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AI: Summary © Speakers from the SEO organization, including a representative and a host, discuss their mission to empower people to navigate through doubts and make sure they are on the right track. They also mention a course on no doubt, which is designed to help people understand the meaning of Islam and its significance to them. The course is available after their release, and those interested in it can donate or visit the website.
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How many times have we heard a parent in anguish trying to deal with that child's doubts, and in many cases, the child needs Islam. And it's becoming more and more frequent every single day. One of Sapiens Institute's missions is to stop this trend by empowering and developing honors. Last December, we launched the video series responding to key contentions and titled sapient thoughts. We are also in the process of developing and publishing a book answering the destructive doubts found online. However, we understand the answers to specific questions are not enough. This is why we are focused on enabling people to navigate through the doubts and the doubts of others. Hence, we have

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developed this unique and groundbreaking course called no doubt, this course brings together the academic, intellectual and spiritual tools that one needs to wind the waves of doubt, and end up on the secure and stable shows of certainty and enable others to do so the same 1000s of you were empowered by this course. And I'm pleased to announce that the revamped and professionally filmed course will be available after Ramadan inshallah, also one of the most unique and much needed services that Sapiens Institute would provide is a program called lighthouse, where you be able to book a one to one session with one of our trained mentors, this free service is available now, this

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mentoring is not only for people who suffer from doubts, but it's also for those who are active in the field so we could enhance and develop them further. However, as you can imagine, the sheer level of focus and man hours is immeasurable. This is why we could not achieve this without the help of Allah and your support. If you want to support the prophetic model of supporting others and empowering others, then donate now go to Sapiens forward slash donate or click the link below.