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We need to understand our audience and we need to speak accordingly. I literally Allahu Allah, Allah and who gave an amazing statement in this regard. Ali Radi Allahu Allah and who said had due to NASA be Marathi phone, speak to people about things that they understand what Tao Yun Kiran and leave aside things that they don't understand. And let me just give you a personal example if I'm going to give a speech, and you know, they tell me that the audience is going to be adults. And then when I arrive at the location, all of a sudden there's like a Quran School of little children that are brought out of the school and they're like, here's your audience, you would understand that the

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speech can't be the same. I can speak to children the way that I would speak to adults, the speech has to change and so therefore, as well in your life, you have to change up your speech depending on who your audience is.