Tom Facchine – Answering the Misconceptions #08 – What is Jihad

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of force and how it can be used to defend oneself against evil forces. They explain that violence can be used to get rid of one's ego and that this is a part of everyone's duty to defend themselves against evil forces. The speaker also mentions that the law uses words like intentions to protect others, but this is not something that is evil.
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Some people hear the word jihad. And they think that she had some violent, barbaric sort of concept. And I guess there's two responses I have to that. One is that Jihad means a lot of things. So fighting against your own soul, or the ego, right, fighting against your ego taming your ego, disciplining yourself. This is something that can all be referred to as jihad, first of all, so just because you hear the word jihad doesn't mean that we're talking about something that's violent. And the second thing is that not all violence is bad, right? In World War Two, it took violence to get rid of Hitler, right? That was a type of righteous violence. And a law actually says in the Koran,

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if you don't defend yourselves, if you don't stick up for yourselves, then there's not going to be a church or a mosque or a synagogue left on the face of this earth. And the law actually uses those words. He doesn't just say, mosques, he says churches and synagogues to which shows you that this is something that is part of human rights, something that is every single community has the right to defend itself, and to make sure that it has the freedom to be able to worship their creator and practice their religion. And there's evil forces in the world and history that sometimes try to take that away. And, you know, you should have the ability and the license to defend yourself against

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those forces. So it doesn't it's not anything that's barbaric, and it's not anything that's beyond that, that GE has just a it's it's a part of life where either if it's fighting against yourself or whether it's fighting against forces that want to take away rights that everybody should have

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