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AI: Summary © The title discusses the interpretation of verse three in the Quran and its significance in achieving faith in worshipping Allah and showing sincerity in actions. It also touches on the acceptance of deeds as indicators of one's intentions and their value, and the importance of purifying intentions for achieving a true Christian belief. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to learn the Sun Terror and purify their intentions for achieving a true Christian belief, as it is the seed for actions and rewards individuals who migrate to a new country for political gain. Prayer and reciting the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam for guidance and success in actions is crucial to achieving success in actions.
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Remember no records three verses from the Quran first one from Surah Albina the interpretation of the meaning of the verse, They were only commanded to worship Allah alone.

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And they should be sincere in this worship miraculously in if lost their intention in worshipping Allah should be purely for Allah subhanaw taala alone, keeping the religion pure for him alone on the straight path, and they establish the prayer and they give the charities occur with early Cardinal IEMA and this is the straight religion and the straight path. The second verse is from Surah Al Hajj, a las Panatela talks about the sacrifice and Hajj and Allah says that the blood and the flesh of the sacrifice will not reach Allah. Allah doesn't need the flesh and the blood. We're lacking in Allah who took warming. The only part of this that reaches Allah subhanaw taala is the

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tagua tagua and Taqwa contains sincerity within it. So what goes through your mind what's in your heart? What's your inner experience? As you are, you know, doing the sacrifice? So are you doing it for the sake of Allah alone? Are you aware of this? And the third verses from Saudi Arabia Morocco, Allah Subhana Allah says called into for Matthew so do they come out to do who I am Allah say whether you can see what's in your hearts that means your intentions

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or you will reveal it Allah knows about it Allah is aware about it. Then he moves on to the main Hadith and he says we're immediately gonna be have some love even you know, fail. Even Abdullah Rosa Ibni Raba any Abdullah Hypno Quran vinyasa in a de niqab nila, even if Allah Sheila other way around the Allahu Anhu called Samaritan rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala all in normal Anna Lavinia to a nomadic culinary Manoa, from uncanny gelato in Allah He was solely for a gelato in Allah He was a solo woman cannot teach Allah to who dunya yo Cebu Tinian key who have a hedgerow to era mahalo la Mata con Allah Sahaja Wahoo Imam Al Maha 18 Abu Abdullah Mohammed Ismail Ibrahim of

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new mobile era ignore but it does feel Buhari will Hussein Muslim open hijab no judgment no Muslim Monica shade in La Casa de una Sabu de la the Allahu Anhu mafia so Hema and Lavine, Homer or Sahil Cotto, Bill Masana. So, the hadith is reported from Melbourne Hotjar, probably Allah Who were the prophets of Allah when he was sending him says, in the Malama Logan Nguyet indeed, actions and deeds

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are in reality, by their intentions. So that means their value, their acceptance, their success, their merit, the consequences are all contingent on the intention. So this statement is very profound. So deeds are by their intentions, that means everything about a deed about an action has to do with intentions. So their acceptance is contingent on the intention. And even your performance of them. The manner in which you perform them depends a lot on your intention. So if you have a different intention, you will perform the deed and the action differently, it will be a different experience. And their excellence will be based on their intentions, and their value and their fruits

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also depend on their intention. So it's a very comprehensive and profound statement from the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And this way the prophets of salaam said O T to Giovanni al Kalam, I was given the very comprehensive, powerful words. So when I, when I when the President said and basically makes a statement, it's so profound and so powerful, that it's hard to translate in one sentence, in order to cover these meanings. It has so many meanings, and so many powerful shadows of meanings that are all beneficial and helpful. So you can see this one statement we can interpret it differently. So the acceptance of deeds is contingent on the intentions, your performance of the

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deeds, is based on the intention is contingent on the intentions. Whatever you get from those deeds in this world and in the Hereafter, depends on your intentions. And even the way you perform the actions is actually dependent on your intentions with fuel perform an action to please and appease people you will do it differently than when you do it for the sake of Allah, that your experience will completely be different. And even your very action will be different your performance will be different, your zeal and your passion in performing the action will be different. So intentions are so powerful because intention is the seed behind the action. So how is the seed

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To what kind of state it is in. This is how the action will proceed to be. So the Prophet SAW Selim says, and everyone will get and will receive the real intentions, when you do something, what you are receiving at the end will be the quality of your intentions. So, then the person goes on to explain, so whoever like and he mentioned one great act of worship, worship, which is immigration, migrating for the sake of Allah. If a person cannot practice their religion, they cannot be a good Muslim and there's a lot of challenges to the practicing the religion, they should move to an area to a country to a city where they are able to practice their religion. So this is great act of

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worship and Hijra the prophets of Allah mentions it as an example.

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So he says, Whoever migrates who's ever who you know, anyone who migrates if it's done for Allah and His messenger that means for the sake of worshiping Allah, and for the sake of being able to follow the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam and follow their command, then their migration will be for Allah and His messenger. So this is what they will be rewarded, and they will be able to do it. Also in accordance with the prescriptions of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Selim. So one of the best ways By the way, to achieve, you know, to adhere to the Sunnah

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is to learn the Sunnah. And another thing that's important that most people tend to miss out is to purify your intention, when your intention is sincere, and you are truthful to Allah and Allah will guide you to the right way of doing the actions Allah will guide you to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So whoever makes an act of worship for Allah, and meaning for His Messenger, that means following the way of his messenger, than Allah, then his, this is how his action will turn out to be in this life, he will remain upon the truth, he will remain upon the wave of the prophets of Salaam, and his deed will count with Allah. So he will get all the blessings of

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the state, and it will be successful. Woman cannot teach Allah to Holy didn't donate your sleep have been the one who moves from one country to the other,

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for some kind of worldly gain, benefit some business, some family issues, or for a woman to take in marriage, then his actions will only count for their purpose. So that's just, you know, he traveled to get married, that's it, he traveled to make some business, you're gonna get the fruits of these actions, but it will will be a worldly action, and it will not you will miss out on the rewards from Allah subhanaw taala on this. So this hadith is the actually some of the scholars say this is half of Islam. This is half of Islam. That's how powerful it is. So it's an invitation to for each one of us, that when you do an action, any kind of action, mainly acts of worship, make sure you are doing

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them for Allah, make sure you are praying, you're reciting Quran, you're fasting, you're giving your Zika just to please Allah, just to please Allah. And sometimes it takes a moment of consciousness and awareness before you engage with the action before you engage with action. This is why remember no oh, he said a lot on me and the title of the of this chapter, he said, law ni that means bringing the intention, your real intention to the surface, being present at that moment so you don't do it on autopilot. You don't do it out of habit. You're doing it consciously to please Allah subhanaw taala. So the answer to the question why I'm doing this action? The answer is to please Allah I know

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Allah loves it, and I want to do it for Allah. So if you bring this kind of intention to the surface, you're aware of it in sha Allah you're more likely to develop sincere intention and sha Allah you will be rewarded by Allah subhanaw taala just gonna lock it or so Allah salam ala Nabina Muhammad while early or sigh BE YOURSELF