What is Shirk and Why is it the Worst Sin?

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So I want to come on up onto the Lucha Libre council How are you guys doing? Somebody yesterday in a comments asked me to make a video about shark and shark obviously being the cardinal sin the cardinal the worst sin in Islam worse than anything else, why is it conceived as such? How can we justify that shark which is loosely the Association of partners with God but encompasses a lot more than this? Why is this the worst thing you could possibly do as a human being. So, in this very short exposition, and obviously we are going to inshallah, like, talk about this more at length, Cofer on Shark,

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in, in terms of in learning environments, obviously, this is more casual, but some people will not be able to just sit there for 20 or 30 minutes, and listen to lectures. So I'm going to try and abbreviate this to less than 10 minutes. And that's a very difficult thing to do. But shark is loosely associated, so associating partners with God, which could be to make level Okay. Anything of the creation with God, the ultimate and the absolute. Doing your right.

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Okay. It's probably a good thing.

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This is drunk. I see. That's all right. Don't worry about it.

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I'll see you later. Yeah.

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obviously, they want to think to the man and this is something normal, natural, this is part of the disposition to see someone like me, that you want to sing to the man to the champ, this is fine. This is normal behavior I want to get.

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So going back to the point shook associates of making level anything with God now either to put God on the same level as anything, anything at the same level of God in any of his attributes in any of the worship that is owed to God that you give it to other than God.

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And then he has names, okay? Anything like that.

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And the fact that of His Lordship, the fact that He grants, sustenance and development to not only the universe where everything around us to attribute anything of those categories to anything other than Gods is to commit the cardinal sin of ship, the cardinal sin, okay, sorry, it's shaky, but saw the faith so those who believe in ship is unstable and shaky, you see, so we have to fix that. Always to to, to bring gods to the level of anything in creation. And that could be in any of the three ways aforementioned. Okay, so for example, two, attributes humaneness to God to attribute weakness to God, to attribute forgetfulness to God in any real sense, to attribute any of the

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deficiencies which color and categorize human beings and creatures in this world.

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to categorize God in any such way would be to commit shift. Now, why is that the worst thing in the Quran states on equivocally and unambiguously, in the La La Afro au Shaka, they were filmed by doing a daily kalama your shirt that God does not accept that schilke is done with him. But he actually he accepts anything else to whomever he wants. Why is this such a harsh penalty? Why should be seen as such a bad thing? In contradistinction with anything else, even the cover, and we are talking here about the ship, which necessitates that someone really is leaving Islam for all intents and purposes unless, say, and in some cases, they won't have an excuse. Do you have an excuse? So for example,

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someone sleepwalking, okay? Because we don't want to take these abstractions, and start imposing them on people, someone sleepwalking or someone is, you know, completely ignorant just came into Islam, there may be some level of excuse given that we can give, but generally speaking, in abstraction, if anyone does these things, they are stricken from the Islamic paradigm they are beyond the pale of Islam.

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You see, so this is seen as the most cardinal sin known to man. Why so? I want to present to you guys the value attribution argument. Okay. The, the argument from divine value, I call it that I've dubbed it as such, what is the argument from divine value?

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It's a very simple argument, which says that the more

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that the higher the attributes are of the one that you're transgressing against, okay, and that the more they are, the more of a sin or a crime

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Have an immorality that someone commits by doing or by committing such transgression. I'll give this to you in a very simple format, going into the car park, and which is good

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say to you now,

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for example, if someone were to say, if I cut a baby into two pieces, okay, and I cut a tree into two pieces of which two pieces, which of the two is worst thing to do

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on materialistic atheism, you really don't really have an answer because there's no intrinsic value and either of the two, what if you said Well actually, the intrinsic value will belong in the attributes the two entities which in here in the two entities or which the two entities

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you could say the two entities have, okay? The attributes that can be described with that obviously will say the cutting of the baby into two pieces is more transgressive, unethical and immoral than the cutting the tree into two pieces. So this is an argument from attributes, okay. Now, if we say, Well, if that is the case, right? If that is the case, then transgressing against

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Gods is even worse, you see, because God is got unlimited attributes.

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Give me the ticket, please. Thank you very much. Where's the ticket?

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Give me the ticket. Good. Good. Now, as I was saying, so if it's to do with attributes, the situation has to do with attributes as of

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right. Now, God has unlimited attributes. So transgressing against one with unlimited attributes, is Miss appropriately or inappropriately, I should say, right, which is of the highest level, and as such, it should be punished at the highest level. And someone says, Well, you actually believe in a Hellfire, which burns people eternally? Yes. We absolutely believe in such hellfire. How can you justify someone will say, a Hellfire that will condemn another Judo, Judo, but the lounge room and

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every time that their skin is peeled off, we give them new skin that they may taste the punishment. The Quran states, how can you justify, you know, such a punishment to people? Say for instance, these people right, may have been worshipping God for 60 years, or sorry, doing ship with God for 60 years. Abdullah andalusi gave me a beautiful answer, which I continue to use. And I think it's a very fantastic way of breaking this down. The answer is, Well, look, if someone's stab someone to death, that takes a minute, doesn't it all second, maybe even two seconds, three seconds. Now, you're not always gonna go to the court and say, Well, this person deserves to go to prison for two

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seconds. Because the severity and the gravity of the crime is such that it needs to be punished for a longer period of time, despite the fact that it was done for a shorter period of time. The gravity of shift therefore, is unparalleled in terms of any comparative, or any comparisons that anything else can be made with it. Now, in conclusion, it's not about shift.

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It's about not identifying what she has kids because some people are quick to say that *. That's cool, that's good. We really have to assess if these things actually shift or not. Like we have a scandal of a preacher of the Manhattan staff who has studied Islam for a long time and he was saying cool for us are a minor form of shirk is a minor form of cover, which is another category is if you play football, because this ruling with what other than Allah has revealed, this is a scandal scandalous In my opinion, because it's just it's making a mockery out of the religion of Islam, or I shouldn't say mocking mega mockery, but it's mischaracterizing it. It's distorting the hierarchy in

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the religion of Islam. It's Don't be afraid of people saying this is shocking. This is cool for to blackmail you into certain belief systems or opinions. Many people in the religion of Islam will use the terms to blackmail people into action, if we know what she is now in theory, okay, now in application that requires kind of thinking applied knowledge, okay, is this shock? Is this not sure? So what I want to say to everyone right now is, this is the very basic skeletal model of what shift is, I'm going to try and stick to what I said about it being under 10 minutes. It's a very, very basic thing of what Shaq is, we said is associating partners with God giving any of the rights which

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belong to God to other than God or any of the rights that belong to the human being, or elevating the human being to the level of God. This is shirk. Now there are many actions you can do that through giving the worship the rights of worship of God to other and God. You can do that by doing testsuite or equaling or leveling God with other than God and Ivan His names and attributes in his sustaining power. And of course, in

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is one This and other things as well. So hopefully that makes sense.

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Oh and so we said worship Olivia will be Yeah, okay. This was referred to like the sustenances on last night was effects, which is the names and attributes of God any leveling, when it relates to those three categories in particular is seen as shift is seen as polytheism which is the cardinal sin of Islam and there was a punishment wading the people who intentionally do that, because we are born, believing and worship or believing in the the oneness of God to do that is to distort one's natural predisposition and to deny one's own self