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Haifaa Younis
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Bismillah How would you know that you are ready to take the hijab for Allah and that you will never leave it?

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There is nothing says you, okay? This is going to be completely different than what probably some of you have heard there is nothing says I am ready. I have no choice

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is not to I am not ready yet to Salah. Really, okay, it's up to you. That's not a choice.

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He drive is not a choice. That's what we all have to know. It's an obligation.

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I can't afford this what I said to myself, I can't afford dining, standing in front of Allah. And I know he drives an obligation. And he's going to ask me, why didn't you do it? And I'm going to say I wasn't ready on law.

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what will make you ready?

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When the fact that Allah wants something, that means I am ready.

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He will never asked me to do something that I cannot do. I want you all to live with this lie. You can live Allahu nevsun Allah, Allah who will not take or put a burden or put an order on yourself on a servant, unless you know they can do it.

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Having said that, this is how you look at these things. non negotiable is not a choice. Second part is very true.

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But I'm worried this is what you This is probably what you mean by I'm not ready, I'm scared that I will take it off.

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And this is very genuine. And this is a true. However,

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the key element, there's two ways of looking at this. Either you will say to yourself, and it's all about positive thinking and determination, either you're going to say to yourself, I will never take it out till I die. And he will make it easy. That's one way.

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And he will lie to you. When I was asked asked me this question, when I first put my hijab years ago.

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What happened? If you change your mind? That's exactly the question I got. This was less than six months

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after the first year.

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And subhanAllah I said, I will not change my mind.

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It came out of my mouth. Alhamdulillah. So that's a couple of people, people there is there are people like that? How about I'm not sure this?

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My advice? Do it. Keep asking Allah for for strength. Along with the law, one of the hardest thing for a woman has to do her job, especially if she's not very young. Kenny, you're not 1314 15 is not easy. If I say easy, and then I'm like so number one, do it. Number two, the fear is going to come for sure. Believe me, as from Shavon and people will say things to you makes you weak. For sure. You're gonna say to Allah subhanaw taala along my knee so to catch the bat, Ya Allah, I asked you steadfastness is one of the best advices I was given before I quit my hijab, the day before I put my hijab. May Allah give her genetic for those that woman? Because I asked this question actually,

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that's why this question is really hit home. I asked her.

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I said what about if I changed my mind? She said, See this, look at yourself in the mirror and say alarm and yes, I look at your life. I asked you for steadfast. Alhamdulillah did I had that those moments? Absolutely. But Allah made me again, I didn t made. So again. Number one, there is nothing called ready. You should be ready. But I don't know what struggles I'm going to go. That's true. That's absolutely true. But Allah who will make it easy. Turn to Him day and night. You know, when you get to your lowest point. And you we all want to know what lowest point you get invited, especially when you're around people. And you look around at your friends and all they look

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beautiful, you know dunya beautiful here with a dress and you come in with your hijab and everybody's looking at you, let alone if they make negative comments, tell me about it. That's when you before you go. And if you have to go let's say it's a non negotiable relationship. You have to go and visit your parents and your mom is the one who doesn't like it. Very common scenario. That's what you're going to say Allah keep me strong your law please don't make them say things that's gonna make me weak your law putting me in me the feeling that I look very beautiful. Or like this one I keep telling you learn to talk to Allah.

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Learn to talk to him. You know when I go on a stage and start speaking I always said this to my to him. I say Allah make me speak what pleases you? I can even doesn't matter how much I prepared you whatever. If he doesn't want you this

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Never gonna happen.

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So may Allah make you strong and my beautiful sister do it. It changes your life. It changed the perspective, what you look for what's your priorities, even changes your friends, change your environment.

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It's beautiful.

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