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Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of Islam, including a chance to share Islam across the planet and the opportunity to earn money from donations. They encourage people to donate as small as a dollar and receive rewards for accepting Islam. The process is described as a breeze and requires minimal effort.
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We're still looking at long days without food or drink for the remainder of the month, but like a boat from the blue, Ramadan will be gone. But with every cloud, there's a silver lining. Because come rain or shine, a slam will enter every home just like our profit forecast. He said, Allah will not leave a house or residence, but that he will cause this religion to enter it. Just a tip of the iceberg. This is an opportunity to help share Islam across all corners of the earth. We're expecting heavier downpours of donations towards the last 10 days with them flooding during the odd nights. I don't have the focus for literacy another day. So lightning fast and donate today could brighten up

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someone's day by giving them the gift of Islam. donated to IRA is not a long winded process. It's a breeze.

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Don't be saving for a rainy day. Donate today, for the price of less than a cup of coffee a day and receiving the rewards of people accepting Islam across the globe. subianto scales your day of judgment. Imagine now someone accepts Islam, every dollar that they do, every prayer that they pray and every letter of Quran that they read, what are you waiting for?

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What are you waiting for? Imagine the reward with Allah and click the button and donate today.

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