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The title of the Quran provides insight into the history and meaning of the Bible and its potential for transformation. The Arabic language is considered the best language for divine revelation and is a rich language with lessons and benefits. The discussion also touches on the importance of dedication to projects and using past experiences to build something new. The segment emphasizes the use of historical profit and using past experiences to establish a new path. The segment ends with a promise to meet again soon.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad and Muhammad Ali he was hurt. He urged marine weather Minister Nana Bissonnette II of Salah who you know Yomi Dean, welcome to the Friday halacha. And

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we are still taking a thematic approach to the Quran. So we're making some sort of a brief commentary. And we have reached surah use of which is surah number 12. In the Quran,

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Subhan Allah, this is one of the sources as well that are named after a prophet, which is Prophet Yusuf Joseph, peace be upon him. And it falls in the general category where Allah subhana wa that shares the stories of previous prophets and messengers, with my way the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam in order to

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serve as a moral support. And also to put his the challenges that he was dealing with, to put them in perspective.

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So the story of Prophet use, or Islam is unique in the sense

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that it is.

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It's the whole surah is about the life of us valleys, and pretty much anything else is just a very short introduction, and then a conclusion towards the end, which is almost one page.

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So but but the Surah, the surah has one theme, one topic, and that's the story of Prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salam. And

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so the surah is all about a story and the moral of the story, and we are going to see in sha Allah how

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Subhanallah the moral of the story is, again, this is an advice to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and advice to all believers. There will be a common theme repeating itself through the surah and one of them and one of those instances when usefully Islam says in Navajo may yet 30 wias in Hola, hola. Yo, Leo, Jonathan Marcin, indeed, for those who

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have acquired here to talk about so they are mindful they are aware of Allah. And thus they behave accordingly. And they are patient and they persevere. So these two things taqwa and Saba,

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they run through the surah. And they they are actually used for SMEs stating that this is the reason for why a loss on seller makes things work for him. Although if you look at the apparent events in the story of profit, usually sentiment seems to be like a disaster after the other.

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So Angela, we're going to we're going to get into them. So let's look at the beginning of the surah. Again, Allah subhanaw taala the same style as the previous sorrows. Allah starts with LF lamb raw till Kiato Kitab al mobian. These are the verses of a book that is clear, or that clarifies the true the truth. So two meanings, it's a clear book, and it also clarifies the truth in that Anza now Quran and Allah V and Allah combed out a loan, We have sent down the Quran, in Arabic, it's an Arabic book, so that you may comprehend you may understand it. Somebody might think

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you know, since it's, it's it's a book in Arabic. So what about people who speak another language or a different language? Does that apply to them? Well, let's let's let's first address the Arabs. So the Quran is speaks their language. And it was the pinnacle this was that time was the pinnacle of the Arabic language, in terms of eloquence and in terms of semantics, depth, and mastery. So the Quran surpassed that level of language, obviously, it's the divine Word.

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And it conveyed the message in the most profound and powerful way. So in so it was such a profound message to the Arabs specifically at that time.

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And it's a profound message to the world. So why does the law say that law revealed that he revealed it in Arabic so that you may understand because the language of the Arabic language is the only language that is going to survive?

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That is going to survive and we see that the Arabic language still survives until now 1400 to 1400 years later, and any Arab speaker an average average Arab speaker who's like the average educated Arab speaker when they read the Quran

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Understand, you know, quite a bit of the Quran, they understand more than 50%. And if we talk about the, the main meaning they understand way above 50%. So the the actually the message of the Quran is clear to the even average Arabic speaker. And I'm not talking here about highly educated people, or sophisticated and learned people.

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So the Arabic language is preserved, and it's going to be preserved, and Allah in His infinite knowledge in His foreknowledge of everything, obviously, he knew that the Arabic language was going to survive, and he was going to make it so forth. So he revealed the Quran, in this language, and the Arabic language, especially in its

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height, like the best in the best time of its history.

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possessed such profound ways of expression, in syntax and semantics, in grammar, and everything, and thus it was a very good frame or a very good, it's a container for the meanings of the Quran. So it displayed so much potential, and so much

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like depth in it, that it was the best, obviously, the best language for divine revelation, the final revelation that was going to remain with the humanity to be revealed in so these are factors that obviously made the Arabic language,

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the language of the to be the language of the of the Quran. So in this sense, yes, since the Arabic language is going to survive is going to be preserved, is going to maintain most of its depth. So the message of the Quran will remain with it. And it can always be translated, it can always be interpreted to speakers of other languages. And also there's an element that some scholars have to sort of see or spoke about, they said, the people will speak the Arabic language, not necessarily the Arabs as an as an ethnicity, but the people who will speak the Arabic language the Arabs and the non Arabs, they will eventually be the best people to be the translators or the carriers of the

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message of the Quran to humanity not only in words and translation, but also in their way of life, and their demeanor in the way they approach life in the way they deal with. With this world. Yes, this doesn't speak about everyone. And it doesn't necessarily speak about the majority because especially at times of decline, but generally speaking, this is going to be compared to any other language.

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This is something that is special with the Arabic language. So So these things were highlighted as to why the Quran was revealed in Arabic and why

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being revealed in Arabic is the best way to convey to people again within human parameters.

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Then Allah Subhan Allah addresses the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam directly and he says nothing and also Alec SNL casole CV Mao Hanaa uniqa The Quran we in quantum acaba de la mina laughing, that we narrate to you the best of stories, and this made some of the scholars say that the story of Prophet use realism is the best story. And and it is indeed it is profound. It is a very powerful deep story. It's full of lessons. And there are like there are scholars who actually wrote

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exclusively on stories on the benefits of Surah Yusuf so it's rich with benefits and lessons. So so so this is one reason it is called The Best of the Best of stories. And some scholars say an external ASASI doesn't necessarily refer to the story of profit use or use for the salon, but it refers in general to the stories that are in the Quran. All of them are the best stories because they are from Allah subhanaw taala and they have the best content and lessons and benefits.

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Were in quantum and covering 11 and a half million and before that you were from those who were not conscious and aware meaning you did not have knowledge about Allah proper knowledge about Allah. You didn't have you didn't have the knowledge that was revealed in the Quran. So compared to the state that you reached after the revelation of the Quran. You were before not among those who were aware and conscious and connected and informed. So thus the Quran has this knowledge that awakened you that opened your eyes to the reality of Allah spanner to Hana and the reality of this world and how to worship Allah subhanaw taala and here

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In verse number number four this surah starts

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with Allah usefully we hear about in nearly two ahead Asha talking about Shem. So welcome Allah Allah a to whom this energy the and

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remember, or just it's a way to start the story when you sort of said to his father, Dad I saw 11 planets and the Sun and the Moon prostrating before me.

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prostrating in my direction. And now the father of Prophet Yusuf Ali Salaam is Prophet Dr. Koop is Prophet Jakob Jacob

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so he was fairly Salam is called by Prophet Mohammed bin Salman said he's al Kareem Abdul Karim hypnotically he's the honored son of the honored son of the honored because he's Yosef, son of the ope Jacob. Some of

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us have him look at him as well. Also the son of Ibrahim and essener

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so it's it's a it's a generate generations of dignified honored prophets and messengers. So prophet is very solemn is from Benny is salam ala because when he is sorry, are the children of Prophet is her ally, or prophet, Li Sinha, Prophet, jacobellis Allah, He is called a straw eel. He's called a straw in so many Israel are the children of the coop. So he's from Benny, is slightly

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Yeah, so his father was a prophet, and he was a wise man. And he understood the intent or the interpretation of the of the dream.

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And this shows that dreams as the Prophet Muhammad SAW said them said,

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the prophets of salaam classified dreams, or visions that people see in their sleep into three categories. Some of them are a true vision. And this is something that has to do with the spiritual nature of humans. So it's some kind of knowledge or inspiration, or some kind of vision that the soul sees. And it's true. That's where the true vision comes from. Oh, yeah, it's called the low end Arabic language, what we have

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the second type the Prophet SAW, Selim said Hadith on NIFS. It's basically your thinking, your mind is thinking something you saw something or you're went through

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a situation there was an accident or an incident, or you're, you're thinking about something, your mind keeps thinking about it. And you might see some images in your sleep that are related to this or even your mind might make up a story from the elements that you saw or you were thinking about.

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So it might synthesize your mind, your mind might synthesize a story from this.

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The third type the Prophet sallallahu Sallam mentioned and he said Ministry of on it is from Shetland, she's been whispers, some meanings, some thoughts, and you get to see them or visualize them and you're asleep. So these are the three types of experiences in the sleep or three types of visions or dreams in our sleep, so and there are signs to recognize the true vision. So

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So profiteer formalism recognize this was a true vision, and he realized what it meant basically, that you're suddenly Saddam was going to become a prophet. And obviously, the and he's going to have power and dominance and position high position. Thus, the prostration is a symbol of because he was frustrated to a symbol of glory and status.

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So the 11

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the 11 planets, were symbols or refer to his brothers because the he had 11 Brothers and the son in the morning it seems that it refers to his father and his mother.

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And this is going to become true towards the end of the story as we are going to see if the letter so the father said his son Carla, when a lotta Casasola Yeah, Kayla, what do you say akinola Qaeda, in a shape on a little concerning? I do want mommy, he said, Oh, my son did not relate your story to your brothers, lest they plot against you. They develop some envy

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towards you, and then they plot against you. And they plan something because she bond is indeed a sworn enemy to humans. And

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so he realized the intensity of the story, and that his sons could potentially understand that it means there's something special about us ladies and

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It also shows the weakness these are the sons of a prophet or of a messenger, one of the greatest messengers prophets Iacobelli, salaam, Jacob.

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But again, it shows that albinism was aware of the impact of shape on and that she'd done actually plays a role in the relationships between siblings, brothers and sisters, he brings about hatred, envy comparison. So

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so he recognizes this weakness in humans in his in his own children, and he wants his son he says, don't relate that story to them, don't relate the story of your dream to them. And we know Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam told us in a hadith is the Adel stain or hella injure, how do we get to, you know, seek success in your affairs, by keeping them to yourself, keep in a low key, do things low key, you know, you don't have to publicize everything you do, you don't have to publicize your intentions. Unless you know you can inform people who you trust really want good for you. And people who you might need, you know, you might need their support their help so the so you will inform them

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of what you're up to, so that it makes sense when you ask them for help. So Shavon indeed is an enemy and this shows the weakness of of humans and that she upon you know, can exercise some influence in them can can actually capitalize on their weakness. Okay, dedication to be Kalambaka we are a limo committee with a hadith we will take money matter who and they were called Kana atom, to the rest of us, so he says his son and your Lord is going to favor you is going to give you something special, teaching you the meanings of speech, the meanings, here, a hadith with Hadith seems, the meanings of divine words. And also the meanings of

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dream interpretations. Were you to monometallic while the area code and Allah would perfect His favor upon you and upon the family of Jakob of Jacob, just as he completed it and perfected it on Ibrahim and his half before

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in the Rebecca Hakeem on halimun Did your Lord is all knowing and all wise, then Allah speaks generally about the story of profit your service and I'm saying people can have use of our equity he is on his side indeed there is in the news of and his brothers, there are lessons for those who are asking.

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Now Allah starts narrating the story. So the story starts with the brothers of use of and they were

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so Prophet Jacobi Sam had more than one wife. And these brothers, this group of brothers that that are referred to in the story were

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from another mother.

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So their mother was not the same mother of use of any he seldom use of an his brother, Binyamin or Benjamin.

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So these brothers, they noticed their usefulness and I was very special, and his father had something special for him.

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Although we know as a prophet, Jaco Jaco must have treated his children as thoroughly as he could. But yet sometimes, you know, you don't you in especially with siblings, and what there is competition, they get to see the slightest, even if there's a very natural, impossible to control kind of liking towards whatever your children, the others will notice this. So probably, that's what they picked up on. And they said, in our use of AD is his brother are dearer to our father than us. You know, our, our dad is must, must be sort of like, must be in some kind of misguidance. You know, it must be out of his mind. Why is this happening? So, the jealousy and we know, shaytaan blew into

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this grew bigger and bigger and bigger until they reached a point where they decided to get rid of the views of because they thought he's the one who's standing in the way of the love of our father. And so if use of whatever views of disappears, that our Father is going to give us so much attention and love.

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So they decided, and again, that's envy.

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They decided and this shows you that humans have this have these evil tendencies, everyone, and unless people work on themselves,

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you know, they will always have this proclivity to evil. And this is why you can't feel safe about your human nature. And many people will think good of themselves, they are actually good because they've never been truly tested.

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And, and this is why sometimes in difficult times, especially when crime becomes easy when committing atrocities comes to doorstep.

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Pretty, you know, much decent people commit atrocious acts and this is something that is very well documented in Nazi Germany. So the guards in the concentration camps the ones who are committing crimes were torturing humans, innocent humans.

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They're documented to have been average people, average human beings and even after the war was was over World War Two, a lot of these people went to the normal life and they led pretty much a decent life. But this chapter of their life was always filled with, again, like pain and agony and, and what was the dark side, the dark side of their humanity. And it's something that is referred to by for example, by some psychologists, like Carl Jung refer to that as the shadow

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that so there's a dark side to humans, and this is the dark side of the, of the nests of the self, the human self and the ego. And, and no one should feel safe about that. And if someone seems to be very good again, it might be their goodness might be because they have not been tested, they have not been put on the spot where there was a great temptation, or there was a lot of pressure to commit something you. So again, these are the brothers of use of and it seems that envy and jealousy really, like reached a level have developed a lot of momentum to where it reached a level where they considered that it was fair, it was a fair game to get rid of yourself to that extent. So they said

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let's just throw him somewhere, you know, send them to another land or kill him.

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And then your father would you know, have number two in front of him and he is love would flow to you because you sort of supposedly is blocking it. Then after that you become good people.

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Again, that's another another dark side of humans because we always you know, one of the reasons humans commit atrocities is that they say I'd repent later on I'll fix things later on. I'll just do I'll just do this one bad thing then you know, I will I will do our you know, transform into a good person.

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But again, this is from you know, shape I'm playing around with people

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one of them who was apparently the wisest, the least evil in that sense, although quite aluminium let's have to use affordable Ovi. But to be able to talk about this reality you couldn't have any one of them said

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and it seems some of them are for students that this is going to be named later on as Al Bashir is he was the most reasonable among them. He said don't kill us of like, this is such a huge crime. Why do you kill him? Do something less evil? And you guys can throw him in a pit or a wall? Or well, and you know, somebody some travels would pick him up and they would take him and he wouldn't be gone forever. But we don't need to kill him. Right.

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He said if you insist insist you when you want to do something, you want to get rid of him at least don't kill him just you know, go with something less than that. So they tried to convince the father to take us off on a picnic or a trip on

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he wasn't feeling comfortable about that. But they insisted on under their

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under their insistence he gave in so they took us off and they promised they're going to you know

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offer him good time so you can play and have fun.

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But then

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eventually what they did, they left us of in a deserted well.

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And they took his shirt, they ripped it apart. And they slaughtered sheep. And they the the sock the shirt use of shirt in the blood of the sheep just to convince the Father because they made up a story already that we were racing. We weren't racing and we left us off with our luggage. And then when he came back he had been eaten by we found out he had been eaten by a wolf or some beast.

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Yeah, so they left him in the in the well and they came back to their father pretending to be cry, to be crying to be weeping and be sad. And they said you know we went

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racing with Joseph he was eaten by the wolf and

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And you probably aren't going to believe believe what we say. And again, that's a way of again, when a liar liar tries to go overboard, try to convince you. And they always give clues, right? Of their,

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of their lies. They said, Dan, you probably not going to believe you know what we're seeing, even though we are telling the truth.

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But the father said, you know, no, you guys, you know, put together a plan, you got guys conspired, and I don't know what that is. But I'm just going to go in to have beautiful patience. I'm going to be patient. It's such a huge calamity to lose his son in this way. And by who, by his other sons.

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And then he seeks all his help. He says, We'll lock on Mr. Hanna and MSSA phone and I seek Allah's help against what you're saying, because what you're saying is not true. And you're hiding the truth, and I seek Allah's help, I'm going to hold on to patience, this is a predicament Allah put me in, I'm going to be patient, that's how I'm going to deal with it. And here we come across the first tool to handle life that we're taking from profit, use of historical profit, use fairly synonyms.

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There is no guarantee that life will not hit you hard. But when it hits, Allah provided Allah did not leave us without, you know, tools to handle it. So one of the most profound tools that Allah gave us is patience. And patience means

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that there is pain, there is discomfort.

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And, instead of risk, instead of acting on impulse, and instead of giving in,

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you're going to transcend this situation, and you're going to bite your tongue, or put up with your pain and

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not allow it to control you not allow it to dictate your response. Rather, you're going to transcend it. So your response will not be triggered by the pain or the discomfort of the situation.

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So this is one of the most powerful tools with which we can handle and deal with the other of Allah subhanaw taala because this patient is actually part of al Qaeda. It's a tool. It's one of the part of the toolkit that will allow us once Allah gave us to handle and to be able to deal with the other side with the painful with the unpleasant

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with the uncomfortable

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what we have is patience. And he said well, louder more Stan, I seek Allah's help. This is our call. This is tell worklets is having patience and he's having so good

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then the shift goes to use for the hustler Allah says it's the yellow turn for us to worry the home for Adela Delaware who Allah Yeah, Boo shahada, Allah wa sallahu wa Allah will long run even be Maryam alone

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or shallow will be 10 million bucks in De Lima do the team what kind of iman is a hidden so Allah says and a caravan came by

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by the well well use of had been left and they said send someone to they because they know usually these caravans they know the the trade route they know it and they know what facilities there are they recognize this a well there.

00:28:35--> 00:28:37

So they sent someone to go and get them some water.

00:28:38--> 00:28:50

They send this person he goes and he comes back and he says good news. There is a little boy over there. Obviously little boy deserted in a well, what is that?

00:28:51--> 00:29:39

It's a financial, you know, benefit. You take this boy, sell him because slavery was very common at the time. You take this boys sell him into slavery in the slave market, and you'll make some free money. So that was it. So he said, Yeah, we'll show how that hola or Sal RA will be Allah and and they secretly took him as a commodity as an object. And again, it probably shows that this was the ones who are running the caravan. The operators of the caravan, not everyone and they hid him. Why? Because there would be repercussions. There might have been wise people decent people in a caravan who would say no, this, this child must belong to somebody here in the locality can't stick him. So

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they knew what they were doing was wrong. So they took him

00:29:43--> 00:29:48

they took him and this was happening in Palestine.

00:29:49--> 00:30:00

So the caravan was heading to Egypt. So when they arrived in Egypt, they sold him and they didn't sell him for much. They didn't sell him for much more shallow will be feminine.

00:30:00--> 00:30:07

But first number 20 Shadow who became an imbecile, they sold them for a really cheap in a price.

00:30:11--> 00:30:14

And they're probably they were just happy to get a few, you know,

00:30:16--> 00:30:33

a few quid and just, you know, not not not have, you know, just trade him safely basically without bringing any putting putting themselves in trouble. So the one who bought him, interestingly was one of the most influential people in Egypt, and

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it's called is called Al Aziz.

00:30:39--> 00:30:45

It's called Al Aziz. Yes. So as it's more like a minister, a secretary, a very influential person,

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in the government of Egypt, so he bought him, he brought him to the house and he said to his wife, a creamy myth will take care of this boy. Obviously, he noticed he was special, there was something special and we're going to see in the story of Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam, there's always something special about him. And this is something that is obviously special about him because of his he's handsome. We know the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam said that he was given half of handsomeness or beauty

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that Allah gave to humans. But again, it's not only that, but also there is

00:31:22--> 00:31:24

as I believe,

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was the model the lifeline when we said in that elhassan It Yulia and Phil would no longer physically be will be and Phil watch, for Hacienda for every good deed that you do. There is light in your heart, it brings about light in your heart, and beauty on the face. So,

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radiance. So there is something about profit usefulness that everyone saw him sort of, you know, notice something special about him. So he said to his wife, Aziz, he said his wife take care of him

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and treat him well.

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So that we could benefit from him. Oh, maybe we can even take him as a boy as our own son. Like adopt him his own son.

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Allah says what can Daddy can or cannot use of effing ugly? What do you know I leave my home into will Hadith Allah, why do you want me to hear what I can act on se? Les I know, the beautiful statement here. Allah subhanaw taala says, and thus we have established use of facilite. Like, we have meet circumstances were in his where he's living his medium is environment helpful and conducive.

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So you met him established, there's some sort of settlement he settled, it's not like life of trouble and

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a disturbance all the time. Now there is some kind of stability in that life. And this is how, generally speaking, you get people get to advance, establish something and build something because usually when life is very

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turbulent, it's very hard to build, like knowledge or to build, to build something that the person because

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things are not stable, so the people don't build, you know, something over time, like habits, knowledge, trade, craft, etc. So, and this shows that in life, we need some stability we need there is a level of necessary stability for people to grow, to learn, to establish something to be even psychologically, you know, sound. So ALLAH SubhanA, Allah says that we have made this available for to use varicella and thus we so that we teach him again, I didn't know that we had it. So Allah teaches him, the meanings, the true meanings, the meanings of Revelation, etc. And also, wisdom in general will love only one at Emory. And Allah has power to make his word come true. Allah has a has

00:34:02--> 00:34:14

a plan that Allah has a plan here. And Allah says whatever he wrote, whatever he decided that's good, that's what's going to happen in ways we never expect.

00:34:15--> 00:34:37

What I can tell unnecessarily either one, but most people don't know. First number 22 When in Marbella, or should the whole attina Hoekman were in human Okay, daddy Kennedy's in russini. And he reached puberty. The reached like an age where He's strong. He's a strong man now. Eddie now Hockman we're in email we gave him

00:34:38--> 00:34:48

wisdom and knowledge, and we also give him strength. We also give him give him this How come here is more about some personal power.

00:34:50--> 00:34:56

personal discipline some strong presence says something about him that is that makes him

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

has possessed so

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

Some power some influence Hoekman we're in or it could be judgment here. How come? It could be gentleman very sound judgment and good character, what can barely can edges in my scene in and this is how we pay back and this is how we recompense those who do well, those always do the right thing. And this is another tool to deal with that when you do the best when you don't wrong others. Allah subhanaw taala does what he gives, He gives wisdom, knowledge, sound judgment, and he also gives power.

00:35:36--> 00:35:38

Okay, I think it's enough for today insha Allah to Hara

00:35:39--> 00:35:50

because we're going to start with a very important part of his of the story of Prophet use for the Sudan. And we're going to leave that to next week. So,

00:35:52--> 00:36:09

again, so just to conclude, we are dealing with total use of a new ceramic ceramic key, by the way, was revealed in it was revealed in in MEK before the Hedgehog, we say, for the age of the Prophet salallahu Salam. And

00:36:10--> 00:36:32

we saw that it was an important part of a last panel to add a consoling Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam, giving him more reassurance and putting his the struggles he was going through putting that in context. So inshallah we're going to see you next Friday. We'll meet you next Friday evening later and I hope you guys are keeping safe and

00:36:33--> 00:36:39

hope you're utilizing this time and making good use of it. Until then.

00:36:40--> 00:36:43

I leave you in peace was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.