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Catherine, we're here in the UAE and

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we're trying to do a vlog here

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rolling with Rafa Javi and some of the UFC fighters.

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And we're here to

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update you on what's happening.

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beautiful architecture. Yeah.

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We want to say to the camera you are beautiful architecture. That's right. I mean, they speak the truth.

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I find that you found a new machine in architecture. I'm really amazed. unbelievably amazing. Beautiful, incredible.

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Are you doing

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UFC fighter?

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I find me a lot nicer. The finest

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I think I'm in love.

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Love Love for for us in this

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all right now.

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We got a message for

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Why? What's wrong with us?

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This is Canadian wrestling is very different than American wrestling.

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Much more intense. Polar bears. You don't have polar bears.

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In America, you guys wrestle grizzly bears? Much smaller,

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more fragile. to Canada we have the polar bear to wrestle with.

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But you guys don't make it to the Olympic you don't do on the Olympics that we'll do. That's not real fighting.

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This is the UFC.

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How's it going?

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Okay, so here's my variation of other seniors.

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When you were born,

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we told you your name, his comedy job comes up. Did we tell you what your name is? yet? We it's conditioned. It could have been something else. Yeah.

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When you were born,

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you, you you learn about the dunya. You learn about the UK, eu, you see something cold for the first time you see something,

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something big, something small, something rough, something smooth. You're learning all about the dunya through the senses.

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However, there was a point in time, when you are alive,

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where you didn't know about your identity. And you hadn't interacted with a donor yet.

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There was a point in time, where there was no identity, no self, no ego.

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And there was no interaction with adunni at all. Even when you were just just born there's a minimal interaction with the dunya that you're not even aware of.

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This state of there's no name, there's no artificial experience. There's no

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sensory experience with the dunya This is a state of La ilaha illAllah. Why? Because all there is is an awareness. Within this awareness, everything is contained. Your whole existence is contained in your identity that dunya that's why for instance, when we asked materialist philosophers to show us proof of materialism, something outside this self awareness, they cannot logically speaking, they cannot they always start with the premise that okay, your brain is material. Therefore, if you puncture the brain, the consciousness is gone. But they started with the brain is material, I'm asking him to prove materialism. And his premise starts with having to accept materialism to choose

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But put that aside for now, no argument of materialism dualism and idealism, substances, but then a second, there was a state of a human being where there's nothing but awareness. This is the state of Oklahoma and this is why has it says the Prophet told us we're all born Muslim and then your parents change it to something else? Yeah. I had to condition you to make you believe a certain person is God or not. I have to condition you. But what is your What was your natural religion? What were you born in? So this was something that I talk about? Yeah. So what there's no way out of here. Sorry. Sorry. There's no way out of here. He thought it was coming in.

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You guys thought that this man was all about MMA and he doesn't.

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See there is a stereotype with Cody

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I'd love to be philosophy. We were talking about randomness. Okay, so is that what he's trying to say? I'm saying we're talking about justified true belief. Yes. Even justified true belief doesn't eliminate all doubt. Now we have to remember we're not talking about pragmatism here. knowledge that's useful for putting a roof over your head. We're talking about absolute truth. We're talking about are you curious about some people are not interested in truth. Some people are just interested about what puts food in their belly in a shelter over their head. After that, they don't want to talk anymore. So if this topic doesn't interest you

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change the channel. Because people you know, they're always asked me Okay, well, how do you make money with this idea? This is not about making money.

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It's not about pragmatism. Sometimes people say I love truth. I love to theater. Oh, people can handle the truth. We believe in this truth, truth. Truth. What do you mean by truth? Oftentimes, what they mean is pragmatism, what they love is the dunya. What they love is, hey, do these methods and beliefs bring me resources? do they work? Well, not exactly. But because something works, and we can find many examples of things that people believe things that worked, but they're actually weren't true. And now they've been debunked. Like, for instance, we used to believe bloodletting works.

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GALEN believed bloodletting if you let blood Hollywood's help you survive. It's actually untrue, completely false.

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But my point being is this, they believed it was true. So they, they believed it was true. They thought it was working. So they called it the truth. to them. It was a it was a resource.

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Even things that actually really do work in the world later on, we find out the reason why they work is completely different than their original reason why?

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So what are we talking about here?

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There, if you're truly a lover of knowledge, you're going to crank up the dial of skepticism. Now, today, the lowest level of skepticism we can accept is the scientific method. You have a hypotheses, you have to test it has to be predictive, has to be falsifiable, etc.

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But David Hume has le

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Emanuel camp, this was not enough for them. They went even further, they wanted to know what's the what's the truth in the ultimate sense. So if you're reading their writings, you're talking about a whole different subject here.

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So this is this is what we're talking about. Now, what is actually true, cannot be denied. There's no new evidence in the future. There's no new argument that's going to come. It's bulletproof. has really boiled it down to this point of awareness. But Canadian guy come into to the fly to look to take photos.

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Take photos of snow, snow. Yeah. Artificial is actually real. artificial snow is what they do in Dubai.

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So for those of you haven't little cheat meal.

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Oh, yeah. Did you give the recipe to the Cheesecake Factory?

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Sorry, go.

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Go and tell us tell us what your son said.

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Well, how's our struggle? My kids the car was when we drive. When we drive to the gym. You got to find a square, but we do silence we're talking no music, nothing.

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No iPads, just reflection. So we do it on a regular basis. We go to the gym almost every single day.

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So one day, my son my my eight year old son is actually seven at the time. He's like Papa interrupted the silence. Like Yeah, like, yeah, cuz I want to ask you something because I want to tell you something.

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Since everything happened because of something else.

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He's telling me, you know, past events led to this event. Then he told me and your son is like eight years old, they're so deeply about, you know, that's what

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he said to me. And everything's gonna be okay.

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I can tell you he has this innate sense like, everything's okay. Everything is okay. Everything's gonna be okay. I was really amazed because you know, what, they haven't had the time to be influenced by their environment as much as us or indoctrinated or school in a school of thought. These are just as natural thoughts surfacing?

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so incredible. So that's the importance of reflection. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. You discover yourself a lot like when you sit in silence, sit in silence for a prolonged period of time. Some people cannot stand silence. The reason why people cannot withstand silence is because I believe it is a deep seated fear of death. All your anxieties come from your fear of that philosophy. Your fear of death, you're constantly distracting yourself with coffee a movie. If you if I sit you in a room

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With no entertainment, no danger, no danger, we're going to attainment. Some people will become mad.

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They're going to live their own personal health and,

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and some people are going to find peace.

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It depends how your mind is.

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But people who are constantly trying to distract themselves.

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They're running from a particular help. Why? via tools of

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silence, when being with yourself is insufferable, insufferable. You can't stand yourself. There's some people that cannot have peace. Some people, they call it intrinsic. They can't stop talking and making noise and it's a non stop concert.

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Those people my opinion are uncomfortable with themselves and the idea of death. Because the second, the second things are called yourself having deep thoughts. When you have deep thoughts, when philosophers put it best said, don't think they don't do philosophy. If you don't want to see yourself, you look at yourself, because you're gonna see some type of ugliness, and you're gonna have to deal with it.

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That's why some people are so preoccupied. They never want to have these kind of intrinsic experiences internal experience, because they cannot stand themselves. This is the truth. If you look at all the sages, the prophets, the wise man, they all have times of seclusion. The prophet in the cave is Jesus in wilderness, Buddha under the tree, there was always a period of time of intense solitude

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and introspection professor, Isaac Newton, even he was every every single culture. There was a time where they were found solid, when Isaac Newton wrote the three laws of motion. He was hiding from the plague. When de cartes wrote the his meditations, he spent he was in an isolation, just mentally alone in the cabinet. They're all running from the plague disease.

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Yeah, yeah, he was he went away for 10 years, that sort of solitude. solitude is very special.

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For this guy was a vegetarian, it took about leg of lamb, what is bottini? I don't know.

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Got this, you got to translate it.

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Which is the best price

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can make a mistake can't lie. And

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it's when you take when we take ourselves as an authority. And then we claim it by God that you're the authority. You're not divine. That was the whole, so to say, Oh, the community is enough. Okay, how does the community our community is

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worth a secret. And then the irony is, so just for the benefits of the tape. So when we're talking about the cartiva, canonicity, which is that

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the priests come together, and they want to customize the Bible, they want an authoritative text, the main criteria is that it's going to be the revelation of the text of the candle, the Bible, if it agrees with our teaching, but the whole point of colonization is that they have to find a text to

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to derive evidence for the beliefs, values, etc. So you see the sacred arguments to say what's authentic?

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Sometimes Oh, but the Holy Spirit was working the Holy Spirit was working they see the Holy Spirit was working then I have another argument Okay, where do you get the idea and of course of the Holy Spirit for the Bible that you back into that

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so this is

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this is the end of our

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Abu Dhabi lesson strategic means

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important things which also inform people

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so this is it.

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interesting conversation for us how'd you do and play

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along stereotype

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are very similar as some of the parenting advice he gave was but yeah, it's spiritual But

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no, not not to be fair, not and not many people can specialize in two areas like that. No.

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Definite take on anything that's

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Anyways, guys,