The Best of You #7

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I'm looking also at the Allahu Anhu PA or an abuse of Allah Allah you are using them in a collection of Imam didn't me the his John met with the authentic generation rate us by Abdullah him and then also

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and the theme is the word or the usage of the word playable Kalam or high theatrical or high rawness and in this hadith he uses the words play have the best of but he doesn't use the in the same he adds something to it to his son to it sounds a little bit a little bit a little bit different. But it still still definitely within that theme of his use of this word, where he says that his thought was clear on us happy and Allah Pyro, whom you saw, maybe, well, hydrology Rania and Allah Jairo homely Giovanni. So the Prophet Allah is also in this hadith a little bit different, but still the same, the same concepts that I've been, he's been teaching us and these are Hadith over the last

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number of nights. And I have one more Hadith that it probably narrate to you on Tuesday, and then I'll end this series and move on to something different.

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But what he says here, at least to the best of friends, is the one who's best to his friend or her friend. And the best neighbor is the one who was best to his or her neighbors.

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So he basically started a trend on a hillside was RAM, you could take that, you can take that wording and just start to most put it almost anywhere you want in terms of relationships, right?

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So it's friendships and neighboring and they just keep on going and talk about the best. Any

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volunteer and the best spouse and the best parent and the best son or daughter is the same thing as the one who's the best to those who are within their vicinity, the best friend in the world and Allah and Allah subhanaw taala amongst people is the one who is best to his friends, the one who serves his friends the most, the one who is beneficial to their friends the most. The peep the one person who is looking out for their friends at all times trying to make sure that they are there, their safety net, they're the ones who are

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looking out for them watching out for them, protecting them trying to help them that's the best of them. Everyone's The reason he used I use this hadith for this theme because you can say this hadith is a fit. Yeah, it does. Because when he says call you to come in here to come, he's still seeing that here. Because who isn't different? who is living and no friends exist in their lives? It's impossible. Everyone has at least a friend. So this hadith is encompassing all Muslims for sure. And everyone's a neighbor to someone.

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You can't not be a neighbor to see how do you mean ever to someone there has to be someone who lives close by to you. If you're living in an in a castle on your own. Well, whoever owns the next Castle is your neighbor and he's still you're still a neighbor one way or the other. So when he uses these terms on a southern Plato was having Plato Gilan, the best of friends and the best of neighbors he is still saying the best of you Ana, he still does I mean he's just he's just getting you to see things a little bit differently not asking you maybe to think about a little bit more. And he's using the same trend is the best is the person who's best to his friend is the person who's best to

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his neighbors. So it's about your behavior. It's about how you treat people it's about what benefit comes from you towards them and that's how you're going to be judged

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imagine those who cause harm

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imagine those who Cartman.

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Shoulder after this heavy and it's called labor

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we hope

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we will pray sunnah and then we have a satellite for our brothers uncle and then I will run my tafsir in Arabic as I've been doing for the last 10 years

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so I just finished my call tonight and then we'll for sure go back to the Arabic

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so and with that and show you how to really meet up with them. So here I am and also the Allah pneumococcal and abuse of Allah are you are you setting them play your role as Javi and Allahu Allahu Musa hayday well Hallo Giovanni and Allah Hi Euro home New Zealand so the closer

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to Allah Allah Allah to stop you to believe or something main shower Pesona and we have a solid to hype inshallah for brothers, uncle and then we'll have our Tafseer Holika in Arabic after the