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Why do you use Philosophy in Dawah

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Mohammed Hijab

Channel: Mohammed Hijab

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Episode Transcript

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Santa Monica Monica De La Habra capsule. How are you guys doing? Some people ask the question for what purposes do philosophy and our

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The answer is for two main purposes, number one instrumental purpose and this instrumental purposes to bring people to the religion of Islam. That is because it will be circular reasoning to try and prove the Quran with the Quran. So you need to have a vantage point outside of the Quran in order to prove it. Now, for example, proven God's existence or the prophethood of Prophet Mohammed Salah lyonya. So, the second thing is to deconstruct, second purpose to deconstruct false ideologies. We don't use philosophy for the purposes of completing something which we believe is already complete, which is Islam or on the Sharia, the perfect, pure way. This we won't compromise on our principles

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with anyone who wants to compromise. What do they want to do for you, they know they wish that they could compromise we do this to perform homosassa Allah, Allah homage to the Quran, so that you may compromise with them.