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Episode Notes

In this enlightening video, we gather details from Shaykh Yasir Qadhi about the remaining uncles and aunts of the Prophet ﷺ who had been left out in the previous video.

We are introduced to Abu Lahab who was the uncle of the Prophet ﷺ and get acquainted with his sons Utbah and Utaybah who were married to the beloved daughters of the Prophet ﷺ – Ruqayyah RA and Umm Kulthum RA respectively. We also witness the grounds which led to the separation of these two pairs in the wake of Abu Lahab’s utter disregard for the religion of Islam and how bad blood was exchanged and transpired between the sons of Abu Lahab and their wives and how the younger son used vulgar and derogatory language for his wife at the time of divorce.

The interesting fact to reckon is the daughter of Abu Lahab – Durrah bint Abu Lahab  was the exact opposite of her brothers and eventually converted to Islam.  She was married to Dihya ibn Kalbi who is known in history of Islam as a man of extreme beauty and whose form Jibreel AS used to take whenever he descended to the earth.

Next, we divulge into the details of the aunts of Prophet ﷺ, chief among whom is Safiyyah bint ‘Abdul Muttalib RA who was older than the Prophet ﷺ by 23 years. She was married to Awwam ibn Khuwaylid from whom she had three sons. She was very close and beloved to the Prophet ﷺ so much so that a hadith was even told addressing her specifically.

Please do listen intently to gather many more such amazing and informative stories.



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The Prophet system has impacted the culture of the United States, with the loss of lineage and lack of publicity on its lines, the loss of lineage in the presence of its children, and the lack of knowledge of its individuals involved in the defended actions. The segment also touches on various accounts of its history, including the death of the Prophet sallavi and the birth of the younger brother of relevance. The speaker provides a brief recap of the Prophet system's impact on the generation of its people and its impact on its individuals.

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Bismillah Rahim hamdulillah alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad. And while earlier he was a big man and my wife, we were still doing the converts from the bandwagon or part of the Congress from

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the uncles and aunts and the direct first cousins of the Prophet salallahu idea he was send them. And just a quick recap that the profits of the lahardee who was setting them had.

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Again, there's enough in this case, but he had 16 uncles and also including his father, there were 17 children, including his father, there were 17 children 11 boys and six girls from Six Wives had 17 children. We went over all of the boys except for two in our last class. And very quickly, they were a hadith and put them on lit on and must have been in Madeira and Zubaydah and I've done enough and Abdullah the father of our Prophet says Adam Hamza, we did the story of Hamza in detail. And we also did, we've skipped over an Ibis, we will do our best later on inshallah Tada. We also mentioned in Morocco, one who had a son, our daughter, Ottawa, and the last son that was asked about and I

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said, I will look into it in more detail. So we'll start with that son, that we did not do is of course, Abuja had the final son that we skipped over us for our bus, we will do him in a later huddle club, because I bust out of all of the uncles, he has the most details, and we have to do an entire head up like just on our bus. And then the children of an Ibis as well. They have separate had up. So we have Abdullah bin Ibis. And we have

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with him and so many others of the children. In fact, our bus had 10 sons, all of them are Sahaba. So the Prophet system had 10 cousins from a bus. These are the male sons, and he also had daughters as well. So my boss and his whole family deserve a separate lecture and we'll do that in sha Allah afterwards. So the final son will do today and then we'll start with the onset of the prophets Lola Salem. is a boo the final son of Abdulmutallab is of course, Abuja and Abuja Hello very quickly. We all know Abuja, he is the one that is mentioned in Tabitha abelia have been I said Abuja has or will have debated Abdullah have been whatever moto Maka sepcial stand out on the tele hub one bra to

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homiletical hottub who is one ma who is his wife, who is his wife, guys, you should know the name of his wife.

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The name of his wife one more or two who have my little heads up on me Jimmy or me Jamil is his wife. Omega male is the full sister of Abu sufian. So I will soufiane sister is on me Jimmy one Morocco Hamilton, Fiji Diablo Mimosa. Okay, so somebody asked me about the sons and daughters of Abuja last time, and I said in sha Allah will look into it to this week. But I did mention last week, one reality, which I confirmed as well this week.

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And that is that the descendants of Abu lahab, who converted to Islam,

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they did not preserve their lineage, meaning we do not know who his descendants are these days, meaning it is a next step that is not glorious. So people don't preserve those types of nessip. So within a few generations, basically, the people did not identify as being the children have a Bula Bula hub, for reasons we clearly understand. And I gave the example last week of people that were involved in the Nazi Party in the 30s, their grandchildren, great grandchildren, and our times, they do not publicize their lineage. In fact, Hitler has a grand nephew living in New Jersey, and he doesn't have any last name that is indicative of that. And as I said that the reporter tracked him

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down initially, he said no story, then he said, I'll tell you my story with the condition of anonymity. And so his name is still not known to the people and so many others as well. Haim the handler, and all of them that were part of the Nazi Party. They their descendants are not known, meaning they keep a low profile. Now, if this is the case in the grandchildren, what do you think the great great grandchildren they will not even know? at all they themselves will not know, at least in this case, he knows my great uncle was Hitler. He knows this because it's only two generations back, can you imagine three, four or five, six, it will be gone completely. So

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similarly, in our even worse in our tradition, can you imagine stuff would allow a loss protected as of your great great grandfather was a Buddha hub? How would you preserve that? So it would just be disappeared. And that's what happened. So we don't know, beyond the first or second generation because after that, it kind of sort of fizzled away. Obviously, we know the first generation of a boo

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hubs, descendants of Bula hub. His name is Abdullah Luiza Abu lahab. His name is Abdullah Rosa and Abu lahab. Married the sister of Abu sufian and and that is omega mille, okay omega Miller Her name is urwa. So, Abu lahab and Abu sufian our brother in law's now Abuja, hell had four children Abuja hell sorry, what am I saying about gentiva? All we people get messed up even I get Mr. Sometimes this slip of the tongue, not Abuja, Abu lahab. Abdullah have had four children, three sons and one daughter. Three of them converted to Islam and one died of pagan. So from a hula hoops children, the prophet system had three cousins that were Muslims, and one that remained a non Muslim. Now, does

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anybody remember the story of early Islam? What is one of the stories that deals with the daughters of the prophets of the settlement? Bula who can remind me

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the daughters and

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very good, exactly. The Daughters of the Prophet system were married to

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Abu lahab sons, right? This was in pre Islam and

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Abu lahab his two oldest sons were rutabaga and Otaiba. Okay, wrote tuba and Otaiba Aruba and rotatable roots. Bob was the older of the two and he was married to America. Yeah. And Otaiba was younger than him and he was married to oma kulsoom. Okay. And when Islam began, the marriage remained.

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Slowly but surely the animosity increases. And then Allah reveals the better that Abdullah have been whatever.

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And when this surah came down, this was when

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Abu lahab and Ahmed Jamil they literally went crazy as we know, she tried to kill the Profit System, she went out with some type of dagger or something, she tried to find the Profit System. And she said to obaku, where's your companion and obachan and the process of sitting together and I will book he said, I see what you see. I mean, I was seeing what you see. And Allah had protected the Profit System from omega meal. So this is something well known so that after the pseudo came down, this was one Abu lahab said, you will divorce your wife's. So the two sons obeyed their parents, and wrote SVA and Otaiba divorced raffia and omega, okay Raka and only consume. And as for Otaiba, the

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younger brother, he was especially vile and vulgar, and had been hijacked and others they narrate some of the vulgar things that Otaiba said to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he was very crude when he returned omega thumb. And then at the end of his tirade, he spat in the face of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Okay, so our Prophet system made against him at that point in time after this shear, it is enough that you return the daughter, and then you cursed and the curses are mentioned some of them and all of this vulgarity, and then you spit, this is beyond any thing that is forgiven. And the Prophet says, Adam said, may one of the beasts of Allah devour you. This was

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the door he made against Otaiba, the younger brother or table as 402, but he didn't do any of that. Rotate. But he made a draw against him. And it is mentioned that once a table was in a caravan in we're going to the Roman Empire in what is now Jordan, and one of the valleys of Jordan. And they saw a lion in the distance and it was not common to see lions in what is Jordan, you don't see lions in that region. So the the the the the caravan became worried, and especially at a table, and our table said, he remembered this is in the years of Medina, he remembered that out of the prophets of Sodom, and he said, the doors of Mohammed always come true. I'm worried that animal is for me. So

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his companion said, Don't worry, we will protect you as one line we have a whole caravan. And that night they went to sleep and the lion came into the camp, and devoured and basically crushed Otaiba to death. And so this is the end of of Otaiba. This is the one who did not accept Islam or Tabor. The other three eventually all accepted Islam. As for the eldest rutabaga, and then the younger brother after a day, but it's more attempt so all of them from Atiba. You have wrote about the table and Morton, okay wrote about a table mortem today but the second did not accept Islam, Raja and more. They accepted Islam. When did they accept Islam at the conquest of Makkah, so the very last

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batch, the very last batch of the accepted Islam. We don't know anything about them, except that inside narrates that when the Prophet system entered mckone conquered Makkah, he asked our bus or our bus, where are your nephew's? Aruba? And, of course, our table is dead by now. Okay, where are your nephew's algebra and we're at up I wish to see them. This is cousins. I wish to see them. So my boss said they hid from you, yada sutala they're embarrassed, they hid from you, they are with the crowd, they are not. So the problems that bring them to me. So my boss went and he found them and he brought it but and more attempt to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they embraced Islam in front

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of him. And he said I may do are that Allah gift you to me meaning through Islam, I made a do either Allah gift you to me to Islam, and there is no mention of them after this at all in the books have history. It has said that they participated in her name. But after that, we don't know anything about them. They had children, but as I said, it's simply just missing from the books of history. They didn't seem to have any major role or if their children and grandchildren had a role. They didn't mention themselves as the nessa understandably so we don't know much about them. Either. Very interesting story that I discovered today was that of the daughter of Abu lahab and I did not know

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the story until today myself, the daughter of Abu lahab we only have two or three bits of information but what we have clearly indicates that Subhanallah we wish we had much more but as we know this is the reality of the zero. We just have tidbits here and there. The daughter of bubble hurayrah Her name is Avila Her name is Dora. Dora BTOB lahab Dora Binti Abby lab, Dora, a first cousin of the prophet SAW Selim, she embraced Islam, and she migrated to Medina, so she is a Mahavira. And this indicates that her Islam came early on. And we know now that from just again, I just find one or two references to this the more In fact, in his house does not even mentioned Dora

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at all, even as half that his entire syrup does not have Dora, Binti Avila. But I found this in the books of the Sahaba, the terrarium of the Sahaba. You know, there are books that are the source books of the biographies of the Sahaba. And you have just paragraphs or Susu. So I found some tidbits about Dora. So her husband did not embrace Islam. she embraced Islam. And so she migrated to Medina and her husband died fighting against the Muslims in the Battle of button. So Subhana Allah, this Sahaba she went against her mother and her father and her husband, and she left everything to migrate to Medina. And there have been headjam narrates that another issue happen, and that is that

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the Sahaba some of the women of the onslaught, they began saying bad things about her that you are the daughter of Abu lahab You are the one whom Allah criticizing the Koran. So what uses your Islam? Why are you coming to Medina? Why have you done a job? Your father is a Buddha, and what is the father of your Islam? So she came complaining to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the Prophet says and publicly defended her, and after that, nobody criticized her, and eventually Dora married the famous hubby. The LLB the LLB was the Sahabi, whom gibreel would take the form of jabril would take the form of the LLB and that's because the here was a very handsome man. He was the most

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handsome person in MK and in Medina. And that's why when jabril would come in the form of a human, he would come in the form of a human they recognized so that nobody would think he's a stranger or something. And so, Dora married, they have LLB. So once again, Abu lahab has four children richboro taibah mahtab and Dora roozbeh and more accept embrace Islam or Tabor dies at the hands of the lion and Dora embraces Islam before her two brothers with I do not find any date of her death at all. We don't know even when she died. Okay, so these are all of the uncles of the process. We finished all of the uncles all of it is done. We now move on to some of the audits we did last time. And if I'm

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not mistaken, we did artica last time. We did artica do you remind me Did we do Sophia? I forgot even who was here. We did not do Sophia Okay, so we did an article last time so we have now five ants left five ants left We don't have time for all of them today but inshallah what we can do so actually, we did we did our unfortunately we did our her son was too late. We did our too late even today. Did we not do it? I'm pretty sure we did. Otherwise, where are the notetakers because I forgot what I did last week.

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We did not do Ottawa, the uncle or the Auntie the processor. So we only did article that

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It we just did Attica okay. Okay, so then let's do one. Okay.

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okay, we did I'm pretty sure we did well but if we didn't if you say we didn't then we will do okay, so let us begin. So the Profit System had how many answers remind me

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how many ants we just said six, six months, he had six ants. So, we do not know the third tip. We do not know the orders of the ants we don't know the chronology of who was born when so we did article last time and we don't know for conversion. And we only said one of them for sure converted and that is

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Sophia, Sophia converted. And as well we don't know artica and Ottawa converted. Okay, so Ottawa and Sofia converted, we don't know how to have a question mark, and the other three died before Islam. So they did not convert because there is no Islam articles, the only one she saw Islam and then we don't know did she convert? Does she not convert? And Allah knows best it appears she did not convert or else we would have heard about it. So she does not convert. So Ottawa and Sophie are the only two converted what is Ottawa story.

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Ottawa was married to a man by the name of romaine, and she had a son by the name of tolay. Eben are made to live in Romania. Today, even Ahmed is one of the Sahaba, who converted in early Islam. So he's an early convert. So today, the prophet systems cousin, because his mother is the aunt embraced Islam, at the outcome in the region in the reign of Donald autocom. So in other words, he's not of the first batch, but he is early on as an outcome era. And he came back and he informed his mother that he had embraced Islam. So he told his mother, I have embraced Islam. So Ottawa said, Your cousin is the best person, you can support and follow, if only we could do like his men did and help

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him and defend him. In other words, his mother Ottawa, liked the conversion, and said, if anybody should be followed, it is your cousin Mohammed. So they said him if anybody should be followed, it is your cousin habit, and how I wish we could help him and defend him, like his followers are doing against our own people. So today, the cousin of the process have said, Oh, Mother, if you say this, then why don't you embrace Islam? Why don't you embrace Islam? So our set, I'm waiting to see what my brothers and sisters do, because at this point in time, nobody had converted of that generation. None of the brothers and sisters had converted, right of her generation, none of them. So she said,

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I'm waiting to see what my brethren and sisters do. Then to lay persisted and said, Don't you know that Hamza has embraced Islam? So Hamza had just converted then at this stage? Don't you know that Hamza has embraced Islam, and he kept on. You know how a son is persistent, until finally, Ottawa, embraced Islam but she hid it from her brothers and sisters, and she told her son don't tell anybody. So our converts to Islam the answer the Prophet system, and she keeps it secret. Then, one day, a Buddha

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said some vulgarities about the prophets of Allah for Allah He was setting up

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a booja booja booja. This is

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good for making sure but it's double Jad and to labx defended the Prophet system and ended up hitting Abuja, physically hitting Abuja, so the tribe of bernama zoom took to labx and tied him up because this has now been too harsh and bernama has been getting involved. Too late the cousin of the process in punch Abuja Hello hit Abuja. So now he is taken as a prisoner, maybe not as a prisoner but basically that the the bundle Hashem has to confess or pay up or give us a ransom or apologize on behalf of today. So

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Abu Jamal was punched to lay the cousin is taken in and now a Bula hub the uncle okay don't get confused, will not have representing the bundle Hashem representing the bundle Hashem goes and negotiates what must be done what my apologies and what not and maybe there was money involved. And so I will have the uncle freeze his nephew, to lay so far so clear. Okay, frigg makes the necessary apologies and whatever goats and sheep need to be given. And then he freeze to lay and then a bola have the uncle goes to his sister Ottawa and says, can't you control your son? Don't you see what he's done? We had to go do this and that. So Ottawa now says to her brother, Abu lahab her brother

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whatever my son did was good.

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And he couldn't have done anything better.

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My nephew, Mohammed deserves to be supported. And I have no problems with my son, defending my nephew. So Abu lahab says, Have you converted to his religion as well? Meaning the only way you would say this? In other words, she is willing that her son be tortured, to protect the Prophet system, right? What what Mother will do this, except if you're a Muslim, because otherwise my son is more precious than anybody else's son. So she is saying, I want my son to be persecuted to defend the prophet SAW Selim. So he asked, Are you now a follower of his religion? And she then had to confess Yes, I am. Yes, I am. I have converted to his faith. A Buddha have said, How could you leave

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the religion of Abdulmutallab? That was his main reason why he didn't leave? How could you leave the religion of Abdul Kalam and his sister Ottawa said, I have made my decision, this is what I have decided to do. And you as well should convert. She is giving that hour to one of the worst people that is overlap. But she's the sister. So she has that right and rank that hardly anybody else has you as well should convert and support him. And then she used a tactic of that word that is straight from Jackie Lee, straight from Geneva, this Hello, because she said he is your nephew.

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If he is victorious, your support of him will raise all of us up as the convener. And once he is victorious, then if you want to go back to the religion of your forefathers Go ahead. But at this stage for you to become an enemy, against the people from other tribes, this goes against our tribe, right? So she uses a tribal argument, which is that in this case, that even if you convert just for tribal reasons, but he's your nephew, and the other tribes are opposed to him. So you should convert to help him and once we are victorious, Halas then you make up your mind stay or leave. But at this stage, you are stabbing us in the back. That's not allowed as a brainwashing clear what you're

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saying. Right. And Abu lahab says And do you think that we can take on all of the Arabs against us? I'm not going to convert? Do you think we will take on all of the Arabs and so he refused to convert? So today was the first cousin of the Prophet so I said I'm through Ottawa, so they migrated to Abyssinia and to Medina. He participated in butter and other battles and he died to Shaheed in the Battle of edge Nadine, fighting against the Romans right before the Battle of Yarmouk at the age of 35. And he died without leaving any children. So, the next step or the children from Ottawa sees too There are no distant descendants from Ottawa.

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Now, one other interesting fact here, two labs father roommate, had a son from a previous marriage. Now, this is not the profit systems cousin, because believes father had a son from another marriage. So this is to llaves brother but not the Prophet systems cousin. Okay. Now,

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this son was captured as a prisoner in the Battle of, but was captured as a prisoner of battle of burden. And it was his father, roommate,

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who then had to come to the Prophet system. So umaid is the uncle of the Prophet system. roommate is the uncle. He's coming to ransom his other son, that is not the cousin. Are you guys clear? I know. It's so confusing, because we have so many names here. But just you know, as we said, he has a younger brother from another mother. So this brother is not the cousin of the Prophet system. So are made comes to ransom his son at the Battle of button. Now, this story we have covered in detail in our Sierra, way before in the Battle of butter, because it involves the attempted assassination of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, from this person. Or maybe even

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if you remember SFX, one and omein were sitting at the Kaaba. So find a bit omega and this person called the male. Well, turns out omega is the uncle of the Prophet system by marriage, or maid is married to Ottawa. Okay, and so Romain was complaining to someone and saying, also one, how I wish I could uninstall fula he said this, you know, get rid of the Prophet system. So someone said, Why don't you? He said, Who's going to take care of my children. He already has my son in ransom. You know, I already have debt and loan what's going to happen?

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To me, so someone who was one of the richest people said, you go ahead and do it. And I will take care of all your loans and I promise to take care of your family and your debts after you. So are made immediately left where as we said he immediately jumped on a camel and single handedly, he rushed to Medina with a poisoned dagger. And he entered in upon the Profit System under the guise of negotiating his son's ransom. And remember, the Profit System brought him in close to him, and said to me, why do you have a dagger hanging from your neck? Why do you have this dagger? and Romania said, What good did blood causes is just hanging either from old times, I don't mean to do anything.

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And the Prophet system said, Who are you lying to? Rather three days ago, you were in the shadow of the Kaaba. And you said to someone such and such a fun said this back to you said this. And he narrated the whole conversation.

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And Romain said, a shadow Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah was nakara pseudo law, there is no way anybody could have given you this news. Because it was just the two of us. And I just rushed here from that conversation. Allah must have told you that news. Okay. And then he converted to Islam. And then he came back to Makkah. And so far I was thinking that some good news would come and On the contrary, he had embraced Islam. So this is the father the uncle, if you like read the father of too late, the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu. It said Okay, so this is Ottawa we have covered the story of Ottawa. Last week, we did the story of article as well. So with the two of the six now we now move

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on to Sophia, Sophia, the aunt of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And we did this, the story of Sophia and the Syrah, bits and pieces of Sophia.

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Of course, Sophia is the full sister of

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Hamza we did this last time, when talking about Hamza Sophia is a full sister of Hamza. And Sophia was much older than the Prophet system. She was 23 years older than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam Of course, so she is one of the older aunts and her closeness to the Prophet system is shown in the famous Hadith inside Bahati when the Prophet system began preaching Islam, and he called all of the Ubuntu Hashem and he gave the very first lecture publicly to them. And he mentioned Oh, Fatima, Binti, Mohammed embrace Islam because I will not benefit you on the Day of Judgment. Oh sloughi Binti Abdul muttalib embrace Islam. So out of all of his uncles and aunts, he

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mentioned Sophia by name of Sophia Ben tablin will embrace Islam because I will not be able to benefit you on the Day of Judgment. So Sophia was a very close figure to our Prophet salallahu idea he was seldom she married a worm. And from them she had two sons, zubaid imminent a worm and I have mentioned zubaid in one of the actionable Bashara and we talked about them and a lot of detail. This is debatable and I want one of the 10 promised paradise right and we talked about him, the Hawaii the disciple or the process them every Navy has a Hawaii and my Hawaii is the weight of none I want and we mentioned the way so there's no need to mention anything more about him. zubaid had a younger

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brother, a PSA 101 if not a one and a sub. He participated in a few battles and he died a Shaheed in the Battle of yamamah. He died a Shaheed in the Battle of yamamah. And Sophia participated in the Battle of boyhood by giving water to the poor, she of course did not fight, but she gave water to the poor and her stance. On seeing hums His body is well known. We talked about it, as well. The story of hunter as well we mentioned when we talked about hand up when all of the women and children were in that one protected fortress, and some of the Yahoo tried to enter in and they heard the climbing of the man from the outside. And Sophia said to her son, Amitabh, he was the only young man

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in there has done go and take care of the man. And we we have mentioned many times that his son was not of the type to fight, he could not carry a sword. He just did not have that in him. And so he said, I, I don't have any, I don't have any, you know, power to do this. So Sophia was the lady who at that time would have been in her 60s, she put the dagger in her mouth. And she climbed out of the the the window in the darkness. And she waited for the man to come up and she surprised the man and sliced

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his head off and then threw the head down so that the other people at the bottom thought that the fortress is protected, even though there was no protection because they weren't expecting a treachery at that time, the treachery from the one that was not being expected at that time. So Sofia was the one who protected the fortress, and her bravery is well known

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She died in the 20th year of the hegira. And she is buried in Buckley, a lot of code. She is buried in bulkier, a lot of clutter. And it is also said that there is a third brother, a third son that she had. We really don't know much about him at all. His name is Abdul Rahman, and he died in the Battle of Yarmouk. That's all we know. So, I'm still loving this debate,

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debate and madness debate. These were all three first cousins of the Prophet so they sell them and all of them were Muslims, all of them were Muslim. So the entire family of Sofia converted to Islam and she did not have any daughters. So, we have done now, three of the answer of the prophet SAW Selim and inshallah with that, I will pause here because we have to have the the special lecture