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The transcript discusses various topics related to Islam, including Jana's tree and the weight of a tree, as well as historical events and potential consequences. The discussion also touches on regret and failure to achieve goals, a new postcard from the Republican party references the Democrats' victory, and the importance of remembering Jesus. The closure of one's mind is due to actions and mistakes, and the process of closure is now in place.

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The next phase what are what are what are put in them now what do you get for that? Rasulullah sallallahu husbands told us in Hadith of Buhari law how Allah will occur with a nebula is a treasure box from the treasure boxes of Jana. For that you just receive an entire treasure box that is full, full treasure box with all the all the you know, precious stones in there, Allah will give you that just saying it once just for saying Subhanallah once you get a tree in Ghana,

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I just heard nobody Say Subhan Allah for that you're thinking Sheikh What am I going to do with the tree? Oh, I'm going to do with the tree

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a tree which you don't know what the tree is and that's why you start there. Subhanallah Goodman tree is

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a tree Rasulullah Salah has been described in a hadith he says that the roots of all these trees in Jannah the made of gold. And you can see that the fruits are hanging exactly where you want them. Y'all reclining you just just do that the fruit is just when you want it. The seven gives you the second fruit from the same tree and you say this is in Hadees you say to the to the seven Hey, why are you give me the same from the same tree you give me another fruit man's getting spoiled in the night and I'm saying like Yeah, so the seven says can taste it and the person taste the fruit it's more delicious in the first fruit. Imagine when we've gone through this whole of this world we've

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gone through hundreds of years of the grave will come up on the day of judgment and we go through 1000s of years and then we come to the bridge of hellfire we cross all of that we're now at the doors of Jana is so big the doors and Allah said Our car is summer you will have the width of that of that door Allah Oh the width of the agenda is gonna be like like the like like the the width of the heavens and the earth and the door itself has been explained in the hadith is from this earth to the sky that we see that's how big it is in a separate Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu it says that the fragrance of Jannah can be detected from a 500 miles away we spelling that fragrance mean you all of

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us inshallah Bina will be there will be there inshallah inshallah. But the big regrets that every single one will have unprofessionalism said every person will have this regret is as we approaching Jana, and we see what people got in Jana. We haven't entered denial. We see it from a distance Wow, that guy got this for that. That guy got this for 700 That guy got this for light. I love that guy got that for Subhanallah with your family. That guy got that for is still far this guy got this for Salawat numbers when they see the amount what people have got from the Vikram Allah azza wa jal.

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We all going to regret why didn't I spend more time in the dunya more time in the world during the vicar of Allah, my friends in the grave doing all these decrees not going to help us on the Day of Judgment, it's not going to help us only on this dunya in this world, it will help us now once we enter janma that feeling inside us of missing out on someone Allah will take you to where Allah will take us to take away something called login, which is the competition we have between ourselves which is the thing that gives us our jealousy Allah will take that away so don't worry my friend if you enter in Jannah and you got more than the next man you're in fifth dose you can rest assured

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that data from downstairs from Jana tomato is not going to come tonight and rob you like it I'm saying you're not giving oh my god man who is missing oh my god who took it and you don't know you're gonna be alright. Okay. Allah will take that competition that jealousy out will be fine in Jana Bismillah. But we will regret why didn't we do more because of Allah and connect our minds more with Allah in this dunya. Now there is a map Allah azza wa jal anytime we call him anytime we call him Allah is always responding back. Now look, Allah knows us anyway. But he says this in the Holy Quran, that Guru only at the Gurukul mush guru Li will take full role. Allah says you come into my

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remembrance, you do my vicar. I will do your remembrance I will come to you.

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Imagine you do Salah Lana Vida Salah you do you fast Allah, Allah never fast you give sadaqa Allah never Allah never does any of that. He doesn't do any of that. But you do the zikr of Allah, Allah will make special mention of you what does it mean that Allah will do your vicar Allah will be in your in your remembrance, it means Allah will give you special attention. Allah will give you guidance Allah will give you mercy Allah will give you specific you know something very special special way of remembering us with kindness with mercy and so on. This is what Allah does. And Hadith Buhari explains it further. Allah says in a hadith of Guzzi in Buhari Allah says and are in

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one near buddy be I am as my seven things need to be my slave the way my slave thinks me to be. I am I will be according to that. Well and Mr. Howe, who either macaroni and when my seven my my seven remembers me when they are connecting their minds with me when they're remembering me do my vicar. I am with them. When they remember

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me I'm gonna ask you right now to say this just to call Allah azza wa jal and say, yeah Allah Who yeah Allah Ya Allah Who yeah, like I won't be calling Allah. Ya Allah, Allah. Allahu Allah. Ya Allah. Allah. Allah. Allah yeah lovely Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. You just said that right now my brother man What's your name?

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Yeah say hola said yes side you said yeah hola hola Cydia side What's your name? Oh they're just in Allah said he is seen. Allah said yeah Fatima Allah says Allah said yeah Mustafa, Allah said yes on so so on. So whatever your name is Allah to name the hadith of Buhari explains in the Quran, if enough see the Karatu who feed FC when my servant but my slave remembers me in their mind, I will remember them in my exalted being, I will remember them. Well in that Gorani fee Mala. If my seven remembers me in a gathering that come to who female in higher ed mean, I will remember my seven in a gathering better than that which is the gathering of the angels were in the Hadees continues we're

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in Las shipborne if you move fine move towards Allah one spans when Allah says to cut them to La he did. Allah says I will move one accident towards my seven were in Dakar Donna la era if by seven moves towards me one arm then to cut them to La Kibera I will move to arms full towards my seven by Attorney machine, if my serve and walks towards me at a two who have Voila, I will run towards my seventh what's happening in the process of the of this ticket. When my mind connects with Allah. My My tongue is moving with Allah's remembrance is Allah is drawing closer to me. Not not Allah is not close. Yes, Allah is already close to me. Allah is already close. And I'm gonna explain that to you

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in a little while how Allah is close to me. Okay, but I'm going to say to you right now is we don't feel the closeness of Allah though Allah is close to us because of one major thing that we the one one thing that we did, Allah says the Holy Quran, we're not

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worried. I am closer to the human being than his than his or her own jugular vein, Allah is already close to us. But why is it that I don't feel the closest of Allah? Why don't you feel the closest of Allah is because of the sins that we have committed. Minor sins create mindmap minor barriers between us and Allah, major sins create major barriers between me and Allah. And the only way of getting rid of those, those things. Those barriers that we have is through the vicar of Allah or Buddha, the companion of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he says that every stain has got a remover and the removal of the stain of bad deeds and stain of sins is the Dhikr of Allah to actually

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connect our minds with Allah azza wa jal so no matter how sinful you feel in my brothers and sisters, be in the Dhikr of Allah standard Salah connect your minds with Allah do da connect your mind with Allah and your move your tongues and say from the heart? Do you trust me say the phrases to try and connect with Allah read the Quran I'm trying to keep the mind thinking that Allah is watching me all the time. And then the more we do this, the more it removes the sins remove the barriers, we start to feel the closeness of Allah that is the big process that we have, that is now now in place whenever we do in the vicar of Allah correctly.