55:03--> 00:55:09

the thought adventures podcast and you were talking about the Kalam argument.

00:55:10--> 00:55:12

And I'm not sure if it was you or

00:55:14--> 00:55:17

Sheriff that made the point that I'm a physical

00:55:19--> 00:55:21

attorney Eternity is illogical.

00:55:24--> 00:56:10

And I was just wondering, but don't we believe that hell and heaven is going to be for eternity? Yes, the differences is, it's not that it's an infinite. So it's a potential infinite, not an actual infinite. So basically, that it has a beginning. And you're always adding one book, at any point, in that line of time, you won't have an infinite sequence of events. So that's distinct from saying that existence or that the universe has existed for an eternity, which is to say that there exists an actual infinite, rather than a potential infinite extent. So you can have an eternity that has a beginning.

00:56:12--> 00:56:53

So yeah, but it's not that you can have an eternity without, with the beginning is that if you're saying that heaven is going to exist for an eternity, it never exists for an infinite amount of time? Because it has a beginning. And whatever point in that timeline you stop at, that's always a finite amount of time. Yeah. An interesting way of querying to say it's ever lost being would go forever. So, but if you were to say, for example, so much, gentlemen, and you say to him, right, after billion years, let's pause, hypothetically, when you ask them how long you've been here, for, they're going to say, I've been here for a billion years, they're never going to say I've been here

00:56:53--> 00:57:05

for an infinite amount of time. So there's a difference when something has already existed for eternity infinite. And something that is going to continue forever. Those are two different concepts, you get those concepts?

00:57:06--> 00:57:08

Yeah. Okay, good.

00:57:09--> 00:57:18

So, by the way, the term infinite is confusing a lot of people. And I don't know if it's if it can be applied islamically speaking, right.

00:57:20--> 00:57:24

Can we impose the term infinity on Islamic theology? This is a question I had.

00:57:25--> 00:57:47

Yes, you Oh, yeah. Well, it depends. It depends what you mean by So for example, if we mean by infinite eternal, then. But a tunnel can have two concepts as well, that is already existed. For for an eternal map for an infinite amount of time, or there's always going to be continually existing. So with regards to Allah Subhana, WA, to Allah, we say that he is eternal.

00:57:48--> 00:57:58

But we don't say he's eternal, just like Hell's eternal because hell had a beginning and is continuing, right. So there are there are two distinct concepts there depends. But

00:57:59--> 00:58:33

the reason the bravas say you can't have a physical infinite, is to show the final truth of the universe as well to show the contingent nature of the universe. Because there are two types of infinite, you have the differentiated infinite, and the undifferentiated infinite. So an undifferentiated infinite is an infinite that's not made up of discrete physical parts. That's, that could be coherent, we don't have a problem with that. What we're talking about is a differentiated infinite, and infinite, that's made up of discrete physical parts. That is these two paradoxes, and it simply doesn't exist, it only exists in the mathematical realm of discourse. And that has its own

00:58:33--> 00:58:34

axioms and assumptions.

00:58:36--> 00:59:10

But I agree with that nine, to be honest, I think what we should do the See, classically speaking, using such language is not a problem as long as you explain it. But generally speaking, you should use a language that is closer to the kind of Islamic discourse, because it just helps people reconcile it with their theology. So I'm a fan of that. I'm not necessarily I'm not saying it's wrong. Of course, it's not wrong, as long as you define it properly, and you make those distinctions. But sometimes it's better just for us to use the language the alumni use, and I know many of our alumni use, use that language anyway. And don't forget, we're speaking about this in the

00:59:10--> 00:59:54

English context. So we're never going to use accurate language anyway. But as a general principle is always good to bring it back to similar linguistic understanding like that, that exists in our tradition. It just makes it easier for people to kind of reconcile or understand the concepts how they relate to the tradition itself. But yeah, more anything to say yourself. Yeah, it's just really, if you want to read more about it, just look into the difference between potential and actual infinite. So when you're talking about a universe, being actually infinite, that is always existed, and always will exist temporarily. And then that is not the same as saying that, you know,

00:59:54--> 01:00:00

you've got this created thing that has a beginning and then exists one day at a time, consider

01:00:00--> 01:00:03

Manually going on into the future. These are two different things.

01:00:04--> 01:00:06

And so if you read into that more, that should answer your question.

01:00:07--> 01:00:13

Because of the term terminology in the Quran, Allah says called Idina via Avada.

01:00:14--> 01:00:59

And that simply means they will remain the rain forever. Or they will remain, they will remain, they will call Idina via Ababa, they will remain there in Okay. Now, to apply the concept of infinity to that particular statement, I don't know how, how appropriate that is. But Quran is very straight. And that's what we believe in that those who go to hell fire, and they have committed heinous crimes, they will remain there in they will not come out of Mumbai. Hellfire hasn't always been there. And that's the difference. So hell, Yes, it was. So that's so so what you saying is perfectly fine. And because when you're saying Heaven and Hell,

01:01:00--> 01:01:06

how hasn't always been they had a beginning and forever, forever means is going to continue.

01:01:08--> 01:01:09

It's never going to stop.

01:01:10--> 01:01:49

But that doesn't mean it doesn't mean it's always been there. So something that had the beginning, and it's never going to stop is what you call really a potential infinite meaning. It's going to continue. It's never always, there's never gonna, if you press the pause button, you're never gonna say, I've been here for a turn amount of time. No, you've been here for trillions of years. And it's continuing that the users are going to make so those things this is not contradiction is perfectly. The word infinite doesn't apply to an eternal paradise. It's not actually infinite. Like you say, at any point in time, you don't have an infinite amount of time having passed

01:01:50--> 01:01:54

that makes sense, but I do have an infinite amount of love for you.

01:01:56--> 01:02:03

And not my friend you cannot disprove because it's not a differentiating infinite happy My heart is not made out of

01:02:07--> 01:02:08

potential potentially infinite

01:02:12--> 01:02:19

butthead. So let's show this video. How do you show the videos again? You suck. I'm confused. I'll do it. Which one is it? You do the new one. Thank you so much.

01:02:22--> 01:03:09

On that note, building the engine everyone remember Sapiens institute.org, forward slash donate live. We want to keep this live dynamic. When I say dynamic, let the conversations roll. Let them keep happening. And at the same time, help us to help you to raise funds for us so that we can build this engine of intellectual power that will pull the train of intellectual power. We're talking about training, producing, and facilitating leaders who will be doing intellectual power to boost the confidence of this ummah, we need more and more and more defenders of Islam. We use academic and intelligent language, who are eloquent, who are educated, who are knowledgeable, who are trained,

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play. The most recent one is

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01:05:01--> 01:05:03

Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

01:05:05--> 01:05:49

My name is Hamza I was born in 1980 brought up in these estates in London Hackney growing up, I had wonderful loving parents, like with many people, I had key moments that changed my life. One of them is when I embraced Islam, and the other is when I doubted it. Yes, even I had doubts. I became Muslim here on October the fifth 2002. And there were three main reasons why I embraced Islam, one was intellectually convinced to I was attracted to Islamic values. In three I used to perform Salah before I became Muslim. When I became Muslim, it was such a blissful experience. However, I remember someone responding to an email of mine regarding the linguistic miracle of the Quran, but I had no

01:05:49--> 01:06:19

clear response, that blissful, cloud like experience was now becoming a distant memory. As a result, my mind almost left Islam, but my heart and soul on fire, refusing to accept nothing else, apart from the truth of the day, this tug of war was ripping me apart, but it was not going to fill. I remember praying to Allah in frustration, I was asking him for conviction. How do I explain the linguistic miracle of the Quran without speaking the language.

01:06:20--> 01:07:00

And that's where it all started, I acquired everything I could on the topic. I spoke to students of knowledge about expensive books, I visited libraries. And to my amazement, when I was researching at the British Library here, I found a rare PhD entitled towards a text linguistic definition of Quranic and imitability. I asked them for a copy, but they never got back to me. And that's when I hit a brick wall. So I decided to call talk languages and request an expert on the Quran. When I met my teacher for the first time, I explained my situation and that moment, he stands up, he walks around his table, he goes to a drawer, he picks up some papers, he walks back, and he puts them in

01:07:00--> 01:07:46

front of me. And lo and behold, it was the PhD I was looking for, and what's even more amazing. He was the author, Dr. Sami al helwani from Asada University. I then further develop my ideas on the topic, and I was asked to write a chapter of the book, the history of the magnificent Quran. When I wrote the chapter, the publisher said they had to be checked by scholars being relatively young with not much experience in the topic. It was totally understandable. However, during that period, the Dallas scene was quite dark. There was ego, gnostic competition, and I was thinking of the simply quitting, I was so close to the decision, but Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah, I received a text message

01:07:46--> 01:08:32

by the publishers, and they said something along the lines of the scholar said, this is one of the best things they read in the English language. I took this as a sign to continue my journey. In 2009. I joined I era, I record visiting Chicago for a tool. And there was one brother and I don't remember his name, ripped into me. He said, Hamza, what is this? Who are you developing? What real impact are you having? All of this is just the show. That really got to me. It hit me hard. When I went back to the IRA office, I broke down crying. It was then I made a commitment that I'm going to focus on developing and empowering others. That key milestone helped me develop advanced training

01:08:32--> 01:09:21

for AI era, and it became the basis of my best selling book, the divine reality, God, Islam and the mirage of atheism. And the process of writing chapters 13 and 15 completely obliterated my doubts. I also completed my master's degree in philosophy and I continued postgraduate academic research at the University of London. It is without a doubt, Allah planned this journey for me. I realized that my doubts were not purely intellectual, I needed to connect and to know Allah more, I needed to empower others. A year after my book was published, I was asked to become IRA CEO Alhamdulillah we increased our operational growth by over 1,000% and we delivered advanced training to scholars

01:09:22--> 01:09:59

imaams and activists from all around the world with AI era support since July 2020. We have moved advanced our to Sapiens Institute. In nine months we have already trained over 6000 Muslims, publish books, written essays, produce media and video content and much more. Brothers and sisters. If this story has inspired you, then please support us in the next phase of our journey. Let's follow the prophetic model of empowering and developing others. Start your monthly donation now.

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Head over to Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate, or click the link below.

01:10:15--> 01:10:53

So that was the story brothers and sisters, don't forget for this live at Pogo to save plus nc.org forward slash donate live. This is where we're about. Hopefully I shared some of my story with you in order to inspire you that, you know, it's hasn't been an easy journey. Allah has made it easy when you look back and when you look back, you're like supine on the way Allah has connected the dots mean Atlanta have many stories to tell many journeys to dojo, Atlanta has a plethora of journeys to talk about and his experiences in the Tao of how Allah has elevated and and propagated the dour and he's been using the brothers all around us Alhamdulillah. I still remember Adnan many,

01:10:53--> 01:11:27

many, many years ago, he disappeared. And he went to Pakistan for a few weeks. And he remember he had a great goal. And that goal was to like learn Arabic, like he already knew some, but he wanted to master it more. And I remember him telling me that he would fall asleep every couple of hours because it's like a machine, isn't it? He was absorbing everything. And when he came back, can you Arabic after a few weeks, I have never met anyone in my life has done that before Al Hamdulillah. Allah bless him. So Allah has put you into all of these kinds of scenarios. And then he's brought us together. And you know, what's really funny brothers is this. We had an institute about 14 years

01:11:27--> 01:11:28


01:11:29--> 01:11:33

Me or nine and doctors, manly teeth. What was the code of man? 13? Do you remember?

01:11:35--> 01:12:20

That? Yes. And that was basically if you think about it, I must say I'm not saying it flopped, but we just didn't have the resources. We didn't have maybe the management skills, or we didn't have the time or maybe we weren't ready. But I'm telling you those experience we had then it was part of the necessary process in order for us to achieve achieving today now Alhamdulillah Is that right? Doctor of man? Absolutely. SubhanAllah absolutely Subhanallah KFC, KFC was rejected at times. The old man was about to commit suicide. So Paul is about to resign. And then I think once he had gone above 80, someone accepted his recipe. And lo and behold, the KFC around I'm sure you all love it. When you go

01:12:20--> 01:12:22

to the buy or when you go to one of the Muslim countries.

01:12:24--> 01:13:12

In West London, there's a lot of halaal Cave C's. Yes, absolutely. So the point is, never say die. Don't give up. Any experience in life is never a failure. I believe as long as it was for the right reasons. your intentions were correct. It is your process of development. It makes you better at what you want to do. And you are one step closer to success. And it is a never ending journey till the grave. As far as a Muslim is concerned. We struggle till the grave. We do not leave worshipping Allah under any circumstances, any shape in any shape or form. Mr. Muhammad was on his deathbed, there is a narration about him. And he kept saying Not yet. Not. Not yet. And his son asked him,

01:13:13--> 01:13:55

What are you saying? You are dying? And you're saying not yet? Not yet. He said shaytaan is standing in the corner, and he's biting his nails and he's saying you have escaped me. You have escaped me. And I'm saying not yet. I'm still alive. There is still breath inside me. I haven't escaped you. I haven't died yet. So this is a continuous struggle my brothers sisters shall being asked are in a number of different forms. You can find them in the human form and you can find them in the jinn form or the spiritual form the human God, there are plenty of them. And we really have to clean up the mess they create what we call Islamophobia. Islamophobia is a real threat. It is it is not a

01:13:55--> 01:14:18

joke, one lie. It is not a joke. You cannot imagine how people are affected by it. globally. There are people who are affected by that's why we need to work harder, we need more and more people to clean that mess created by human Jyoti in humans yachting who have created this mess, Sapiens Institute is building that engine to clean the mess, we will build that

01:14:20--> 01:14:59

that bond of confident guys and and sisters who will be inshallah defending Islam intellectually, academically, globally, they will be the voices of Islam. We want this spirit to go through Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Britain, Canada, America, South America, think big. Think Big. We want these intellectual intellectuals to be everywhere in the world. Okay, this is how far we want to go. We have a great vision. We are thinking big. We're not thinking small. Okay, so we request that you stop thinking small and stop clinging to clinging to the money and get

01:15:00--> 01:15:45

Let it go, let it go as the month Ramadan, it will be multiplied 70 times give that donation and it will make a huge difference to many, many people out there. Okay, how? By producing leaders who will be giving power to 1000s of people potentially all you need is one, one person, one strong daiya one strong call to Islam once strong defender of Islam is enough, right against 100 islamophobes let's say right to kind of love I recently saw a video online I want to give you an example there was one of the shakes in America us I don't want to mention his name and the name of actually I'll I'll mention him Shake Shack Farrukh. I think his name is I don't know if you guys know him

01:15:46--> 01:15:47

the shake Farrukh.

01:15:49--> 01:15:50

He is the

01:15:51--> 01:15:52


01:15:55--> 01:16:05

And he was dealing, dealing with three diehard known established islamophobes directly talking to them, if you watch that video, it will make you laugh.

01:16:06--> 01:16:52

Over in the strength of Islam, how Islam makes you so confident if you know about it, if you have knowledge of Islam, confident you can really easily deal with all of these islamophobes in one go. Plus is the knowledge if you lack the knowledge, you can't be open to things knowledge and confidence boys is also experienced. I remember I spoke test, you know knowledge in Medina. And he said that he gave me a very interesting development. I don't know what you think of this concerning experience is quite vital to basically progressing down and he gave me the example of when the process Salam went to speak to Allah subhana wa Taala in the ascension. And then on the way back, he

01:16:52--> 01:17:11

spoke to Musa alayhis, salaam and mousseline some tells him No, no, no, you need to go back and basically almost negotiate about the Salah, because Musa alayhis salaam knew his on my head experience that they won't be able to take it. So the student of knowledge derived from that that experience is extremely important when it comes to doubt as well.

01:17:14--> 01:17:53

What do you think? on that one? Good point. Yeah, for sure. So for now, I'm just remembering now, I sat with you in muscle oxa. We went through that, in fact, that narrative of Dr. Mirage, if you recall, in the, in the smaller, the smaller Masjid of the, of the of the of the of the buraq. In fact AXA, we sat together we went through in fact, that narrative, and the point in fact is true, because you know, Musa Ali Salaam had experience with Venezuela in for many, many years. And lots of ups and downs because of what happened with them and what happened with the summary and the golden calf and his brother how una de Salaam. This beautiful point, in fact, if I could just take it from

01:17:53--> 01:18:30

him. And that is this that is that when muscle is and because remember the point about confidence, muscle Islam, in fact had what you might call an impediment because he had a list, he would speak with the list be a bit of a stutter. And he couldn't speak too well all the time, even though it's from the old ansem from the five great messengers of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so when he asked Allah Subhana Allah, when Allah says go to Alan, and he asked Allah be sure you suddenly you know, make me confident that's like, make me full of self confidence with silly Emily and make easy for me my task was to lock the muscle and lose the awkward and not from my tongue. Yep, go call you so

01:18:30--> 01:19:14

people would understand what I'm saying. He still asked Allah would you lose zero money early and give me a supporter from my family. This is not a one time there's not a one man struggle. This is this is a collective effort. This is involving all of us. This is the concern for the oma concerning for Islam. And so the beautiful words that muscley sam gives to Allah is that explanation he says k new sub B hiker kathira one as Guru kathira so we can remember you more or we can refer you more. I mean, that's the whole purpose. Allah makes us that Korean and was so good to remember and thank Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the fact that even though Allah gave him the miracle of the stuff, and

01:19:14--> 01:19:50

even though Allah made his his words, you know, easy for him to speak and Allah gave him confidence. He still asked for assistance still ask Allah for help from his family members. I want to say one thing as we're coming close now to our time, and that is this. You know, Allah and mighty when we get to the end of Ramadan, we're gonna think about who were the ones who were victors in this month. All of us are in a race. And then the Quran says we're sorry, over sabich who raised compete for Allah's forgiveness in one verse where Allah says, compete enrich for Allah forgiveness and for Jana, as wide as the heavens and the earth which Allah is prepared for the turkey in. The beautiful

01:19:50--> 01:19:59

thing is Allah then tells us who these Motoki are and Allah says they are the ones alladhina unifi akuna pfisterer What are the first things Allah mentions about

01:20:00--> 01:20:35

Motoki in those were of course we were fasting because lalla committed taco and perhaps we will attend to taqwa. And Allah describes a mother keen hair as a pupil of Gender Analysis, they were the ones who spent in ease and in hardship, right they spend their money in ease and in hardship for these noble causes, and we'll call them again and then their subdue their anger, they pardon the people, and I love to do is have good, so therefore this is a great chance for all of us inshallah, and this great night, which could be limited to the cuddle, which of course, is a night of, of the greatest esteem. This is a night where even the angels descend upon the earth, even gibreel Islam

01:20:35--> 01:21:13

descends upon the other salam, there's peace until the coming of the of the dawn, they imagine the consequences, you know, the Allah, they say that it's called elkader. Because it's in on one ways, it's a restricted night, meaning it's the earth is so encompassed by angels, every space is constricted, and that's why it's a night of other night of restriction, or is the night of God, because it's a night of Fadul is a night of virtue, right? So virtuous deeds are done in this night, including spending in the course of Allah subhanho wa Taala is the night of khuddam because it's a night of value, it's a night of power, all of these things encapsulated in that one night that Allah

01:21:13--> 01:21:52

has given us. And it could be that this is a night of power night of God, not a restriction, not a virtue in value. And so I really hope all of us will be spending inshallah in this night to support this great cause of Sapiens. And so therefore, you know, to your point was beautiful about the fact that, that, in fact, this is a life lesson. It's not just about the person's knowledge, it's about his toil and struggle, and his perseverance in life, right experiences, what he's seen what is observed, and there's so many things in fact, in my book, if you recall on being human, which is available, free download on on sapiens, should I begin the book, in fact, with a with an experience,

01:21:52--> 01:21:58

I begin the book by recounting the beautiful, amazing tale of, of a man who wrote a book,

01:21:59--> 01:22:40

Harry Leslie Smith, his name was and and his books were Harry's last stand. And, and the whole book was about this person's experiences in life, you're under the age of like nine to nine to one years old, he's passed away now. But he has this moment of reflection, where he is, he says, Every day, I go downstairs, and I make myself a cup of coffee. And I pour in the coffee, and I like kind of mixed a coffee with milk and sugar. And is, as I hear the clanging, right, the clanging or the clinking sound of the spoon against the cup, it takes me back to when I was like, six, seven years old, I can envision myself standing on the streets of London, and I can hear the, the hooves of the of the

01:22:40--> 01:23:18

horses, you know, on this on the roads of London. And it's a simple recognition. And of course, his whole book is about this experiential journey of, you know, of what is experienced in life. So I think that through experiences, you know, you learn to panela so much and, of course, the, you know, the point is true that for all of us, you know, as we progress in Shell and life, there's going to be ups and downs. Chicanos mentioned the point before about things that we had seen of course in heftiness, to do and other things. Allah in the Quran, he says, will tell kill a yam nuda will you have in the nasties, our days we also between the people, right? These days, we also and this was

01:23:18--> 01:23:50

revealed in a battle or had in Ohio, of course, there was great success, but there was also some setbacks as well. Right? But Allah says that that's purposeful, right? Sometimes you learn from your experiences, you learn from your setbacks, and align occurrences. The purpose behind this is the Kayla. So LMS saticon, wallet, offer hobbema calm, so you do not lose hope, in what you've missed, an audio exalt, and what you've gained, therefore, you know, your remaining human is still called being human, you remain

01:23:51--> 01:24:10

in the middle, in balance. And so we ask Allah, this place at night, that Allah Allah increases us inshallah, in our work, Allah increases the enthusiasm of spending in the cause of Allah and makes us a night of great Baraka for all of us. I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I wanted to add as well on the experience thing, because what you find is many people,

01:24:11--> 01:24:40

when they start getting involved in dour, the first thing they do is just jump straight into the deep end, they think, you know, what I'll do is I'll just, I'll go out there, and I'll just start picking fights with some of the biggest apologists that you find on the internet. And this is often it's very equivalent to that lad who's like, I want to learn how to fight mixed martial arts. And so then he's like picking fights of the heavyweights, you know, the people who've been training for 1020 years, and you've got these little skinny Whippets

01:24:41--> 01:24:50

coming up and you know, they've not got any training, they've not got any experience, and then they get bad. And then they equate this being battered with

01:24:51--> 01:24:55

the falsity of their position rather than they're just not have being

01:24:56--> 01:25:00

prepared, not having the they're not properly equipped. In

01:25:00--> 01:25:39

In order to deal with those kinds of conversations, and they get confused, they don't understand that this loss isn't a loss for the religion of Islam. This isn't a loss for a loss of hundreds all over. But it's, it's a loss on the the person who's gone into something way out of their league, and without the proper preparation involved in having to sort of being able to equip yourself. And this is exactly what Sapiens Institute is hoping to do. It's hoping to equip people in order to be able to prepare themselves and to go out into the world and to do thou art in an effective manner, which doesn't lead to them getting battered, as per the example that I gave. So

01:25:40--> 01:26:18

yes, sure. was one you want to say something? No, I was just saying, exactly. I thank you for your, for your where do you serve, I was just reminding that, you know, I want to say that this is a blessing on the part of the last few of us on this column. And this is an almost full of talent, chicken, I remember that we were together in Pakistan. And I remember that, you know, we went from university to University, University, University and different localities in Pakistan. And I and I remember that we were so super impressed by the the talent in the oma, the talent of the Muslims. I mean, the knowledge, the skills, the resources, the, the, the one the one, the yearning, you know,

01:26:18--> 01:26:54

to to serve the cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's that's impact. We saw amazing talent in the city of shower. I remember that very clearly in Lahore and Karachi. And all of these things this is throughout the world, there is such I was contacted on Sapiens just the other day by a brother who said I want to be a voluntary research assistant, you know, for you and for and for, for the team. And this is one but and there's so many emails, we're getting like these, because the enthusiasm is really there. And so so Panda, we want this to grow, we wanted the project to grow, inshallah, we want this, this cause for serving the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala to grow in sha

01:26:54--> 01:27:30

Allah. And we want of course that these objections that people raise and like you mentioned, the industry of Islamophobia is a very big one, the industry of missionary work of Christians who really, who make these, I would say really ignorant points about the ill informed points about Islam. This has to be of course checked has to be corrected. Why? Because if you find a young person, a young Muslim, just about to start University, he's coming to freshers week, right, he sees the stalls of the Christians and everything else. And he picks up, picks up a leaflet or something and is speaking about the Quran in a way that that the Quran is not representing the message of the

01:27:30--> 01:28:07

Quran or the Salah more about anything else. It can easily confuse that person if that person is not equipped for our work is what equipping the Muslims, for providing the literature, the essays that the discourses, the debates, the literature, the books, that will equip the Muslims of how to deal with these kinds of tangents, these kinds of doubts. And therefore that's, that's my children, your children, all of us are in the same boat. And I would remind you also, the prophet said, cool. Look, Mara, and all of you are shepherds. Every one of us is a shepherd. And every one that promises is responsible for his flock. Every one of us is responsible as shepherds we have guardians where we

01:28:07--> 01:28:44

are where we're fathers or uncle's right, or where we even grandfathers, I mean, all of us have responsibilities towards towards our children and young people that we can equip them, and the protocol and the promises, everyone is responsible for his flock and the man is responsible to Mr. Mitch sponsible. The woman is a shepherd as for her children, but part of that being a shepherd, all the prophets, in fact, were told to be shepherds. In fact, we're worship. And that's experience, because they knew how to of course, herd the sheep, how to lead communities of animals before they lead communities of human beings that experience right. And so we have to therefore have that same

01:28:44--> 01:29:21

kind of, of intention, same kind of attitude, that we want to be the shepherds of the community. And that means, of course, to lead to leadership, with wisdom, with knowledge and with mercy. And Mercy is paramount, profound, in fact, in our, in our call of Islam, to be merciful, to be compassionate, to be understanding to be, you know, forbearing, Islam was most forbearing of all people, right? I mean, he was forbearing against all of the discrimination and the attacks and characterization from the Misha Keane and that really is a message of Islam tuna to really uphold the message of Islam, with wisdom with knowledge, and with a great sense of mercy also,

01:29:26--> 01:29:59

like a loved one. Thank you so much, brother sisters. Again, to remind you, we really need to raise at least 20,000 pounds tonight for this train for this engine to be built. Okay, and donations are coming and hamdulillah there are many beautiful generous brothers and sisters who are making donations. But at the same time, we really need to as they say, up our game, we really need to have some big donations, 1000 2000 3000 pounds. Those brothers sisters who are blessed by Allah financially

01:30:01--> 01:30:38

They need to come forward and encourage others. And in fact, let us know that you've done it so that others can see that someone is doing it. Some people are still thinking, scratching their heads, whether we should do it or not. When people start to see that there are people that are brothers and sisters who are making a difference, and then others are encouraged. That's why the profit and loss are encouraged to encourage. In a report he said, anyone who encourages others to do good deeds, he gets the reward of those who end up doing the good deeds. This is what we want from you brothers sisters come forward, let us know what you have done so that we can announce it and encourage

01:30:38--> 01:31:19

others. And we need a competition. Can someone start a competition Can someone come forward and say, Okay, I'll donate 1000 or 2000 pounds. If someone can match it, I am sure a lot of you have it. And the least you can do, share, please like this screen and start sharing it on your social media platforms. If you're watching on Facebook share, that's the least you can just press the share button, and it will go to other people and they will start to share. inshallah, also, if you are on Youtube or Twitter or something like that, just share the link, share the donations link and ask people to make donations. And that way we will be able to build the engine that will pull the

01:31:19--> 01:32:01

intellectual the train of intellectual power, the train of an intellectual level, what do we what do we mean by that? We are training people online and offline, to become leaders of our we're training them how to do intellectual thou how to defend Islam in this age of Islamophobia. In this age of lies and misconceptions, where Muslims do not have a voice and our voice. These youngsters, these confident people, we are training they will become the voice. They will raise the voice they will establish platform they will establish the institutions that we need. In order for the world to understand us more building the engine is the appeal Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate

01:32:01--> 01:32:39

live is the link the link is rolling on the screen nonstop. And it's also in the live chat as well. So keep your eye on Yeah, it's in the live chat as well rather than sisters. So brothers sisters, copy that link and paste it everywhere on your WhatsApp channels on your wife's WhatsApp groups. Every single one of you watching right now I'm pretty sure you are on WhatsApp and you are using WhatsApp groups, friends, uncles, aunties, siblings, cousins. Like I have groups for example, cousins, and uncles and aunts, and friends and other groups, start sharing the link on those groups and tell people to make a donation to this noble cause. Because there are there are not many

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institutions out there like this one. You can count them on one hand, institutions like sapiens, the work we are doing training to become intellectual leaders of Islam to present or represent Islam, intellectually and academically. There are not many institutions out there modalities, unfortunately are not doing it. Islamic institutions are mostly not doing it. So we need a special institution to show people how to defend against Islamophobia, how to defend against attacks, intellectual attacks, sophisticated intellectual attacks against Islam. Some of them come from a history point of view always come from a science point of view, some come from philosophy point of view, some come from

01:33:24--> 01:33:58

logical point of view, let's say so people cause all sorts of questions. We need confident people who are knowledgeable, knowledgeable enough to answer this question. And for that, we need your support tonight brothers sisters, this was a Christian appeal. We would have hit by now a million dollars, we would have hit by by now we would have raised a million dollars. But Allah has made Muslims generous. So please go ahead Don't hesitate and start making donation my brothers sisters This is a noble cause. He cannot believe in this cause inshallah and let's take some questions from audience

01:33:59--> 01:34:00


01:34:02--> 01:34:09

Yes, please do. Okay. Bismillah salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah Tamia does it dominate

01:34:13--> 01:34:15

your life brother? You need to unmute your mic.

01:34:16--> 01:34:19

Damn lot. Damn lot.

01:34:27--> 01:34:28

But I want to ask

01:34:30--> 01:34:33

that question is that we don't need

01:34:36--> 01:34:37

you don't need to answer them.

01:34:41--> 01:34:45

Okay, then we will bring someone else on no problem. Anyone else?

01:34:46--> 01:34:48

Yes, few people. Let's have a look

01:34:49--> 01:34:50

at Mohammed.

01:34:51--> 01:34:52


01:34:55--> 01:34:56

salam, Aleikum Wiley

01:35:00--> 01:35:19

I'm from law background. I have a question. There is a debate called heartful a debate. It's on law and morality. So my question is how does Islam deals with it? Well, law and morality there, once is that law, is enough analysis, the morality and is enough to how does Islam deals with it?

01:35:22--> 01:35:51

So, morality, I think that question about law and morality will come first. Okay. Is it like chicken and egg kind of situation by the use of? Well, yeah, so it depends on what you mean. So you've got manmade laws, and which usually are just made through trial and error, you've got something that happens, and people have an uproar about it, and then they'll try to write it down and say, right, let's not do that anymore. Now, there's a distinction between that and say, the Sharia,

01:35:53--> 01:36:31

which is divinely given is, you know, it's the law of Allah subhanaw taala. And, and with with regards to the Islamic paradigm, I guess, you could say that this, this sort of an equation between the two they they're seen as identical, but Allah subhanaw taala gives us a law, and that this law is outlining what is moral and what is immoral. There isn't a distinction. Now, obviously, the issue here is with regards to say manmade systems of law, they are fallible, why because man is fallible, and the last part of Allah isn't. And so his law wouldn't be. And the difficulty then is to say, for example, if something pops up,

01:36:33--> 01:36:38

that hasn't been made illegal yet. So there's a really, really, really good example, this actually might apply within

01:36:39--> 01:36:53

Islamic paradigm is also there was this chemical that they made, it was called spice. And basically, it was somewhere in China, they took marijuana, and they played about with the the chemical compound, and they made something new.

01:36:55--> 01:37:28

And technically, it wasn't marijuana, it was something different. And so it didn't fall under the same law because the compound wasn't identical. And they used to sell it in news agents and corner shops. And it was really cheap. And what you ended up finding is that a lot of homeless people were buying it, and smoking it. And the the way they got around selling it is they just put a little sign on the package saying not for human consumption, but it was literally for nothing else. It served no purpose. It was just something that people bought and smoked. That was its only use.

01:37:29--> 01:37:46

And there was a question that you would ask the people in the shop, why are you selling this? This is this is a horrible thing it was, you know, people were dying from it. People were losing their mind from it. And you didn't have to take that much to be affected from it in a very negative way.

01:37:47--> 01:37:48

And people would say, well,

01:37:50--> 01:38:34

it's not illegal. It's not illegal, Why can I not sell it? If it's not illegal, it's fine, you know, I'm not doing anything wrong. And in here, what they were kind of saying is that law in and of itself, as applied in a, in a country, is what determines what is moral and immoral. And insofar as this substance wasn't made illegal, they equated that was saying it was fine. And this is a new thing. This is something that, you know, doesn't really have a history prior to its creation. And so, you know, if you try to apply this, for example, the Islamic paradigm, you know, the big prior to its creation, we as a nomad weren't aware of it, and maybe we were ignorant of its consequences

01:38:34--> 01:39:00

and things like that, how do we apply that, obviously, that it's not specifically made illegal to sell it? And, you know, they even put these little symbols on saying not for human consumption. But does that mean islamically? That it's fine. Does it mean that we're not doing anything wrong, if we're selling this thing, especially if we know that it doesn't have any other function, and it's causing great harm to say, for example, that the homeless population, although those living in had

01:39:01--> 01:39:16

backgrounds, where they, you know, they're struggling with difficulties, and they use this as a sort of form of escapism? Now, you know, with regards to morality here, we would say it doesn't matter if it's not yet been made illegal, it's still wrong, because there's other principles we can play here.

01:39:17--> 01:39:34

And these principles are vague enough so that they can be transferable across different situations. For example, the the harm principle in to a certain degree, that things that cause damage to life, and that

01:39:35--> 01:39:59

can cause death and the ending of life because life itself is sacred. These things are considered and permissible. And this has obviously a wider function of making anything that's a drug or used as a drug, impermissible, and so from this principle, it doesn't matter if it's not been made illegal yet. If you're taking this substance and you know that it's going to for example, it's an intoxicant.

01:40:00--> 01:40:30

Write it off straightaway whether or not it's been made illegal in law to consume that is illegal straightaway according to the Islamic principle. And then obviously, if it's causing death that makes it even more impermissible. And so just because this substance is new, and it hasn't been implemented into law, it doesn't matter. We've got something here that's much more practical. And we can apply and we say, No, we don't deal with that. Why it's an intoxicant why it's causing deaths. I don't care if the legal system hasn't caught up with it yet.

01:40:31--> 01:40:44

And there's another thing to add, though, I think he's making a distinction between Do we need just law or just morals. And the thing is, Union Islamic paradigm, you have things that are Hello, illegal, and a haraam.

01:40:45--> 01:41:18

Excuse me, but there are recommended things to do. So for, for example, there is Hadith where the Prophet Salaam he was dealing with the law of retaliation, and he was recommending the person to, to forgive them. But he said he was adamant in actually retaliating. The prophets are loving it, and responded by saying, You are just like them. So he could do it. It wasn't illegal islamically. It wasn't necessarily immoral. But there are also higher values that are also recommended in the tradition as well.

01:41:19--> 01:41:52

And if you don't follow those higher values, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're doing something wrong. But it's recommended to actually do them, if that makes sense. So sometimes what is permitted and not was allowed or not allowed? is yes. In the Islamic tradition is what we would define as our morals. But there are things that are recommended, which would, which we would say, is of a higher moral value, but not doing it doesn't mean you're immoral, if that makes sense. Does that make sense? Joseph? Yeah. Mohammed.

01:41:53--> 01:41:54

How about you do?

01:41:56--> 01:42:17

There's another question? To Hamza. Hamza, sir. My question is, I got to see many normal people, they don't get the morals. They say the law is enough. Read, we do it immorally. That's not bad. They say that lawyers and of the law is not bounding me to anything that I ever going to, if I if I do.

01:42:20--> 01:42:27

Enough, for what though? What do they mean enough for what? For them? And the example I gave was a defeater for that.

01:42:28--> 01:42:49

It's not how to money. I mean, how to convince them the morals are the base. How do you convince them, for example, at the spice, that there's a there's a documentary by Vice, and they did this on the spice problem in Manchester, which is where I'm from. So it was a really, really, really big problem.

01:42:51--> 01:43:26

And that wasn't illegal. But there was there was a lot of people dying, there was a lot of people suffering because of this thing. And if you say the law is enough, for me, what you're saying is, is that these deaths, and that the shopkeeper selling this substance didn't do anything wrong, they did use of what they would say is they will say, when they when they have that new reality, then they'll change the law. So what they're saying is once it becomes the law, it's enough. Does that make sense? Yeah. But then what you're saying is, is that insofar as there was that period, where it wasn't a law, that it wasn't a problem, but that's not true, it was a problem. And that's what

01:43:26--> 01:44:07

motivated putting it into law in the first place. There has to have been something prior to the law that motivated the law. And that means the law is dependent upon something other than the law. Yes, in order for these things to come in. I was going to mention this earlier, which was about law is contingent on certain values. So if you look at legal theory, and the philosophy of law is contingent on certain values, when would I be those are moral values? One of them actually, is liberty. Right? So you have to have values in order to have law. It's not one or the other. And having use have now made the point even clear enough for me to understand, I think, was brilliant

01:44:07--> 01:44:53

point, which is, well, you have scenarios where you need to upgrade the law. What motivates you in upgrading the law? If you'd be more, alright, because you you assess the harm principle, this new drug affected people so bad, we're so upset by it. We don't want people to be harmed. You know, we think life is sacred. So therefore, you just upgrade the law. But the very fact that upgraded the law was based upon a moral motivation. Yep. Correct. Yeah. Otherwise, if the law was enough, the law would be able to sort of sustain itself without us having to do anything, there would be principles within the law that would give rise yes to new laws, like instantly, without, but that's not what

01:44:53--> 01:45:00

happens. The law as a separate body without human interaction and human values.

01:45:00--> 01:45:24

Using human motivation doesn't produce new laws in and of itself with new circumstances that arise out of this crazy changing world that we're living in very good point. It requires human intervention, it requires human value and human motivation to begin to implement these, which suggests and presupposes that the law isn't enough in and of itself, and that that, to me is enough to sort of deal with it.

01:45:25--> 01:45:29

Yeah, thank you. I got it. And the question comes from me from the idea

01:45:30--> 01:45:39

that if a man steals some money to feed them 30 burpees How would Islam

01:45:41--> 01:45:52

amplify the law in this section, if someone is still to feed some poor people, they are hungry, he must take them a day but he steals the money

01:45:53--> 01:45:55

how Islam law replacing

01:45:57--> 01:46:00

so there's a number of things here with this particular example as well but

01:46:01--> 01:46:08

the law if someone is doing it out of necessity that is need that you know, their life is in danger and they don't do that.

01:46:09--> 01:46:44

idea. I have a quick idea Brother Mohammed Mundo says there is a book titled the Sharia law by while b haluk. It has been published by the Cambridge University Press Cambridge scholar as he has done an excellent job on the Sharia law. So you can see that book and read the relevant section on different penalties within the Sharia law and how it works and what is the philosophy behind it you'll get a lot of these answers are these questions cleared inshallah. Okay, instead of us giving

01:46:46--> 01:47:01

answers for each and every single Sharia penalty or the wisdom behind it, just go and read that book, while we HELOC. Cambridge University Press. The book is titled the Sharia law. I hope that helps you.

01:47:03--> 01:47:43

Thank you, welcome waalaikumsalam for law, so brothers, sisters, Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link and we are still waiting for that competition. I want someone to come up and say I will make a donation of 1000 pounds, if someone can match it, that really gets things going. Allahu Akbar, we get a lot of people get excited, you know, they want to come in, and they want to do a good deed. So where is that line or line as of Allah to encourage all the Muslims to wake them up and start making donations to this great cause. We are building the engine, the engine that will pull the train of intellectual power, we are building the engine, that means we are

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It is available. So

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when you remember of course, this book was written on

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Right after the massacre in Christchurch, this book was originally a response, in fact, to the Christchurch massacre. It was launched in Christ Church on the first anniversary of the Christchurch massacre and the two masajid. And in fact, it was the book launch, in fact was there in Christchurch. And the book in fact, you know, addresses a lot of these contentions a lot of the kind of put the whole perspective on what othering is, from an Islamic perspective in a very intelligent in a very in a very good line. And then, of course, understanding what is dehumanization looking at historical accounts of inundation affecting the Jewish people, black African people, for example,

01:50:35--> 01:51:16

the Vietnamese Muslims, Arabs. And then of course, the book ends with a very lengthy, elaborate section on empathy, understanding what is what is prophetic empathy. And many people in fact, I think, are not very familiar with with this discourse of empathy from an Islamic perspective. And so the book is available free for anyone to read and download on the Sapiens your website, so I recommend everyone in Sharla to to read that. Please don't forget to mention the title of the book. The book is entitled on being human how Islam addresses othering, demonization empathy. I also have a new book which is inshallah published on July the 11th by Springer entitled, navigating war

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descent and empathy in Arab us relations, seeing our others in darkened spaces and that's inshallah that's forthcoming. On being human is the book authored by Dr. Umar Latif. It is available on Sapiens Institute, there is the link there on the screen in front of you. Please download the book and read it, it's free of charge. And this is the kind of work we are producing for the Hamzah has done a book on atheism, the divine reality Islam, atheism and the mirage of Islam.

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on the first anniversary to show people what being human is how other arising or other ideation can cause people to become animals and they start killing innocent people. Okay, this is the kind of work we're doing brothers and sisters. This is how we're dealing with some of what we're not just by talking. But producing works in videos and articles and webinars and seminars and books and researches. This is not a joke. This is real stuff. Okay. This is why we want you to wake up and start sharing this live stream with others and start making donations brothers is to Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live is the link and share the link Don't belittle this work.

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Yes, well, let's get someone on board, because we will not see so today's theme is about showing you that Sapiens Institute wants to become the kind of intellectual engine behind the dollar, where we specifically train and develop others to be able to share Islam, academically and intellectually. And this year alone, just under a year, we actually trained over 6000 people to be able to do that. So please support this amazing work Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live. It's an odd night, the 23rd night when the last few days of the blessed month of Ramadan, do not

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Listen to this live stream, give us your donation, continue with your email, ask some questions, learn something, and, and and really and really make the offer us and like and share this link so other people can benefit as well. And you could give them an opportunity to support our great work. So

01:55:22--> 01:55:26

let's bring on Born on board rather, Hussain Ali No.

01:55:29--> 01:55:31

Salaam Alaikum

01:55:34--> 01:55:36

I'm big fan man, I'll be fat.

01:55:38--> 01:55:45

had a question. So my question is, can Allah Zoo test you without?

01:55:49--> 01:55:51

That's a very good question.

01:55:52--> 01:55:53

I love to test you.

01:55:55--> 01:56:40

Bro. See what you mean by doubt, Allah can test you with with anything. The whole point is that life is a test in itself. And everything in life can be a test. But we want to make sure that we pass the test. So the question should we be is, how am I going to react to these tests? Now when Allah tests you with a doubt, does he want bad for you know, we know as per the Quranic discourse, that Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't prefer disbelief for his service, Allah prefers belief. This is what the Mufasa serene what the classical scholar said about this verse. So Allah subhanho wa Taala wants people to believe he doesn't prefer disbelief. So when Allah is testing you with a doubt, it's not

01:56:40--> 01:57:11

as if Allah is saying that you now should just, you know, he, Allah was bad for you now, we need to find out how we're going to react if we react in the right way, in dealing with doubts in the most appropriate way. And we and we've got a course on this could no doubt, attend effective strategies on how to do your doubts and other people's doubts and we're professionally filming, it is going to be available for everybody for free. The 10 main strategies on how to deal with, with with with with doubts include,

01:57:12--> 01:57:13

for example,

01:57:14--> 01:58:00

number one, which is very important that you need to be aware that these doubts exists, you have to be able to make a distinction between a West wasa a spiritual kind of whispering shape and whispering a valid question in a ship her shoe bohart plural. And that's one strategy. It's actually a very effective strategy to be able to make a distinction between a doubt a question, and he was wasa now was was, there is a strategy and how to deal with this because we know the Sahaba would have things in their mind. And they were very upset about it. And they came to the process. And the person said, Is this true? And is this how you you react to these things because they would rather

01:58:00--> 01:58:36

be thrown off cliffs or something, rather than to even utter these words. And the person said, this is a sign of Iman, as long as you don't talk about it, as long as you don't act upon it. And as long as you seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala so that's a wasp verse or you just ignore them. And if you have a psychological aversion to them, you know they're not true. You don't like them, and you don't speak about them. You don't act upon them. This is a sign of eemaan just seek refuge in Allah. That's what's fossa. Then you have a shubha Okay, or Shu heart plural, relates with the word touche be who because to speak, who is something that resembles something that it's not a sharp ha

01:58:36--> 01:59:20

resembles the truth, but it's not the truth. Okay, as even Timmy has said that chable heart had been taken seriously by some people, because it resembles the truth, but it's not the truth. It's like a wolf in sheep's clothing. And you need to understand what is the nature of a ship hat? What are the nature of shubo heart, two main things you need to understand. Number one, a sharp heart wants to undermine the foundations of Islam, the Islamic arcada. Number two, it wants to distort the religion of Islam. If that's what's happening, then that's the Sherpa, okay? And if it's happening to the degree where you're starting to be suffer from it, and starting to maybe think it's a bit true, or

01:59:20--> 01:59:57

fall into some kind of destructive doubt, then that is a Sherpa and he needs to be addressed. How do you address it? There are so many different ways of addressing it, my dear brother, but you have to attend this course. But I'm going to try and summarize for you. The first thing you need to do is firstly, don't give it any attention. That's the initial strategy. Don't give it attention. Because it depends because the sheer power could be on top of the heart. It could be right inside the heart. It depends. If it's just lurking around the heart, ignore it. That may work if it doesn't work. Then what you could do you could follow other strategies for example, your environment, have good friends

01:59:57--> 02:00:00

around you have good students of knowledge have a good environment. Have

02:00:00--> 02:00:10

Good social environment. The other strategy is seek knowledge. This is one of the key strategies. When you're on the path of aim is going to destroy doubts. It's going to annihilate doubts.

02:00:11--> 02:00:14

And there are so many more different strategies.

02:00:15--> 02:00:23

For example, another strategy could be fixing your spiritual heart because these things are hottie matter. Now, you know the person who said that, you know,

02:00:24--> 02:01:08

that not just the person son, but the Quran and the Sunnah, they talk about the Kalam and the uncle, the uncle is the intellect and the culture is the heart, the spiritual heart, and, and the alcohol is a function of the heart is actually a function of the heart. So we need to be willing to take care of the heart and make sure it functions properly, right. Because if our hearts our heart, and we maybe we don't too many sins or we're not close to Allah, then we're more susceptible to sugar to the Shu heart. So we have to protect our excuse me, we have to protect our heart by doing Vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala by doing lessons by doing Toba by doing Easter far, by doing by pondering

02:01:08--> 02:01:21

over the Quran, ensuring that you do your foreign aid, you pray five times a day, so many people who suffer from doubts. Some of them they don't even pray, and I'm like, well report you. So you need to protect yourself.

02:01:22--> 02:01:25

So there are other strategies, but these are some things as to help you.

02:01:27--> 02:01:32

So just remind me what the original question was. I think I've answered it, but what was the real question brother?

02:01:33--> 02:01:37

It was like you tell me a lot. xuejun attest to that. Yeah.

02:01:40--> 02:01:42

Yeah. So is that satisfactory? Brother?

02:01:44--> 02:02:21

Yeah, good term to the so if we if we suffer from any doubts, we need to firstly make a distinction. Actually. One more question somewhere. One, one second, have you? What we need to do is when we do suffer from doubts, we need to make a distinction between a wasp facade a valid question and doubts. And if we do have doubts, we have to adopt certain strategies, some of the ones that I mentioned, in order for us to basically react in the proper way in order for us to, to be alleviated from these doubts and to dismantle these doubts. But we're publishing our professional film course on Shu heart. It's going to be available after Ramadan on our learning platform for free brothers and

02:02:21--> 02:03:03

sisters. That's why you should support this great work of CPS Institute, go to Sapiens Institute. org forward slash Donate Life. Yes, continue brother. So somebody came up to me and asked me how, you know the origin is from Allah azza wa jal, and I actually did not have an answer to that. You have as you absolutely. So I'm going to summarize the reasons I'm going to give you some books to read. Okay. So reasonable one, if anyone with a sincere heart reads the book of Allah subhana wa tada and has pondered over the Quran, they're gonna know it's from Allah. Honestly, I know this sounds really simple, but that's actually the basic truth. reasonable to the Quran is inimitable,

02:03:04--> 02:03:41

the jazz of the Quran, it is inimitable, meaning that the Quran cannot be matched with regards to its stylistic nature, its literary form, its linguistic and literary nature, it cannot have come from an Arab, it cannot have come from a non Arab, it cannot have come from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, therefore, it can only have come from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So that's the second point. The third point which is very similar, the Quran has amazing coherence, meaning coherence, and this coherence can only be explained by someone who knew the future. In other words, a lot. What do I mean by this, the Quran was revealed over a specific period of time over 23 years,

02:03:42--> 02:04:11

and many of these verses were addressing specific instances throughout that 23 year period. Yet the Quran was compiled together to form a coherent piece is linguistically coherent, its semantic, semantically coherent, is thematically coherent. And it's it's coherent, in a in a structural way, as well. In many aspects of the crown, there is a thing called ring composition, that and and for that to occur, even though those verses were revealed over 23 year period, for specific times and places.

02:04:12--> 02:04:36

And yet it has this composition and composition, this coherence and structure can only mean that the author knew the future. Point number four, the teachings and the values of Islam. And I echo what you've been tinea said if we see someone walking on water, and they preach other than tell him that we will reject them. The greatest miracle is the coherence, the rationality, the intuitive,

02:04:37--> 02:04:59

the fact that it's intuitive, and it's aligned with our spiritual disposition. I'm talking about telehealth here, the fact that the teachings of Islam how it talks about the concept of God, that He is one He's worthy of worship, he wants to be loved, obeyed and known, and that we must direct all acts of worship to him alone. This right this understanding of Tao heed this understood understanding of Allah subhana wa

02:05:00--> 02:05:20

alum if you reflected His names and attributes, that itself is one of the greatest as a phenomenon, phenomenon, phenomenon of the Quran. And you know, I'm echoing what you've been, Timmy said basically, if someone was walking on water or showing us miracles, but they taught us other than tallied, we will reject them because now he is stronger than all of these miracles.

02:05:21--> 02:05:22

Point number five,

02:05:23--> 02:05:37

the Quran is multi layered and multi leveled, it is a timeless book will lie he This is one of the most powerful understandings of the Quran, the powerful kind of features of the Quran, the Quran, when he talks about natural phenomenon,

02:05:39--> 02:06:18

it does so in a particular linguistic style or linguistic structure. What I mean by that, well, the crown will use certain words to describe natural phenomena that can make sense to the seventh century Arab and make sense to the 21st century human being, and make sense to the 15th century human being. And what's fascinating is that the language is not only reflective of the seventh century, because the words that are used to describe natural phenomena have different layers of meaning. And those layers of meaning within the classical interpretation, those layers of meaning makes sense makes sense to different people across time. And it can make sense in a different way,

02:06:18--> 02:06:57

because of the layers of meaning. And this is phenomenal. This is phenomenal. Because think about it. If the Quran was only a product of the seventh century, it wouldn't be meaningful trust across time, and he wouldn't be structured in a way that can address the seventh century mindset. And also address address more advanced or different understandings. And this shows that the Quran is multi layered and multi leveled, which shows that the author is timeless is not time bound. So there are five reasons there are many, many more reasons, by the way, but those are five basic reasons. To summarize some of that, go to one reason.org, you could download the book, the eternal challenge, I

02:06:57--> 02:07:00

reviewed this book, myself.

02:07:01--> 02:07:34

Actually, I was the one who mandated I was a creator, right from what I remember. And it's a phenomenal book, any, any, any, just elaborates a little bit more on the stuff that I've just mentioned, you could come back to us if you're more academic references, because this is a basic book, but it's enough. But if you want even more references, you can come back to us, or you can go to the Sapiens Institute website, because we're going to be producing essays and articles on these topics and extra factors, one sem I'm about to release, which is on the multi layered multi level model, that showing that the crown is actually timeless. So those are five reasons habibie. And this

02:07:34--> 02:08:03

is what we teach with, we're actually going to develop a course on this, we've already developed it, and it's going to come out on our free learning platform after Ramadan in sha Allah. This is why you should support us Sapiens Institute org, forward slash Donate Life, brothers and sisters, donate now, the brother asked, How do I know the Quran is from Allah? We gave him five reasons. There's more than five reasons we summarizing, we gave him a reference book, and we have a course coming out and more academic essays on this topic. So

02:08:04--> 02:08:45

from this perspective, and by the way, if you want to show that the Quran is a linguistic miracle, to someone who doesn't know anything about the Arabic language, then you can go to my book, Chapter 13. Chapter 13, is could God's testimony and it uses inference to the best explanation and it uses the epistemology of testimony to highlight that the Quran could not have come from anyone apart from Allah subhanaw taala. And it focused on the literary history of the argument of the Quran in surah baqarah verse 23 were in Clinton very remember there's an earlier up dinner and he continues, and and it goes through that history and it shows using inference to the best explanation using the

02:08:45--> 02:08:49

epistemology of testimony that you cannot deny the fact that this hasn't must have come from

02:08:51--> 02:09:12

God, because it couldn't have come from a man it could have come from an Arab or non Arab, it couldn't have come from the process salon. It must have come from Allah subhanho wa Taala and even address other contenders like maybe it was another being like a devil, whatever the case may be. So that's in chapter 13 of the book that you could download in you can download from the Sapiens Institute website inshallah. Okay.

02:09:14--> 02:09:58

Thank you so much about Hamza May Allah bless you, may Allah reward you for that explanation for the sisters. Why are we here tonight? What are we doing on the 23rd Night of the month of Ramadan, which may well be Laila to the brother? Why are we sitting here on the screen? myself was thought Hamza Yusuf and Dr. Oz, man Latif, and Marshall all of you. As far as I'm concerned, we are in a form of worship. This is if it is legal, other than this is our likeness. Let's use the wrong word. Actually, I won't use it. You know, I was going to use the word jackpot, but I'm not going to use it. This if this is the Laila to cover, then we have done it. Okay. We have made it as they say,

02:09:58--> 02:10:00

right, because that was

02:10:00--> 02:10:43

We would have done it for nearly or over 1000 months. Allah says in the Quran hi Roman alpha Shahar. It is better than 1000 months. So make donations. Let Allah see how generous we are when it comes to supporting our brothers who are involved in defending the intellectual boundaries of Islam can we let our brothers down who are giving their day and night? They are studying hard. They are reading books, they are writing books, they are publishing articles, what drives them? What do you think drives them brothers and sisters, it is their desire. It is the love for Islam, it is the desire to defend Islam, which is the most attacked faith in the world. Islam is the most attacked faith in the

02:10:43--> 02:11:20

world. It is being attacked on daily basis. If I was to, to to go through the statistics, you will be shocked you will be blown away that every single day the amount of articles are coming up online, those who really want to tarnish Islam and those who really want Islam to be on the backfoot. They are working day and night. They're not resting. their motivation clearly comes from shaitan. Right? They're not resting, they don't rest. Do we have any institutions that are giving solutions that are producing men and women who can do?

02:11:22--> 02:12:05

Who can do responses who can give an antidote to these problems spread by human shouting these islamophobes some of them are outright killers, they are murderers, they will go and murder. Others will hate within. They will keep their hate within others will publish articles, some one, some will make videos, others will spew hatred, you know in public, some will do it secretly. There are too many islamophobes in the world today. Unfortunately, a lot of them are misguided. They simply don't know why they islamophobe. So they have hatred. they genuinely think that Islam is evil, or some of them are evil themselves because they know Islam is not evil. It's a great faith is a great

02:12:05--> 02:12:46

civilization, and they just want to tarnish it for political reasons, or any other motive. Our job is to defend Islam and its intellectual boundaries. The attacks are becoming sophisticated by the day. So we need your support brothers and sisters, look at articles, look at our webinars or seminars or books. They are in response to Islamophobia. We want to produce all confident bunch of brothers and sisters who can stand up for Islam intellectually academically, this is exactly what we're doing. So we we are talking about building the engine and this engine cannot run without fuel, the fuel comes from you. We are appealing to you for support. So inshallah come forward Sapiens

02:12:46--> 02:13:15

institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link, you can see the link on the screen there it is rolling nonstop. Okay, follow the link and start making donations and do not hesitate. It's the 23rd Night of the month of Ramadan. And if you make a donation, let me guarantee you, it will go towards producing leaders for this oma who will be leading this oma intellectually and academically, they will defend Islam.

02:13:16--> 02:13:55

Regardless, they will defend Islam. So your award is multiplied. If these people end up bringing a lot of people to Islam, because they are eloquent because they're confident because they're educated and you put in something for them. In this institution, you have a share in the good deeds. Even if you made a donation of a pound, or let's say 10 pounds or 1000 pounds, you will have a share in the good deeds, because the Prophet said anyone who facilitates a good deed, he has a reward in that deed. Anyone who comes to guidance through the efforts or through the donations, they are very rewarding it. So this is our merciful Allah is for brothers sisters, don't hesitate. Let's take some

02:13:55--> 02:14:15

more questions for the use of what do you think? Yeah, I just wanted to give a bit of context to what you were saying before about this industry that's really trying to paint Islam in a in a negative light. So I already mentioned a little bit in a previous stream as well. But there's a bit more information. So for example, during the years 2005 to 2012,

02:14:16--> 02:14:33

there was 59 articles, in total written on the subject of murder and the murder of women and domestic violence. So 59 articles written between a period of seven years from 2005 to 2012. And one Muslim man

02:14:35--> 02:14:59

the shafia family murders that happened in 2009 June 30. One Muslim man commits a murder a murders all of his family and 66 articles were written about that one attack compared to the 59 articles that were written. Separate from that over a period of seven years. Now that doesn't scream

02:15:00--> 02:15:28

special focus, I don't know what does. And then on top of that, there's the the other examples of the fact that, you know, when, whenever Muslims are sort of being talked about on the internet, only 3% of the time, are they representing themselves 3% of the time, the rest of the time, they've represented on the media more by Donald Trump, than they are by Muslims themselves as one person representative talking more about, you know, the,

02:15:29--> 02:15:31

the identity of 1.8

02:15:32--> 02:15:41

billion people, if not more now, around the planet, so 21% of the media coverage? is Donald Trump mentioning Muslims.

02:15:42--> 02:16:21

And then 68% is other or journalists sorry, and then 8% is other and that 3%. That's not just like, you know, the the Orthodox Muslim, that's not just the Sunni. And that could be, for example, the Atma de people who, you know, more on the liberal side, where they they hold beliefs that put them outside the force of Islam, that that 3% is basically just people who identify as Muslim, not necessarily as people that would be understood, according to Amazon and Walmart, that, you know, the people who do follow the deen of Allah subhanaw taala. And, you know, think about that. That's, that's incredibly

02:16:23--> 02:17:08

annoying to think. And so there was another stat here. So there was, so there's an article written on this specifically, and it was in a journal called justice quarterly, volume 36. Issue six. And the the title of the journal article was, Why do some terrorist attacks receive more media attention than others, and the journal was called forthcoming injustice quarterly. And the stats that came out from this, shocking so Muslims perpetrated 12.5% of the 136 terrorist attacks, yet received 50.4% of all media coverage. So that, you know, when you're looking at the, the sheer amount of media coverage is absolutely disproportionate, it doesn't, it is hard to make any sense of it. And and on

02:17:08--> 02:17:09

top of that, so you have, for example,

02:17:10--> 02:17:55

the Boston Marathon bombings, the perpetrators, there were identified as Muslim, they got 13.4% coverage. The the Fort Hood, shooting, the perpetrator was said to be one cent, they got 11.9% coverage. And then you compare this to, for example, the attacks by white people. So as a man who attacked Sikhs, and he received 2.6% of the coverage, there was another attack perpetrated by a white male against it, he attacked African Americans at a church. And he received 5.1% of the media coverage. There was another man who attacked Jews and the the perpetrator was a white man. And he received 2.2% of the media coverage. So what there is a constant pattern here, whenever there's

02:17:55--> 02:18:00

Muslims perpetrating a crime, they receive exponentially much more

02:18:01--> 02:18:20

notice in the news, and the and this is so much the case that this has been noticed within academia itself, they're writing articles on this over representation of the Muslim community in the news. And then on top of that, you look at the the amount of money being pumped into

02:18:21--> 02:19:00

the apologists that you see on the internet, thank you very much. Which basically, their whole identity revolves around trying to destroy Islam. And you take a look at their Patreon accounts, you take a look at the the amount that they're being funded, and it's in, it's in the 10s of 1000s per month, just for one particular character. And you think about, you know, what, what can anyone do with that amount of money, this isn't even during the month of Ramadan, this, they don't have anything like that this is constantly every month, one person is receiving 10,000 pounds or $10,000 per month. And with that, what can you do with it, you can do a lot, he can fund a lot, he can, you

02:19:00--> 02:19:30

know, pay for advertising, he can pay for someone to edit his videos, he can pay for someone to do research for him, he can pay, you know, countless people to do all of this work. He's offloading it, he's giving other people jobs. And with that, their whole identity revolves around trying to destroy Islam. So panela and we need to be able to counter that there needs to be a counter force and this notion or that, you know, it should be free, it should be free. Dawa is free, that all the information is free to which

02:19:31--> 02:19:59

to find you can go to Sapiens institute.org anything that has been produced by Sapiens Institute, you will find there, you can go to the JPS instance YouTube channel, you will find it there as well. These books are being made, these articles have been written these are available to everyone. But all of this requires time, effort, the amount of research that it takes to write one article, I think a lot of people because most of the research for a particular article is very it's you know, behind the scenes, you know, how long

02:20:00--> 02:20:41

Take some read one book, how long it takes to write, say, 10,000 words how much headache, you've got to get how much walking around a park trying to process the information that you've been reading for the past 10 weeks. All of this is sweat and effort. And if this isn't being funded, if this isn't being donated to, then you can, oh, you're gonna have people that jack of all trades, working full time jobs, your local McDonald's and spending, like, what, two, three hours a night, every now and then towards writing something, they're not going to achieve much if they're doing that they're not going to achieve or get very far in terms of producing any content, if they're constantly having to

02:20:41--> 02:21:17

do loads of other little things. Whereas if you can fund something, which is basically a dedicated team, whose job is specifically to do research to look into all of these major contentions, these issues, a lot of these problems that many of the youth are having to deal with today. And they're just simply not equipped to be able to do so because they don't have access to the resources, they don't have access to the you know, a lot of these journals, you need to have subscriptions, or you need to be in university bill to be able to access them. All of this is obviously very difficult for the average person for the layman. And so, what you can do by donating to Sapiens institute.org

02:21:17--> 02:21:59

forward slash donate live is you are helping and contributing to something which inshallah will grow and will be an extremely powerful counter force to the sheer amount of negative press and negative media that's been produced against Islam with by what you know, all it seems, is the sheer intent to destroy Islam, not because of its truth or falsity just because of the fact that it gets in the way of certain things that people want to achieve. And so we ask you now brothers and sisters to to consider donating. And if you can't donate then do share the link. Because I think people often underestimate the, the effects this has, you know, everyone, how many of you got viewing 171 people

02:21:59--> 02:22:24

watching live, if each and every one of you were to share this on your social media link, this will effectively you know, say, you double that or you triple it or say five people see your link for every one person who shares it. This could reach potentially in over 1000 people and if these people come on the stream, and they donate, as a result of your sharing, get, inshallah you'll share in the reward for whatever good comes out of that donation. So don't underestimate the power of sharing is

02:22:25--> 02:22:27

exactly here, bro. So

02:22:29--> 02:22:32

uses right those very well said 100 illa.

02:22:33--> 02:22:42

And this, for example, focus on the piece that doctors might have to use about to publish after Ramadan. So notice my Latif has been spending, I think,

02:22:44--> 02:22:45

I think about six months now

02:22:47--> 02:22:50

focusing on an eye a literary

02:22:51--> 02:22:57

response to Christian theologians or philosophers specifically, Dr. William Craig,

02:22:58--> 02:23:08

on the conception of God of Islam, in Islam, because the argument that they've been postulating for the past 15 or 20 years, is that

02:23:09--> 02:23:16

the Islamic conception of God is morally inadequate, because there's this thing in theology called maximal perfection.

02:23:18--> 02:23:26

And we have this in Islam as well that basically Allah's names and attributes are to the highest degree possible. They have no deficiency and no flaw.

02:23:27--> 02:23:39

So what they're saying is in the Christian tradition, God is maximally loving. Because, you know, the whole famous line, For God so loved the world that He sacrificed his only son.

02:23:40--> 02:24:27

And they say, Well, if you contrast that to the Islamic tradition, God is not maximum loving. So Dr. Smile Latif, he's produced such a an Annihilator response, I'm still thinking how they're going to come up from the get get back from this. And the way he's responded to it is based on Islamic theology, was trying all the way from who Allah is, to Adam, Allah, he slams slip, and Guinea continues, and it's absolutely phenomenal. And it's shown a lot of holes in various conceptions with atonement theory, it shone holes in the so called maximum perfection of God in the Christian tradition. And it's so well done in terms of argumentation that it would be he spent so much time on

02:24:27--> 02:25:00

it. So that required a lot of time and resources and effort. But something that needs to be echoed. Even more is that once it goes out, I don't I don't want it to fall asleep online. I don't want it just to stay there online. We need to disseminate it. We want to have intellectual discussions with theologians on this. We even want Dr. William Craig to defend himself for sure. Because he's no one has really provided a robust response to his argument. Even with his debates he's had with Muslim theologians. Unfortunately, they weren't great. Because with this one, you need an understanding of theology.

02:25:00--> 02:25:44

And philosophy together in order to create a robust response. And because we have our post doctorate academic, Dr. Osman Latif, he's, he's he obviously has the ability to basically apply those high academic skills in every area. And he's now because there has become, in my view, a specialist on maximum protection of the Divine. So we want to discuss these topics, I'm going to teach Muslims about this, and we don't want to stay on in the ivory towers, we want it to filter down to the masses. So when the Christian talks about God's love, the Muslim knows what to say, the Muslim knows how to articulate themselves on different levels, that requires a massive program of dissemination

02:25:45--> 02:26:25

of propagation of marketing, which requires a lot of resources, you want to summarize the information you want to produce in different formats, you want to give lectures on it, you want to give a whole course on it, you want to train people on how to understand these ideas, and, and and deliver them to other people as well, and so on and so forth. So it's not just about creating academic content, that's just the beginning. It's about how do you now become like the mouthpiece for different levels of society? I understand what you're saying, How do you train the dots on these issues? How do you create a narrative at different levels? The layman, the kind of academics, you

02:26:25--> 02:27:06

know, those who are interested, or, or, you know, amateur specialists, if you like, how do you disseminate that information to them, that requires a robust strategy. And in this online world, it requires also funds in order for that to happen. Because we know these Christian odd numbers say this is Christian missionaries in terms of the online dour. They've got like, so much money to produce films, like almost blockbuster type films, that is Chinese that into multiple languages, they actually, they just use the algorithm on YouTube and Facebook. And they basically promote and disseminate their ideas, because they push a lot of money behind this. We have the Huck, we have the

02:27:06--> 02:27:07


02:27:09--> 02:27:33

So it's, it's more of a right for us to basically have these financial resources and also push out this great work. And you know, to be honest, brothers and sisters, we need to take this very seriously because this Christians took this seriously. 100 years ago, I would tell you, I wrote 100 years ago, Africa was a Muslim majority continent, Muslim majority continent.

02:27:34--> 02:27:35

What happened at nine you tell them?

02:27:37--> 02:28:02

Well, Southern Africa wasn't Muslim majority was people were mostly following traditional religion. And then Muslims did go in and a lot of people did come to Islam in places like Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, East Africa, mostly did become Muslim. And then the Christian missionaries came in with the colonial powers. And not only was used their military might,

02:28:03--> 02:28:10

their political strength to back the missionaries and the missionaries switched the situation that completely changes attrition.

02:28:11--> 02:28:12

So it's a big problem.

02:28:14--> 02:28:59

Brother use of gifts, some excellent statistics, not excellent because they are amazing, or they are inspirational. It's because they are giving us the magnitude they actually show us the magnitude of the problem we're dealing with Islam is being negatively portrayed. Every single day, every few minutes. There's an article there's a report, there's something on Islam, every single day, every few minutes, what are we producing? And response is the question, what are we producing, we are still struggling to raise enough funds to run a team of brothers who are responding to where are the Muslim brothers and sisters, we need your support. We need your response is not as good as it could

02:28:59--> 02:29:44

be. Believe me, I'm going to be very straight and honest. If this was a Christian appeal, in the bible belt in America, in the American South, I'm telling you, we would have raised a million dollars by now. They would donate to support the Trinity. They doubt their missionary activities in Muslim lands. Hello, wake up in Muslim lands. Christian missionary activities are taking place in Muslim lands, and they would donate millions of dollars for that. We are asking for support to protect our youngsters against all these Islamophobic attacks intellectual and otherwise. And we are working towards building leaders confident leaders who will be educated to defend Islam

02:29:44--> 02:29:59

intellectually. We need your support. There are hardly any Muslim organization is doing this out there. And if there is no support, then we are to blame ourselves. So yeah, exactly. I've done so before we get up

02:30:00--> 02:30:44

Beloved monsoon on, you know, Mashallah eat has come early for us, we have more salt on, we have monsoon on the platform I saltwater Cola, I want to remind everyone that, you know, we developed around 10 to 11 in depth courses and seminars, some of them spanned over 10 weeks and six weeks, and so on and so forth. And he was on on specific topics. So we did one on atheism, we didn't want to nihilism we did one on Christianity, we're doing one on the doctrine of the Trinity. And a lot of that included concepts such as philosophy of science, and so on and so forth. And we did an advanced dow training course as well. And that required a lot of time and preparation. And when we delivered

02:30:44--> 02:31:12

those, we basically delivered that training to over 6000 people. Now, I want to let you know, something, that's them attending the training, we had around, I think 30,000 registrations. Okay, some of them must have been multiple registrations for sure. But the amount of registrations were phenomenal. Many of them didn't attend the course, like you know, when you give something free, not many people actually attended the course. But it showed the need, right. And

02:31:14--> 02:31:54

what I want you to focus on is what we want to achieve after Ramadan. So we've developed a learning platform now. It's a learning platform, it's really for content, we're going to produce professionally filmed learning content. So you have an instructor, you'd have notes, you'd have examination, you'd have PowerPoint presentation, you'd have the instructor facing, and is there going to take you on that intellectual journey. So you're able to basically respond to things like, you know, maximal perfection in Christianity, and Islam is going to help you to address address philosophical naturalism to address things like consciousness, the argument from consciousness, the

02:31:54--> 02:32:30

argument from contingency, why is the Quran from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And also, it's going to have spiritual elements in there as well, because the dwad have to be refined, you know, everyone's in a different journey. For sure, everyone has different experiences, and different levels of connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala. But we have to try and elevate our game, we have to follow what the Quran tells us in sort of foresee that verse 34, Allah says, Good and Evil are not the same, repelled by that which is better. And between two people there was hatred, it would turn into intimate friendship. This is the I have helm of forbearance, Allah is Al haleem, the forbearing, we

02:32:30--> 02:32:47

must be, we must be haleem as well, from a human centric point of view. In actual fact, this is one of the characteristics of the Prophet salallahu ad, who was sending him, when we see the famous story of the Jewish man who came and pulled him by the neck because of a dispute concerning money, he owed him some money.

02:32:49--> 02:33:26

And the way the person reacted, he repelled by that, which was better. And that person actually did that on purpose from the perspective of he wanted to see the last sign because he saw two out of the three signs of prophethood. And the final sign that he wants to see was the sign of forbearance, repenting anything by that which is better, and anything by that which is beautiful. So which basically means the lmsc here, it means that which is more virtuous, and that which is more beautiful. So we want to focus on that as well, because you realize, you know, arguments are not enough, you need a vehicle, you need a kind of connection in this psychology in order to try and

02:33:26--> 02:34:01

awaken the truth within people. Because a lot of Tao is not abstract argumentation, because it's also the way you deliver the way you try and understand their context, you have emotional, intellectual empathy, because the sun of giving down from an individual perspective, is to individualize the person, see them for who they are with their context and their background, and respond to them in that context. And it may mean that you may have to change strategy that cannot advise our training course, we don't just focus on rational arguments. That's one part of it, it could be that they need something else, maybe psychological, or psychodynamic or whatever issues

02:34:01--> 02:34:34

they may have, you may need to navigate them to the kind of past trauma to stand in the possibility that the, the, the the meaning that they're giving the trauma is the room meaning that you give them enough allowance and to give. So human beings are a dynamic creature. It's not just abstract intellectual argument. So we want to be as holistic as possible. That's my point. And this is what we achieved 6000 Muslims, handler trained, he was only 6000, actually. And that's why you should support we should support this work. So after Ramadan, what we want to do is

02:34:35--> 02:34:53

Yep, so we might have a we might have an announcement, our brother has pledged to make a donation of 1000 pounds and he wants to he wants someone to match it. I love it may be a sister though, as well. It's very ambiguous name.

02:34:54--> 02:34:58

Actually, maybe, maybe I don't know why I always assume

02:35:01--> 02:35:26

Okay maybe assistant, okay, whoever that is May Allah bless youmail open the gates of Gemma for you I mean I mean lillico color Allahu Akbar you cannot imagine the reward any even if it's not a lot of color is still the month of Ramadan it will be multiplied 70 time immense reward immense, immense reward and those who match the donation May Allah open the gates agenda for you to mean

02:35:27--> 02:35:41

1000 pounds Okay, let us know and we will announce it for match the donation of 1000 pounds, this brother or sister has already said they will donate and they want someone to match it right they want someone

02:35:43--> 02:36:23

we are looking for someone to come forward with 1000 pounds to match the donation or alternatively we can get like 10 people to do 100 pounds each or two people to do 500 pounds each. So let's see what we can do. Let's see if this is still awake and still alive and kicking. Okay so let's see who wants to make a donation of 100 pounds or 200 pounds or 300 pounds to reach our target of 1000 pounds. So that we can tell this brother or sister this oh my is awake and there are people who are following you and you will get the reward. This person who is making the donation will get the reward for all those who follow and they don't lose any reward. We want to see donations of 100

02:36:23--> 02:36:31

pounds or 200 pounds or 300 pounds will be coming forward good and bad or not the same. I love this advice from Allah. Okay. Absolutely.

02:36:32--> 02:37:05

So, let us see the goodness of this Omar insha Allah let let us see those brothers and sisters who want to match this tradition. Either it's 1000 pounds up to 500 pounds or 10 100 pounds donation or five 200 pounds donation, your choice? Let us see. And let's rock this boat in a positive way. inshallah let's now Okay, so let's speak to now our beloved Masuda Santa Monica muscle by cinema la America. Just want to say you're doing amazing, fantastic work brothers.

02:37:06--> 02:37:30

You know, I just came here only to give my support is just to air my support that you know, those of you who are watching those who are who are listening those who are your, you know, hearing about it, you know, you must support this organization. And there is reason for why we have to do this. I mean, I don't know how much we need to emphasize Subhan Allah, the role of education,

02:37:31--> 02:38:16

Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the master educator, he educated the Ummah and through his, you know, education through his divine guidance that he received, that we have come to become Muslims, and we are allowing other people to see the light of Islam to embrace Islam, for the salvation in the hereafter. So education is paramount. And people don't realize this, people just think often, that we only have to support in the cause of, you know, being charitable in the sense of, you know, helping the poor and the needy, helping the weak and the destitute, helping. These are clearly without any doubt, there is our noble endeavor, the noble thing to do, I mean, no doubt

02:38:16--> 02:39:01

about it. But also the role of education, when we sponsor someone, for example, half will occur. And just to give you an example, through this particular individual, how many Muslims and other people will learn and hear about the Quran, when you have an institution of education like this yourself, which will empower Muslim Muslim leaders, Muslim youth, you know, you know, doesn't matter what age you are in, you can be active in data, you can take the light of Islam and take it somewhere where it has never been. Islam has never been to some houses because of our activities, for example, now because of our activity and inaction. So if we train Muslims, like what you're doing right now, if

02:39:01--> 02:39:43

you train them through their hands, insha Allah, what's going to happen is they will take this message of Islam, to so many other people, they will take it to their families and their children and their grandchildren. It will be like a chain reaction as the brothers were highlighting this is going to be sankaracharya. I think I need I need to ask all the brothers to emphasize this point, helping the cause of Sapiens Institute and what you're doing building the engine and all that. You're trying to motivate the oma to culture, the oma to build the almighty Empire, the oma, all of this is going to be an act of sacajawea. Now, am I mistaken that this is not sadaqa? God, I mean,

02:39:43--> 02:39:59

this is what brothers and sisters were watching. It's to clarify because people often think that this actions of charity does not amount to Southern Nigeria, because if it is sort of kajaria just think about the reward you will get and I'm sure it is. Am I wrong in that

02:40:00--> 02:40:02

Dr. altman No, no no.

02:40:04--> 02:40:39

Yeah. Man sir to begin with May Allah bless us wonderful having you along the law with us exactly her for coming spending your time with us. You're right to panela. But it's also In fact, it's the other thing also alimony will be here. It's also the because it probably says three things. So because in Giardia and beneficial knowledge that you pass on to others, then apply a child who will pray for you. So therefore, the continuity of this project is is fundamental here, because remember, it's about the training that we provide in sha Allah that others in fact, when they become empowered with Islamic learning and Islamic guidance, they can of course, then teach others and that's kind of

02:40:39--> 02:41:06

how we have to, you know, get the ball going and Sholom so you're absolutely right, exactly here for your for your comment, absolutely just like Lacan. So, this is what we need to emphasize to the people on lockdown and dispel the doubt that they have, you know, often we think giving charities to build a Masjid, for example, you know, get people to have fresh clean water, sanitation, medical aid and so on and so forth. But this aspect is often

02:41:08--> 02:41:56

become negligent in people's understanding and they they neglect this that actually education empowerment, leading and through education and leadership, this is a huge rewarding path that Muslims can take and benefit you know, as a southern kajaria, continuous benefit and reward. So, if we can build an organization and continue to make this organization progress, because one thing is just building an establishment and leave it as it is, it is not going to be any any beneficial in that aspect. We need to maintain the work that this institution will be doing. Maintaining is not easy, it requires resources. It requires a lot of hard and laborious work and tasks to do. It

02:41:56--> 02:42:00

requires financial means to continue its work because you know

02:42:02--> 02:42:06

often things are not going to be you know very speedy or smooth.

02:42:08--> 02:42:39

Just want to give a good news very quickly, Masha Allah, this person this brother or sister law. No, that's the news. Okay, this person wanted to make a donation initially of 1000 euros. So he or she ended up changing their mind and they donated 1500 instead, Allah puts blessings in people's hearts is unbelievable. And if it's the if it's local Qatar, Allahu Akbar, that's all I can say Allah.

02:42:42--> 02:42:47

May Allah accept this beautiful donation, and in this last 10 days of Ramadan

02:42:49--> 02:43:33

and someone else has already donated 100 pounds, I think towards meeting the meeting the challenge, so Okay, I have just donated 100 pounds, please help and support this much needed work. May Allah Allah bless these brothers in the efforts I mean, thank you so much. nano Han, may Allah bless you, Mel accept from you. And we need more than accounts coming forward. We need more be grateful is key coming forward. Online, we need people like this. So we need more and more people getting involved and start making donations to match this 1500 pounds or euros donation. So what we need is maybe 15 people to make 100 100 pounds each or even less, no problem just let's try this try at least try. At

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least try to support this level work brothers and sisters. And the least we can do is to make the best the least and maybe share this live stream on your social media platforms immediately right now start sharing, Share, share, share, and make a donation or encourage others to make a donation by making a donation. So 100 pounds, 50 pounds, 500 pounds, 1000 pounds, let's see if someone can match that 1500 I want to see there are people watching right now I know they have the money and they want to make a donation, they're still thinking it may be in two minds. Whether they must donate to this cause or that cause Let me tell you, the reason you're listening to us is because Allah wants you to

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make a donation to this cause this is education, the most neglected field, possibly in the Muslim world. I'm not exaggerating. I'm not exaggerating. The state we are in today is because we have neglected education totally. That's why we lacked people. We can defend Islam intellectually and academically. It's not because we are intellectually inferior. It's not because our minds don't work. It's not because our IQ is low is because we have neglected education criminally for the last 100 years as a civilization. Generally speaking, of course, there are problems. We will talk about colonization or colonialism and whatever came after colonialism and political strife and economic

02:44:56--> 02:45:00

struggles and all that. I know. We know a let's do

02:45:00--> 02:45:20

Let's start again. Let's start picking up from where our predecessors left, our great giants, our inspirations where they left let's pick up the debris and start moving forward to my brothers sisters. I'm still waiting for people to come forward we're still in two minds still thinking stop thinking, God making donations in Sharla and

02:45:21--> 02:45:36

if you've done it let us know brother man so please go ahead those of you who still thinking Subhan Allah just just understand this concept sadaqa does not decrease your wealth. This is what Allah subhana wa tada tells us. This is lesson one lesson to explain to us

02:45:38--> 02:46:23

our donations, our charity does not decrease our well. If you can understand that, then you know you realize how much you can actually give without feeling that you will lose money and you won't have this money, but how we're going to get this money back so that I will not decrease your work. Number one. Secondly, we talked about how in this month of Ramadan in the last 10 days, and if it's an odd night, which is an odd night, how many poles the reward will be in Allah rewards and multiplies our good deeds are our charities 10s and 1000s of times and as you all know, Hiram in alpha shell, it is better than 1000 months. That means whatever you do

02:46:24--> 02:46:30

in this month, if you're doing charity, if you're donating money for a good cause,

02:46:31--> 02:47:12

as if you are donating this for your whole of your lifetime, more than 83 years of your lifetime, even just by giving once in this particular night. So if you think about this heart Allah This is a reward and opportunity waiting don't waste this opportunity. You know as you're listening to us I'm sure your brothers to sing some Hannah Lord hamdulillah La ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar on in LA home. You know, these are the things the Quran as current as be that you're doing in this little corner you're not wasting any seconds as you were listening to us, as well as you making this do that llama Nick afternoon, I found one, but you're also trying to find ways to even more I

02:47:12--> 02:47:56

rather like you're trying to gain some Islamic education, trying to learn so that you can impart to others and you can benefit others with this education. Understanding that this institution is doing precisely that which will import and empower the Muslims empower a community which will defend our Deen because brothers and sisters who are living in a time where there are critics everywhere trying to onslaught their criticisms against our Deen intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, philosophically from all avenues. We need an organization like Sapiens Institute's in which they will be at forefront to understand this issues at hand Firstly, secondly, how to deal with this

02:47:56--> 02:48:00

issues. Thirdly, they will produce response answers,

02:48:01--> 02:48:45

counter criticisms and rebuttals to refute and debunk these ideas and criticisms to make sure Islam is the higher highest and upper most because Islam doesn't need defending this is something that we all know. But there are people who might be misled because of their not being trained because of not being educated in Islamic Deen and its fundamentals and inshallah, through the empowerment of saving Institute's you will see that this work will continue and the Muslim Ummah will benefit. So I give my full support for this organization, brothers and sisters, if you really No, these brothers and you know the who are working behind this, they are giving their own time and their own effort to

02:48:45--> 02:49:30

bring about a change, bring about a development that is in need of change, like Hamza Loftus was mentioning before, we need to bring about a change in the way we do our we need to bring about a new ways of developing the Muslim Ummah, we need to be leaders and leading. At the same time, we cannot remain passive anymore, we cannot just sit there at the back seat and watch and be like keyboard aurizon do nothing. It's time to be active, it's time to be engaging, it's time to proceed, participate. And there are various ways of participating. One is you learn and you empower yourself through these organizations. And after that, you then become the leading and the leaders to empower

02:49:30--> 02:49:34

the Muslim Ummah that so much needs our

02:49:36--> 02:50:00

masu by just demand, just just everyone to know. It's important to know that brother Massoud has been doing Tao for a very long time and he's got a speaker's corner dallah YouTube channel Kudo wise. If you go to dial wise calm, you'll be able to access the YouTube channel, the Facebook, the Twitter, the email, and there's a beautiful button that is yellow on

02:50:00--> 02:50:06

The left bottom left near the bottom left center left. And obviously that doesn't represent his politics or anything.

02:50:07--> 02:50:48

It center left and it's a Donate button. So please support also Tao wise to do some phenomenal work. I think I've been on the stream a few times. It's been a phenomenal experience. Actually, I think one of my, some of my best experiences on streams was with Data Wise. Well, I bless them and preserve them. So please go to Tao wise.com. And please donate generously brothers and sisters, because, you know, as we said earlier, before monster came on board, that experience is one of the most critical things that you require when it comes to giving dour and not only does brother Hashem and brother must sort of have the experience, but also have the knowledge as well. So please support

02:50:48--> 02:51:31

them. Tao, wise, calm and I've put the link now, you can see it in front of you, I just thought it will be only but good to see this. And by the way, my policy is always to try to do stuff like this. And I try and keep to as much as possible. Because you know, the beauty of helping others supporting others. And you know, Massoud being here is a manifestation of that. It's an issue, if you believe Allah is the one who provides and he is the bounty. He's the one who gives us all of these bounties and you believe that he is his names and attributes are boundless, the no deficient or flawed, then you should be supporting all fail. And putting no barriers to any fair and if you support all the

02:51:31--> 02:52:00

failure, all the goodness, then the Baraka is going to be multiplied. I believe that truly. And yeah, so please go to dollar wise.com Please support the brothers as well as aka him on sorbet. So use if you want to say something. Yeah, I just wanted to draw attention to this particular answer. Samir has passed away recently. So if we're going to make the offer her aunt's may Allah have mercy upon her and make the loss easy on those that loved her and reunite them in general. I mean, I mean,

02:52:01--> 02:52:08

I mean, the The only other thing I wanted to mention, so we've got Brother Mohammed right. Rehan with us, he has already spoken yet.

02:52:10--> 02:52:14

So Mohammed, would you like to ask a question?

02:52:15--> 02:52:42

salaam aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. Welcome. Sorry for keeping you waiting so long. I know from my question is, as much as we need Muslims that intellectually battle, you know, detractors of Islam. What about how, what would you think is the best way to give Dawa to most people that are like your friends and family that don't care about religion and intellectual arguments? And, you know, how do you get them to Islam?

02:52:43--> 02:52:45

Because we need our in every level, right?

02:52:46--> 02:52:47


02:52:48--> 02:53:28

That's a very good question. So the first thing is where you'd be so surprised how these intellectual ideas or these doubts or these shewhart, or these attacks against Islam, how they get filtered down to the layman level anyway, even my parents know some of these arguments against Islam, right? People, they just get filtered down. And that's the nature of society that, you know, and that's why Sapiens Institute exists, because you have an academic idea and an idea that starts in the ivory towers, but it gets filtered down in some way. And it gets propagated and the influential structures and the influential mechanisms society, for example, the education system, or

02:53:28--> 02:54:05

the television or the media, whatever the case may be, they ensure that those ideas in a simple form in the hearts and minds of people. So you'd be surprised your neighbors will probably know something about something. Yeah. So that's the first point, it's not always the case that you know, you won't be able to you won't have to respond and you'd have to be empowered and how to respond to that. However, you're right. That you there's there's different levels of doubt when it comes to your neighbors and your families and your friends. As a general rule, the first thing you have to understand is that you have to be an embodiment of the Islamic values, you have to actually walk the

02:54:05--> 02:54:13

walk here, just like what I said earlier, and sort of facilitate that you have to basically repel anything by that which is better.

02:54:14--> 02:54:58

And what's really interesting is the verse before that in sort of foresee that verse 34, the verse before verse 33, a lot gives us a strategy for, for our a holistic strategy, Allah says and who is better in speech than the one who calls to Allah does does righteous deeds and says I am one of those who submit, so upon Allah, so there are three elements here, you make the direct call to Allah to his tell heed. You are you do righteousness, you walk the walk, you internalize Islamic values and teachings. And you, you say I am one of the Muslims. I am one of those who submit meaning from this perspective that the actions that you do, they should understand is motivated by the deen of

02:54:58--> 02:54:59

Allah subhanho wa Taala that is

02:55:00--> 02:55:39

motivated because you are you are you are a manifestation of a being Allah. So if you focus on that strategy, calling them to Allah being a great person righteousness and linking that righteousness to the fact that you are be Allah and you follow the second verse after that verse that you follow that you report anything by that which is better. That's a beautiful strategy. So let's just focus a little bit now on calling to Allah. You know sometimes quote and tala is very simple, you just say to them who is Allah? And you say and you tell them about the basic message. So So you say Allah is one who's uniquely one, he has no partners, he is transcendent. He is a rock man the intensity

02:55:39--> 02:55:46

merciful I will do I will do the loving his early in the knowing I came the wise he is

02:55:48--> 02:56:05

I had he is uniquely one. There is nothing like him laser chemistry he shaped How would you bring that into the conversation? Okay, good. So we'll talk about that. So it depends what type of relationship you have. So usually, I just like to go for three price if you don't mind.

02:56:07--> 02:56:24

It's an honor to be here to you know, air my support. for the great work you're doing. I hope you continue this work and insha Allah, our brothers and sisters who are watching will continuously to you know, open their hearts, and donate generously. Michelle.

02:56:27--> 02:56:29

Salama Allah.

02:56:30--> 02:57:07

So before we get to how to initiate that conversation, you have to know what to say what you have to focus on. And generally speaking, you just focus on Allah, that's very important, because that would engage the fifth row very well. So the point I was trying to say here is you focus on what you could tell him, you bring it back to the foundations of Islam. Because if you could show that Allah is a reality, you could show that he is one, you could show that He's worthy of worship, you could show that the process is the final prophet in the Quran is from Allah, then if he could show that's a truth, then whatever comes from that truth is true. So that's the kind of strategy you would take.

02:57:08--> 02:57:42

Now to deal with it on an individual basis. It depends what type of relation we have with the person. So in one aspect of our advanced our training course, we talk about different types of initiation. So you have passive initiation, you have active initiation, advanced initiation. So what is passive initiation? passive initiation is where someone comes up with comes to you with a question. So sometimes you could just wait for a question. And when they give you a question, you have to obviously have good o'clock have empathy and all of these things. But then you have to link it to the concept. You basically say to them, well, in order for you to understand the answer, you

02:57:42--> 02:58:16

have to understand the concept of the sun. You have a few minutes for me to explain this tea. And the reason you're bringing them to the concert, because you create a realization that will you understand as well, that really the answers can only be properly understood, if you have the right lenses on because the questioner has particular lenses on, you have critically lenses, say your lenses are colored green, their lenses are colored yellow, you guys are going to be arguing what color the sky is one's going to think is green, the other thing is going to be yellow. So the way to understand each other is to exchange your lenses exchange your glasses. So this concept you bring

02:58:16--> 02:58:44

them back to the concept is a way for them to understand the answer in the right way and to understand the way you see the world. So you see to them in order for you to understand the answer you have to understand the concept of Islam. Do you have some time to meet to explain this Jesus passive initiation in a quick nutshell, our online course is available online. By the way, if you go to St Vincent's dot org for slash learn, you vote to scroll down and click on the button and look at the course called awakening the truth within

02:58:46--> 02:59:19

active initiation is when you don't wait for a question is that when you speak to someone, and you create a conversation, whereby you you are able to link it to the concept of Islam. So it could be a natural situation for and you can find out that lots of people are dying because of not enough, you know, distribution of wealth, people in the third world of developing world are dying from starvation. And you're both really upset about that. And you say, you know what, you know, this, I really, really believe that the only way to solve this type of problem is really if we just follow what God said.

02:59:21--> 02:59:58

Don't you think? Or do you believe in God? So you're asking a question in the conversation and then that can help you link it to the concept. Then after the kind of advice initiation is when you asked a question, you could answer it using your intellect, but at the same time bringing it to the concept of Assam. Now, obviously, this haven't explained much here. But if you go to the course you understand exactly the breakdown of these three types of initiation. And that would help you to be able to interact with the person as best as possible. But if it's friends and family has to be natural, it has to be organic. Obviously try and speak to them speak to them whenever you can. And

02:59:58--> 03:00:00

in the right way. By has to

03:00:00--> 03:00:38

To be natural, and it has to be through the relationship that you have with that person. And you can use three different ways of initiating that conversation, passive initiation activity or advanced, I've briefly just summarize what they are. And for you to know more about them, go to the Sapiens Institute website. And after Ramadan, we're going to have a professionally filmed, advised our training course available online for you to access for free. That's why brothers and sisters, you should go to Sapiens Institute org forward slash donate live in order for you to donate to this amazing project, because we're going to be empowering and educating people for free

03:00:39--> 03:00:40

is okay, Mohammed

03:00:41--> 03:00:59

does not go off it. And I just had one more suggestion to use, but the use of like, oh, what about the idea of starting a Discord server in our community or Sapiens community? You know, because in discord like there are many intellectual discussions going on I even a Christian converted in one of the servers. I mean, so yeah.

03:01:00--> 03:01:09

Personally, I got kind of put off Discord. So it's not something I would necessarily want to try to set up. I've got a little server myself. So let's just

03:01:10--> 03:01:16

tell us what happened. You don't want to know, bro, you don't want to know, just a bit of chaos, basically. But

03:01:17--> 03:01:34

I get what you mean they there is a lot of good that does come out of it as well. It's just personally it's, I don't think it's something I'm going to try to make something too big. I've got like, say about a little reading club, but I don't have it open all the time. The only time I open any of the channels is when we're reading a book.

03:01:35--> 03:01:49

So that's run about it, and then I'll close it again. And otherwise, it's there's too much going on there. It's very hard to manage. You need people constantly online, moderating all the time. And it ends up being a lot of effort.

03:01:51--> 03:01:55

Which is quite fair for the suggestion. Right? Let's bring on board.

03:01:57--> 03:02:15

This board. I will it's been waiting for quite a while. Let's actually bring him on. Yeah, let's do that. So I'm worried a lot about while it goes on and on what what how are you guys doing? hamdulillah so forgive me waiting too long. You know, if you've been in there for a while. I know. There's no problem with that. So.

03:02:16--> 03:02:25

So I wanted to ask Dr. Small Latifah question but he is on arm so you guys can actually tackle this question as well.

03:02:27--> 03:03:12

I wanted to ask about this idea that is that this disease that this monster that is in Muslim woman, our This is the enemy within that is called nationals. So some people now come with this, come up and say like I'm a proud this crowd up. Now I even go as far as going to say, I'm a proud Muslim. So don't be a proud Muslim, I am new. I tell most of them. So we are, you know, humble Muslim, and be a humble servant of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because as long as not here to bring pride are proud to to us. So how do you tackle this question of nationality? So that is eating and devouring the flesh of Muslim oma, nowadays?

03:03:16--> 03:03:33

Well, I'm going to be very authentic with you. I didn't really focus on your question. I'm sorry, I had to be on my phone. So if I don't, if you don't mind, just summarize the question again, really quickly. It was it was about nationalism, some some people, you know, proud to be from a particular nationality. So they just

03:03:34--> 03:03:51

yeah, just brushed aside everyone. And they focus on particular nationality. And the as we know that, as Muslim oma, you know, we have the concept of brotherhood, that whenever someone is Muslim, so that's actually the intent to brotherhood. It's actually also mentioned in

03:03:53--> 03:04:02

chapter one, and South This is nowadays, it's like a monster that is devouring the flesh of Muslim home, as I said before, and,

03:04:04--> 03:04:20

and and, you know, kind of taking us into a something else, you know, sometimes we forget, you know about our community and about our oma and focus on particular nationality and alienates other people from other countries.

03:04:23--> 03:04:59

There's nothing wrong with being having an affinity for your tribe or having an affinity for your culture, having an affinity for your people that your immediate cultural, the cultural population that that you've been brought up with, there's nothing wrong with that, you know, if I've been going likes Bengali food and the like the bigodi language, and they and they like the Bengali culture, that's not a problem because the Sahaba you know, that has an affinity for the tribes. The principle is this, though, that nationalism or this type of affinity or love that you have for the nation, or your tribe should never

03:05:00--> 03:05:44

Never ever be on top of your Islamic principles, priorities and values. And it should never be a reference point a more reference point for you at all. So the way you see the world, the way you see Muslims, you see Muslims as one brotherhood, you see them as and the way you act with other people from different cultures from different races, you treat them in a way as Allah wants you to treat them not not in a way that is dictated by your own nationalistic tendencies or, or sense of affinity for a particular tribe or language or nation. Because what defines us really, essentially, is the fact that we are worshipers of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You know, to the degree that Allah says,

03:05:45--> 03:06:25

Don't be like those who forgot Allah, and Allah made you forget your own self, our own personal identity and who we are, is contingent on our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala is not contingent on your nationality. And so it should never ever be a means to basically contradict Islamic principles, or Islamic values or the way we treat each other. If that happens, and it's a disease isn't. It's a disgraceful disease. And we have to be very aware of this. Because if it's growing this nationalistic disease, we have to fight against this. It's a great evil. And don't forget, it's also very, it's very irrational, because a lot of these cultures and countries never

03:06:25--> 03:06:41

existed like 70 or 100, or 200 years ago, right? It was like some guy who are a bunch of people really, who canalized this particular area, they most likely raped our women and killed our men and, you know, destroyed

03:06:42--> 03:07:14

the infrastructure or subjugate these people. They eventually decided, because some kind of political or financial pressure that they had to leave and they just drew a line in a map. And many people, many Muslims are so silly that they now define themselves by those lines. Now, the will honestly shocking well, even to the degree where you have people in the same country, one people from the south won't marry people from the north. Right? Yeah, exactly. It's easy to take marriage as an example. You know,

03:07:15--> 03:07:34

you know, some Nigerians will marry Pakistanis Pakistanis won't marry. I don't know Turkish people who won't marry Kurdish people. And even in within Pakistan itself, you know, Punjab is what my Kashmiris Kashmiris won't marry below cheese. You know, no one's mind nobody and even Afghanis won't even marry Afghanis.

03:07:37--> 03:07:40

Here is become it's a disgrace.

03:07:41--> 03:08:18

And it's something that we really need to focus on. And don't forget, bro, this was one way of subjugating the ummah. It was one way of getting the Muslim community to, to, to to break up not to be unified and to have the wrong reference points. So nationalism to the degree where it becomes your reference point. And it takes precedence over it takes priority over the Islamic values and your obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's absolutely terrible. And it's a huge disease that we have to fight against. Absolutely. And to be honest, I'm going to be very honest here. And because I was brought this way, my dad never brought me up to be a proud Greek or my dad was like

03:08:18--> 03:08:56

more of a humanist. This is be honest, a lot of these people were they got what I had, they got to be proud about. Let's be honest, a one moment Yeah. Okay. You're from Pakistan. And I know he's on his hate me when I say this. But let's be honest. We have what are you proud of? Why are you proud? Oh, tell me what you're proud of? What you like now from Ganesan? Yeah, well, I'm just saying, You're part of your language. Fine. But you know, you could anyone could learn that language. You're proud of your food, I could buy a book and cook your food. What are you really proud of? I mean, what is it? What I want you to boil it down to me find me the essential thing, because I have a

03:08:56--> 03:09:05

challenge to people find me something that you love of your culture in a Muslim country, and find me that that thing itself doesn't come from Islam.

03:09:07--> 03:09:42

It's almost impossible. Good things in your culture are usually from Islam. Anyway, don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with having cultural manifestations of these things, for sure. But even when we're so proud, excessively of our own nations, let's really think about from a geopolitical perspective. What is it to be proud about? I mean, they take Bangladesh, Bangladesh is basically an extension of India. Let's just be honest, social, socio politically, socially, economically. And from a kind of geopolitics point of view. Bangladesh, is this another arm? It's an extension of India. So what are you proud of? Pakistan is an extension of China to some degree as well, right? I

03:09:42--> 03:09:59

mean, what are we really proud about? This is beyond and it's what is it? What is it? I want to I want to know, yeah, just to touch on that as well, when I was younger, and obviously I grew up in a non Muslim household. Like a Council of State, many people around me were quite typically very nationalistic.

03:10:00--> 03:10:40

You know, there were British were English. Yeah. And it was also very much tied to this whole football culture thing. And it was always something that I found so strange. I never got it. It just seemed so randomly weird to me. Like, what? So what are these people that I never met that died way before I was even born did a bunch of things. And I want to act like I was part of that somehow, like, like how, what was what is it that I'm proud of here with regards to people I never knew and never met. It just always seemed really strange to me. And like with that, obviously, you get it, especially if you're in this sort of group mentality where there's a lot of people that do think

03:10:40--> 03:10:50

this way and are quite nationalistic, you can often make you feel very much like an outsider, when you see it for what it is, is something strange and peculiar and arbitrary or random.

03:10:51--> 03:11:09

And I think it, we kind of need to transcend it, we do need to start people and all it takes is just think about it for a little bit. And nationalism itself does become very strange. You just like when you you stare at words on a page for too long, and they stop looking like words.

03:11:10--> 03:11:51

In the same way, if you just stare at nationalism or that mentality for long enough, it stops seeming like anything tangible. It's it's, it's so bizarre. Yeah. Just to elaborate on that point, you know, just as brother Hamza said, This nationalistic mindset in the Muslim world came after the 19th 19th century, quite Finally, when the British, you know, attacked Afghanistan, and they couldn't conquer it. So they just actually put something nationalistic among the Afghan people, you know, you're pashtoon, you're higher than this people, and this and that. So this war is actually like, nowadays, going on between so many tribes, in Afghanistan, so many ethnicities in Afghanistan,

03:11:51--> 03:12:34

and quite frankly, you know, Afghanistan is a country that has totally two different ethnicities see multi ethnical countries with multiple languages. So this concept was never existed before 19th century, and then this thing actually was brought up to the Muslim world. And if and if you could, you know, if you see in history, most of the Muslim world were living under some particular empires. So and they wouldn't think about this national nationalistic mindset, they would say, No, we just we are Muslims. And that's it. Apart from that, you don't have any superiority. There were some actually like prejudices. But they were not to the, to the degree we are having today. Yeah, this

03:12:34--> 03:13:16

happens as well as because it's been a vacuum so people haven't understood, you know, the Islam properly because if you really understand his farm, he really read the Quran properly with its themes of unity. And the Sunnah, with his themes of unity and the way and our more reference points should be the Quran and the Sunnah. If we really understand that, it's impossible to be nationalistic. Exactly. Even if you've been conditioned that way, you would, you would eventually slowly try and uncondition yourself to be more in line with Islamic practices. So a lot of is because people just haven't got the Islamic ethos or they haven't got the right Islamic teachings,

03:13:16--> 03:13:54

and it hasn't been prioritized in their life. And that's what we need to do. But this is a social political matter as well. Because you remember, societies are shaped on the to certain degree and that's how the social norm is developed. So you know, we have a lot of work to do, but I think the most important thing to do is keep on practicing the religion and telling people what Islam really says And over time, you know, people are going to understand this and hopefully we build shallow and collective consciousness in sha Allah whereby people understand that you know, what's important is what Allah thinks not what other people think what's important is that I did identify myself the in

03:13:54--> 03:14:11

the way that Allah was returned to define myself but at the same time cargo on one extreme, you know, I'm very happy to be British. I was born here I you know, you know, I have a British sensitivity in terms of humor, Brits, you know, Brits, they have very similar humor. Yeah.

03:14:12--> 03:14:27

You know, do I like fish and chips? I actually had fish and chips yesterday. Yeah, you know, do you know I was brought in East London? Yeah, I was robbing Hackney in in estates in East London. I used to go boxing in, in Catania Canning Town, right.

03:14:28--> 03:14:30

So, the point here is, you know,

03:14:32--> 03:14:59

I I like the language I like Shakespeare. So it's going to be a bit silly for me to say no, I don't I don't consider myself praise. Of course I do. This is my there's an aspect of who I am in my culture that is thoroughly British. But is that now going to be now my moral yardstick reference point? No, of course, not. All my yardstick and reference point is insha. Allah is the Quran and the Sunnah and I'm never going to now judge someone say my daughter she wants to marry

03:15:00--> 03:15:41

An Afghani or a Nigerian? I'm not gonna say no, he has to be British or he has to be Greek. Oh, this is haraam. This is haraam completely. And I shouldn't, I shouldn't allow my cultural affinity to form lenses in which I see and judge people through those lenses alone. And that would be very, very problematic for me for me to do. So we have to be balanced because even the Sahaba you know, they belong to tribes. But they knew Allah and His messenger came first they knew that allegiance was to Allah, the allegiance, allegiance was to His Messenger. And they saw the Ummah as one body, they didn't differentiate and distinguish them as Oh, he's pakhtoon. So he's a bit like this, or he's

03:15:41--> 03:16:17

Punjabi, so he's a bit like, this is his, so he's a bit like this. I'm not gonna like him that much. I'm not gonna get him. I'm not gonna bring him too close. This is all haram and all forbidden in Islam. Yeah, there's, there was also a distinction which you highlighted it there a better way of looking at there's a distinction between being proud and being grateful. You know, there's a number of things we can be grateful for about being in a particular place, you know, with the certain benefits that come along with that. And you know, that that is fine. And if anything, you should be grateful, you know, if you're not thankful to the Pete, if you're not, what's the heady thing in New

03:16:17--> 03:16:32

Hampshire, if you're not thankful? To the people, you're not thankful to allow something along the lines? Yes. Yeah. So a sign of being thankful to Allah subhana wa, tada is thinking others basically. Yeah, that's the ethic here. So it's very important in especially in the nation state perspective.

03:16:33--> 03:17:04

Generally speaking nation states, especially in the West, they work around tax, right. So people put all this money to the government, and the government supposed to have the delegated authority to use that tax effectively. So the reason I have police I have a health care system is because of other people around me. Right? So the tibia is not being grateful would be a sign of is as a bad sign is just being too ideological. In my view. I think this is ridiculous. Yeah. That's not the approach. So we have to rebalance, we have to follow what is Islam say about these things? But you're right, bro. So,

03:17:05--> 03:17:30

you know, we do nationalism is a massive disease, man, it's a massive disease. And you know, we can't and this is the irony, we complain about Islamophobia, because a lot of people are some are phobic I usually nationalistic, right? Yeah. The people who are recipients of Islamophobic actions and speech and narratives, they are following the same thing, the same problem. They're being nationalistic, right?

03:17:31--> 03:17:41

This this, this pick on what cultures will pick on not not to pick on any culture. But let's take for example, say you're a nationalist, Pakistani nationalist, right. And they get into the Pakistanis today, bro.

03:17:47--> 03:17:47


03:17:49--> 03:18:09

Muslim culture. So say, you're a bigodi, nationalist, and you go to the UK, and you set to that you become a British citizen. And then you want to integrate, and you want to be a good person, but you want to keep your Islam as well, of course, and your your you and your family. Your widows got broken, and you've been sworn and they were racist by a bunch of people who are nationalists. Right?

03:18:12--> 03:18:49

You have to be careful here. Because if you now still maintain the same type of nationalism for, for where you come from, you're a part of the same problem, because it's the same evil that is producing those problems, right. So it's very important for us to understand that sometimes when we point the finger, three fingers pointing back, we have to be aware of that. You know, you can't, you know, the uncle who doesn't allow his daughter to marry a black brother. Yeah, the Asian uncle, who doesn't allow his daughter to marry the black brother. Even the black brother has got great Aflac. Being a great Muslim. Oh, his life. He's Oh, he's not marrying them only because of his color. Yeah. And

03:18:49--> 03:19:22

then he goes and complains to the police because his window got broken by some fog, some nationalistic folks. With all due respect, you're following the same evil, right? It's just manifesting itself in different ways, is the same type of nationalistic tendency. So we have to be really, really careful. Because sometimes maybe the things that happen to us is because that we haven't fixed up our own house ourselves. Right? I remember I was giving a talk. In Australia, a video is talking about love and love in the Islamic tradition. And one uncle said, No, I'm never gonna, we I don't say to my kids, I love them because it's not my culture.

03:19:24--> 03:19:42

This is not my God, I I think I was furious. I think I was like, so like, oh my god. Because not expressing love at home is one of the key driving factors of people, you know, not following Islam and not having good self esteem and all of that stuff. Anyway, I think we've pushed this too long. Man, I bet you that would

03:19:44--> 03:19:55

just just last the stream I was taught, I talked about your book. So I found you book in Farsi language and, of course, to so many people. You know, I think I might have reached out to a

03:19:57--> 03:19:58

dozen people. Oh,

03:19:59--> 03:19:59


03:20:02--> 03:20:08

Yeah, unforeseen damage are the same. So the dialect Okay, good. So far so good. Yeah, actually promoted.

03:20:11--> 03:20:14

Yes. Okay. Yeah. All right, good.

03:20:17--> 03:20:33

So I just want to draw attention, but a tiny shoulder. He said, I've donated 500 pounds and encourage every viewer to donate where they can. within their means. This word provides a safeguard for our children's man. Oh, this brother needs all the time. I know. I know. I was just gonna say,

03:20:34--> 03:20:47

Oh, my good. Well, I bless brother tinium I hope I pronounced your name correctly. My Lord bless you and your family, the best in this life. And best in the life to come. Question for you yourself.

03:20:49--> 03:20:50

Go your question.

03:20:52--> 03:20:53

You got me nervous. Now? Let's question.

03:20:55--> 03:21:03

So the question is, how is the part two of the essay going? Yeah. Well, I've managed to build a lot of it with the the webinars and I

03:21:04--> 03:21:15

thought that last webinar, it kind of is put forward a skeleton for the essay to come. So I'm just gonna start adding the meat on now. So for you guys that don't know what we're talking about, basically,

03:21:16--> 03:21:28

use of basically did this amazing essay on naturalism as a poison, okay? Because nihilism is like a massive issue. And is very thorough.

03:21:29--> 03:21:31

I put it in the comments right now.

03:21:33--> 03:22:00

Yeah, good. So and basically is part one, and part two is how Islam is the antidote. So he's working on that essay that should be ready by the end of May, hopefully, inshallah. But he also delivered if you go to the sapiens, his YouTube channel, he delivered a four part seminar course stroke workshop on this topic. And that is, oh, by the way, I guess my playlist you've got, you've got the mind in some Higgledy Piggledy order, man, why did you fix this?

03:22:01--> 03:22:02

fix it.

03:22:03--> 03:22:06

I'm also going to put it on the site and get people to download the slides as well.

03:22:07--> 03:22:14

And inshallah, so that's it. And that course is about, I think, 12 hours long, because a lot of his webinars are like, three hours.

03:22:16--> 03:22:22

That's good. But the good thing is, as I say, use of could chew a rabbit ear off, you know, rabbits is a big and chewy, I guess.

03:22:23--> 03:22:30

like to have. So I bless him. So yeah, I was just trying to ask him when the essay is ready. So humbly, good. He's working on his brilliant.

03:22:31--> 03:22:35

Good, man. I just got a link to the webinar in the comments.

03:22:36--> 03:22:42

So go shopping on the next guest. Yeah, let's do that. Alright, just Mila Salam Alaikum.

03:22:44--> 03:22:46

shun, you need to unmute your mic.

03:22:50--> 03:22:52

Either. Shut up.

03:22:56--> 03:23:03

I always feel bad, bad when this happened. Someone's been waiting for ages. And then maybe they've gone away for a second. And

03:23:04--> 03:23:05

there we go. Hello.

03:23:07--> 03:23:07


03:23:10--> 03:23:12

it's an honor and privilege to speak to you guys.

03:23:14--> 03:23:28

Yeah, because I was watching. Just before I asked my question, I had to tell you something. Today, the sense like, a couple of weeks ago, I was watching a Christian stream. Like to speak to

03:23:29--> 03:23:47

the head interview with William Lane. Craig here. Do you want to ask a question? You had to be a member or he had done it? So talking to you guys, the most of the people take for granted. And it's like a it's that's what I'm saying sound and privilege before? I'm kind of nervous. Sorry.

03:23:49--> 03:23:53

Take a deep breath if you need a moment. I know the feeling. I get nervous. Yeah.

03:23:54--> 03:24:06

It discussion is to Hamza. Yeah. So Hamza? I was watching your interview with Dr. Steven Lowe. You're saying that in that you argued Yeah, like you said

03:24:07--> 03:24:17

that not demeaning people, but remove the dignity of people. It's a different kettle of fish. you're arguing? Like, basically, you're saying you shouldn't

03:24:18--> 03:24:24

diminish the dignity of people? Yeah, yes. Yeah. So I was wondering, like, I understand, like, you shouldn't

03:24:25--> 03:24:45

diminish the dignity of people who like religious figures and stuff. But what about like war criminals like singeing thing and then like, Buddhist mobs that go around killing genocide, you know, killing all random Muslims and the one in Sri Lanka? What about,

03:24:46--> 03:24:59

like mocking them? What do you think? Is it wrong to do that? Well, again, it's about what what are your objectives because the objectives are freedom of speech, like truth, accountability and progress. So obviously with someone like me

03:25:00--> 03:25:09

What's his name, Ching, Xinjiang and hence, including here. So someone like him, you need to find out what was going to be effective to take into account.

03:25:11--> 03:25:53

That's important. So I do appreciate the gray areas. But you need to think what is going to be effective. For example, if I wanted to take an American president to account for the drone attacks in, in Pakistan, they call like families and innocent people. If I want to take them to account, if I start being offensive to their mother, or offensive to them, is that going to be conducive to taking them to account? That look, a fit our own fit our own was worse than all of them? Right? Because the owner was like he believed he was God. Allah told him told Musa alayhis salam speak to him with leenane. softly. Obviously, we have to be nuanced because if you follow the narrative of

03:25:53--> 03:26:09

Musa alayhis, salaam, a pharaoh Musa lism, became more assertive. But it's from my understanding, there is not one instance of a prophet in the Quran, actually, deliberately diminishing the dignity of a human being.

03:26:11--> 03:26:21

If you could find an instance, let me know, but I'm not aware of one. Yeah. And I'm not saying I'm a master of the Quran or anything, but I'm not aware of an instance where prophet

03:26:22--> 03:26:55

actually diminished the dignity of the human being. It was quite the opposite actually, people who probably deserved mocking, like mushriks, and people who did major sins, they were treated as part of the community. Yeah, call me to the point where even loot alayhis salaam was offering the women of his people, to the people of lutes. Right, which by extension could mean his own daughters. Yeah, right. So what kind of affinity did he have for his people? Yeah, call me all my people. They were concerned for the little worried about them. So

03:26:57--> 03:27:35

I even said in that discussion, if you're very clear about that, it's not it's not a great, it's not black and white is great. But the ultra Islamic ethics, that the default position is that you don't affect the dignity dimension to people, yes, you can mock ideas, you can mock actions and ideas, there's a difference. And that's why Steven law, I think he wanted to portray me as one of those religious guys who just want to basically ban everything. And you know, that was true. If you got it, I was trying to fit in what I'm talking about. What I mean by mocking is not not mocking ideas is mocking people. Yeah, I remember the diminishe of so I've tried it, I try to unpack the idea for

03:27:35--> 03:27:43

him. Because if you think about the freedom to insult and freedom to mock and dim, but what I mean by that diminish a human beings dignity,

03:27:45--> 03:28:02

in many cases can go against the very objectives of freedom of speech. So you're shooting yourself in the foot really self defeating? Because if that object is a freedom of speech, or truth, accountability and progress, then diminishing someone's dignity is not gonna facilitate that. And I gave him a few thought experiments failed to understand that. So

03:28:04--> 03:28:16

to be honest, I don't even know how to answer your question is a gray area, you know, one would love to diminish the dignity and mock the hell out of oppressors and tyrants. And to be honest, probably want to do more than that.

03:28:17--> 03:28:18

To try to add to

03:28:19--> 03:28:40

this will not so for me, personally, I've never been a fan of mockery. I even find in many cases, mockery can be very inappropriate. It's the use of comedy in a lot of ways. Can I say something? Like when I say mockery, like mocking the war criminals, like genocide, as you know, who incite violence and stuff? I know, I know.

03:28:41--> 03:29:07

I know, I know. I know. But so the word mockery here genuinely is the use of some sort of humor or comedy in order to to belittle something that now that the Quran does say to be harsh, in some cases, be harsh to those who are, you know, that obviously, the the cases that you've mentioned, would probably fit perfectly. The example of those who you should be harsh towards in your voice in terms of, obviously speak out against them, speak harshly towards them, tell them what they're doing is wrong.

03:29:08--> 03:29:50

And you know, be firm on that what they are doing is wrong, and you should speak out against it. mockery half of the time is a detraction from talking about what's important. It's not talking about the issue is talking about something secondary and unrelated to the problems themselves, and it I personally, I just think mockery is a waste of time. And it's, it's probably more indicative of the modern culture that you find in the West, they're all about mockery. Everything's about mocking this mocking that. Oh, you find that important. I'm going to mock it. You find this important, I'm not that to like it. It's absurd. It's exhausting. And if anything, it, it makes it difficult to have a

03:29:50--> 03:30:00

discussion to talk about the important matters, because mockery often involves just end up kind of leading away to, like I said, the secondary issues. I think

03:30:00--> 03:30:09

It's fine to be harsh. It's fine to express your displeasure with these people. If they're evil, they're evil, you say that, that's fine. And don't be shy about it.

03:30:10--> 03:30:47

So well, for example, he's, he's campaigning for the weekers. And he like he can be very harsh when he needs to be when it's appropriate. And so I don't think there's a problem with that. And you need to make a distinction between being harsh and firm, where it's appropriate, like with the examples you gave, and using mockery that is joking and making fun of it. What was the point in that we've got much more serious things we need to discuss here, let's not mess about like teenagers, let's let's get to the bottom of the issues and discuss them as sometimes mocking someone by diminishing the dignity even if they're an oppressor. But there is hope for them to change, that mocking could

03:30:47--> 03:30:48

be a barrier to that change.

03:30:49--> 03:31:07

But there is another argument and one would argue that if you do mock them, sometimes it creates awakenings within people. And you know, humiliation is a very good medicine for people to realize, Oh, my God, thank God, they mocked me. Otherwise, I would have held out because I was still held those ridiculous ideas. So they would argue that as well. But I think I totally agree with yourself.

03:31:09--> 03:31:47

And I think it's always good to start with defaults. So what's the default The default is always be nice and kind. That's the Islamic default, especially the example of Musa alayhis. Salaam, throne. And always focus on the issue at hand, don't diminish the dignity of people, and uses right mocking basically, you saying that you don't really have an argument? It's like, it's like a different version of ad hominem, isn't it? Yeah. That's what it is absolutely. Even throwing that out. Like, you know, no, most of them they don't read article about AIG and stuff where like, if you were to draw a cartoon where this guy is putting people on concentration camp camp that carries that's much

03:31:47--> 03:32:10

more powerful. Yeah. Like, you know, what they do to Muslim. They draw a guy with a beard and a sword and some verses of the Quran. And people get the idea. This what he says, means mean culture. Yeah. Yeah. suggests. So. Okay, with that picture. Oh, Islam is a religion of violence and stuff. So same thing we can do to singeing pin, like,

03:32:11--> 03:32:16

I see what we're doing. But but then you'll be mocking his idea and actions rather than him. Right.

03:32:18--> 03:32:57

I yeah. So there is a distinction. So if you're just that if you're mocking him for looking Chinese, and I'll be totally wrong. haoran inappropriate. And not the China vitamins like, but but we gotta be careful. across. Yeah, so yeah. So if you're mocking his ideas and actions, then I don't see a problem with that at all. It's like what you said is another way of being assertive. But if you're if you're doing it in a way, and don't forget, when you mock to degree, what it's like humorous. What happens is you create desensitize, desensitize the issue at hand. Like, you know, genocide is a very, very, very extremely serious thing. That if the way you're fighting is genocide, is by using a

03:32:57--> 03:33:37

form of humor such as mockery, you could be diminishing the message in some way. Do you see my point? Yeah. Look what happens in a lot of Western culture, even in my country, Britain, no, politicians are mocked all the time. They're not taken seriously anymore. Right? This is kind of collective conscious of not really taking politicians that seriously, because there's been an excessive culture of everyone mocking each other. So you so and in that, in that cut in that kind of environment, what you do you just diminish the value of such important representatives, right? According to the the worldview, you know, they're supposed to be representing the people who have

03:33:37--> 03:33:56

high importance and value, but it gets diminished by this excessive mockery. And what happens, nothing becomes sacred anymore. Nothing has any value. So if you're contributing to a kind of culture or collective conscious that nothing has value anymore than what you're doing, you're actually killing the soul of that society.

03:33:57--> 03:34:33

Yeah, and that's why it's very important to we should never be ashamed of believing in the sacred. And we believe some things that we there's, there's there's red lines, and that we believe in these sacred things, we should say to them, I feel sorry for you for having nothing sacred in your life. Everything is to be mocked. Everything is to be joked at. Someone who doesn't have anything sacred in their life is one of the most dangerous people on this planet. Because when the proverbial hits the fan, the fan, they could easily be one of those guys pushing the red button and killing all of humanity. Or they could be easily the ones putting the the wiggers into concentration camps, because

03:34:33--> 03:35:00

nothing is sacred anymore. When the circumstances change, they will change. Yeah, these type of people are extremely dangerous people. So it's very important. If they say all you Muslims are too sensitive, no, we believe in some sacred things, and we have non negotiables and we could articulate that ethically, rationally, intellectually. You're not having anything sacred because you're accessing fundamentally secularism is one of the most dangerous things because when the context change

03:35:00--> 03:35:35

When the social pressure changes, when the proverbial hits the fan, you're the one who's gonna be pressing, pressing the button and nailing most of humanity, you're going to be the one invading nuclear weapons like you did, you're going to be the one pressing the button to kill a lot of people, Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Nagasaki Case in point, you're going to be the one who is facilitating all of these things and pushing the Uighurs into concentration camps, because nothing's required. And the only thing that's become sacred is your own self and your mics and your and your desires, which echoes what Nietzsche said. That's why Nietzsche said that, basically, God is dead. He didn't

03:35:35--> 03:36:05

say, God is that really in reality, human God is that in the hearts of European man. And when that happens, you're going to realize we don't have the basis of why that nothing is sacred anymore. And if you're nothing sacred in northern, you have to be sacred. And then he realized the problem with that, that everyone's gonna have their own understanding of what is right and wrong. And he basically almost intellectually raised his hands and said, Well, I have my values, where are yours? So you know, we should be very, very positive as Muslims saying, we should Well, 100% proud.

03:36:07--> 03:36:48

In a non arrogant way, of course, that we believe in the sacred, this, this belief that some things are sacred, we have red lines, is the thing that preserves humanity. Right, just like the New York editor, the editor of the New York said, I believe, he said that if Muslims were had taken over Europe, in the 1940s, we would still have 6 million Jews today, because we believe in the sacred and that includes life that includes, you know, more reference points. Do you know the name of the writer? Yeah, he's the he was he was the editor of the New York Times, it was about four or five years ago, he said this, I think, I just want to share this as well. So I'm only article.

03:36:50--> 03:37:19

No, no, no, I don't know the article. But no, it was it was, it was a lecture. It was an interview with Maggie Hassan, I believe. Okay. Right, write that down, and then surely, you'd be able to find it. So I just wanted to share this with you as well. So there was a video I did with Dr. Van cloudron. So he was someone who was an anti Islamic politician, that the videos got on good etiquette. And in this video, basically, we talked about

03:37:20--> 03:38:03

the the tactics that many of these anti muslim apologists or politicians use in order to get what they want, in order to feed things into the media, we've already established earlier on in the stream that there is a skew that tends to paint Muslims in a very bad light. And the politicians know this, and they take advantage of that. And one of the things we ended up touching on here, we said they would make a request that they know would be rejected, they know it was absurd. So for example, they know that they would not be able to ban mosques in Europe, but they would put the request in and so and basically, the tactic is you ask and you ask politely, and you, you know, you

03:38:03--> 03:38:15

do so with a suit on and your tie and you've got your back straight and you look, you know, fresh and smart, but you ask and you put the request in. And so long as you're asking properly, it gets taken to the

03:38:16--> 03:38:53

you know, the government and they start they have to discuss it. And when they're discussing it, they tried this all about ascetics, they put on this, you know, straight face, and they look serious and dignified, and you know, that they're talking in, you know, with good speech, in the sense that they sound clever. And then they're awkward. Other video. Yeah. And then they're crazy. Opposite opposition. Yeah, they go mentally, absolutely mental. And then they get exactly what they want to go look. Yeah, they look crazy, like are they're screaming, they're irrational. They're this, they're that. And then the media take this and post it everywhere. And it feeds the narrative, and

03:38:53--> 03:39:30

they get what they want. And so you know, if you and you've got to, you've got to be wary of this. And, and so basically, the emphasis is just have good etiquette. And Prophet Mohammed Tillerson was one of the best of those who had good etiquette. And, you know, we need to follow in his example, and many people came to Islam, not because it's not even because of argumentation or anything like that, but simply because of the character of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, you know, he was he was a great example. And he acted in ways counter to how people would expect him to act in certain circumstances. So, you know, one of these common contentions people put towards Muslims is oh, you

03:39:30--> 03:40:00

know, Islam tells you to just murder everyone and blah, blah, blah. And then they often go, Well, you know, the, you've got the meccan and the Medina and verses and the Medina verses override the meccan. And they become a lot more violent. So if this narrative is true, that you're trying to push then when obviously the the conquering of Mecca came after the Medina period, and if that was the narrative, if it was simply kill everyone, then you would have seen absolute bloodshed of

03:40:00--> 03:40:04

On the conquering of Mecca, if that's not what you saw, he walked in there wasn't a single.

03:40:06--> 03:40:31

There wasn't a fight. He walked in, he didn't kill anyone. There was mercy. And there was people in there that had been oppressing muslims for years. And none of that happened. And what did he utilize? mocking or anything like that? Did what did he do night? He good, other good character and hamdulillah that led so many more people to Islam after that as well. Can I ask one more question?

03:40:33--> 03:40:41

I was gonna say, it's probably best we tried to get it because so many people use of is the online boss here. I'm not good at stuff like this. So I need a little bit

03:40:42--> 03:40:45

about history about one ever Buddhism.

03:40:50--> 03:41:27

I know Buddhists, and this is like a history of Buddhist where I'm from Sri Lanka. In a paper, they suffer from recency bias. in Sri Lanka, they don't, especially the singer put it they carry out this violence for the past 10 year, burning, most spreading hate speech, and they'll spot or 500 houses. But none of those parties remember any of this happen. They only remember that Easter Sunday attack that took place. And they don't remember 1983 where the massacre 3000 times they remember none of them. And then they all act like even the genocide of Rwanda. They don't even recognize that one. So I just want to know if you know any books.

03:41:31--> 03:42:21

So I can read. Usually, you see, Buddhists are not homogeneous. They're not all the same. Buddhists, one two that are different to the bullets you find in Thailand, or the ones you find in Sri Lanka and all that. And it depends maybe one person has inspired Islamophobia. in Sri Lanka. I've been personally involved in protests outside 10 Downing Street, when some of our brothers were attacked in Sri Lanka by these extremists, Buddhists, Buddhists. And some Muslims are killed, too. I've been personally involved in this, you know, cause in defending our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka. And it's very unfortunate. And one of the solutions is my brother's is to launch online campaigns

03:42:21--> 03:43:00

educate people online, there is no restriction online. No one can block you from internet. So what we need is some Sri Lankan brothers, who are better aware of the local history and local culture, they need to produce content online, write articles, raise awareness, gets the Lankan Muslims on board, get the youth on board, and educate them, give them the confidence they need, and then they will start speaking up, and then the government will have to listen to them. Unfortunately, this window of Islamophobia blowing all over the world. What happened in Burma with the Rohingya people? What happened to Muslims in Sri Lanka, what's happening to Muslims in India, or what's happening to

03:43:00--> 03:43:47

Muslims in China, what's happening to Muslims in other parts of the world, even in France is not is not an accident. It is all coordinated. It is being coordinated. And Islamophobia is the intellectual intellectual stimulus behind this, you know, the intellectual impetus is coming from islamophobes, those ideologues who are writing articles writing books, and causing people to hate Islam. So the solution is institutions like sapiens, and we need to do this work, educate our people. There is no other shortcut. There is no other shortcut. Even this is not a shortcut. It will take us a while to educate our people, maybe five to 10 years, maybe a generation, but let's start

03:43:47--> 03:44:26

the process. That's why we need support. This is why we need people to come forward and support our work, because we can educate the people why Islam is not worth abandoning. Why Islam is is not going to to be beyond the backfoot rather, we will defend our faith, we feel proud of it. We are confident that Islam is the heart it is the truth, we are not going to abandon it at any cost. So earlier, brother use have mentioned something very interesting that they these are walls, they actually want to destroy Islam, they're not going to rest

03:44:28--> 03:44:31

or they're not going to to, you know,

03:44:32--> 03:44:59

they're not going to take you know, any lighter steps. They are moving towards destroying Islam, ideologically, geographically. You know, you name it politically. very open about as well. They're not trying to hide that. Sorry. They're very open about it as well. They're not trying to hide it. We're not hiding. We're not hiding. Look. There was no presidents talking like this. President Macron of France. He didn't hide his sentiments.

03:45:00--> 03:45:42

Trump during his election campaign, he was saying the kinds of things you could never imagine 20 years ago. Right. And BJP in India. Look at that. Even the president of Sri Lanka. Yeah, exactly. Exactly, exactly. So we really need to raise awareness. Education is our solution. Education is our way out. That's why brother has shown we really want you to encourage everyone to support our call tonight. And don't hesitate. We need Institute you know why these massacres are taking place? Why these atrocities are taking place? Because we have been dehumanized. First we were demonized. And then we have been dehumanized, our humanity has been taken away from us. Okay, so a lot of people

03:45:42--> 03:46:27

don't feel sorry for us anymore. They don't they don't see us as humans. This is because we are not defending our faith, because we are not educating people. We're not giving confidence to our own youth to defend this faith. That's why building the engine is the theme tonight, so that we can have this engine run so that this engine can pull the train of intellectual defense of Islam. We want defenders, we want youngsters to stand up and this is what we wanted to Lanka you from. Okay. I'm sure there are Muslim youngsters in Sri Lanka who are reading this content. I'm sure there are Muslim youngsters in Bangladesh. Because we are receiving calls, we are receiving messages. We are

03:46:27--> 03:46:49

having people interact with us from India, from Bangladesh, from America, from Canada, from Sweden from Norway, we've we've had all sorts of people are coming in and asking questions and interacting with us. This shows that our work is influencing people. And this is why you need to support it. We need to increase this influence insha Allah Allah May Allah bless you,

03:46:50--> 03:46:51


03:46:52--> 03:46:54

for your questions, who shall Allah bless you?

03:46:59--> 03:47:05

Okay, so I just wanted to draw attention as also the the brother that donated before

03:47:06--> 03:47:10

did ask a question, but you'd left so I'm just gonna pop that up now if you don't mind.

03:47:12--> 03:47:37

For you, but the red man so so can you please quickly touch on this pattern and sees in his latest book, Helen afterlife that he thought lace lamb did not explicitly warn off the hellfire. And also the Old Testament isn't explicitly warning off it, which puts the the warning of our prophets I said I'm in strict flight. What's your views on that? Certainly, the brother that donated the 1500 earlier on.

03:47:39--> 03:47:44

Okay, so sorry, repeat the question. Can you summarize the question for me? Yeah. So

03:47:45--> 03:48:28

Herman says, hell and afterlife that he said did not explicitly warn of the hell and also that Old Testament is not explicitly warning of it. Such puts the warning, sorry, which puts the warnings of prophets wassalam in a strict light. What's your view on that? It is true that the Old Testament does not give any clear indications of the concept of Hellfire and punishment in the hereafter. It is true, but there are beliefs, the Jews had beliefs in the hereafter. And there are books written on that. I cannot remember the name of this book. It's a very interesting book. I was reading through it not very long ago. But Jesus did warn people of the hereafter. He did warn people, you

03:48:28--> 03:48:50

know, his parables. If you read them carefully. His parables do have indications that he was born in people of the Hereafter, you know, the life after death. So we have indications in the teaching of Jesus Christ. Plus, there's another issue. We don't have everything Jesus taught. We only have snippets. We only have sound bites. We don't have what Jesus taught for three years.

03:48:51--> 03:49:33

We don't even know what Jesus, you know, did most of the time, right? Like we have from the province on lives alone. In this tradition, we have 5000 reports at least if not more authentic reports, right from the Prophet sallallahu sallam, how much do we have from Jesus? Okay, hardly anything, even in the four gospels, that information that's attributed to him is minimal. So, you can't assume that Jesus didn't speak about Hellfire and other things to do with the hereafter. He spoke a lot about these things. And there are still indications even though we have very little for him, there are still indications that he spoke of the hereafter. He you know, use parables to explain his view

03:49:33--> 03:49:36

on this right or good answers your question.

03:49:38--> 03:49:59

Please, match this brother or sisters planation inshallah, okay. He or she donated 1500 euros. We want someone to match that or we want someone to continue trying to match that. Whether it's 100 pounds, or 200 pounds or 300 pounds. Do not hesitate. By the way. There is some strange silence outside it may well be relatable

03:50:00--> 03:50:05

But we don't know. You know, I don't know. I'm the looks look outside on the window, the sky is clear. And

03:50:06--> 03:50:46

you know if, if there is peace outside, I wouldn't be surprised it might be able to cover who knows will lie seriously, I'm not even joking, right? So if it's lighter to cover your loaded, trust me, if I was to announce with certainty that tonight is definitely later to further This is the fatwa board membership. You know, if people believed me if people believe me, it's a big if they will donate non stop, you will have I think 3040 50,000 pounds donated to later because people would they would go crazy. But how do you know it's not Laila to private? How do you know it's not Laila to cuddle? How can you assume that? So my brothers sisters, if it is, if it is Layla together and you

03:50:46--> 03:51:19

made the donation tonight, your load it, you have made a donation as if you've done it for more than 1000 months, okay, at all the people we empower through these educational programs, all the people we empower through, let's say, our articles, or webinars or seminars or books, our research and our translations, or Ly, you will have a reward in that anyone who comes to Islam or anyone who gains eemaan, you will be rewarded for that. So let's not belittle this and get the donations going.

03:51:21--> 03:51:59

TJ, you need to be strategic with your soccer. What do I mean by that, for example, we try to be that we try to be the engine behind the dour. So this is where you get the maximum reward in the beginning. Because for example, if you support us, and we train the likes of the volunteers, outreach volunteers at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, that have over four to have around four to 5 million visitors each year, imagine the hearts they can transform the Shahada they can get if the train effectively and that's what we did this year, we train them. Our instructors have trained students from Medina University, you mom's a mashgiach, from Europe, Canada, and North America. If

03:51:59--> 03:52:32

you empower these individuals, and they go out there on their massive platforms, and get loads of Shahada, as you begin one of the rewards just by supporting us because we're the initial engine. And that's what you have to take seriously. This is not i'm not making things up. We have trained people from Medina University, we have trained to at the dollar looms across this country, we have trained people imaams the students of knowledge from Canada, North America, in Europe. So, us being the engine and you supporting us at this stage ensures you get the maximum reward. So be strategic with your sadhika.

03:52:34--> 03:52:34


03:52:35--> 03:53:20

Absolutely. I agree. You know, look, if we are educating enough teachers and leaders, those who will represent Islam, on all sorts of levels, whether they become journalists, whether they become politicians, whether they become teachers, professors, authors, writers, points, intellectual, whatever they become having gone through us training system, they will become the defenders of the week, the miskeen that brutalized the killed and the massacred, and the list goes on the capacitor district and all these people who are dying in Rohingya region, or in Sri Lanka, or in China, you know, this wouldn't happen to us if we had enough educated people representing us. If we had enough

03:53:20--> 03:53:56

powerful minds in the world to represent us. We have the ability, we have the legacy, we have the history, we have all the virtues in our basket, we just need to reclaim them. We need to revive them, we need to wake up to them. And this is what Sapiens is doing. Can you not support can you afford to not support this institution? not supporting this institution would be a catastrophe. It would be a disaster. Not only that we need grassroot Dawa, not that not only that we need people to come to Islam in places like Africa or South America and like, we all need this intellectual leadership.

03:53:58--> 03:54:39

We need Muslim intellectuals on all different levels of the world, in schools and colleges and universities, in politics, okay. In in militaries, for example, in think tanks, we need people to influence policies, people to influence decisions, people to counter Islamophobia on all sorts of different levels. Okay, enough is enough. Gone are the days of negligence. Gone are the days of sitting in the masjid reading the Quran crying and expecting a lot to change the world. No, you have to implement the Quran. The Quran screams at you the parent tells you Okay,

03:54:40--> 03:54:43

that that is the first commandment of Allah gave

03:54:44--> 03:54:45


03:54:46--> 03:54:59

those five verses. Yeah, your mother. Come for under what up back of a cupboard or the one who covers himself. Stand. Stand now stand and warn people. This is the time

03:55:00--> 03:55:40

Now you need to stand on how do we stand, we stand by supporting those who have already stood, who are already standing. Okay? So you can become part of this campaign by supporting us Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link brothers to do not be literally just go and look at the work. Go to the website and see the kind of work this organization has produced in the last nine months or less inspirational. It's amazing. It's beautiful. It is intellectual power, we need it. We need leaders, we not only lead followers and soldiers, we need leaders. When I say soldiers, I'm talking about power, okay? People who are doing Dawa on the ground. Well, they are

03:55:40--> 03:56:00

important, and those who are writing books and articles and producing videos and giving answers to all sorts of questions coming away. They are also very important, they are our leaders. And that's what we are raising funds tonight for building the engine, the engine that pulls the train the engine that facilitates

03:56:01--> 03:56:31

smooth moving of the caravan. So we need those engines. And we need we need those people to administer to operate this engine. So we need your support. You cannot belittle this, my brothers and sisters share the link far and wide. And copy and paste this link on your WhatsApp groups. Even if the appeal ends tonight when it does end. Do not forget the link just copy and paste that link Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live and then paste it everywhere on your

03:56:32--> 03:57:00

on your wall. You know every single one of you I'm pretty sure has access to let's say at least five to 10 WhatsApp groups you know, with friends with cousins with uncles and Auntie's with parents with families, whatever, paste this link there and say please make a donation and that will be your drop down inshallah. Okay, so I'm gonna invite on board, brother in mind, Collie he's been waiting for a long time. Okay, but wait, I want him to smile. First game on.

03:57:02--> 03:57:02

There he is.

03:57:07--> 03:57:09

Yeah, my life kokako

03:57:12--> 03:57:20

looked very serious. Waiting that I wanted to smile before you came on. You look very serious. No, I was you know, I didn't want to like

03:57:21--> 03:57:27

I don't know. It's just my personality. I don't. I don't fool around, you know, but anyways.

03:57:30--> 03:57:31

Salam Alaikum

03:57:33--> 03:57:34

Yeah, but uh,

03:57:35--> 03:57:44

honestly, I don't have any questions. I just want to come here and listen to you guys. Because I watched a lot of podcasts

03:57:46--> 03:57:50

from the brothers and in the Europe scene.

03:57:51--> 03:57:59

And I'd like to say that I appreciate the knowledge that you guys bring forth.

03:58:02--> 03:58:04

Especially some some of the Tao is man.

03:58:07--> 03:58:09

inshallah one day Oh,

03:58:12--> 03:58:12


03:58:13--> 03:58:23

I'd like to be a dormant myself. inshallah. I'm already in practice, you know, like, it starts from the within. So like,

03:58:24--> 03:58:39

when people see see that you're really like, humble, like, good person, basically. And they get intrigued on that, right. So it's, you know, humankind's you, you got to go slow with them.

03:58:40--> 03:58:41

Especially in this time of age. So

03:58:44--> 03:59:22

Exactly. Hey, you're so right, bro. I think what we need to revive is like prophetic mercy. You know, it's very important to always understand the default position when we're giving down we're engaging with people when we're trying to win over hearts and minds as to you know, the process was a Rama and mercy to all the worlds. Allah says in the Quran, that it was of Allah's mercy, that you were soft hearted with them, had you been harsh hearted, then, you know, they would have run away from you. And, you know, the President said in a hadith that, you know, kindness and compassion, you know, elevates things if you face things if you remove it from something, it makes it ugly, if you

03:59:22--> 03:59:56

if you add it to something, it just elevates. It makes it beautiful. So compassion beautifies everything. Musa alayhis salam was taught to speak to the most worst creature in the world leader in softly email. Could it be said that if Musa alayhis salaam had to speak to Pharaoh in this way, imagine how we must speak to anybody else? and so on and so forth. So the default position is always mercy and that's why it's when some of us are the de Arte whoever they are, they start as a default as harsh then this person has not understood the Quran and the Sunnah. Don't get me wrong, there is places we have to be positively assertive. And you have to, you know, lay down and you have to be

03:59:57--> 03:59:59

but that has context moral context is

04:00:00--> 04:00:13

Sam is based on virtue ethics what's virtue ethics you consider the moral variables the moral variables there and but the default position is always being kind and always being merciful and this is exactly what we need to revive deserve to

04:00:14--> 04:00:17

hear some stories just like the

04:00:19--> 04:00:25

theory you have like fighting fire with fire so you can't really put out fire with fire but um

04:00:26--> 04:00:30

I wanted to say something a metaphor I forgot wanted to say

04:00:32--> 04:00:33


04:00:34--> 04:00:35

sorry I forgot

04:00:37--> 04:00:39

to say happens that's fine we'll

04:00:42--> 04:00:51

do this to bring someone else on and then yeah, sure, sure. Yeah, I gotta go anyway. Oh wait wait wait wait, I think I found it basically I was gonna say like

04:00:52--> 04:00:53

Oh yeah.

04:00:54--> 04:00:58

I was talking about like people people

04:01:00--> 04:01:04

in the I mean not like Muslim in the social media.

04:01:06--> 04:01:23

I feel like you guys have done a really good job and don't lose hope these people out there who are in the hidden like like like you mentioned before, and the hidden are really good people in the head and so just keep keep keep in mind that

04:01:25--> 04:01:28

we're stronger here you know? hamdulillah

04:01:29--> 04:01:32

Allah bless him. Allah Michael. Why while a console ama

04:01:33--> 04:01:37

Thank you so much. We lost for the Hamza at the very moment we lost

04:01:38--> 04:02:21

a penny I'm just need to tell the lighter. Okay. Neverland sisters, may Allah bless you all. for your support thus far, it's been amazing and continue to support us, we need your support. The reason why I keep mentioning this is because I cannot emphasize this point enough ally. The need to have intellectual leadership is paramount. Currently in this Omar lie. We need more and more people who are intellectually trained. We have had giants in the past, the best scholars in the world the best philosophers, the best thinkers, the best intellectuals the best points, the best scientists the best book collectors. The best bookmaker, the book writer, you name it. We are the largest

04:02:21--> 04:02:38

libraries in the world in the Muslim drama civilization, a thunderous millions of bucks. You know, when in 1492, Isabella and Ferdinand they took the last stronghold from the Muslims, the city of Granada or the state of Granada. They burnt 1 million books

04:02:39--> 04:03:31

that they knew that was the power of Muslims. This is where the power lies. The Mongols when they attacked Baghdad in 1258, and kill the last Basset cave. They, they dumped millions of books from the library about that or the Royal library about that into the river tickets. Okay, the river became black with ink. It was black eyewitnesses have narrated, if I'm not mistaken, that that the the water of the river was black. This is what Muslims produced the libraries of Central Asia, the observatories, we the Muslim civilization, we're the we're the biggest power hub in the world, when it came to education. How can we now be struggling to raise funds to create that same impact we had

04:03:31--> 04:04:15

once upon a time no one stopping us from blaming others. We want to stop we want to we really want to tell you stop blaming others for sabotaging your work or stopping your progress. No, we are stopping our progress. We're not supporting the people who can help us. So we need to support the people to educate our leaders to create leaders to produce leaders that they can lead us and this is what we want to do tonight, building the engine the engine that will call the intellectual dour for us, it will pull the train of intellectual power. Okay. This is why we are raising the funds tonight. So the linguist Sapiens institute.org forward slash Donate Life. Don't build it on this.

04:04:15--> 04:04:23

Don't belittle it don't take it lightly. Don't think oh, because it's not orphans. Because it's not, you know, there would be no orphans. There would be no

04:04:24--> 04:04:43

refugee camps in Lebanon, and in Burma or in Bangladesh, or in, let's say, you know, any anywhere else in the world where Muslims are suffering, Muslims are the largest number of refugees in the world. Why? Have you ever thought about this Why?

04:04:44--> 04:04:59

It is because we don't have enough leadership, effective leadership to lead our power intellectually to convince people that we are a force for good. We're not a problem. We are a solution. For let's start making a difference by making

04:05:00--> 04:05:36

You know, donations and supporting institutions like the CP destitute needs your support, to continue with the great work it has done for the last nine months. And we want to continue in this spirit in the coming years and Sharla. Let's see what we can do together, I want those 1000 pounds or 2000 pounds or 3000 pounds, donations coming in, you're sitting on that money, don't sit on it. Because the more we have leadership, the more we have intellectuals, the more we have this education, the less they will be catastrophes, massacre genocides against Muslims, I can guarantee you that mark my words, mark my word, because it is the minds it is the intellectuals who write

04:05:36--> 04:05:39

policies for you will guide you

04:05:40--> 04:05:58

will give you solutions against problems like this so that you don't fall into this pit again and again. You need the mines, we need the mines. And this is what we are working on in sha Allah. May Allah bless you all. Okay, let's see what we're doing. Okay, so is there anyone else who wants to come? Yeah, so we've got another few guesses.

04:06:00--> 04:06:02

So Abdullah Osman Salaam Alaikum.

04:06:04--> 04:06:05

I wasn't going on.

04:06:08--> 04:06:14

So basically, I had a question regarding the problem of evil. So recently, I was having a discussion with another

04:06:16--> 04:06:39

non user, he was the AG, he was an agnostic person. And then basically said that he couldn't like fathom his mind around the problem of evil. So I basically said that you What if you could look at evil in like a situation where evil was as random. So like, gods, like, randomly distributes evil, not evil, like hardship to different people. And since it wasn't as random, it's also just because

04:06:41--> 04:06:48

there isn't like, a bias towards other people, or to or other like, certain people. And through that, basically, it would be

04:06:49--> 04:06:56

at the same time God would test you, but at the same time, it would be just So would that approach be correct? Or is that is that flawed?

04:06:57--> 04:07:40

I don't think we can say things are random, Allah subhanaw. taala says in the Quran, that everything has a purpose, he does all things with the wisdom, the biggest issue is basically the people, they they fix their gaze when it comes to the problem of evil, so much on the dunya, that they don't really consider the afterlife at all. With regards to this issue. So this month, an example I've come across, which is sort of typical of this issue is they'll say, you know, it's imagine you've got someone driving along, in a car, and they see a baby in the backseat and the baby's walking towards an open door, and is about to fall out of this moving vehicle and off a cliff, and is going

04:07:40--> 04:07:54

to die. If the person doesn't do what they can to stop and they have the power to they can stop that child from being harmed, then are they are they not evil, if they don't do that, and so that, obviously this analogy is,

04:07:55--> 04:08:39

in a way, trying to obviously make a comparison with Allah subhanaw taala. And the reason I say this kind of analogy fails. And this is typical of what makes the problem of evil, the problem of evil that Allah subhanaw taala has the power to prevent these things from happening. And he doesn't these things occur still. Now the issue is, is that none of this considers the fact and especially with this kind of example, that there is an afterlife, that those who suffer in this world can have it made up to them. And a good example. It's like a dream. If you've ever had a nightmare, the end, I've had night, pretty scary nightmares as well. And when you have them your stroke with fear, you

04:08:39--> 04:09:19

can feel pain in them. There's there's all sorts going on. And when you wake up as traumatizing, as it was, while you're having it, when you wake up, it's no longer an issue. When you wake up, you can even forget about it. And the same thing happens here with regards to whatever you experienced in life. When you quote unquote wake up that is when you enter Paradise as the Hadees that the problem answer lesson, says, the one who had the most suffering, and that anyone's ever experienced in a life he lived a long life of nothing but pain and torture. You could take him and dip a foot into paradise or just a toe. And all that fun. I was asked him has he felt pain? And he will say No, I've

04:09:19--> 04:09:54

never felt pain. And the same could be said for the one who said nothing but pleasure in this life. We look at this life and go oh, how's it how's he getting everything that he's getting? Now? He's a cruel person. He's an evil person. He gets this and this and that. That very same person would have fought or at all dipped into hellfire. And it will be asked Did you ever feel pleasure? And you'll say no. So the the issue here is bigger than just this dunya. The issue here is that people have very little foresight in terms of the fact that Allah subhanaw taala has infinite power. He has the ability to make up for whatever you've been through in this world, whatever evil you face, whatever

04:09:54--> 04:09:59

pain whatever suffering regardless of whether it was for a day or for a century

04:10:00--> 04:10:26

Allah subhanho wa Taala could make up for that. And then again, and then again and then again forever. And no matter how much you go through in this life, no matter how much evil you experience, and in the grand scheme of things is going to seem extremely arbitrary in terms of how much Allah subhanaw taala can give you. And as a result of that, and again, it's testament to the the test that we go through Allah subhanaw taala does not put anyone under anything that they can't overcome.

04:10:27--> 04:10:43

Yeah, yeah, I understand that. And that's the position that I personally hold. And I saw that when you're when you're communicating with atheists, and like other people like that, it's it gets hard because they don't really like believe in afterlife. And yeah, I basically, like, tried to maneuver out of what they were trying to say.

04:10:44--> 04:11:26

make that clear? Yeah, no, that's fine. This winter, you don't have to expect them to believe what you say, right? Your criticism of our religion, your criticism of you know, whether or not Allah subhanaw taala is, you know, causing evil unnecessarily. The whole counter example that they put forward, the only way this counter example works is is that they, for the sake of argument, assume that God exists in order so that they can give you the argument. They don't believe in God, but they still say, Well, you know, we've got real, you know, it begins with that, that presupposition, if God is real, then how come there is evil. And then it's like, well, if God is real, it's not just

04:11:26--> 04:12:09

how come there is evil, there is also well, if God is real, there is also an afterlife. If God is real, then he can make he's all powerful. If God is real, he has the ability to make up for whatever amount of suffering you've been through, not just once or countless times. So there is no argument of evil, the presence of evil on this world, is finite nature, whatever amount of pain or suffering or evil you experience, Allah subhanaw taala, can make up for it countless amount of times, and so it dissolves, it becomes nothing. It's like the, you know, the child who gets a thorn in their thumb, and they make a big deal about it, and they scream about Now, obviously, that there are much

04:12:09--> 04:12:28

more serious versions of this that happen on Earth, but in the same way, as the child doesn't have the foresight doesn't have the, the experience of, you know, the greater world of things, in totality, that they see these little problems as bigger than they are. And, you know, obviously, that just is

04:12:30--> 04:12:48

multiplied, when we get older, you know, there is a lot going on in the universe, there's a lot going on all around the world. And, and as much as we go through Allah subhanaw taala, again, doesn't put us through anything that we can overcome. And he can make up for it, he can give you untold rewards in the hereafter. And

04:12:50--> 04:12:51


04:12:53--> 04:13:35

that's my question. I had a similar initial question. I was recently watching a debate between shake or someone and with David Wood. And in that debate, they were discussing basically like, how, um, and basically, like, the attributes of like, training of the Trinity basically, would suggest, like they were just basically, shakers, mine basically said that it's illogical to think that how could like the Son of God or God be, like, physically begin? And then the other apologists basically responded with saying, how is it illogical uses that assumption that's illogical. So I want to know, from like, when a Christian basically says, How is it illogical? Or will we respond? And I kind of

04:13:35--> 04:13:52

reflected on this, and I basically think that When, when, let's say, you say an attribute of God is like, beget like, like, they say, like, the sun is like an attribute of God, they basically try to say that, let's say it's begin. Now, I would say that it would be contingent, therefore, it would be a contradiction, right?

04:13:53--> 04:13:54


04:13:55--> 04:14:38

well, this, this, Jesus, his existence is dependent upon his mother, but he's a dependent being is not independent. Yeah. And you know, that he's, he doesn't know the hour, he's, he lacks knowledge. There's, there's a lot of things he doesn't have. The reason it's a combo, gone, but unfortunate with Marvin Gaye was that the fact that he was born of Mary, he was in the womb of a mother and he came from private. This is, this is, this is a God who's contingent, who will depend on his mother to clean him to feed him. And I also give another example very often, is that when you were circumcised on the seventh day, did he cry, or did he laugh? And the answer would be he was crying.

04:14:38--> 04:14:57

So there is there is God who is crying and you're circumcising him against his wish. The child is crying, he's in pain. And and you're saying that's God, and we're circumcising him, even though he's crying, we're still gonna do it. So of course, the Christian come back and they say that this was the human side of Jesus. This is a human Jesus Christ. Divine

04:14:59--> 04:15:00

problem. They

04:15:00--> 04:15:40

Keep putting Jesus into the divine body when it suits them, and then they put him in the human body when it suits them, it's just very different difficult to deal with people like that. Also, man could have mentioned something else, you know, in my opinion, he could have told them, they were trying to get into the attributes debate, you could have said, Okay, if Allah has attributes, which he does, those attributes do not become separate persons, those attributes, for example, Allah, mercy is not a separate person. Allah Roth is not a separate person, Allah's creation, or his creating power, which is an attribute he's on call. You know, he's the Creator, that creating power

04:15:40--> 04:16:06

is not a separate person. But these guys believe that the Son, who is one God with the Father, but the son is a separate person, with a separate way of thinking, a person is a person when that person has a separate will and a separate mind. Right? We don't say that about a lost part of our lives attribute, they don't become separate persons they are with Allah, those attributes or are of Allah.

04:16:08--> 04:16:13

So this is where the debate could have been summarized much quicker. But it was an interesting discussion. Nevertheless.

04:16:14--> 04:16:24

It is aka for hard work. I'm actually in high school and I don't really have the funds to donate, but I will donate $25 but in the last 10 days, and that's like as much as like,

04:16:26--> 04:16:26

if you

04:16:28--> 04:16:36

do have what you do have a family you have friends who may or may be able to do it. Yeah, I'm gonna share the link in the stream and everything.

04:16:38--> 04:16:40

For your work. Thank brocco fixer, Molly.

04:16:41--> 04:17:02

Thank you so much, brother, sisters. On that note, please remember why we are here. We are here to build the engine. What engine are we talking about? We're talking about the intellectual train the engine that will pull that intellectual not by Sorry, I'm gonna let you guys continue. I have another live stream in about 11 minutes. So I have to jump

04:17:03--> 04:17:29

in because in between that I have to kind of freshen up and stuff. So every single one of you brothers and sisters is one of the old Knights. Please help us support dude, the engine to do the intellectual engine behind a lot of the dour. Sometimes you see a lot of things that are happening and you won't realize that you are actually behind it. So when I leave, I want brother Youssef to show one of the videos the running video.

04:17:31--> 04:17:41

That that no, I can't see video. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Show that video for them. So they understand the point here is that we're basically going to

04:17:42--> 04:18:10

give it to the beginning at the beginning of the dialer. Yes, you give it to the other stages, it was very important. But you could be the first if you like in the beginning, where you're going to maximize your reward, because you're going to be supporting that engine that facilitates the dog. No, I got actually an email from one of the African outreach specialists in IRA. Yeah. About his training that he's been following us for the past employed at mine.

04:18:11--> 04:18:12

Wow. Yeah.

04:18:14--> 04:18:20

It was such a beautiful email. He's actually been following the workshops and seminars, I believe.

04:18:22--> 04:18:23

That's amazing. Yeah.

04:18:25--> 04:18:31

A lot. A lot of the outreach specialists from different parts of the world attended our webinars, I think our courses as well.

04:18:34--> 04:18:43

Yeah, he seems very smart with lots of watercolor. So the reason I'm mentioning that is because we want to provide be the engine to facilitate the dialogue.

04:18:44--> 04:18:54

And if you want to be strategically satisfied, then we're here. Every single one of you don't forget, I was going to after the video and I was going to say what we achieved and what we want to improve.

04:18:55--> 04:19:02

tell you about the amazing things that we will achieve and I'm telling you gonna be compelled that you want to be part of this. As for me, I love this you

04:19:03--> 04:19:04


04:19:06--> 04:19:08

You're not tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, it's gonna come with a lot

04:19:10--> 04:19:14

of love. So I'll play that video now. And then but none can

04:19:15--> 04:19:58

mentioned what put the hands rest into this more. Or are Sapiens Institute doing? What are they doing? I can't see what they're doing. I can't see it. Many times is the most impactful work is being done behind the scenes, social media can sometimes print a false veneer on what really matters. And instead of striving for impact, we start chasing vanity metrics. Soybean industry has been very cognizant of this. And that is why from our very inception, we decided to focus on impact. We did this by formulating and delivering various programs to empower, educate, and mentor leaders to share and defend Islam academically and intellectually. You might be aware of the fruits of some

04:19:58--> 04:19:59

of these programs, but not aware

04:20:00--> 04:20:44

sapience was behind them in the world famous Blue Mosque in Istanbul, which is estimated to have almost 4 million visitors. annually. There is an office responsible for providing visitors with information about the deen Sapiens Institute delivered and advanced our training course to the volunteers of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. Not only did they learn about effective academic intellectual arguments about the deen, but also they learned techniques and initiate conversations with visitors of the mosque using emotional intelligence along with cultural sensitivity. That is, in fact, our instructors have officially delivered advanced training courses to imams students from

04:20:44--> 04:21:01

Medina University from various dental rooms brothers and sisters This is just the tip of the iceberg. Satan's impact is being felt all around the world. Even if you don't see us click the button now and donate and don't forget to share the video

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04:21:14--> 04:21:26

got some good videos coming out with these little short ones. inshallah inshallah. And what I want to do very quickly to remind people what Sapiens has done in the last six months and what the job was talking about.

04:21:28--> 04:22:17

In the video, that people cannot see what has been achieved, because unfortunately, not everyone is interested in intellectual power or defending Islam intellectually, but it is absolutely crucial for us to have this sort of treatment for our Muslim brothers sisters, sapiens, Sapiens Institute trained 6000 over 6000 people to defend and share Islam online and offline. cepii visited developed and delivered over 33 academic webinars, delivered 10 in depth online courses and seminars, delivered advanced training to blue most outreach team, which has access to 44 million visitors every year, published three books already researched and published 13 essays and articles launched

04:22:17--> 04:22:58

free online lighthouse mentoring service, privately mentored ex Muslims, art and people without produced 30 sapient thoughts, videos, launched our free education platform ready for content published various translations of our work in Turkish and Spanish. And by the way, some of our works have been translated into more languages Hamza has book the divine reality has been translated into Persian into Urdu into Arabic and other languages. What do we aim to do in the next year year or two? Which is why we are asking for your support, what we aim to do, we aim to publish a book on dealing with doubts within the next year inshallah. Hopefully, lighthouse mentoring service will be

04:22:58--> 04:23:05

strengthened. And of course the service will be developed further deal with people's questions and doubts.

04:23:06--> 04:23:23

Okay, through this lighthouse mentoring service, new education platform with free courses and seminars to teach how to differentiate Islam academically intellectually. So that will be strengthened and develop further new essays and research will be coming out on different topics.

04:23:24--> 04:23:30

new book on science and religion, basically reconciliation between science and religion and explain,

04:23:31--> 04:24:13

you know how we need to approach this topic, debates and discussion with renowned academic so that we can give confidence to our youngsters boost their morale, in talking about Islam, videos and media content will be produced. So this is a lot of work my brother and sister This is not to be taken lightly. Do you want to be part of this? Absolutely. We have 2 billion Muslims on the planet. Tell me how many of them are actually doing this kind of work, how many institutions how many mosques, how many universities Islamic universities are doing this kind of work? Hardly any. This is thoroughly neglected. This niche is thoroughly neglected. Hence the necessity to support work like

04:24:13--> 04:24:58

this where we have intellectuals who can defend Islam academically with confidence. We cannot afford to ignore this call. So that's why we want you to come forward inshallah and start supporting our work Sapiens institute.org donate for free.org forward slash donate live is the link and you need to start supporting right now in Charlotte are my brothers or sisters. And if you can't donate then share the link. But I don't see why you can't donate. If you understand the importance of this work, you must donate You must come forward and support this work in shelter my brothers just even if it's 100 pounds, 50 pounds, 20 pounds or 1000 pounds. Someone donated tonight 1500 euros which is

04:24:58--> 04:24:59

absolutely amazing. Allah bless that brother.

04:25:00--> 04:25:20

system. I mean, I mean, and also, if you're watching now, don't forget to like the stream to share. And if you haven't already subscribed to Sapiens insitute channel or following us on the social media, on Facebook, and on Twitter and things like that, then do make sure to follow us there as well, and support the work and keep an eye on us as we sort of move along going into the future.

04:25:22--> 04:25:24

Should we bring on another guest for that now?

04:25:27--> 04:25:32

You've muted your mic. I think we'll bring someone on. So we've got Mohammed here. salaam aleikum.

04:25:34--> 04:25:42

Hello. Hello. Salaam Alaikum? Wa Alaikum. Salaam. How are you brothers? I'm

04:25:45--> 04:25:50

smiling. He remembers me immediately. But I cannot hear him he muted this mic proudly. Yeah.

04:25:52--> 04:25:53


04:25:55--> 04:25:58

I was. I had a question about.

04:25:59--> 04:26:22

Well, last time, I mentioned that I live in Turkey. And I live in on Tallinn. And I think there was a big problem here with the people like not going to the mosque, because brother Hamza suggested like, I should maybe go out and do the same dollar that you're doing, guys. But it's really hard, because you have no place like speaker's corner here that you can talk to people and mentioned in the stuff.

04:26:24--> 04:26:34

And my family we were, we were thinking of building a mosque. But when I see those mosques all the time empty, I think of better off making

04:26:35--> 04:26:40

Muslim camp orphan house, that people can eat out,

04:26:41--> 04:26:43

get education,

04:26:44--> 04:26:55

understand life, within a wave better than then maybe rather going people to the mosque and praying to God, I mean, that's something that we all have to do, and everyone should do it, but

04:26:56--> 04:27:20

and another and another image, if you look at it, people are not getting any indication from that, that they should have in life. Like I know a lot of people that are orphans, and they grew up and they ended up in prison, or that or selling drugs and doing those kind of stuff. Because they had no one above them that supports them financially.

04:27:22--> 04:27:44

With or everything like you, you you understand like, even with the dollar's Islam like you shouldn't do that this is bad, you'll end up in hell, they don't have this message that they get probably in the mosque, because right now if you go to the mosque in Lebanon, all they talk about is political issues. They don't mention stuff like

04:27:46--> 04:27:51

what the Prophet did, how he lived, what the

04:27:52--> 04:28:16

what, Omar, the halifa, you know, they don't give this kind of example, in life, how they live so that they, the other people can take an example out of it and lift the same weight. And I think that's a major problem. And I think it's better than off of building a mosque because God says like, we can destroy him, we can destroy all the masks, but human life is more important than that, because God created.

04:28:18--> 04:29:00

But I'm also created by up by a human so that's something different. I think I think we need you know, mosque is not just a building, mosque, I get that I get it. It is an institution, it should be an institution, an institution that produces great human beings by making them great Muslims, of course, right. teaching them about the Prophet, his manners, most importantly, okay, we start we need to start with other that's the first lesson in Islam. If there is no other there is no Islam. That's the way I see it. Right. But when it's empty, it's a problem. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And, and every mosque, if he's not producing people who can lead in the society, then what purpose are

04:29:00--> 04:29:43

they serving? Okay, what purpose are they serving? We need more institutions, more mosques with institutions that are producing leadership, that are producing intellectuals and thinkers. That's what we need today. Okay. We have plenty of people praying in the mosque, some hamdulillah. I mean, although most Muslims don't pray all five times a day. But, you know, what we need is leadership. We are lacking seriously. You know, it's a real problem in the Muslim Ummah, the leadership issue, right. The problem is here when I go to the mosque, and I see only three people praying in a, in a big, big mosque, I'm talking about like, it's a huge mosque, but there are only three or four people

04:29:43--> 04:29:50

praying in it. And there are a lot of people that are hungry at home, who don't have anything to eat at night, for example, for the

04:29:52--> 04:29:57

after the fast I think this is a problem. I think people should try to

04:29:58--> 04:29:59


04:30:00--> 04:30:20

work like work job places like people can get money out of it and provide food for their families and at the same time maybe a small mosque for people to pray and, and and learn from it right there. Because it's like when you see it you you get tears in your eyes when you see people don't have the food that you're maybe having. You see?

04:30:21--> 04:30:24

Yeah, definitely. Oh,

04:30:25--> 04:30:32

you know, when I, I feel you and I really hope that people can understand the importance of supporting,

04:30:33--> 04:30:49

institutionalized, institutionalized work that can actually produce leadership. So brother, Muhammad Yusuf, I think we should end the stream here is a good time for me. Just one last thing. Can I mention just one last thing? Yes. Yeah, I'm sorry.

04:30:50--> 04:31:37

I really encourage encourage every single person to donate because Allah will reward you and in a way like you won't even imagine how because like, sometimes I don't have even the money to get food from my own house. But I have a daughter and I get hurt the most important for me it's a feed her first see. And sometimes I have something left in my pocket and I go and donate this money. And then suddenly after a day or two, I get it like, like you cannot even imagine how much money I get back. And I say like where did this come from? And then I think oh, okay, I get it I under God, thank you. I understand that. Like I encourage every single person to do that because if you give God will give

04:31:37--> 04:31:40

you even more than even wish for.

04:31:41--> 04:31:44

And thank you very much for everything that you're doing. I really appreciate it.

04:31:46--> 04:31:50

I watch you all the time guys even when you under the rain under the heat

04:31:51--> 04:31:56

every single time I watch you and I pray for you and thank you very much in jazak Allahu Allah

04:31:58--> 04:31:58

for joining us.

04:32:02--> 04:32:41

Thank you. Thank you. I think on that note, we should end this livestream is the whole time for me. Yeah, a few minutes left. So I'm gonna I'm gonna take the leaf if you permit me yeah and right now and I've got maybe five or seven minutes or something like that. No, I'm sure we end on a video The maybe the I got fish one. Yeah, play the video and end the stream and on our brothers sisters, those of you watching we'll see you on the 25th night. And until then, please make God for us and continue to show that share the link CPA institute.org forward slash donate live continue to share it as far as you can, so that we can continue to get donations even when we are not running the appeal is aka

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