Very Funny Muslim Makes Hardcore Zionist Laugh!

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In that area, we call upon a sign in that area, Christian Arab, writes articles to this day about Christian, not Muslim. But because that by the way, I have an issue here. I don't think by the way, there's a great deal.

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I don't think there's much as much anti semitism.

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Islamophobia in Israel as it is anti Arab sentiment. I personally believe a lot of it is tribal. And I can substantiate this with sociological evidence. From one subject to answer the question, how will I be persecuted against

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talking about Christians?

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Know, you said

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he was angry?

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Well, I'm saying yes, at the end of the day, if you please.

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Okay. I'm not sure what your experiences but I'm telling you from people that have written and, and others that they write, you can check the newspapers, that Arabs, generally speaking, are seen as secondary citizens, and they suffer all kinds of persecution, they suffer. We

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wrote an article about a Christian Christian family, I think it was dated 2011. Well, you could double check my memory is not that brilliant, as he called them out before the president of Israel. I think I

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wrote an article about a Christian family that would Christian Arab family, each time leave its house and get spit out by Jewish people as a as a Nazi.

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asking us I'm sorry.

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So I'm saying, look, I think you know,

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I'll tell you what it says. It says

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it says,

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In the Quran, it says about Jews and Christians.

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It says they're not the same guys. Look, we have enough in our religion, a principle of don't generalize. I'm saying you might be a good Jew, you might be a good like, you might be a very decent person. I always come here, sometimes you get your passion and no problem. But you might be, there might be a Jewish person out there that does bad things. Okay, that creates an environment, a social environment in Israel. And I think that is a problem in Israel. Look, if you look at the polls, and you know, this is something which is underreported. I'm going to tell people right now about this thing. If you look at the polls, you know, who are the most despised people in Israel, according to

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the post, like the patient peace mission to close and other polls, you can check out right polls on Google bone Israeli polls, the newest ones, the most hated people, the Arabs in Israel. Now the black people.

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Which polls name the poll, instead of just saying you didn't use it, according to the poll.

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By the way, Jewish people are the most heavily polled community, I would say probably in the Middle East. The polls that I'm referring to, is a piece of the peace initiative that they do every year. Who puts it out? There is an organization called the peace initiative, I think so we can double check. But you guys can check up on Google. It's not so it's not like impossible to retrieve this information. I'm saying that the poll information says that when asked what one of the questions one out when Jewish people ask, what do you think of your black neighbor? A lot of them had suspicion of them. So the issue is when people from Ethiopia, who are also Jewish, they claim to be Jewish, or

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people from other places, black countries they come into to Israel, there's a problem of racism in Israel, just like there might be a problem and racism in some Arab countries. I'm not saying that I have the right and the Israelis are wrong. I'm saying you've just made a bold claim. He said there's no such thing as he's saying. There's no such thing as a complete equality in Israel. I'm saying there is no

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social political