Tommy Robinson Supporters Violently Attack Muslims at ‘Freedom of Speech’ Event

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I have

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one person coming in

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a couple of months.

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Okay, that's fine. That's fine. Let me just double check.

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We don't have one charge with it.

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Security Guard

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Yeah, Voltaire philosopher, and he said that

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I don't agree with what you say. He says I despise what you say. Well I will defend to the death you're right to say it. That's what

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I'm saying. Hey, look, we've got

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a movement

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I'm struggling I'm struggling hey

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what do you got water for? Let me just

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say is my little ironic, isn't it? I know I know what's going on you see I believe me I'm not trying to make your life harder as well. Yeah. But this defeats the whole purpose and this reason why he makes me feel

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sorry, I'll try

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my lips are sealed exact phrase.

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Monday Yeah, you know.

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You gotta be well done.

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It's gonna be on line man.

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No such thing

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You're no different to me.

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I was invited today

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I got invited

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and organizers invited me

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I was invited

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I was invited by Lucy

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So I just I just want to

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I just want to move away from you

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I'm ready to fly

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I've lost

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over there as well

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talk about this side effect very much

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guys as you can see oh kicked off

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anyway I'm still online. Let's see what happens

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first was content

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Yeah What do you like?

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Tango Yankee

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I tried to join

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me at the end

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he was supposed to be speed

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reading and

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the lines were picked up from speed you'll be able to come share by looking at yeah

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I'll find him yeah

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okay all right

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we got to

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find it okay

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and then put Oh s and

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should come up first on the list earlier because oh I see so just put an SEC next to them come up first

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on YouTube brilliant

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yos Muslim yeah all you have to do is just

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Allah Allah Allah

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that's I'm saying

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they will find out that

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someone gave me a big hit. Yeah I saw

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everything both hands were being like I'm not saying that's your fault yeah but that's the problem. I saw their security grabbing you holding us all right yeah like I told him I had people holding me I had no arms and it was just like perfect shot the guy could got me

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nothing has been shot I've had one guy he'd be here

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with so many

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completing a piece of

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is it not happy you know like free speech thing and then

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the young Muslims network

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you guys are gonna go a little bit more tempo now.

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Yeah, it's your life I don't because I was

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because I

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to going on in the Middle

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The problem is when you've got so many of these guys in college you don't say that guy that you sort of the publisher? Yeah, the main guy that's like my size. Yes, he was he went and called his friends. I told you

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what he called his friends. He go I could go

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right? I'm just coming to sort of find out what's going on for you have pulled out because we were a bit concerned for your safety. Okay, no, no, you're not

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I think we can sit and find your friend and bring you friends here all right.

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Yeah, fine. So we asked for one will lead together right okay. I was gonna answer this. your intention just

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yet. You got it.

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Got a formal invitation for one of the reasons. The whole point of today's speech was

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free speech. But these are like ultra right wing people that are kind of organizing. Yeah. So we thought that they had done that and the basis. Okay, because they're saying that it's you know, the one that disproves the most edited speaker. Yeah, we actually checked, we thought it was a charitable gesture. And that that would offer us protection and

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security. And it wouldn't be this kind of only first camera and talk on camera as well. It was quite

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a few of the people there who had very deep like negative intentions. Yeah.

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They start

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antagonizing. Yeah. So getting angry and actually touching us.

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And there's so many cameras on us.

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So yeah.

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I saw him from my phone. He was phoning up phoning us. Because

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all of them were kind of tied in different areas. I realized also was a kid with a big funnel.

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dress. In fact, when you guys came in, and the officers that came forward

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we only had a few officers. And myself. I was okay. One of the brothers went and pulled some officers

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came back. And we were there. And then obviously

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we will see when you get out of Europe, your own friends, bring them here. And then if you

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want to go

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Yeah, we'll go. We'll go to

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go to another place. Yes, we need to park somewhere. So yeah, my main concern.

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I'm sure the police are with him, but I want to know where he is. Exactly. Yeah.

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Well, I got assaulted