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AI: Summary © The importance of keeping confidentiality and keeping secret in any friendship or brotherhood is emphasized, as it can destroy trust and lead to embarrassment. The need for caution and privacy is also emphasized, particularly in discussing secret things and privacy. The importance of respecting privacy and privacy in protecting one's privacy is emphasized, along with the need for privacy legislation to avoid negative consequences.
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Your brother says to you keep this between you and me. You feel like spreading that to everyone else. What should you do? to know the answer? Stay tuned.

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All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves, and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, non chemist guide, and whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, non can guide and I bear witness that non has the right to be worshipped, except Allah alone, who has no partners and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant, and His Messenger dear viewers. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to a new episode of your show. For the sake of Allah. I'm your host matassa mal Hamidi, we have with us today the brothers Brother Mohammed and brother Abdul Rahman. Salam alaykum

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warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Okay, now, one of the rights of brotherhood of a brother upon his brother, and it's one of the main things to keep some kind of friendship or brotherhood amongst the brothers, a very important trait in every person, which is to keep secrets, keep secrets. You know, it's all about being confidential. Sometimes, I mean, when you are close to a brother, you will know about him. Things that others don't know, things that he doesn't want others to know. So he entrusts you with that, and this is very essential to any friendship and any brotherhood, actually friendship when it starts. It's mainly about being confidential, is that the brother you see from the brother things

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that others don't know about? So you have something in common you share something that the others don't share? This is the sense of friendship and brotherhood. It's about you have something in common the rest of the people don't know about. You see what is about. So confidentiality is very important in any friendship in any Brotherhood is essential. And there is a person who is known to I mean, reveal everything he knows he speaks about everything he knows, and he doesn't keep secrets. That kind of person, you can't make him close to you can't. Because if he's close to you, he will know things, private things about you. That's true. And you know that he would reveal that. So you

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can't get him closer to you. It's something it's a concern, natural defense that people have some natural reaction.

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And definitely, I mean, I would ask not to ask you, if you know a person, anything that you say to him, he will reveal it, even if you say to him, we'll keep that between you and me. I don't want anyone to know about that.

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And if there is something that is really private about yourself, you say to this brother, and he reveals it to everyone. And

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this will cause you embarrassment, definitely. How would you? I mean, we act was this brother? How would you feel towards him after he does that? First of all, it will

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make the trust, even maybe disappear. And therefore, that will close that our relationship will get weaker, instead of getting stronger. Because in the beginning, it got stronger when I revealed to him some secrets. But then he made the get weaker, because he he didn't keep the secret. So of course it will, it will be very annoying. And it will it will affect our friendship. Therefore it's really important to keep secrets like it is said in the Islamic brotherhood. Which is ideal, and the truth brotherhood.

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It didn't you think Mohammed it's

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a trait of real, I mean, strong people strong character that they can have control over themselves. So they don't say everything they hear. They know what to say. They know what not to say, Well, as you mentioned, a stronger person that would lead to a strong demand in sha Allah. And that's one of the fundamentals also not giving a secret out. Because it would be, as you said, a person that gives secrets out to be like known. So it's like familiar with older people. But

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that's not the case in the Brotherhood.

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It's very uncommon to have a secret told out

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between brothers and each other, it's like, can you correct me like, one of the etiquettes of

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not revealing a secret or certain compression a conversation? Is that when you take a brother aside, and you tell him something, and you don't even mention that this is a secret, you can't reveal this conversation? Because he shows you that it's like a private matter, isn't that right? When you do this certain manner, like taking emphasize away from other brothers for a little conversation? Yeah, it is. I think, certain etiquette for not revealing a conversation. Yes, yes, definitely. You know, a lot of men hate a very important point. revealing secrets destroys trust. Because if a brother spreads a secret that I give, I have given him it, I will lose trust in him. I can't trust him with

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anything. Because anything I say to him, he would reveal it to anyone else. So I can't make him closer to me. Because when he gets close, he will, one day it's inevitable, inevitable that he will get to know some private things about me. So then he will reveal that I don't like it. And no one anyway likes this. But you know, there is a very important thing that people generally fail to understand the messengers alone.

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And this is from the character, by the way, this from the character of people who have a sound,

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character or sound personality, it is something essential in them. It's natural. It is

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what the professor sent him said, Elijah, this will be a manner

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when I'm sitting, sitting with you, Mohammed. And we speak to each other. I shouldn't say anything that happened between you and me anything private, that we discussed.

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Why shouldn't go to for example, Abdullah Herman is absent I go to Tim said, You know, I was sitting today with, with Mohammed, and we said this and that, and he said about himself, this, he said about his family, this and that said about that brother, this is against the religion of Islam.

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And majelis, who will manage that when I sit with you, it is a trust everything that we discussed together, it is a trust that I should keep I shouldn't review.

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It let you see how it is in Islam. Because sometimes, you sit with people, you sit with a brother, for example, you discuss an issue.

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And this issue has to do for example, with another brother.

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Then he goes and he tells that brother, everything you said, but we discussed that for a muscle how for a benefit, for example, that brother was

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I mean, hurting the rest of the brothers, he had a very bad character. So I would sit with Mohammed and discuss that. So that we see what is the best action to do with a give him advice, how to give him advice, how to approach him, who to maybe ask to mediate in that? What would help us in this. So now if Mohammed goes in, he tells him, you know, a lot of them said this and that. And you know, we discuss these things, he would feel really bad about it. He would say why didn't Mohamed come up to me and Madison didn't come and tell me. So it shows more of a semi he has some kind of hatred towards me. See, so every conversation is confidential, we can translate it like that. every

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conversation is confidential.

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It's a very important issue. And this thing destroys brotherhood. And we know many cases about this, that you sit with a brother, you discuss issues with them with him, and he goes into another brother that destroys the Brotherhood straightaway because, well, for example, I have a conversation with another brother. And we discuss certain issues. And some of them are confidential, some of them are not. Now this brother goes until another there's another one. And the other brother tells me, so maybe he he said to him something general well known. But I would have the doubt that the confidential things that we discussed, he had told him, I told these things to that brother. So it

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creates doubt. It has to bring enmity and it has to bring or break that kind of brotherhood. Now I remember one day

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a brother who was away from some kind of business,

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but he's in charge of this. Now, I took part in that and that was helping the brothers out. Now the brother responsible for that he traveled to another country. And he entrusted the rest of the brothers to take care of his business. Or I mean his organization's in a business organization. Now the brothers were really betraying the trust.

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They weren't honest.

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And they used to speak ill all the time about that brother who was away and they said he had love for leadership. He had a mean some obsession with being dominant and control

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Rolling everyone else. And this is why they were acting in a way that would really bring destruction upon that organization. So that I try to give advice. They didn't take the advice. Now I had to speak to the brother who actually this thing, I mean was established by him. And he's the one was still has control.

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I said that to him, I gave him advice said, Be careful, this is the case, I have to give it give you advice sincerely.

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So what's happened? I gave him the advice. He spoke to the other brothers who were trying to destroy that organization, maybe not with their intention, but the actions were going to destroy that organization. He spoke to them. And he said to them, well, this brother is saying this and that about you, is that true.

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And that created enmity and dissension and broke, and broke the Brotherhood that we had amongst us, we know that brothers sometimes they fall in mistakes, because we are human beings, yes, we are not perfect. Sometimes we have a mean will result. Maybe sometimes good people resort to lie lying to deception, just to achieve certain means, because we go through stages of weakness. So we should be careful, any conversation is confidential. And if a person is known for spreading any secrets, it will destroy the trust. And if I know that a brother reveal a secret or a confidential or private issue that belongs to me, I would feel really upset and I won't like it. And we see the profits are

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lower cylinder companions. They, they really paid attention to that.

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For example, no one would know a conversation that took place between a worker and the of the process element the worker, no one would know what private things were discussed in that. And we know that. I mean, the process of them told us to seek success in keeping our private issues. secret. We shouldn't expose them to everyone. As he said, it's the angel Allah injection. However, he will get men to seek success in your affairs by not not revealing your private issues or your plans could bring in v. To bring jealousy. Yeah. And your plan will success because people will talk a lot about it. And then then it won't even happen. If it's a business or whatever it is. Yeah.

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Yeah. Can you recall any incident that really were brother revealed a secret and made you feel upset?

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I don't have that much. But the thing is, I noticed that, like friends from back school, when they noticed that, like, we started practicing and things like that, more practicing Islam. And so

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they started to get back to us on certain issues that happens in their lives with other friends. Also, maybe it's things that are wrong. But still, they trust the brothers about certain certain matters that occurs in their life. So that's a good sign that they know that the Brotherhood

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thing remains keeps them together. And

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it's good to keep a secret. Yeah, we will discuss more of these points because I want to make this subject now bring it closer to our lives and see how it can affect the love that we have our brothers and how it can affect us negatively as well. But we will stop for a short while and I say to our viewers, stay tuned we'll come back shortly inshallah.

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Salaam Alaikum. aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We'll come back. Okay. Mohammed, you mentioned an important point with regards to keeping secrets. And if one fails to do that, how negative this could be on the Brotherhood?

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it's quite noticeable that the Brotherhood's

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keep secrets in there. You mentioned earlier that some brothers are like weak, they can slip into mistakes and things like that. But what's not as well as that, like, friends that we had back in early age in school and things like that, they refer to us now

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to certain issues, that's considered a secret also, in the, in the life, maybe you can say, like, doing some things wrong and things like that. But still, you can, you can sense that they are more

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if they feel more comfortable telling it to us rather than a non practicing person. So this, this thing's shows that in a brotherhood

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secrets are kept, even if it's not concerning a brother, you know, sometimes some brothers are practicing, but their families are not. So a practicing brother, he takes it brings his friend home, he invites him home, his brother comes to his house. And he sees that, for example, His family is not practicing. And they have certain things in the house, that are against the religion, for example, maybe some house they have pictures, or some of them, choose statues or anything that is not in accordance with Islam. So this brother now goes out. And he says this about, you know, what's in this brother's house, there are pictures. And for example, the sisters are not covering and all

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You see how it happens? Some people they have, they can't control their tongues, that's it, there's a problem. They can't control themselves. They just everything they say they have to speak it out. And this is a serious issue. Because Watch out, it might destroy the Brotherhood, or the love that you have for this product. And there's this other point also, sometimes, and the prophet SAW Sam said, to take care of this, when a husband and a wife have secrets, whatever secret is, or he has a problem, and it's secret between him and his wife. And it's a problem that they have, for example, that they share together, should never go and tell to his friends about it. And she should not go

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and tell. And even the parents because this makes the problem get bigger, or if it's a secret, the privacy get, yeah, get destroyed. That's really important. Sometimes wife and husband, they tell their own secrets, and this shouldn't be the case. And the prophet SAW some of them said that if a man actually the processor, had the woman speaking and he said,

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and he doubted that they were maybe he thought he was maybe thought they might be speaking about what happens in between them and their husbands said, Do you really speak about that? So Well, they said no, but one of the female companions, she said,

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she said, but a lot of people that they really speak so the prophet SAW Selim said, anyone who speaks about that they speak about that is just like the devil. Okay, as if they are doing it in front, any private things in front of people in public. So it's an evil thing to talk about private things at home. And what is more serious than that sometimes, when

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there is divorce, the man after divorcing his wife, he goes and I mean reveals all the private things about his wife, or ex wife. This is how long this is not from the original this time is the last one that Allah said, as Adam said, the law University.

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Allah is bashful and he likes to I mean, not an unreasonable reveal, not reveal, or unravel the secret are the private issues of people. So you should really, I mean, this is not from sitter, this is not from covering the mistakes of your brothers or your sisters, anyone who does that he should wait for the punishment from Allah subhanaw taala. Sometimes people really reveal private things about the ex wives or ex husbands in order to deter the people from them. So if the husband wants to get married again, his ex wife reveals Oh, she might even lie against him or

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Reveal private things about him so that no woman would accept him. And the husband may do the same. So we should be careful of this matter. And even with the brothers, sometimes an argument happens between brothers. They shouldn't I mean, out of anger, they are revenge, they should go, they go and reveal certain private things they know about their brothers, that shouldn't be the case. We should always abide by the Islamic etiquettes in terms of doing that we should fear Allah subhanaw taala in this relationship?

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Have you ever seen such a thing happening to brothers? They I mean, a dispute or a fight breaks out between them. And then everyone says, Well, I know he did this. He did that he had when he started revealing certain private things once there was three brothers. So they were like both against one of the brothers. So when when the brother saw that, the vote against him, he revealed secrets that one of the brothers said about the other one, so that he takes revenge and make them argue with each other instead of them being against him, because he was really annoyed and angry about the fact that they're both against him. So he just revealed the secrets that they said about the house and he made

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he made the A made fitna more he made he made the get worse. Yeah, you know that the profits are low and he will sell them cebause during the football of alpha during the fair will head during the hedge the professor slump said that in the demand acoem will come

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from verily your blood you need to shed one's blood is haraam.

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Your wealth, I mean, Your Honor, and your wealth, they are

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sacred thing. They shouldn't be violated. So privacy is part of what privacy is part of your honor is part of persons or when you reveal a person's confidential issues. You This is a slide to his honor. Because like to his honor, so he has the right to keep his private things covered. You can't do that. And some people they I mean, sometimes we I mean, we get upset, but we shouldn't just obey Allah subhanaw taala, especially with regards to our brother, because if we do that, we are destroying this brotherhood, and we destroy the trust. And next time if a brother I mean his private affairs get

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uncovered in public, this will cause him to lose the trust and all brothers. This is I don't have I don't trust anyone. I don't trust anyone as a reaction to what happened to him. So it's a serious issue. serious issues. So next time we reveal a secret of your brother,

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know for surety that you are destroying Brotherhood in general, because you will destroy the that kind of trust that the brothers have. I even got to show people that because they saw that too much. They trusted people. And then they saw that they weren't worth them trusting them. They they started not to trust in anyone. This is this is was the effect and they really believe so they're like, trust. We don't trust anyone. We just trust God alone. That's it.

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I have a question you can like if certain incident occurs, and in throughout the conversation with brothers and things like that.

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I need to for example, say an opinion that I have from a conversation I had with the previous brother as a consumer secret. So would I be able to give out my opinion with regard to the method that showed up with the experience that I have that I have from the secret without Of course mentioning anything? Well, if it's something that has nothing to do with that, brother, it's just a general thing, an idea that has no problem inshallah. But if it relates to him, if it relates to him this will we don't mean that I have a conversation, we discuss things with you. That's it. I can't speak about these. No, it doesn't mean that if you said something I could benefit from Okay, I speak

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about that. But we are talking about private issues, things that are specific to this or that brother, and it would cause harm to reveal these things. Okay. So we can't we can't set a certain limit, for example, this, you can't say about this, you can't say about that. It is different according to your understanding of your brother according to how he sees things and what he considers to be private. So we can't set a limit and say these things. Oh, that thing, anything that relates to him anything that he deems to be confidential, you can't reveal these issues.

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You know, there's a point that we can benefit from which is when we say a lot is he on set

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Less bashful and he likes to

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not to expose those who fall into error and evil. You see some people they just will be the last panel to hide it but a lot does it expose them a lot does it expose them sometimes we all in private we fall into sin. When we are not in the company of others, we fall into sin. But you see a lot isn't exposed us. A lot isn't exposed because we expose other subpanel our Creator doesn't even expose us. Yeah, and we shouldn't expose ourselves as well. If a person doesn't say you shouldn't go and tell someone about it.

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No, as the process alum said Coloma tema de la Mujahid Mujahideen. So all my oma, all the individuals in this nation will be safe and secure and free from evil, evil consequences of their sense. Ill Mujahideen except for those who expose themselves and openly sin or when they send in private, they make it public, they speak about it. So we shouldn't expose ourselves as well as part of this event. Because when you expose yourself, the brothers were good, they will turn away from you. Because they don't want to be in the company of a center, that will definitely give you advice. But they don't want to be associated with people who openly sin. People are known who are notorious

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for sending. So it's a very important thing, not to expose ourselves and not to expose our brothers. And it's their it's their right upon us that to expose their private matters. Even if you know that a brother, for example, he made a sin he fell into fornication. He became weak and he fell into Zener. Okay, and maybe because he was weak, he needed you help? And he told you, okay, you keep that between you and him? Of course you don't say it to the brothers? And what about you? For example, if someone talks about the past, yes to reveal a sin he did to show that it was it wasn't used, it was useless. And it just bring him harm. Just to give, it's better to use general examples. don't expose

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not even about the past, even about the posture, Tom would come and he would try to exploit it. Maybe and beautified to you the sin. So it's better not to expose yourself, okay? And might some people they, they would change the way they perceive you or they respect you, if they know about this. So it's better to keep it between you and Allah. inshallah Allah was forgiveness. And you see how Islam is about respecting people's rights. giving everyone is what we see now, people in the West, there, there are magazines, newspapers, that specialize in exposing people's private affairs, especially the celebrities, they have no privacy at all. People talk about them their pictures and

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everything is on the newspapers and magazines. Oh, this is not from Islam. Everyone has the right of privacy to Islam is about rights. So hamdulillah we have come to see the beautiful etiquettes of Islam and this will cause mutual love amongst the brothers and amongst the members of the Muslim society. It is Aquila home for being with us. And I say to our viewers, may Allah reward all of you for being with us to sacrum allow hyaluron salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.