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I sent him while he was over here but I got to Al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah whether it he was a woman with a hammer but I am very, very honored to have one of, in my opinion one of the most esteemed aroma and scholars of the Western world somebody who might consider to be a mentor and somebody who might regularly benefit from chef Dr. Mohammed Akram nadwi. Chef, Mohammed alcanada. nadwi is a world renowned scholar of Indian origin, who received in depth training in the traditional Islamic Sciences at network Motorola in Lucknow, India, and he received a PhD in Arabic literature from Lucknow University. He has conducted research for a number of years at the

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prestigious Oxford center for Islamic Studies and he has published widely in Urdu, Persian, Arabic and English. He is not just trilingual, he is Quadra lingual and these works of his includes translations, critical editions of Arabic texts and original monographs on Islamic law. He has a project that he is compiling for the last number of years, in which he is compiling a monumental 53 volume work that are going to include the lives of all of the female scholars of Hadith called and more head d'etat in Islamic history. He has also written Islamic monographs on law and women Hadeeth narrator's and also booklets on Abu hanifa Rahim Allah to Allah and a very large book about his own

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shift say it has an ID nadwi one of the greatest aroma of the last generation. The chef has lectured all across the Muslim world including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India, Turkey, Malaysia, Palestine, and many many other countries. He currently resides in Oxford, England. Dr. Saba can love him for coming soon. I'm waiting for me to lie horticultural lucilla la vaca to Madame de la What time is it over there? Shere Khan I know it's a bit late for you 1020 1020. inshallah, to Allah, we'll try our best to to jump straight in. I really appreciate you taking your time, share. And I'm going to jump straight to our first question that we've just heard you're writing a 53 volume project called an

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warhead d'etat. Can you tell us what inspired you to do this? What stage is the book at? And what are some of the interesting gems or tidbits that you can share with us that you've learned during your research?

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Okay, the book has been completed in in 2010. And since then, I start to work sir,

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guys, just to you know, such a big book, it was very difficult to find a publisher, but uh hum De La da da minha in Jeddah, the publishing and they have done the best set up, setting off all the volumes. So hope inshallah, within a few months, all these 50 volumes, will be out what inspired me, actually,

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nearly in 1997, or 98, sometime in England, in one of the newspapers that the times, I read a few articles about the women in the salon. And these articles are very negative. And they are us accusing of abusing Islam, of

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doing injustice to women, and especially in not encouraging in the freedom of learning and knowledge and science. It just came to my mind that during my

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study of Hadith, I came across many, many women who have been writing Hadith teaching Hadith, which came to my mind if I can collect the biographies of the women, to at least be answered to, you know, these types of objections against Islam. It will be also encouragement to Muslim women in the Far East to to move forward in Islamic Studies. So when I started working, but when I went deep, I found it just so much information. Then I consulted the manuscripts in Syria, Turkey, India, so many manuscripts are hundreds of those books. And I was really amazed that So, so many women, I remember that in 2007 are here to I

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don't have to give a lecture on this topic in the industry of Qatar. So I met my chef instead of Pallavi, and he asked me in what happened to this book. So I said this

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There's so much information, he asked me to give a talk in the mosque that I gave a talk. And then he asked me where to go to finish. I said, there's so much information, it doesn't seem to be finished so quickly. So he said to me, you know, to finish it otherwise unavailable to finish. So then I decided to end it. And then when I gave my talk in the University of Qatar

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know, so I mentioned this story, the shepherd asked me to stop now, to somebody said, among the men, that this also a conspiracy of the men against the women

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out there. So what actually happened in fasting, the number you know, the number of the women who have been directing, or the attending the class of the Hadith, teaching, you know, some of them actually have been good teachers, with a number in the book has been, you know, something which I never expected.

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It nearly 10,000 women 10,000 women and I, what I did, whatever information I got about them, I put all of them in the book. The reason is, because I realize it will be difficult for anybody else to go through the manuscript to to get them again. So whatever I find if they've had any relation to their knowledge, and if and teaching India to be useful, so Alhamdulillah I did this and what is, you know, for example, now, in one of the questions that I actually all the time in India, because when I go to India, even now, people keep asking me, can women attend the prayer in the mosque? What actually I've seen in the book is that this question never had been a question is around the eye of

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God few women who used to teach Hadith. In the hottie, Hatim basically the Kaaba, we can call upon the Kaaba team is part of our they used to teach and Hatim and the people who are greatest scholar at the time they used to attend the class in Hatim a few women. And they're there I said that too. Is there any place more holy than nothing? The women are allowed to teach it there in the seventh century, eighth century and the automa what are the judges? There sit next to them, they learn from them as a right then I found out a few women in the Moscato Barcelona salon teaching and teaching where the best place you can imagine one of them is a Fatima or the papaya or Rahim Allah tala. She

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died in their 711 and she used to have the highest is not in the in the word that time she narrated the horse he Buhari from Abuja facin as the beauty

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of de la casa De Bruyne Baraka zbd she ran for senate as a beauty. He told the horse he Buhari in the mosque in the year 630. A feature she attended or the color to her eye, this is not became very high. She came for the height and the shin Kappa Medina people ask her to teach her Hadith in Medina Sahih Bukhari other books and the people who attended her class in the Moscato Barcelona, some drama car the judges, and they are the one who wrote all this down to this said that she used to sit next to the grave of the prophets, Allah Subhana Allah and teach Buhari in that location.

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We there but if a woman says I do not respect the woman, how could they allow a woman to sit next sit next to the grandmother prefer to teach her And not only that, they're described further, she was not sitting next to the feet of the Prophet. If that happened to us, I will be so happy. She was sitting next to the head of the professor Allison arnova. And leaning on the wall of the grip, because she was a little older, to leaning on the people attending the class. And at the end of the class, she would write ijazah for everybody with her own hand Subhanallah so women like that, you know, attend teaching in a mosque, other personnel are some and the three are the most holy mosque,

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you know, the medela Haram in Makkah, and the Moscato Barcelona Salaam, and then the third place, JAXA, there have been many women from the time of mudaraba. And there are so many women have been teaching one of the woman says Alma Rania, when she came to seventh century where she kept what was luxa people who attended our class in the middle moxa, the number of very high and the traditional has been to write down all the names for each other. So I got a copy of the names, the names are I counted them 396 names of the people attending the class, then the person who's writing he said, there are many, many more, I was not able to write their names, the 396 names he was able to write

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down. So similarly or the big mosque in Syria, like a Jama. JAMA, Amaya. Same in Egypt, all these mosque, madrasa colleges, I found all of them. There are women coming to teach and also women who are attending the class to learn you know, now

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You know, I was I was in a panel when they asked me to give a talk in the Caribbean to I said in my talk, which actually recorded that this is the mosque built by a woman. And for a long time people never allowed the women even to study there. So you know what happened the women are building the mosque, they are teaching many, many actually big books of Islam. They have been preserved by the women

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in more than 125 volumes the narration really continued over time is by the women Fatima is done in yeah then Fatima

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Lucy Yes, ya many of these women that kept these books I can remember sorry Buhari the highest is not in the world is by woman and the most assault copy so he Buhari is a copy of Karima Baba and we should underscore the union is the best and the highest is not in the world. Now I nurse I Buhari by sanada in between me and the professors are only 14 people. 14 people

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and now the 1441 Mashallah for people between una mumble Buhari, Masha Allah Buhari only 14 people because oh man I know I can I can read this not I know read that this is not it is from my teacher Muhammad. Him not.

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Una retsina Abu Nasr hottie hoonah read Suma de la Li Sha mi or hoonah read from abdulghani unable to see another one in our scenario from Nigel Deen Mohammed LLC. He from his father. But Allah Zi, O.

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Ronnie, and Hina from Ayesha been even abdulhadi the teacher of MLSP Ronnie is one of the biggest badass of our time she used to teach in the jambalaya underneath of the industry that over the place of the best of all had this at the time. She's the only woman appointed to teach there. I shot in Dr. Hardy and Sheena read from our boss

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who read from the video about the law of CERN in your work as a MIDI una sama booked a CD and CD from the woody and Tao dinner from Sarasi answer of cinema from Muhammad Yusuf

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Mashallah is

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the highest chain goes through a lady dirty my shell and then I've measured and the best cup yesterday Buhari also by Lady might remember to best accomplish a Buhari by a woman. And this is not the word by woman. So the thing that the how much they have done.

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The question comes what happened to where and why why do we not have this thriving scholarship amongst our females? or What happened? was it was it colonialism? Was it? The men doing something what exactly happened? No, absolutely not. I don't think it is colorism or something like that. What happens is that I analyze really, in Islamic history whenever teaching of the Hadith of the Prophet was powerful in the society, then the women were restricted and allowed in the most number of hours to study whenever shock and philosophy became more powerful, because she had already been followed by philosophy, then women have discouraged

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or distorted or distorted the master of the belief philosophy although irrespective no doubt we have a man. But these two things like any other people, the women are inferior to the men. So he thinks women are not qualified to study a learner he is to say, the one of the reason that we might inferior because they have less teeth compared to them in Mashallah.

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Aristotle had two wives.

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Every single thing he did not even listen to

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his wife. And that's what he said. Since then, you can see that philosophers have never encouraged women. You know, non Muslim philosopher, Muslim philosopher. You know, I in my book, you can find a woman from every class of the society from the Ronda mohabbatein Mufasa. In no single lady from the family of any philosopher is very interesting.

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In later, centuries, after 10th 1000 yen Islam philosophy became part of the madrasa curriculum very strongly, the women become inferior, they're discouraged from madrasa but in this time, whenever people have access to the Hadith, again, we will collect in India, women are discouraged. But chavela DailyVee he come to his yard to study the Hadith. He comes back again women learning and studying the so many women have after him. So you can see wherever Heidi is concerned, like the Syria, you know, for a long time, there was nobody, but in the sixth century when people like Anna Asakura de rose, then for two 300 years, Syria became very important center of the

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This assignment did basically in the whole history of mankind, I can see, it isn't only the professor Dallas Adams, who really gave the women proper lights on all the people who met Glenn, but actually he did it. And those who study him, they they respect the women and they want to be on this foodstuffs. So I really think the reason is it. The Heidi Marsha Allison, so Shana yours clearly somebody who's a strong advocate for women's rights in Islam for praying in the West yet for for learning, Aiden, what is your position on the modern movement of feminism? would you classify yourself as a feminist? Are you critical of certain aspects of the modern movement?

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You know, I've been clean for a long time writing a book on feminism. And some people think, you know, I'm a feminist is nothing to do with people are very, very quick to label the people, they can't understand people, if somebody does not belong to any category, that people like to call me, you know, hanafy, or Sheree or whatever, if somebody attend lecture, to define any connection between me and something else, they call that the same ticket, nothing to do with my thinking, either. I want to give the woman the same rights as it is actually, in a section in Iran. And not Barcelona is a simple matter. I want to take bike all the things to the earliest century, you know,

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I, it did nothing, you know, in whenever I, you know, ask people for a ride for the woman, nothing new, really all are mentioned the books, in all those books, I just want to simply those things. So feminism, no doubt really came as a reaction, you know, the way that women have been wronged in all the society, not only Islam, in order to start that we have belonged, certainly there should be a moment of the reform, to feminism came for the purpose, and in many aspects, maybe I agree with him feminist movement, at least, you know, to remove the injustice because Islam or whether it supports all those moments, where people come strongly and they want to bring justice to society, if anybody

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in Billings, any justice, we support them. But

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but there is such thing as feminism, which certainly I don't accept, and I don't accept that one of the reasons is because the women themselves and the most important thing is that basically the feminism does not add any value to the women who are the woman does their idealism and they want women to become like men. You know, the reason why God made men or women we have to understand what what what happening is otherwise, just many men are one thing white, why two things, the whole thing the family. So the whole difference between men, women actually in Islam for parenting, and the value of the women is motherhood and motherhood not appreciated to be a mother Actually, it's such a

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such an amazing thing it will nearer to God, nearest into God, whenever I give Zakat of Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala the nearest thing to come to my mind is a mother. So it was just amazing to this, what this what is missing in that family from the feminism they don't have available to basically for a woman to be a mother is like her problem. It's like a problem for her.

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She and that is not negotiable to happen in the jobs every but we should mentally Alicia respect that. And she'll appreciate that a supportive women when they are a mother, but not happened before feminism actually makes it. This is one one thing where I realized I realized that the feminism actually in one way is disrespectful to the women, not respecting the woman or the woman. So this might otherwise you know, to bring the lives of people and no doubt, we support the structure, anybody any woman, which is helping to raise to bring justice to any part of the society Jazakallah cachette. Let's change our topic now. Very beautiful discussion about the role of female scholars in

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Islam. Now I want to move a little bit broader. One of the areas that you have spoken a lot about your high is the goal of Muslims living in the West, what should be our goal? Is it mere survival? Is it to present an alternative to the the local, the morality and issues or do we have political aims as we live in the West what is the goal of Muslims as minorities in our current situation?

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You know, the thing that really is, I would like to emphasize two matters. One is Muslims are not like any nation.

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On the face of the earth, they are messengers, they are understand their load, that duty basically to save the mankind from the Hellfire, no doubt about that, that how they otherwise are no need for Muslims. They have to save themselves to have saved everybody else from the hellfire. You know the people are the slaves of their master lasota and God, they are histories and they must worship Him. And the reason they are on the face of the earth not to enjoy the earth rather than to use all the things

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facility to worship him to he gave everything they need for the purpose of worship. That is something Muslims need to remind all the mankind, that is their duty, while I'm doing this thing, you know, it does not immediate to force people, while doing these things, they have to also understand that people have full freedom, whether to accept Islam, or not to accept Islam. And we should live with other people. in that aspect, as human beings, they are human beings, and we are human. And any place where we live, it's our duty, also to develop that place, you know, to make every effort for the prosperity of that place, peace in that place, order in that place, Moses

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should work together. So like, you know, when you suffer, Islam comes to Egypt, if he had any possibility, to help the people there to help the state, and to you know, or to bring in his prosperity or any ideas, he did it, he never hide it, he never takes to condemn it, he did not thinking oh, this is the place where people put him in prison for a long time, no justice and all those things, as you hardly know, he forgot all that, and he helped the society in the state as best as possible, to where Muslims live in the in the West, there are no doubt ambassadors of their door, the messenger messengers, but at the same time, they're part of the society, you know, the

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prosperity of the society leads into society or a society with our so their duty, what happens in Muslim mix, to when they want in tend to the politics, they make the politics of the country, Islamic politics, similar meaning that the Muslim world in order to make the society you know, peaceful, in order to develop, you know, education,

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for the elderly people in the society, Muslims should be under threat to help them if any part of the society has any problem. If Muslims only come for those cases, which are related to Islam and Muslims, then this vortex will never work, it will fail, because the society that are based on nationalism, which basically is connected to a land, land, and the people there to protect should be based on that any politics, which is based on the religion certainly will fail to make them centaurea life. So Muslim has to understand that the parent is part of the society, they have to work with other people for those things, which are common interest, and anything to harmful to the

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society common make very clear, these are harmful systematically, I'm not going to do it. And don't just believe it or not, don't say we don't support these things. We don't support interest, because it is haram in Islam. If you say like that, you basically put in demand the people that you want to protect religious, you have to go to use it resistance, simply explain to the people why interest is, you know, harmful to society? How could it be a society based on something? None interesting? Could it be better, and it could be much, much faster for the people much better for other people love other people, you know, in a better way. Muslims need to work hard, but what actually

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happening? We are lazy people, we just get ideas from other people. And we want to just say Islam, I need

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to bring the ideas. Yes. So this is in Muslim minority situations in Muslim majority lands, we are aware that they are movements and trends out there whose primary focus is the establishment of political base, they want to establish a political, you know, Islam an ideology. Do you overall, you have had a number of lectures about this, what are your views about, you know, these trends of that are aiming and believe that reform begins with the courtesy or with the the leadership?

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Up to the thinking any politics of any country is best? A very much under the nose of the society to British politics? Will it be, you know, based on the British notes, beginning to support them, you have to develop them north of Islam after your Eman Islam, in the Muslim countries, these numbers don't exist anymore, okay, they exist, they are not so standard before they are fully

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functional in the society. If you bring Islam, you create tension in the society, you basically divide people in between Islamist and the Muslims are in two groups, those who want Islamic for those who don't want them easily, because the norms of Islam are not into society. So I've been teaching the courses on Islamic politics and, you know, for a long time, I summarize, shocked by summarize the for the time being, for most Muslim countries, the best thing is secularism.

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You know, just secularism mega society, secular radical is a it's a no state is if fair enough for everybody, all the citizens, it gets a chance to Islam and other religions equally. So you know, then Muslims can work with freedom at the moment, this freedom does not exist, to a good you know, the proper a secular society. You know, the settlers

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society which we have got in some Muslim country, they are not secular, generally anti semitism, they don't give freedom, they take away the freedom, then they use the term secularism, they are not secular Muslim should ask people, you know, you will live in America, I'm living here, you know, if secularism in Muslim countries, is applied in the same way, more or less, either in in America or in Europe, it will be much, much more beneficial to Muslims living there than anywhere else. It's just imagine Pakistan, when they build Pakistan, whatever the purpose is really, to establish a lot of distinct British freedom from British if a retreat of that time, so much richer than British. Now,

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if you allow people in Pakistan, that you know, you are allowed to come and threaten England, nobody will stay in Pakistan, that our sister gave all sacrifices to get freedom from British but now the grants children are keen to come and settle in England. what the reason is reason is because people basically are not don't want Islam, they want the society with the cleaner, prosperous prosperity, or the peace or or the ambition that what people want really. If you impose anything that's you fail to the Muslim society that what we need now, then you work harder in the future, maybe something changes, but the moment that will be the best solution for the problems of Muslim societies? shall

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let me just gently push back a little bit. I fully understand that a minority situation that it's different here, but in a Muslim majority land. Somebody can ask you how can you possibly divorce the laws of the land from the ethics and morality of the Shetty are, for example, simple issues of legislating, drinking and alcohol or legislating promiscuity? No doubt these laws are going to come from our shediac in a Muslim majority land. What do you say to that?

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That I mentioned it with the Islam Islam is based on Islamic norms. Muslim land does not have that the majority people don't like to wherever whenever you bring with the Sharia law, what will happen is really you create tension the society it will basically how do people make the fighting and all of us new ruler will come and take people in America for a few decades. That's all keep keep happening. Order a revolution until revolution keep coming. For the time being we need time really where people have freedom, proper freedom, where they can learn Islamic study Salaam learn everything. Well, maybe in the future, if the people really are good believers, and they want their

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fun at the multiple dot what Islam, you know, Zelda, he was in the army were thinking, you know, when I come to the, you know, power, he saw when he kept the power. Then he gave a talk. He said when I was in the army, I think the tension is between Islam and the Quran. And I get the power and bring Islam. But when I came to the party rivalry, tension between Salaam and 70 slumps

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so they had no worry, whatever you do, there are 1020 people up against you, you can't move forward. There's no way. And we have theory that how what happened in Egypt. You know, when this revolution happened, I said to the people who stopped by recording, I was giving a talk in February, I said really, that Muslim Brotherhood, if they intend to protect you cannot go for them. They should remain in a faraway for the poor. This should work no further social reform, for education reforms, but not in politics. They shouldn't quit. They should they should support other people. But they should not jump in. Because I did not really what happened. People thought really, that you know,

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they were on the front went the gutter, you know, this revolution, but they didn't understand people like you because they want to get freedom. But people don't want your ideology. So shall Can I can I can I can I be specific here and say the reason why you hold these views is because historically, it has never been successful. And also because the status of the people there emaan level is not to that level. Is that why you hold these views? Yeah, because I'm thinking, Okay, attention, you know, you cannot impose on the people the law, we don't want a supermodel. People are not ready, you know, for the western democracy, the biggest struggle, Big History 100. So then move to it until they come

00:29:16--> 00:29:25

to this point. We don't have that history in our time. People don't want Islam. Maybe they want the name of Islam, but details of Islam nobody wants.

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Okay, that's an interesting point of view. The next question I have for you, I know as well that one of your passions is Islamic Finance, and you speak frequently about Islamic finance. You have some very strong views again, I would love to hear you summarize them for our audience.

00:29:42--> 00:29:52

Your notion of Islamic Finance and also your views about Muslims, especially in American England, getting the you know, the loans for their house and whatnot. So what are your views on all of this?

00:29:55--> 00:30:00

You know, at the moment, I mentioned the way the societies in the world are really to have some

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

Islamic impossible, you know, unless you, you know, Islamic finance is part of Islamic economics, Islamic economics is based on North of, again Islamic Society where people really is not Islamic. If you if you read the books or the fifth, it is very clear that Islamic economic system is based on cooperation, where people cooperate. That's why the chapters basically are very clear, you know that. And that way, the exceptions always are for the weak people in all these low the bottom, modaraba, masataka, ijarah, murabaha.

00:30:38--> 00:31:20

All of these things are, it's just an hour all these are the for the poor people and the weak people in the society. Because the purpose is to help them and to cooperate each other to help each other. While the western concept of economics or finance is competition, to complete these two different better now, if you will, his alarm here, it will never fit. People just want the watermark to build a slime society. We don't want to have Islamic State, we don't want to have Islamic economics. We just want to finance it. Who knows what will happen is that you bring the idea from the west, and then you Islamic Islamic asks, discuss some people say it 70% Islam, Islam, then

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30% it should be people who work in the bank slang but really nothing. They just don't they use these words. But in reality, the center really the benchmark of all these profits exceed based on the same interest and all those in that note, if at all, actually, that oh, I can see all the western banks, you know, Deutsche Bank and all these banks, they have got a window first line foreigners. Why the interest in Islam? Because to them really the same thing. Islamic finance actually is offshoot of Islam of capitalism. It bases same take that one Pakistan follow Please go. You never can find any Islamic bank in a poor society. It all within Russia. Yes. Islamic banking

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only became big. When petrodollar come to the Middle East. It based on that idea tactic to make rich people richer to help rich people, or the exception in Islamic affect, you know most, which actually murabaha

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ijarah, we can say

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for the land a purple mazara and his team have been used to HIPAA.

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But they have now these are used for rich people to make them richer, not for all these are used for rich people to make them richer, and they just use the ratings are there, too? Am I thinking real easy. If people want Islamic Finance and they're wondering what to do with personal finance in the Islamic law, there's no other way, either moussaka or modaraba. If you don't have these two, you never can slide it only bit tricks. And the tricks actually that what are the tricks are everywhere that what happening at the moment that there is no Islamic finance at all. It all just tricks a nifty people go deep the conceit. So if that is the case, then what you're saying is for the rich

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people, but how about us average people? What are we going to do for the houses and whatnot? Yeah, so

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people actually asked me that, you know, what happened and what your solution is a solution either, unless you have a salon, then you know, in the time in the in the condition, the news, and sometimes necessities are sometimes new to crypto to different things. You know, a haram can become hot. You know, that's why Islam only you know, if you look at Islamic laws that came into practice, where Muslims are able to act upon them, where they're not able to personally interact introduced him, but they are able to introduce at the time being what actually happening with Muslims in the West, they want to buy a house. that no other way really, Islamic finance is more expensive. And actually,

00:33:57--> 00:34:39

inequality is very bad, to the best thing you can imagine. In a more budget, people could cause a new need in the society they can buy a house in a foreign living carpet. And this foot you know, I always ask people here that you people only ask question about the mortgage. Tell me about the car, don't you buy the car. People have 234 cars and cars and as you know, insurance, insurance basically Haram in Islam, the way insurance hyperlinks around to why you are now out of need is a house is more needed than the car. You know people need a house or a house. And also when you spend money on the house, one day you become owner, your property your future generation can live in a property

00:34:39--> 00:34:59

either fighting or renting one day here on the dairy people can ask to leave their house your house anytime to that by the fact of I've been following you that in the West. People can buy a house on conventional mortgage, just the house that they live in not for profit, not for renting, correct? Yeah, we think that they've got you know, if they want to do business, then there are other ways to do business.

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

I will not allow to use interest and usually for business but listen news can be used for the living purpose because then you can This is the father of therapy and counseling in Chicago and and many others as well. Yeah, it's been

00:35:12--> 00:35:49

a long time you hamdulillah she has one or two more questions. Second to last question, I know that you have done quite a lot of research as well on the issue of growth and the relationship with karate in the last few weeks, because of an interview I gave, there's been a lot of discussion about this. So, what are your views? Can you summarize for our audience you know, this concept of seven growth and the clarity of the Quran you know, the teachings of the Quran are different types of reading. So, I would like to make two things clear, one is that sometimes people think they are very similar to the differences

00:35:51--> 00:36:26

among the different verses of the Bible. So people think you know, if you accept these readings, it means the Quran is not safe either, you know, these books are not safe, there are so many changes to this symbol, there's no similarity these books, you know, Bible and Gospels and the different versions, the beta translation from the translations and you know, and what happens is it changes happened very clearly, nobody can deny really all the research on the Bible, they know there have been so many changes, and when they missed certain in Ghostbusters, official from the New Testament,

00:36:28--> 00:36:43

they bought all other copies. So, the people who used to hoard them, they started hiding them hiding the hair and up until now, really, sometime they found this out certainly, you know, by below medicine or some gospel underneath of a mountain or in a cave somewhere in the key finding

00:36:45--> 00:36:46

is that behind

00:36:47--> 00:36:53

the reason of hiding is because we have other problems of society, there are official non official, so many voters to

00:36:54--> 00:37:34

enlighten the No need to hide their art another kurata never be hidden. Actually Muslims used to teach them you know, teach them the class or write them record them because they are not like that. And Quran is present in the Arabic language. So the difference of the karate should not be understood either different in the you know, of these versions of the Bible and the changes that karate reading of the Quran is basically is like writing the Koran to fit the human reading the human. So when you write, you know, the Quran, there are so many calligraphy, you know, poof, and hot and disheartened that are different, you know, people consider everybody wants to beautify every

00:37:34--> 00:37:42

bar to make a nicer and this and that. So the whole test is that why consider so many different calligraphy? More, mostly, they come from the Quran, same with

00:37:43--> 00:38:25

the atoms of reading to define the voice and this and that sometimes people make more money than this thing and that thing, so I'll be happy to discuss that or not, you know, something like different words or the Quran that different styles of reading is to, to hear Musashi to understand the problem of many, many Muslims is actually most people is when the people think these are coming from the professor Lhasa, not either, right, right from the Prophet, when you see so many Messiah have written to do people think these are all coming from the Prophet. So he said that in his time, there was a 20 or 30 types of massage written and we copy from it, no, everybody knows what it is

00:38:26--> 00:39:05

nothing to do with rotten parcela maybe none of them resembles it. But students have it the same thing. Same thing, when you're teaching in Quran, you know, Kufa in a pasta and also in in Syria and Damascus You know, there are people they know the language they know the Quran. So, you know, if people are you know, that sometimes grammar you know, allows them meaning, the meaning does not change, they allow different reading, sometimes not only time, they even actually expression have been shared recently with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam after, after the conquest of Makkah, so many people coming to Islam, it very difficult to get the people to read the Quran, you know, so he

00:39:05--> 00:39:48

allowed them to you know, at some time, you know, if the expression the Quran is put another expression a kind of, you know, Arab dialects, you know, there's no harm in tighter so that's what allowed him you know, for for the time being, and then he said Mozilla Parramatta, Cora have revealed to me in seven or seven types that God taught him, meaning it was allowed to him to let people to read any other statement does not mean in English sales people don't understand, or people when they want to do mubaraka farther up to number 10 they will say, meaning more than half and something does that tell when they want to do 270 470 something 70 sometimes it's 700 to 700 things

00:39:48--> 00:40:00

means really searching up to 2000 to 700 minutes, something between five to 10. You know, people were allowed to read and you know, sometimes their differences are meaningless it meaning the national

00:40:00--> 00:40:14

Conflict control is still not when people read in their own expression, it is not the Quran, it was for two years, but later on by the death parcela again people came to the reading and that way

00:40:16--> 00:40:42

he made sure really that when people right now, to hear apart the three per sheet that you write or on in a way that only is possible to basically on based on the porosity that he'd made. So, now the difference after that, what they are, they are not socially diverse, it means that they are not like different subject expression, more like a difference are like a difference of possibility of good reading for unstable self, select some time yada

00:40:43--> 00:41:24

yada, yada munakata you know, some time you can put a same equal to third as a person or second person is still the same. You know, sometimes we molecule, a molecule, sometimes it could be a mother, some people like lovey Amala dog never had a mother the Prophet never people think you know the spirit of her mother the comfort of the Prophet get run, get the professor never heard of Mr. Mr. emodnet curriculum with the calculator does the job he's to do you know, so many modern Odyssey and people used to say his grandma soon and did not like his parrot. And you know, people said to his mama use his karate parents DVDs, yeah, it depends on the matter is not really to the extent but

00:41:24--> 00:42:06

what are the 700 and the poor, famous famous for collateral damage. He's not even the same people who made the saving on this and better their human being, they did very hard, not something divine. So here I just want to emphasize really, you know, that these are not like the different versions of the Bible verse verse two people should not think like that Not like that Not artistic is written in the same way and also Muslim should not know really did or not or coming front apostle unless they are like a mother you know when he's 100 a mother 200 female that one person is how the prophet will happen not necessarily everything they've got all the details so same thing when people did karate

00:42:06--> 00:42:09

there is too hard to tell how people have been tend to get out

00:42:10--> 00:42:30

of the poorer but it is to have some of them maybe based on the reading the problem with some of them their understanding of the Arabic language like I studied Hebrew hard with my teacher, he's telling me this teacher is good teacher. But when I read to him, I did not read exactly as you read this teacher, but my teacher when he listened to me, as long as make sense, he did not interrupt

00:42:31--> 00:43:11

the same as when people used to come to rely on drama if it makes sense how much will not interrupt that why three four people are waiting for a mouse the default in your watch and what has been nothing but both differ because nothing you know I don't come serious. It makes sense. Watch come here it's a mixes two he do lead to correct when it does not make sense when we exit the allowed to say from same career 234 different one The reason is because the Philip civil suit is a very important understand men who don't understand this at all another from the personal arsenal. So if somebody from outside the faith or even somebody misunderstands you and says but what you are saying

00:43:11--> 00:43:51

would does it in any way imply that the Quran is not the speech of Allah or that I will develop the Quran has been tampered with? Are you saying there's ha ha there's something so what exactly is all of this? Can you summarize because we believe without a doubt that the Quran is the carambola and that it has been preserved? So how do we do this? Would you just said match it with what I have just said we read the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala revealed by him to the problem was a lot of changes happen. We are talking about that reading after that, that in order to divine a script, and you know, the preserver, like like I mentioned because I Buhari you know the Hadith

00:43:52--> 00:44:16

you know, we went immediately to the teachers, it is seems a pocari but when we read pronouns differently some time they actually maybe line up differently because to Iraq and work at the same time to safety around I don't understand how to accept the authenticity of the Quran. Quran is that the book of Allah subhanaw taala no cannot contain the Quran kurata based on the Quran. Luckily, I don't know why this question does not arise about writing.

00:44:17--> 00:44:24

To me it is I think of the Quran is same as reading of the Quran, where we allowed Quran to be written in so many different scripts to different

00:44:26--> 00:45:00

you know, to beautify and does not make a difference is still a book of Allah. Nobody can answer that the way they write this house had not revealed nobody said the way they write this how the professor wrote No, nobody claimed that it's still there think the same. If you're writing differ from the data, the parser awesome, it's just important to why not if my reading differs from him is still the same for the Prophet navitimer I do Mr. Best the same person. If I write differently from same person I read differently system put on the same put on highest possibility have to be returned different way same Coronet possible

00:45:00--> 00:45:01

Do you have to be read different?

00:45:03--> 00:45:39

Of course you have to read this is the position of authority and others as you know, students of knowledge they they are aware that this is a topic that even great scholars have debated that continue to debate until today. There are over 30 positions. The main point though is that all scholars of Islam are unanimous that Allah has preserved the Quran through the efforts of the Sahaba hamdulillah we can verifiably prove that the Quran we are reciting today is word for word the same as that the Muslim earthman or the Allahu Allah and and there are as you as you know, Shere Khan there is a renewed attack by islamophobes against the sanctity and preservation of the Koran, and

00:45:39--> 00:46:16

hamdulillah our odema are defending the Quran. And in case you are, you know, interested in these topics, I encourage our viewers to listen to any of the scholars of Islam, and if their defense and interpretation is solid in your eyes Alhamdulillah The goal is to defend the divine book in case for whatever reason, you are not finding the other opinions, satisfactory outcome and others have alternative opinions we all agree on hamdulillah that the Quran is the protected divine speech of Allah subhana wa tada and any of these methods will defend the Koran. The final question should come out to you is what advice do you give to the Western Muslim and how to gain knowledge, what is the

00:46:16--> 00:47:03

practical steps about what subjects they should emphasize how they should go about studying them, and the procedures for increasing in one's daily knowledge. The people the tutors are the people who grown up, you know the catechol story languages. So my advice to them, basically that student, study the Quran, in the prometric people just make Quran a sacred book, then nobody can, you know, touch it and nobody can do this so many things, all of it because it is a function to people should learn actually people to come to the Quran, many, many different Islamic Society, Muslim society will become very narrowly and they will not exist to either advise them no matter what what what

00:47:03--> 00:47:41

successively, the Quran is the book, which is the guide has a pill water, the guide, the only way to come to the karate, those who don't know Arabic language, and they are not able to study them, study the Quran, good. translation, good. Read it, if you don't understand first time fully, certainly tinubu in order to be problem, can you join with the speaker the second time, third time and there are certain places where you need to consult expert because the Quran is not language experts anyway. But but there are certain issues, if you don't know you know, inheritance law and this and that, you need to consult people. But generally when a parent talks about paradise, Hellfire or use

00:47:41--> 00:48:20

of Allah, this is a very, very clear the guidance, you know, the, the level of the money and health and the wealth and the spending money and helping all this kindness are distinct, the superior anybody can not really go to the neighbor go to the people, respect other women, the status of the Quran, everybody can go to fasting. Otherwise, people that if you don't worry about worry is still you can have access to the grant through the translation. Second of people who are really young, and they think they can give time to understand this religion much more deeply advise them in a spare some time, people have come in on the love Chinese language and this language for the sake of money,

00:48:20--> 00:48:56

it is your religion. In a study Arabic language, we spent some time to three years fully just to understand a lot of this language. And then after that, you know, study the Quran, the Hadith that was a lot lesser than the books or the history of Islam, direct anatomy language, it will be in a dark knowledge region, much, much more helpful. Because at the moment, really people do not depend on other explanation. But once you have direct access to the source, you can see you know, yourself or whatever, but I know people love that lead. But it's what is this article? It never came to me in any way. What

00:48:58--> 00:49:37

is it in a forum someone knowingly led follow someone without knowledge like in like animals, that comes from the word colada that people use to get the rope in the neck of the animal and carry them and they don't know where they're going to just tackle is not appropriate for human being. But what appropriate it means not necessarily everybody expert, but I might I might not at least I can actually understand what the percentage in the data amount of honey formula. We suppose that if people don't know, our our argument and our evidence that they are not allowed to follow us first level Why are we saying something? And Mr. hanifa said this is the best thing I could bring. If

00:49:37--> 00:49:45

something somebody believes better than that follow him not to me. So that what we need to do really that rather than depending on the people, we need to understand the people

00:49:46--> 00:49:59

that are experts, but if you don't understand something, what a person does is when they give a fatwa in a certain condition, because certain countries or countries or change to maybe once you learn it, you understand the different the context you can think of one

00:50:00--> 00:50:39

Faster this this reason now time again, it could be flexible now conference opinion, which are more approved over time, so that people need to come directly to the to the source. And that by the way is the language because if you read translation, you will not be able necessarily to interpret properly but once you know the language, you have more confidence you're more qualified to understand them properly. So chef and I want to give a free advertising to your course that you do Mashallah, Dr. Crump has an online Mini University. So can you tell us very quickly about that and where should they log on for registration and website information

00:50:40--> 00:51:23

that's why I teach actually in two places. One is Islamic college. So people can see the the website and the second is a Salaam Institute, which is only for scientists to people who are like professional and students have the context but time to study full time to the hammer of course for them Armenia just on Sunday, so people out there have been attending nearly three 400 people every year they attend the classes and some of them get a degree to complete the course for seven years. You know, they come out with a full course Arabic language a hadith tafsir all those things, but generally for the professional for the students who don't have time to come in there for the whole

00:51:23--> 00:52:04

week. But cameras on college for the people who can actually study full time so this two different courses one full time and was part time on both of the same people to make me to help people to learn Arabic language and Islamic sciences directly. So the website is once again Cambridge Islamic correct. Yeah, if people type I think it will come out anyway. Kim Islam and the other one of Salaam Institute as salaam Institute of doctrine. criminate way. Yeah, so that one is the online one. And the first one is the full time the Cambridge Islamic college the full time one right? Yeah. Okay. Alhamdulillah Shoshana we've had a very interesting hour Mashallah full hour has

00:52:04--> 00:52:32

gone by and shouted I hope this is not the last time I interview we're going to do multiple interviews in sha Allah. May Allah xojo continue to give bless you with more human and tough one minute family advisor to give Baraka in your life and in your wealth and in your health and your property and your family's male allies which will allow all of us to be guided and to guide others through us. We really appreciate the time that you gave us. I know it's late Chicana Jazakallah head barakallahu li calm and shallow Tyler will be in touch and shoulda said