Arrogant Christian Humiliated by Humble Christian

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Got you.

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Yeah, of course I'm going into it right now.

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If anyone Christian here, no.

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The question is Where did the Bible say David is

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Yes. So when I asked you a question earlier, what not a prophet well I'm responding. You don't have to like my response

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earlier so let's

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say x to 29 to 30 Israelites I may say to confidently about ancestor David that he both died was buried in his tomb is with us to this day.

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Did you

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before you before you

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joined the

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you haven't read it?

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Read it but you didn't know maybe

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you can make a mistake you can make a mistake.

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It's clear that he made a mistake.

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She made a mistake. Okay.

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Okay, so

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so now it's clear that you clearly you clearly and we are we are witnesses. You clearly did not understand what Prophethood is biblically. You