Village Members Embrace Islam Botswana

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We had come to give the message of Islam to the sand tribe, the Bushmen and the original hunter gatherers of Botswana, the people who would hunt lions and wild animals, I'm in one of the has

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literally made out cross branches. They were so connected to the fitrah, that when we explained the message of Islam to them, they understood it clearly and confirmed how it makes total sense to believe. And one creator.

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La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la la. After this, we headed back to the village and the people from the San tribe were waiting for us. He created the whole universe, while we human beings cannot even create a small fly.

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When we told them about Allah, and why there is only one God, the people connected. Immediately after our tour, we asked who would like to accept the message?

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What happened next surprised all of us.

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One by one they started doing we do just like a straight after the Shahada. Then they also joined us for their first Allah Subhana Allah only accepting Islam less than an hour ago they were already with us praying for Will you be getting the reward of Islam, reaching houses made of grace and reaching remote tribes who would have otherwise never heard about Allah please click on the link or the button and start getting the reward of this amazing work in this blessing month of Ramadan. And please don't forget to share this amazing video so others can learn about this story and get rewarded for others donating for free