Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari – Is Not Being Able To Have Children An Illness

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of infertility and how it is a problem that can be solved with treatments and therapies. They also mention that the problem is exacerbated by cultural baggage and that people are trying to make it difficult for them to have children. The speaker suggests that people should not worry about their own self and that the problem is in the hands of Allah.
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This an infertility has always been in existence. From the very early times, people have tried to treat this problem. And that's why I've put here problem. Because is it really a problem? We need to know that it's subjective, whether it's a problem, okay? For some people, that could be a problem, like a problem. And for some people this, we accept what Allah has written for them. And for them, it's not a problem. So that's why

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I put it in inverted commas.

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So people have used all kinds of treatments and therapies, and it's always been in existence in fertility.

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Really, it's not an illness or a disease. That's why it could be a problem for you, but it's not an illness.

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It's not an illness. And this is why I mentioned this, and I've already quoted this verse. A believer should always remember that everything is subject to the power of Allah. And that creation of life is the exclusive function of Allah, no matter what method and means one employs. If Allah Almighty does not wish to grandchildren, one will never have children.

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This is the verse Surah 42 verse 4950, Nila human customer what you will have your glaucoma Ayesha. You have already made your show in artha. But your Halima your shirt was too cool. I will use a widow whom the Koran and what Inessa weird Yeah, hello my Yasha appea Ma.

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In who Aleem on in Hollywood, Adil. To Allah belongs, this is the worst to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. And he creates what He wills. He grants female children to whomsoever He wills, He bestows grants male children to whomsoever He wills, or he best house both males and females. And he leaves barren whomsoever he was, in who are even coded. He's full of knowledge and power, he knows what's good for you. So Islamically, it is as normal to have only male children, as it is normal, as normal to have only female children, as it is as normal to have both as it is as normal to have enough, none no children.

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This is Islamic. It's not an illness. It's not a disease. It's not a sickness. The problem again, will my brothers and sisters, again, half the time, or majority of the time, our problems faced in this dunya is because of the

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commotion around us.

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We've been ingrained.

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And the problem is exacerbated. It's exaggerated, it's made. It's magnified. It's made greater, bigger, because of all these people around us. A couple came here, they can't have children.

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Okay, the wife is going through heavy depression

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and anxiety.

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The husband he said to me, the look, of course, this is why I said Is there a problem? Of course everyone has a desire, we all have desire, we all want children. It's a natural human nature. So there's that's why I put in inverted commas. It couldn't be a problem

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that this problem

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of infertility

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can be magnified by other people around us. And that's what I was saying. Classic example. The husband said to me that you know what, of course, we naturally want to have children. It's been seven, eight years since we've been married. We've been trying we can't have children. Of course, we want to have children. But we could have accepted it to an extent or we're trying to we're going to do you know, read about those means and you know, some treatments.

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But the problem is that the reach has become so depressed is because everybody in the family is making a difference. And she doesn't want to go out of the house. She feels like embarrassed or pressure that people will ask her and this is where all the cultural baggage that comes into our communities of being very nosy.

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So every time she goes out, oh, when's the good news coming home? How many years we might still nurture and we're going to have children will come on Wednesday. Good news. Give us a good news. Oh, there it is. And the you know, granddad's and the grandmas and although everybody Mind your business, like it's not a question, Gerald, keep on asking as well. How many children and when you're gonna have children? Honestly, I never asked that question. When you're going to have children, however, it seems to be married. It's okay. It's everyone's different. Leave it to people don't just worry about your own self. And that makes it more difficult for people. This is what I

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trying to say basically, it's in the hands of Allah. That depression anxiety can come from a

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other people making it difficult because they keep on asking the question. Now a couple of Facebook in this situation can do the following things

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