Ahmad Saleem – Ramadan Prep Week – Day 1

Ahmad Saleem
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I want to be left with a shape on our team Bismillah Rahim Allah healer serene when asked

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what are going to allow the body in the beginning. While he was talking, he was telling him to swim in my bag.

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Welcome everyone in sha Allah, in the next few

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days that we have together from now until Thursday, we're going to spend no more than 20 minutes. I know all of you guys have work and stuff. So I've structured it in a way that within 20 minutes or 25 This question answers we should be done in Java. The next four days is going to be focused on a topic that we usually the guys who come back if you guys can just if you want to socialize, you're more than free to socialize outside.

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usually, we always talk about Ramadan prep. And if you look at all the topics or all the discussions that happened around Ramadan prep, preparing for Ramadan, it's always to do with fits of fasting.

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But every regada of ours every worship of ours is a lot more than just fill

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every riguarda everything that Allah has asked us to do. Fifth is to ensure that you are technically okay

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the technicality of your Salah you will get your everything does not equate the acceptance in the eyes of Allah and the Agile you get. So you can have somebody two people pray the exact same salon technically correct.

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But one, maybe we hire in Agile, and then the other The Fifth Element, just make sure that you've got that MPL minimum performance level.

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That's the minimum that you need to do to make sure that your select checkbox is ticked off in the eyes of Allah. He prayed. He fasted he did on the raw, he did all of that. So this particular discussion is going to be on the spiritual dimensions of fasting, the book that we're going to read from Inshallah, if Allah gives us to Sophia that will read the entire book together. And that's going to be my style, my style is that he go back to classical texts of Elena, and we read them together. Obviously, most of them are in Arabic. Those of you that are Arabs, you're going to enjoy it, and I will translate it right when we're reading together so we all can benefit from it. And we

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try to extrapolate from their element the knowledge of the salam asylum. This scholar passed away in 1230 His name is Giovanni Mohammed bin Hussein Ibn Ibrahim Al Islam.

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And basically what happened was a lot of people came to him this is 1230 So you're what are we in now? 1437 3738 37 Double check himself, like I don't know. 3738 Right. So roughly 200 years right 1412 30 So roughly 200 years ago, so a lot of people came to him and they complained to him they said we don't feel any spirituality anymore.

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Okay, we don't feel any connection with ourselves.

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So he wrote this book it is called must go rule if adda Bhima you already know Allah for more filtering

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the encapsulated few lines that empower us to be mount mindful in our worship.

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So the entire book is written about mindfulness in solid in rebar.

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This portion of it

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is all solid.

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This is the rest of them.

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So that tells you how much essence and you know focuses on song. So inshallah we'll read this together. Today we're going to read from the Kitab of mykita the song from the chapter of some laughter He begins Smilla Rahmanir Rahim will begin a stain with Africa. Tina whatever we're gonna eat Allah body mean Allahumma fildena Jimmy and we're Allahu Muffet and Rahim Allah Allah Allah, Allah morality for Rahim Allah, O Allah who I will pursue. Fi SR is so many was ruled the

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chapter in the secrets of fasting. And it's conditions that are subtle and secret.

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No analysis so me Sarah, Dodger, know that fasting a person that fast? They're going to be on three levels.

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So we'll remove the fasting of an average person.

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Someone who pursues the fasting of those who are VIPs in the eyes of Allah,

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wa Salam o for sociol For Zeus and the passing of those who are VVIPs

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Allah make us

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Muscle my own as for the fasting of an average person for woke up was about the new oil foundry and Allah is Chawan Kumar saba.

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All you need to do is protect your button, your stomach and your private part. From your desires. All you need to do is protect your debt, you know, don't fulfill the desires of your stomach and you're probably part of your fast technically, it's

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technically it's okay. Well, I'm massaman faasos. And as for the fasting of the VIPs follow up summary than it is to prevent your ears while muscle and to prevent your eyes when Nissan and to prevent your tongue. While yet to prevent your hands. One way to prevent your legs are slotted in WhatsApp in Hinjewadi I need

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and the rest of your limbs and entire body you prevent them from any sin sin.

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You're very mindful of that that you're not going to sin.

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Well, I'm also also socio faasos. And as for the VVIP fasts

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for someone who can analyze human antennae, what Africa duniya linea. They fast and they're fast is the faster the heart and the heart never get attracted towards low level discussions and low level desires. Neither is attracted towards a scarlet duniya. About dunya and how to think about dunya How can I move from this existing house of mine into you know, a closed community? How can I go within the close community from one house to the corner lot so I can get a bigger backyard and a bigger lot and I can expand my house? I've got Bruyneel

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How can I move from my this car to the next car? All of these things. So during fast, they're very conscious of that. They try their best not to allow those things to impact

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their minds while they're fasting.

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Welcome for one su Allah azza wa jal. The only thing they allow their heart to be filled with is online.

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everything else that is low level and duniya related does not have any permission to enter the heart.

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other than Allah, Allah is their heart.

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Welcome to one so Allah azza wa jal Bill Cooley couldn't be leaving that other than Allah, everybody else's exited from their heart only alarming.

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Well, you're gonna feel trophy harder. So I've been thinking, this type of people who fast how do they bring their fast? Yes, technically, they'll take a date. But now they can open the floodgates of thought, right? So they open the fast, they're gonna allow their thoughts to open up because they were controlling it while they were fasting. So what do they do? All the think of? If it's anything other than Allah, they're gonna think about the name is going to be overnight.

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So after the break, the faster constant thought is up, and they're thinking about

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not not so much.

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Before we start, what are we thinking of any gambling gimmick, I look up

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all of these things, but for their mindset, they're thinking, Oh, my, I don't know what type of pakora massive I'm gonna did not like, is upset.

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Right? So you don't know. Right? Our thoughts. But for these people who are the VVIPs it's either Allah or Yeoman. These are the only two thoughts they have throughout the month.

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That's a very hard thing to do.

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And he understand this, right? So he says, Well, how did he lose but this is usually the profits you and I can achieve that so you'd like bring brings us down? Well, what was the thing? Well, mocha ravine and it could be a few people who are truly cityteam IV, they are congruent, whatever they believe in and whatever their pro Dre is one.

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So deep, there is no confusion. There is no displacement of realities of innate and external.

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Okay. Then he says,

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Well, I love to Anambra feet of sea. Now, we're not going to increase and expand on all this because it's hard for us to achieve. Let's go to the VIP section. Right. He says, Let's at least start with what Hamas almost was all said as for the fasting of the VIPs which is an achievable

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Vote for us. Well, whoever someone was signed in the this type of fasting is the fasting of the pious feeling. So almost signing

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for hookah, until

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you remove all of your look at all of your limbs and you stay away from your sins. But there are six things that we have to be explicitly conscious about. And those are the things that we're going to study together. Today, we probably have time for just one. Well, I'm so so he said, the first one

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lowering our knees.

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As we move towards warmer climates, the clothes start shrinking.

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Right? That's where our eye sights are tested by law. So

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you go out. I mean, the other day I was in Georgia Tech.

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I feel sort of like too big fitna for even young people who are not married to be even in that environment.

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Right You look around God gossip, you have to look down

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you're gonna have to look down what does he say? What cut FUBU O'Neill is design, fit another era Cooley man to the moon.

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And the first step of that is not to look at his like, forget seeing her on things. He said, If you want to become from the VIPs, then you need to stay away from those things that are blameworthy and disliked. If somebody sees you watch doing that. It will not be very appropriate. For example, somebody is fasting and they're sitting in a machine and watching Netflix. They might be watching something absolutely halal. They're not watching anything haram. But that act is McGrew it's dislikes your inner Masjid you maybe have headphones on, but if somebody comes in the so you prevent your eyes for even looking at that which could be possibly in a cruel or blameworthy you stay away

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from that. So that you may not enter into haram. So when you become conscious of the lesser of the evils, right, you will become conscious of necro heart you don't fall into haram.

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Now what happens? We are so far into haram that haram does anyone feel harm to us?

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There's a recent stat which showed that you know 88% of the people who are exposed to *

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are exposed to * unsolicited I either will not searching for *.

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It just showed up. They were searching for something else. But those guys were running this billions and billions of dollars of industry. Right? They have so much money to throw.

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It's unbelievable how much content that exists there.

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On a single day, on a daily basis.

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More videos of * are uploaded on the internet than the entire collection of videos available on YouTube

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on a daily basis.

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So that word out there this device out there is a portal to your utter destruction in the month of Ramadan. If you're not careful.

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If you're not careful about human you don't want and it's gone your fastest growing

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spiritually taken away. Then he says well Isla Colima, you wish Alucard Who are you will he and Karina

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that's the Haram you also need to take care of your eyesight with everything that will distract you from Allah.

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Any type of TV shows? Yeah, sure, Chair. This is all fine but it's a distraction.

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It's distracting you from vicar of Allah.

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It is distracting you from remembering Allah it is distracting you from being conscious.

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It's just a distraction. So we do not use our eyes for anything that could be a distraction, or that could distract us from that.

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That could distract us from the Dhikr of Allah while you Lee I used to call when occupies my heart while you Lee and it distracts it unrequited love from the remembrance of Allah.

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Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah's Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, I'd love to serve more moon Mars Moon means eHarmony Elise from Angelica Silverman Allah He has a virgin Jehovah who's over Ha, Iman and yet you do have water. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he says he's the author. You think narration he says and number two, if you look at like one glimpse at something how long

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we're here and number two a glimpse at something around San Juan Mazoon min bliss. It's an arrow that is poisonous.

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to your eyes from Emily's family Tanaka you will strive to stay away from that first glance even

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your conscious and I don't want even accidentally look at

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from an Taraka call from Allah azza wa jal Why are you running away and you're closing protecting rights because you're really have the health and the fear and the consciousness of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada also behind Allah who will give that person Iman

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Allah will give him his mind but not any man

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is a special type that we all have this demand if we ask Allah that Allah granted this type of demand, right emaan Yeji do Halawa who

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you will taste the sweetness of that in mind in your heart, you will feel it.

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you know, Doctor will notice that he was a very famous scholar of Pakistan, those of you that are might be aware of me, you know, he was killed when he was driving on a motorcycle and he was just, you know, his worn motorbike it was blown. He had a he had a beautiful lecture on YouTube and very old video of his and I was listening to it and he said something he said you know in order when are translated for their brothers, he says, Hola Hola, casual thicker hair or Labrador Imana Italy, but when based off cheese and camels copertina

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like you know the Imaan that Allah instills in the heart it's so tasteless and

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he said there's only two net results either we are not there yet.

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And that is the only possibility because we know that the Amanda Allah EMA and when somebody tastes the image from Allah, there's no way you're not going to taste the sweetness of.

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Then he says

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the hola Juan jaggedy hola Juan he narrates and Rasulullah sallallahu sallallahu alayhi wasallam and who all come soon you're gonna saw him.

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You saw him? Five things break the fast of

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one fast. I'll cut in line.

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This talking about the spiritual reading, not the technical reading. Okay. Everyone has some swag toothpaste. We decided to order on Friday. You will get all of that. This is the more important discussion. Jude rebirth, Jubilee. All of these things you know, lying backbiting, gossip.

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All of these things. There are far more scary for your Eman than toothpaste.

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allocative well Liba backbiting one name email.

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Wilhemina al Kadhim, taking an oath knowing that you are lying.

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Allah protect us from

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one another who was shot shafa. And to look at a woman or a woman looks at a man while their heart is filled with desire.

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So you had the chawan you look at them and you fulfill your shower.

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So that's the first part.

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That's the first key. And this is something very important because as we live through these societies, and then in the place where we're going through, there's a lot of questions come to what extent can you look at? So if you're going to a bank teller? Have you done anything?

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Did they

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look at me, right? So looking at a woman's face, you know, especially living in a society over here. As long as you're looking at the face, not other parts of that woman is not considered held on by majority of the scholars, there isn't a fillip on that, again, that exists. But most of the scholars, especially us living in North America, now if you can avoid that, for example, you can look at her asker request and then look somewhere else. Not making her feel awkward, right? Same thing with the sisters. If you have to look, you look, you know, look at her look at them once and then look somewhere else, right? One of the other tricks is to look at the shoulder and it almost

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feels like you're looking at them but you're not actually looking at them. Right. But again, you also have to be careful nowadays, right? It's summertime, you can't even look at the children

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if they're not wearing anything, right. So that's a problem. But that conscious awareness is what is required, what he's trying to say that what you see with your eyes is going to have a direct impact on the quality of your past.

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And the discussions that we need to have moving forward has to be on the state of our hearts.

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Every single one of us the day we

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Leave the day we die. None of the machine nobody from the machine is going to be there helping us in the grave. None of our friends are going to be there. Nobody often. So the critical number you all are going to have to stand in front of and the first thing is going to be the state of your heart.

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That is why it was the last module it said that indeed, in your Jessen there is a motiva because a piece of cloth is a piece of flesh. If that is rectified, the entire body was rectified.

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And if that is corrupted,

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faster than just the entire body was corrupted, allow Ian

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it is the heart, not the physical heart, the spiritual heart,

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the spiritual heart.

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On that, well, we just recently found out that

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any events that takes place in our lives this is something from science and you know, it shouldn't allow us to understand why Allah focus so much on the art. We did not believe or knew that the heart physic our physical heart had the ability to store information. But recently they found in research that there are certain types of neurons that are found in our brains that store memory

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we have actually found that there are 70,000 of those neurons that are also found in our heart.

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So any event that takes place it is registered in our brain and is also registered in our heart.

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And Allah subhana wa Tada has been using heart from day one

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he says the

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father is gonna Quran do not ponder upon the Quran,

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Or is it that their hearts are locked up

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the home pod Obon LA, Pomona, Bihar they have arts through which they do not reason with

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people used to talking to heart reason. But today with science, we know that the hearts have the exact same neurons that are found in our brains to register those events. So our discussions, whether it is going to be of this or whether our series in Ramadan is going to be all focused on on elevating our spiritual state. Because if we do not fix that

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all other discussions are upside discussions. Right? There were a few people that like oh, are you going to fix this are you going to fix this I'm like, I'm not here to fix anything. I'm here to fix myself and in the process help you all journey because this is more beneficial to me than anyone else. And since I'm gonna be reading it, let's read it together and we all benefit together. And every person has to stand on their own in sha Allah, but a config one other request for tomorrow,

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just in the in the sequence of time. So if we can start the class right after,

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right after because this is very, this is knowledge that helps you in your body that helps you in your publication.

00:23:08 --> 00:23:17

Okay, fasting is fun. So any knowledge that enables us and helps us in our obligation takes precedence over some

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because it is a URL that will help you to your knowledge. So when two are together, then the knowledge takes precedence. And then after that, we can all press on that and hopefully I think your subnets are going to be much more better after the debates than before because we are on happiness to listen to some high art and some words of Allah that will elevate our status and in our mind and then afterwards we will

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pray for another child law from tomorrow. Jazak Allah Hadith and sha Allah Annika lone people, one other requests when you guys go home, every single one of you knows a person that is not here.

00:23:55 --> 00:24:03

Okay, it's an obligation on you to make sure that your friend, your relative, is also prepared for their obligations of Ramadan.

00:24:05 --> 00:24:32

Okay, so every that's your obligation as a friend, as a as a husband, as a brother, that you make sure that your cousin, your relative, somebody that you know is not here, and they are not prepared for their obligations, that you help them prepare for their obligations. So if you could go and tag along somebody and bring along someone give a right to somebody, because collectively we can grow and help one another in sha Allah product among sequences that have already been combined.

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