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The speakers discuss various arguments for the existence of evil, including Kalamoni's analogy of the "bystones" of the gods and the "bystones" of the gods, which they believe are important for the creation of the Day of Judgment. They also touch on animal rights and the Day of Recompense, emphasizing the importance of seeking spiritual advice and critical of actions from others. They stress the significance of animal suffering in religion and acknowledge its forum for human suffering.

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So that it raises I think that's potentially more plausible.

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But my I should, I should stress that the agnosticism the agnostic atheism that I currently possess is quite unlike the one that I had, maybe four years ago beforehand, it was very much the case that I essentially would have said, like, there aren't really any good reasons to think that God exists, or at least those reasons that have been put forward, I think don't work. Now, and that is to say I was sat on the fence, because there was just, there's just no breeze, there's just no breeze to push me onto one side, one side, I was just sat there.

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Now, I'm still sat on the fence. I'm still an agnostic, atheist of some description. But now it's more like there are equally Yeah, cool breezes pushing in opposite directions. Right. So I do think that

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the contingency argument for the existence of God is a strong one. I do think that certain ontological arguments, you know, if there are certain corals, like the one we're having now can be resolved like is a good argument is at least a good attempt to breed the existence of God. I think that the idea of an infinite regress probably does lead to unacceptable paradoxes. And so I would say that on its own, yes, like, it's a it's a, I think there's good reason to think that there is a necessary unmoved mover, however, now the agnosticism is that that's the breeze pushing in one direction. But there's also now that I've been more

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I've thought a lot more and a lot more deeply about the breezes that would go in the opposite direction involving the problem of evil or divine hiddenness, or animal suffering in particular, and these kinds of things. The potential paradoxes involved in unnecessary being arguments about modal fatalism for instance, that we were just talking about that now push me in the other direction, so on its own. Yeah, I do I do. I do find more plausible, on a surface level.

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The idea of unnecessary unmoved mover than the idea of an infinite regress of causes. If you asked about it in isolation, come on, I'm not a lawyer, but I care to as you guys saw, the cosmic has come to a good realization, I believe, which shows criticality, possibly sincerity shows open mindedness on his behalf, that you know that there are good reasons to believe in things like the contingency argument, which as many of you know, I've written a book about I'm doing my PhD about, because I personally believe it's, it's something which is really is inescapable the conclusion of it is, is inescapable almost is irrefutable, I believe. And it's been around all forms of it. I've been around

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for for 1000s of years, it's been around since the Hellenistic period. And then it's been kind of revamped by the center. And then it was taken again by Thomas Aquinas and my monotheism must have been my union. And it was taken again, by lightness and different forms has been elaborated upon and spoken about by different thinkers. And in my estimation, it's the least refuted argument for God's existence. Yes, there are other arguments that have been used. And these are Kalam cosmological arguments, and different types of Columbus logical arguments for submitting a book called Kalam cosmological argument if you guys are interested. And of course, in this, in the debate that I had,

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with cosmic, I brought the contingency argument up. Now, unfortunately, you know, we couldn't really get anything from him, as to by way of a refutation of the argument. Now we know he's actually sees it as actually quite powerful argument, which is good, I'm happy that he's come to this conclusion shows shows maturity on his behalf educational maturity, I really hope he doesn't change his mind on this and because that will show us instability in in process and cognitive processes. Now, one day you believe in this and that, you know, and that they believe in that, I really hope that he sticks to his guns on this and he doesn't change his mind on his at least his classification of his own.

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And also, I would say, well done well done to him, good man that you've done that. The things that he's actually mentioned, in terms of things that are pushing him in the other direction.

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When his analogy or his language, some the breeze that pushes the other way, things like divine hiddenness, or our hiddenness. And

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the problem of evil obviously has been spoken about at length, we have videos on it, you can put my name on YouTube and put, for example, the problem of evil. I've spoken about it at length and what is evil as even exists on the atheistic paradigm doesn't even exist, and the materialistic paradigm, and

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so on. What does it mean to say, Well, does evil exist? Does that disprove in God? We've had these conversations, of course, these are secondary considerations. In my opinion, these are secondary considerations. Once you've established the reality of unnecessary existence, this is more powerful than anything else. And the fact that he's able to do this is really, really good and he's one step closer to the ultimate truth and I really encouraged him to do that. To move in that direction, and maybe what he said would not have been well received with with his people and his people supporters and you know, the subscribers on but I really acknowledge that this is a brave step forward and I

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hope we continue taking these brave step forwards well done to him. The other thing, divine hiddenness or the fact that

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What is hidden from the people? Why is he so hidden? This is something obviously we as Muslims don't believe in, we believe that Columbo knew the new level of authority that every human being is born on the predisposition in believing in God. And this is something I've mentioned this, I think even the debate I mentioned, I want to remind everyone of it, it's the, the filter or the predisposition is something which has good evidence by way of anthropological evidence and sociological evidence. So for example, Justin Barrett, who in 2011, part of the Oxford anthropological society, spoke about us having an innate receptivity to believing in God. And, you know, we've done this the study, that

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children before socialization, that there's something which is kind of corresponds cross cultural cross cross culturally, among children, which is that children do have this receptivity this, in his words, in receptivity to believing in a higher being. And I say that this is this is evidence to the contrary of

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what can be juxtaposed with the idea of hyginus that God is hidden from us hiddenness. We don't believe that that's correct. Now, that's one thing aside, I want him to continue thinking about these things. And obviously, animal rights are something which we as Muslims, we very much, we very much respect. There's a hadith of a woman who's a prostitute, okay? That she gave a dog water. And according to that she was forgiven for her sins for doing that, just because she gave a dog water even though she's defiled herself in the most disgusting way possible by living.

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Not the most disgusting way possible doing that would be to be a polytheist. But in a very damning way, but she gave that dog water and put her in among the people that are forgiven as a dog. And we believe that the Day of Judgment is a forum where in which all of these kinds of in justices that have been done to animals will be kind of adjusted. And in fact, that is the Day of Recompense and we have a beautiful Hadith that talks about the two goats one of them horned goat and the other one is not horned and the one that attacked one horn got the attack the other goat without horns, will now get its retribution. So everything will be fully and Yeah, it's true, like what we see today,

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and obviously we don't come to vegan conclusions, or you see today, by way of animal suffering solara we think that that is against the sun against Islam, you know, the cutting the beaks of the chicken and suffocating them. So this is the Prophet was around, he would surely have

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have have negated and refuted that kind of thing.

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Especially when we have Hadeeth to that effect for example, the woman who's who was torturing her cat, okay, and she went to hell for that or she we know that she's got to go to hell for that. Because she what kind of person does it take to really torture another innocent creature like a cat? So yeah, animal rights are important. Divine hiddenness if you think of it and you know in Contra, in contradistinction with the federal you'll realize that the Federal have the predisposition is actually something which is super irrational and proceeds any rational argumentation, which is why I was thinking about this, this verse in the Quran, which is really beautiful verse and it came about

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and I thought of I was pondering over it was a verse, a verse that said,

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calling quantum Fisher coming Dini, for the Aboriginal Idina, taboo Dune and Dune, in La Jolla, King Abdullah and lady at our faculty, you know, if you're in any doubt, as to the religion of Islam, my religion, prophets and Amazon's religion, not just his religion, but the religion of Moses and Abraham and Jesus, and those as well, then I don't worship other gods, that you that are worshipped aside from God, but I worship God, who, who brings us back, who takes away our lives and takes away our souls and takes away our consciousness yet our falcom

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This is such a powerful thing, because really, if you look at the six major world religions in the world today, you'll find that Islam is the only one with a conception of God, which is also not only not only natural, but rational as well. This is the reality like we don't believe in a man God. We don't believe it's conceivable or intelligible, or acceptable to believe that there's any part any human being is God, because it necessitates contradictions in terms. We don't believe in an animal God, we don't believe in a man God. You see what I mean? And so we've already stricken off Christianity, we've already stricken off Hinduism, a pantheistic notion of it. We've already

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stricken off pantheistic notions of Sikhism.

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So what are we left with? We're left with Judaism, right, which is a very, exclusivist faith.

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What are we left with right? Not much Buddhism, which is not even a faith in that sense. So what we say therefore is, keep looking, not just to him, but to his followers as well. Keep looking, keep being critical, and you'll come to this conclusion, but just one more thing be spiritual, as if there is a necessary existence. Then think of one thing. What relationship are we meant to have with this necessary existence?

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What relationship are we meant to have? And the answer we give is as follows the relationship we are meant to have the necessary existence is the relationship of submission. Everything else in creation is submitting to the will of the necessary existence, we must do the same, if we do the same, we will be at one with nature in the sense of the word which is acceptable, you know, which is which makes sense, because we'll be doing everything, we'll be doing things which everything else in creation is doing, which is submitting to the laws of the lawmaker. So think, think think and allows us I would ask everyone relief, just make supplication because we believe as Muslims, the Quran

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says, Hey, wait a sec, I like either the attorney, friend, your colleague or the Buddha to die down. And if my slaves doesn't say the Muslims, with my slaves, ask about me. Then I am there. And I answered the core of the call when he calls so called on to God and ask him to guide you because believe me, Believe you me if you do it, you will be successful someone