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necessary know when to stop. When a study when I wrote to be like initially and fusina women sejahtera Melina Miguel de la hora furama Lila whoami

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Maria murshida a shadow Allah, Allah illallah wa la sharika wa shadow Anna Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira yeah yo hell arena. Amen otaku la hapa to party he moved on

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to Muslim moon yeah you Hannah sutopo Bakula de Paula Takumi na sua murshida Mahara Pamina Zoda thermen humare Jahren Kathy on manisa De La Hoya de una be here in namaha carnera de como la Kiva.

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Yeah, and you Hello Tina. I'm an otaku. la hora de de de la Kumar mo de como de la comida Nova con woman nuclear la whoa all I sorta Papa fosun Lima. We think in praise Allah the Almighty, our Lord and Master and creator sustainer and nourish are the one true God. Allah The only one deserving of all of our praise and our gratitude, we thank him for all of his unlimited blessings upon us. We think Allahu subhana wa tada for all of his bounties that we cannot even enumerate. We ask Allah for forgiveness for all our shortcomings, and at times we had a lapse in judgment. And we asked the Lord to guide us and keep us strong upon guidance. And we ask a lot to shower our beloved messenger with

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compliments and salutations, our beloved messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and his family and his companions and all of those who follow his tradition, his son until the end of time. May Allah make us of those who listen and recite to the earth and are inspired by it. And may Allah make us of those that are in love with the messenger in his tradition and follow it and adhere to it. As to what follows Allah subhanahu wa tada commands us in the Quran and repeats dozens of times because we are in need of repetition, to have to have him to be conscious and aware and renew our consciousness and awareness. Because the world we live in is one that takes us away from knowing our

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Creator. So we are in need of constant reminders, especially as we are about to welcome the month of tableau, the month of Ramadan, the month where Allah subhana wa tada says, that if we are to be successful in this month, we will exit it being people of increased supply and God consciousness. So let us renew our taqwa of Allah as it is his right upon us. And let us make sure that we do not leave this dunya except in a state of submission, fulfilling what Allah commanded and abstaining from what he forbade, that is piety. That is taqwa. As to what follows my last opportunity with you all we were able to introduce the topic and remind each other the difference between our physical

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bodies and our soul. We said that Allahu Subhana Allah created us with physical bodies that are material physical, tangible,

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created from something tangible and physical Allah said and sort of blah ha min ha ha panakam was he had no woman Hannah curry Jochem Tara and Ola. From it we create a new meaning from the earth from dirt from clay from water, which is not equal in height. Every living thing was made from water. Well, if he had already to come in, it's only a matter of time before you will be returned to it. It's only a matter of time before we die and we will be buried and put back into the dirt and our bodies will disintegrate and become one with the dirt. Well, I mean, how did you come tell us and Allah and then it's just yet another amount of time before Allah subhanho wa Taala extracts us from

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our graves, we will be resurrected in every creation every human being will stand before Allahu Subhana Allah, there is no avoiding those meetings.

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And Allah subhana wa tada also created within us, a soul which is not tangible, it is not material, it is not physical. It is heavenly it is from Allah. Hence the nourishment of the soul and this is what we discussed last time, nourishing the soul and strengthening its immunity from the different spiritual vices that we are surrounded by, is by reconnecting it with Allahu subhana wa Tada. There is so much restlessness in the world today. There are so many people that are restless and much of it has to do with the restlessness of the soul. And Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us the solution in the Quran, Irby de la takoma in North Korea. Surely with the remembrance of Allah subhana wa tada

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the souls can find some peace and some harmony.

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It is through the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala being connected to the source of that soul

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that we will find peace

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and just like if some

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Do you want to have a rash on their ankle? Somebody had a rash, or a bite or something was itching them on the skin on their ankle. And you came you said, Come Here, let me help you with that. Let me alleviate your discomfort and I'll put some of this cream on your hand or on your cheek. Does that make any sense? Is that logical? So the treatment for the illnesses of the soul must come from the source of that soul which is from Allah subhana wa tada over indulgence of the physical body does not alleviate the restlessness of the soul.

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And that's why in the month of Ramadan, Allah Allah subhanahu, WA tada has commanded us to abstain for certain periods of time, from some things that are indulgences of the physical body, so that there can be more energy and focus on the soul, and how to nourish it, and how to cure it of its illnesses.

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The scholars, they made a very interesting parable as to the relationship between the soul and the body. And I had personal experience that resonated very well with this metaphor, some of them, they said, that the body and the soul is like a horse and a writer.

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And anybody who has some experience dealing with horses or riding with horses may understand this. And if you don't, then you should go and have that experience. There are multiple ahaadeeth and narrations of the prophets have a long way to send them by the way, as a tangent, praising the creation of the horses the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said hey lumerical don't really know well so he held

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that horses have in there for luck attached to them his goodness there is clade and goodness in them.

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The prophets Allah subhana wa tada in an in one occasion actually swore by horses, and their galloping and the dust that they kick up and the sparks will the idea to Baba fell Maria de cada her movie rocky sabaha I thought maybe he number four was supposed to be he jamara Allah subhana wa tada is swearing by the horse and this creation of Allah, and he swears by whatever he wishes, and look at how the horse carries its master and drives into the thick of a battlefield into the opposing army. When people would fight on horseback and they would drive with their horses in the midst of an oncoming army. What kind of creation is this? That it would ride with its master right into its

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peril and potential death and destruction? How obedient is a horse to its master? And then Allahu subhana wa tada it gives the job will pass them the response of that oath. Why is unless swearing by all of these things, oh, human being. Look how strong and powerful Look how amazing and impressive The horse is. Look how obedient it is to its master to drive itself into the middle of an attacking army in the insanity of bahala Canute

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by all of these oath surely the human being man is ungrateful to their Lord.

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Oh human being, look at how amazing this horses and its obedience to its master, can you not be obedient to your master in such a way?

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Can we not exemplify and show some of that obedience to our Lord and Master and creator. So I digress. Allah subhana wa tada and His Messenger have utilized the horse to show us and give us metaphors so we can understand that said the body and the soul is like a horse and a rider. And it's a parallel I will share with you a few years ago, all my life I have been impressed and amazed by horses, but at the same time scared of them. Huge animals, they have a mind of its own.

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Until one day I was finally able to ride on a horse and the trainer and the breeder of the horses was a very kind, wise man. And he said, Listen, you have to be very confident. He said, horses are very proud. And they're very intuitive. If you are scared, or you are sheepish, the horse will feel that from you and will not obey you, and will take you for a ride and will not listen to you. So you have to be strong and you have to mentally overpower the horse, if you want to physically steer it in the direction you want to go.

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And so he showed me how to do it. This is how you get on the horse. This is how you stop. This is how you turn this is what you do. I said looks pretty simple, easy enough. He made it seem very easy. So I got onto that horse that was a mission on its own. And then we started writing and I am pulling with all of my force and the horse would not stop. He said pull on the reins, it will stop immediately. When he did he did it with one hand pull and the horse came to a stop. I'm pulling with both of my hands and I'm heavier and bigger than that horse trainer. I could not get that horse to stop because my heart was trembling. I was scared of the animal. I'm trying to get it together.

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It starts prancing and running away. Where is it going to take me that was quite an adventurous afternoon. But and hamdulillah no one was hurt. It was a learning experience. There are other methods such as the comparison of the body and the soul.

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The body with all of its physical desires, the ego,

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with its whims and wishes and love for luxury and comforts, wishes to steer the soul in a direction that only needs to satisfying those whims and that appetite.

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And if the soul cannot be confident enough and strong enough to control those desires, then we will be taken for a ride that will lead to our own demise and destruction.

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That's why Emanuel has it. He said, Your soul is yearning for Toba and repentance. Your soul is yearning. It's from Allah. The soul wants to go back to its source. It wants to be connected with its source Allahu subhanahu wa Tada.

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He said the soul is yearning to be connected with Allah subhanho wa Taala will have our chromium net Roca Manitoba but your whims and desires are preventing you in impeding you from repenting and turning back to Allah subhana wa Tada. Further Pooja has done Jason for all I do.

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And so he said, If you prepare a new mobilize an army, your enemy will be scared and will run away and leave you alone. If somebody if a bully wants to attack you, and they see you weak and alone,

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and they are coming to attack you and you make a motion and you wave and behind you comes a huge army. What does that bully going to do? Oh, we have no problem here. How's it going? Nice to see you Good day. They will turn around and not harm you. But OSHA has done datian for what I do.

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So mobilize an army for your soul.

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mobilize and put together an army for your soul to battle and tame and control the enemy of whims and desires. And that is the key of Ramadan.

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Either we will be the rider and the one in charge. Or we will be driven and we will be taken in a direction that will destroy us. Which one do we want?

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And upon which path are we headed now?

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As we welcome Ramadan, let's analyze and assess our current condition.

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So Ramadan is a time for us to recalibrate, recalibrate our moral compass,

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to have a life of discipline.

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To be a believer in essence is to live a life of discipline

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to have obedience of Allahu subhana wa tada all of the commandments, all of the things that Allahu subhana wa tada has commanded us to do in our days and our nights. The schedule that Alon His Messenger have created for us is so that we can have a life upon an upright moral compass. And the past 11 months we have been swaying away our compass is not calibrated. And Ramadan is a time for us to recalibrate and adjust and become believers who are living a life of discipline

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and reflect upon this. There are other method that can you imagine during the few days and nights during the few days of Ramadan, Allahu subhanahu wa tada has made things that are normally lawful, impermissible.

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There are a few things that in the days of Ramadan, Allah has made them impermissible and they are generally speaking lawful. So can you imagine how unlawful the permanently forbidden are?

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There are a few things during Ramadan there the rest of the year perfectly lawful in Ramadan, Allah has made them impermissible. So can you imagine those things that are always 20 473 65 impermissible and displeasing to Allah? Can you imagine how unlawful they also are during the month of Ramadan?

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Will we be the one in control? Or will we be driven? Will we ride and tame and control? Or will we be the ones that are driven to our demise? Someone once complained to a scholar. And they said,

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you know, in the olden days, the scholar would teach and remind, and people would be invigorated and revived and people would change their lives. But he said nowadays, we hear something, perhaps we are moved by it and then nothing happens the day after the scholar responded with some words that have sorrow in them.

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But it's important for us to wake each other up. He said Ghana rula was Santa Fe oven when NASA niyama

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una him fees Emma Nina and Rama una mano NASA Mota. He said in the olden days,

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scholars were awake, aware, acute

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and many people were asleep. So the one awake was able to shake and wake up the sleeping. But unfortunately in our days, many of those of scholarship are asleep. And many of the common folk are dead.

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So how can the sleeping one a week the dead

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but Allah subhana wa tada in the onset FM and kanamycin for now, who was another Who?

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Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, can you imagine someone who's dead and we pumped them back again with life and they had light

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can you imagine someone that was dead, but we gave them back again life we resuscitated them. And on top of that life, gave them light so they can travel and traverse and go through the course of the difficulties of this life with light and with wisdom.

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That is what the month of Ramadan is here for us to take advantage of to wake up. So will we wake up? Or will we remain asleep? The choice is our is our automatic marijuana stock federal law. How do you recommend deciding Muslim in a Muslim investor futile? repent to Allah for he is the most forgiving, Most Merciful.

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Alhamdulillah yamir alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam or I don't remember the ultimate in Lillard. I mean, were early he was sashimi he a Jew Marine, para la junta Baraka with Allah when a panda was Selena Latina Wu Tang kita Bamiyan Pablo de como el camino de la.

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After thanking and praising Alon beseeching him to shower his compliments and salutations upon the beloved messenger.

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We remind one another that Allah subhana wa tada said,

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Surely we have commanded the nations before you who also received scripture and you earn and you own Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to have Taqwa of Allah. The Universal timeless message from Allah to all nations and communities is to have Taqwa, to be people of consciousness, not to be those who are heedless.

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Mr. Michel ferry, it is said, the great scholar Mr. Michel ferry, for those that like to have lists and rosters, perhaps we can say he is arguably if not definitely, among the top 10 of the greatest aroma of this oma.

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If I'm a chauffeur, it is said in a report that when he was ill, and approaching his death, one of his close companions of learning and research,

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and moves any mammal moves and he came to him and said, what is the condition of your soul?

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He did not inquire about the condition of his body. But he said, Tell me about the condition of your soul. It is said that in my mission, after he said to me, and I do Niala heda

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he said to him, to me, and I do Niala kita What do you want him? When he said many years Tisha, Reba,

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what is the malatya word Allaha

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Samantha cool, what a mocha salby wabakimi turbo Germany Africa Salama, there are many them be for them to be if we cannot be Ghana, Africa Varma.

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It is said that when he amendment was and he came to him and said, what is the condition of your soul? He said, Tim,

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he said to him, I have met this day,

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preparing to leave this dunya and preparing to bid farewell to my loved ones, and preparing to drink from the bitter cup of death and preparing to meet and come before my Lord. I cannot avoid that and preparing to come an encounter with my mistakes and my poor choices.

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Then he began to tear and he said some lines of poetry.

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And he said when I have

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no other way of going except to leave this life, there is no other option available to me. I have constructed for myself.

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With hope between me and you, Oh Allah a ladder. I have used hope in your mercy as a ladder to reach you online.

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And this is my my Scheffer is speaking with so many great achievements that until this day, the oma is benefiting and indebted to him for, but he is regretting his poor choices. But even then he does not lose hope in the mercy of Allah. And he feels as though his hope and his mercy is a ladder that connects him. And he says to Alva, many them be, he says, I am so taken aback by the colossal amount of my mistakes and my sins. But then I gazed and I looked, and I observed Your mercy and your compassion and your forgiveness, Oh Allah. And I compared the two and I am now sure without any doubt, that my sins don't stand a chance in front of your forgiveness and mercy of Allah.

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That Allah has mercy is far greater.

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And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to congratulate his community and I will congratulate you all.

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And the scholars said this is the best congratulation for the believers to welcome the month of Ramadan. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a hadith record in the book of Ramadan, nessa he and the scholar said it is authentic. Or the jochum show Hello Ramadan. Ramadan has arrived before you

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Sharon Mubarak cuttlebone, Lahore alikum siana it is a blessed month there are so many benefits so much goodness in this month and Allah has commanded you to fast in this month.

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Allah has commanded you to fast so obey allows command to ferrovie he was summer the gates of the heavens are opened for you

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went to Villa Kofi Abu Joshi and the gates of the Hellfire are closed.

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But to alluvia he shall clean and the devils are chained.

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The devils are chained.

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Feed a legend Heilmann L. Fisher, mentor you may have heard him there is one night in this month that is greater than 1000 months and whoever is not able to take advantage of the opportunities of this month, then they have suffered a great great loss. May Allah subhanaw taala not make us amongst those that are in a state of loss. May Allah make us of those that are successful? May Allah make us of those that are excited for the month of Ramadan? May Allah subhana wa tada make us of those who feel the weight of their sins and are eager for the month of Ramadan to feel light with the forgiveness of Allah. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah make us of those who are successful in reading

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his book, in increasing in charity, in fasting, may Allah make us of those who benefit far more from this month. May Allah prevent us from being of those who only get out of Ramadan, hunger and thirst.

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A few announcements before we close we have an important program tonight with our Imam Sheikh Mohammed 40, around the topic of Ramadan.

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The month of salvation is the title and you're all encouraged to attend and benefit from that. In addition, there is a new affordable hedge package that is been released with Muslim farmer also from our community. And there is also an event A matrimonial event on the eighth of June but it is specifically for those catered for those that are above the age of 40. You can find out about all of these events and many more on the posters and the information on your way out. And as we come to a close regarding the Ramadan announcement, we have said it before. And we will repeat again that the policy of the machine here you're invested in your community follows the long standing

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jurisprudential opinion of the scholars and the policy adopted here and by many councils of scholars that we await for global signing of the crescent to announce an affirm the starting and the ending of the month of Ramadan there so there will be an announcement in sha Allah hota Allah on Saturday night tomorrow night if there is any credible sighting of the moon however, that is not expected to be the case. And so the most likely expectation is that the first of Ramadan will be on Monday and Tel Aviv will begin on Sunday night. But stay tuned to the messages website and email list and the various social media accounts for the announcement inshallah terracotta Allah and as we close let us

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remember those amongst us that are ill May Allah grant them strength and good health and those who have passed away May Allah forgive them And grant them mercy and forgiveness along with remote Alon Omar muslimeen while having lahoma motonovo Moulton muslimeen are better at nothing jr Hassan. Hassan

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Masada Mohammed Mohammed

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Ibrahim, Mohammed Ahmed, Mohammed, Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ibrahim in Dhaka, hamidah Majeed

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burn a shirt.

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A shirt one murder was Sulu.

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Dee Hi.

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Coco Mati Skoda taco taco Murthy Skoda or no.

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La the ILA