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In this enlightening video, we gather details from Shaykh Yasir Qadhi about the remaining uncles and aunts of the Prophet ﷺ who had been left out in the previous video.

We are introduced to Abu Lahab who was the uncle of the Prophet ﷺ and get acquainted with his sons Utbah and Utaybah who were married to the beloved daughters of the Prophet ﷺ - Ruqayyah RA and Umm Kulthum RA respectively. We also witness the grounds which led to the separation of these two pairs in the wake of Abu Lahab's utter disregard for the religion of Islam and how bad blood was exchanged and transpired between the sons of Abu Lahab and their wives and how the younger son used vulgar and derogatory language for his wife at the time of divorce.

The interesting fact to reckon is the daughter of Abu Lahab - Durrah bint Abu Lahab  was the exact opposite of her brothers and eventually converted to Islam.  She was married to Dihya ibn Kalbi who is known in history of Islam as a man of extreme beauty and whose form Jibreel AS used to take whenever he descended to the earth.

Next, we divulge into the details of the aunts of Prophet ﷺ, chief among whom is Safiyyah bint ‘Abdul Muttalib RA who was older than the Prophet ﷺ by 23 years. She was married to Awwam ibn Khuwaylid from whom she had three sons. She was very close and beloved to the Prophet ﷺ so much so that a hadith was even told addressing her specifically.

Please do listen intently to gather many more such amazing and informative stories.


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