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Quranic Transformations: a monthly, interactive, hands-on series where goal-setting and Quranic supplication come together to create a transformation that is unique to you.

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One more time Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum, wa Taala youtubers we are covering boronic transformation for the month of March, I do this small introduction for our Live Crew. Now let's get into the nitty gritty. The idea was we're gonna invest more in believing in God's mercy and our paradise. And then here's a bigger level. We just have to take this one more step further and then we'll jump into our blog. What is jhana? What is hell? In a word if you have to describe it? What is it? What what's jhana

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Okay, Hellfire fire, so it's burning. Anything else? torment, and less punishment? shadow a cop? Any? How else? Can you describe how

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infinite endless it's, it's continuous?

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Can anyone else say that it is a dark place. It is a hopeless place, a place of depression, anxiety, paranoia? And really, really, overall negative thoughts? So based on that definition, are there not people in this dunya? Who already live in hell? Yes. So yeah, I of course, I wanted to yes to that answer. But are there not a group of us that say that? We pray we fast? But if you ask them, there's a lot of you. I don't know, how are you going to have it have no idea? Isn't that? Isn't there going to be paranoia and anxiety at the end of the day? And what if you prayed five times a day and asked Allah subhanaw taala every day? Oh, Allah give me good. And then you didn't believe that he was

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going to give you good? Wouldn't that make you anxious and depressed? Yes. So I hope that we would all as Muslims, get over this far off idea that jahannam is far away. So let's think about if I lived a depressed dark paranoid life, would I do a more good deeds or more bad deeds?

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You some people would say good deeds, but what I do those good deeds with a bright intention? No. So the person who lives in hell here will most likely live in hell there. And I want to flip that logic and take it to you. So why do you want to lie to everyone?

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If you begin to live in the 6040 7030, down to 99%? I believe I'm going to Jenna, how will that change your perspective? I don't have to answer it. That's where the transformation takes place. I'm not going to quote you 50 Hadith on positivity. But I am going to say Allah subhanaw taala promise is never broken. And what did he promise those who worship Him and are having good idea for prime minister in general? So please, if you can give me three words at home, and here are three words to describe paradise. What's paradise? Besides the milk and the rivers and the women and the music and the endless goblets and but what really is done?

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If you had asked what is done if you had to describe it?

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Happiness, to me it's relax. Peace. Oh, very nice. Peace. You don't have to feel like, do I belong? I feel like peace and you belong. Anything else?

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That you never so comfort that you never imagined? Can you say you'll be satisfied with it? Okay, you'll be set? Yes. Equality? And lastly, can you say Paradise is a place where we don't judge each other? Yes. Right. If you're running around with, I don't know, your house has 50 rooms in and I'm like, you know what? Brother has simplicity. And like, you're not gonna do that in paradise. So are there people who in this dunya don't judge people in this dunya don't have are happy and are peaceful and say, Look, this is my purpose in life. I don't know what your purpose is. But I found my purpose. My purpose is to write rub bananas, do Salawat talk to people in a camera. Look, I found

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my spot. And I hope that if you're in my world right now, and this is my agenda, I hope you're in my office as well. And I know this again, sounds all dramatic, but I'll share the simplest of story. I was coming in through the customs. And so I just coming back from Oman inshallah, on Saturday I leave for over again, I want to take you all as in my, in my heart. So any doors you have tonight, just make them to Allah. And in 36 hours, I'll be making the Wallabies and illa 72 hours. And the idea my last night stories. As I was coming back from Duluth, as coming back from O'Meara, the security customs guy said, so what do you do over there?

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They said, We pray for everybody. And I said, we pray as if you could be my neighbor in paradise. And he stopped for a second. I said, Yeah, you're in my world right now. Why wouldn't you be in my world over there.

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And that thought, I hope that starts to seep inside you that there are people who are already in gender now, salon makes them happy, their family makes them happy, they see good things in life. So if you can begin that slight change, now some part of yours, skeptical brain, which is so academic, and so smart is saying, Don't let this guy convince you to positivity. I'm doing law of probability here. If you keep betting on 10% of your salary, you'll only make 10% that if you really believe on you're going all in, then give more percentage to the positive aspect that I am going to paradise. I am living through the things that will take me to paradise. And now with that mindset, let's go with

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just a show of hands, how many people were here last month. So that's what I believe were here. Last month. I'll give you a quick summary for everyone who was here. Last month we wrote robina hublin arminas wodgina was reacting aparato.

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subpoena Mama. But there was a greater conclusion. It wasn't God give me good kids. Yeah. Does anyone recall what was the conclusion of last week? It was I am the only source through which I can get love. You have to love yourself in order to be a complete man and that complete man will marry a woman and have children. But can a man be clingy to his wife is a bunch of guys here. I'm asking you. Do you feel supportive life is different. Do you think it's your responsibility to love yourself? Or to derive that love Klinger Lee from your wife?

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But is that an easy thing to do? Absolutely not. So we said Rabbana hub Atlanta grant me because we're gonna use that word grant again today. mean as wodgina was the reality now now you got to be real here friends? Does that mean your kid Oh Allah give me a kid who does good on the soccer team and is always clean, and never gets hairy. And his bathroom is always clean. Like, are you asking for some miracle child? Or are you saying Oh Allah, whenever I see my child, let me see kurata like that? Aren't your kids going to go through phases. So when your kids going through that funky looking phase at 1314 year we like

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to not go to law you. My point is we have to love ourselves and when we are not.

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When we are not trying to get love out of someone else, we will see the good in our children. That was the conclusion of where we left off. It was on Valentine's Day. So I really pushed the idea that we need to be able to find self love. So I hope you can carry that concept over today. Would you all live repeat after me? We're going to read the law out loud. For those of you at home Sylvia Hannah and family if you all could read it out loud everyone at home. It's recycler on.com You can find it for the translation.

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Today's chronic transformation which I hand picked because we're leaving for

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O'Meara I hope you can extend and make it a trigger in your life. Can you say ah he Oh a five primordial sounds everyone with me? Ah he who? Oh no get out of the mouth start to create the

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e Leu a people are doing it at home One more time. Get to the belly not r e

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e co

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a only asked me once for

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a I love the love from home. Now take the archy Oh a ruse ooh Billahi min ash Shea shave Bonnie Raji. Sophie repeat after me.

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Ooh, be

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me. Shame on you. Rajiv, I'll be with you.

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Oh, do

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you mean Shame on you? Oh, gee. Oh, Allah.

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I asked your refuge your protection from Whoo.

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Whoo. So what was so bad about shaytaan urging? What did he do to become a regime

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There's a big phrase inside this y'all can help me they'll help us while they can, probably

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didn't allow us to do something and he said, I'm better, he used his brain. And he made a decision above the decision of Allah. So those of us using the skeptical mind, I know a lot of you do it and I encourage you to think deeply, there is going to be some portion of your brain that says, oh, a lot. Don't help me fall into that trap. Don't Don't make me wait till this makes perfect sense. Because science can't explain dreams to you. science can science cannot completely explain string theory to you, science has its limitations. So go to a loss of data and say, I asked you a refuge from all the things that shape on could play me back in the day shape on might have used magic, and

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you know, omens and you know, curses today what is Satan gonna use? Can you prove that? Is that rational? I'm skeptical? I am what is someone who questions everything? Joe Rogan always says that he's a someone who claims that they're skeptical mind right, someone who never I can't be pinned down by this religious thought. So before we move forward, keep saying the phrase Oh Allah, I seek your protection from any one of Shannon's Greatest Hits. Right misguidance back by shavon has the greatest hits that he plays and he and once you start hearing his his song that he plays that Oh,

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I'm not going to give in then shape on can hold you so if you could all repeat after me Rob by noon on Bana

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la gargle the sound to zil kulu Banda.

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bar down

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is had a

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ring your tongue out to the edge of the top teeth right in her day Donna

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will have Atlanta.

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me let

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me let

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know how many people have ever made this deal before? Okay, and what did what was the outcome? Oh, let me translate for you. Oh, our Lord the God we are all talking to right now. Do not deviate our hearts after they have been guided and bestow for us from Your mercy give us mercy. If you could translate the word Mercy is a one time Brahma right. What if you're inside the Rama inside God's mercy? What What does that feel like? It's a word in English.

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Rama is when you're outside. Allah have Rama, Rama, me. Then God has Rama on you. Where are you then?

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in a state of grace, you're inside the sugar. You're not giving things you're in a state of things. Yeah. I'm not you your kid is saying Papa lollipop, lollipop lollipop. He's in the state of asking. Even that has its sweetness. But what's the he's quiet when he has one. He's not even going to eat it. He's just gonna be like, I have it. One is asking. It's still connected to a law. But when you have it. You're quiet. That is over long. Give me mercy. And then once I have it.

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Let me feel peace. Let me feel grace. It's a word they use in church a lot here. So Muslims don't like to talk about it. But Grace is when you're inside sugar. Inside Alhamdulillah inside of it is grace. y'all ever been to the airport on Sunday? You see these people? How are you doing today? graceful? Why? Cuz they're in a bountiful feeling blessed. Y'all need to go to church a little bit more.

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Go to the airport. I'm traveling on Sundays. There's Oh, they're just full of grace. And they'll say it as grace over love once do not deviate my heart once it has reached a state of guidance. You need to start answering this question, what's guidance? What is guidance? There's no right answer here. I hope that you would write it down in your doula. I'm praying five times a day is that guidance? I feel like it's the outcome of being guided. Right, because let's be in our group here so that everyone at home can agree or not. How many people know someone five times five times Muslim, the meanest person that you know, I'm sorry. I know. I know some hard people they prayed the harsh

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people. Shouldn't the prayer make you like, Hey, I talked to God, that guy talks to God five times a day you must be in a pretty good mood. So Oh Allah.

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Give me a definition of guidance. Can we spend like just 3040 seconds? Two words to describe if you were guided, what would be going on in your life?

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Right. Okay, peaceful. What else is going on guidance? I feel like I would trust myself more. If God was consistently guiding me. Yeah. When you put into your GPS, how to get here? Does anyone say no, the GPS is wrong? Well, if you're using Apple Maps on a construction site, yes, but my point is, when you feel like I'm being guided by a lot, you're going to move with some type of confidence. What else does guidance feel like?

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Oh, my destination, okay, you'll find your destination, you'll start seeing the small things that you are asking for are happening. It's not just I want gender, I want to be able to communicate with my wife, I want to live debt free, I want to be healthy, and you start seeing those things happening.

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Did anyone else give me a few more words that describe guidance? self trust, self trust would be the number one friend Do you want to be hit by guidance every day? Or do you just want a consistent signal?

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It's really easy to say but if you can say robina la to zero Punahou, bada bada Daytona, or LA I'd rather the consistent most of us think that if we're guided some angels gonna come through the wall is gonna hit you in the forehead, and you're going to be like Rabbana but how many of us have met someone or can accept is it for my home as well? A lot doesn't always come spectacularly.

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I've said many times making dua you're like, this feels right. And you go for no angel. No huge crime law. Everyone's waiting for that moment. Right? But would it? Would I ask you this question on Oh, Allah, don't miss God, don't deviate my heart. Do you all want one spectacular angel in the sky? Or do you want consistent guidance?

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But I think internally we're all waiting for some fireworks and angels and

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you are like, I think we are waiting for that subconsciously. If we can change that today, you know, do and say, Oh Allah

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robina lottery Pooh bah bah, the data. And this is I'm asking you, overload don't deviate my heart when it is guided. What are you accepting in this door by making?

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I am presently guided. If you think about that, Oh Allah when I am guided, Oh Allah, I've already got it to make sure you do not deviate my heart once it has touched guidance once it has felt peace, trust, self confidence.

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So don't you have that right now?

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I want you to use this as a trigger as soon as you feel a little bit of human say Robin.

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Robin Allah. Robin Allah Ravana by the data, because you are the child saying Papa lollipop, lollipop lollipop. But you're holding the lollipop.

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Allah guide me guide me guide me to say Allah guide me? How guided Are you already? right to say Allah guide me is huge. And if you can begin to accept that I'll share the personal story with this.

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I use this as a trigger You are the so let me give you two pieces of information. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is narrated in the books of their meeting. Whoever says this to our after every farmer prayer is guaranteed paradise.

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If I'm a simple Bedouin sheep herder, that's enough advice for me. Well, we live in 2018. So let's up the bar. If you said this two or five times a day, Oh Allah, once I am guided, that's a very polite way of accepting your guidance. Don't miss guiding me. Then how many of you can use this outside? That's the first piece of information five times a day you're saying this? How many people can use this as a positive? You hear a beautiful point right now, bro bananas, you could open about it later, right? You just have to say it. Because Oh Allah, I feel guided. Now, after these talks or after a football or after a really nice Salah, doesn't the heart kind of waver away 15 minutes later

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10 YouTube clips in four songs, NBA Finals.

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Guidance doesn't go away. But that feeling of being inclined towards a lot goes away. So I know everyone makes this one as if they are not guided. How many people from today can start saying oh a lot in this state of guidance. It might be really weak like 1% 2%

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If you can say I am guided, will you not just rise from there? So we'll have banana Miller.

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And give to me from your Rama, God has all the Rockman in the universe, can you give me a little bit of it?

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So my intention here for all of us is that we recognize that you are guided right now. I know this is cliche, but how many people feel can say I if you feel guided in this room? Hi. If you feel guided, say on the opportunity now, this sounds really good on paper. But if we read to India or Pakistan or some other country outside of America and said, You all are forgiven, you're all going to actually go back and try that. What's the trigger that come? Oh, man, let's party let's do now. Let's try to curb that idea. Just for a moment. Over law, I am presently guided make this level right now or whenever you're feeling it, my minimum wage, because where can your mind go?

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It can go. So Can someone name a moment of peak moment a moment of collective ecstasy? What's one time that you personally have had some amazing 27th night that you take it off the table right now? Okay, everybody. Yeah, I've had some amazing experiences. I'm 27 night birth of a child. It was mostly one of the most spiritual and then I set it so can I get a few when when have you been in a moment where you're like

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something you felt it? You you? You felt connected? Okay, at HUD

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breaking fast, HUD breaking fast we got a few

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anybody making a loss looking at gabaa Wow, you guys went for juggler right away. What some simple Has anyone had recently in the last week a really good prayer. I had a I had an assert prayer, but what do you

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Allahu Akbar? Allah what first Now does that getting a grandson make you believe in God a little bit more like exciting. Once you hit that apex, rub vanilla odoban about it. You have to and I'm going to give the example so that you all can understand. Do you know how people play music before they go into a sales meeting? Or a basketball player has these headphones on because you don't get to get himself into state? Can you take a douar and find these amazing moments and start to build it up inside you but at all Robin? I'd love to see fluvanna data? Yes, you can. It's called a trigger where

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you ring the bell and what does the dog do? You remember the example you ring the bell that you give that you give the dog a treat? he celebrates ring the bell ring until you finally ring the bell and what does he do? He celebrates if you are able to find enough peak moments, and I know it's hard but if you taste something wonderful and you want to taste it again, Robin Allah una you have a moment where you feel your the warmth of your kids hugging you. You're like, Huh, check how many people ever played a video game played a video game in the middle of the game you know when you can pause and save at that current spot. Use this do our as a save like something amazing is happening brand

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new grandchild robina la vida de to no habla de la in the control hub. And now this peak moment might feel like the best but I promise you only better to come. So if you are and now I'm just going to conclude on this point. In Jenna. Remember I said some people are living in hell, some people are living in heaven. In genda what is one of the things that is described, everything will get

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better and better. So you eat something in you will swear by God, there's literally a conversation where someone will be like a lie. swear this is the best trick I've ever had a last byte of data would say, drink it again. And then he'll drink it. He's like, No, no, I love it. I swear by you and all the seven heavens, this one was the best. And it was better than the time before. And I'll say it again. I think you'll do it again. And again some nerves and say 70 years some nerves and say that 1000s of years, but it'll just get better and better and better. That note, if just for example, brother to birth of a child and grandchild, child, I can't even fathom the birth of

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grandchild because it might not there. If I begin to say overlock This is my peak of Iman as a result of you going to Jamaica and living in the mentality 60 80% of the time. Where's your mind going to go and where is that feeling gonna go? It's gonna keep going. And yes, you will two years from now. Have a

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peak moment and be like, Oh my god, this is amazing. And someone might ask you, hey, was it better than that first time? Yeah, it was better. Why do I bring this up? I work with in the addiction and people who have substance abuse issues.

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Do you all know what an addict is doing? It's tough. What is an addict doing? It could be drugs, could be alcohol could be cigarettes. What is an addict could be pornography, what is an addict doing? Try to go to the core?

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Yes, they're covering, they're numbing. They're always trying to reach the first time. The first time you hit it, your brain goes amazing. Whatever it is the drug the alcohol the first time then your brain detaches. And you're like, Wow, this is amazing. And then every time after that, what are you trying to do?

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You're trying to get that first high. And yes, I am making this analogy. was the only difference between what's the major difference between this and the high, elated ecstasy you get from Allah. Everyone actually does get better than glass. And you can actually use that logic. Take I know for you, I'll have the law always protect you. But the person who knows I'm an addict, I have this problem. They'll tell you, we saw him it was never as good as the first time. But then I say, hey, let's do 10 of stuff for lots of like, Hey, I wasn't there like, yeah, it's as good at the first why because they're connecting a trigger. So if I could conclude here, can we make do our mind Leslie?

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Yes, we can. Have some of us been making the law for 10 years mindlessly? Yes. Because he's a robot nakina. But it wasn't accepted, I don't know. And then you just keep going with life. So I will conclude here. Oh, Allah make me my source of love. So I just want to take it one more step not to connect the two webinars. What really is guidance? Beyond praying and confidence and trust? What really is guidance? What are you accepting? If I am saying I'm guided? What am I accepting? No trick answer here. What do you think? I am accepting today I am guided. I will forget my guidance. That's the way I forget my dad's love. All the time. I'll be in the same room and I'll get into an

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argument. Point being don't mean don't make it liable to me. What is guidance? What are you accepting? Okay, forgiveness. And sister Hannah has it I won't read her. Her answer.

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If I am guided, am I not accepting that love.

00:27:49--> 00:28:07

Real love not some Bollywood like real God was looking out for me. acts of service love, like God is watching out he wants good things for me. As soon as I see I'm guided, I'm valuable. I'm worthy. And Allah loves me no matter what.

00:28:08--> 00:28:20

self acceptance equals guidance. And that's a tough part. So I know all of us are It's late. It's a Wednesday, and I fly tomorrow. So if I may, I'm just going to start concluding here.

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I took 45 minutes to tell you to love yourself and accept. Yeah, that's it. This is not easy. And this could take a lifetime but Robin Allah is you could open a bar the data will have the Nami London kurama in that country will have if I may, how many of us feel a little bit more guided right now? I so could you hit the button and say, Robin, Allah says Illuminati Can you make this duel 40 times a day rubbing on our body today? Can I have that?

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In that candle

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you date, the tighter it will get. There's a new there's an antibiotic called z Pak. It's a one time two antibiotic that loads your system. You can eventually make this webinar so intense, that one person another person will be saying Robin Allah Lubin, and your whole body will fill with that collective ecstasy you'll be like, Oh Allah, thank you for that reminder that I am guided. So I will conclude one more time. guidance is accepting Allah loves me and in order to accept if Allah loves you, stuff your life you don't love yourself, right? If God loves you, and and love doesn't mean you won't get some text, but God loves me. How many of us have said something negative to ourselves

00:29:43--> 00:29:59

today? Even though I knew I could ask this question in the lecture. I did. I said I was like, I forgot the keys to the office. I called home my friend because I told my wife. I had so many appointments. I didn't miss anything. Look what I did at the end. The key was sitting

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In the car, but what was the first reaction? It wasn't self love. It wasn't self acceptance. So I hope that you can take that as an example. guidance is all the things you named. But once you get to the apex of guidance, I'm not going to help. And if I am written to go to hell a lot, I'm yours. Do with me as you please. But that's just tongue in cheek because you're not going to do that to me. So one last time, can you say in that, until we'll hop in until we'll have someone at home said they call themself a moron. Let's ask another question that comes from this self acceptance. How many people are harsher with themselves than they would be with an average person? I use vocabulary with

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myself. I sculpt I say things or think things in a harsh way that either talk to me harsh and then it comes out passive aggressive on someone else. So let's make the shift here. So I hope you conclude this is a positive law or law, I am guided keep guiding me keep me in Your Grace. This is also for the bad times. Man I'm having a crummy day Robin, Allah. Allah, Allah. I was guided yesterday. Now I feel like everything is going to Chrome by better later. So if you could the last concluding we'll have banana. Can everyone say yeah, we'll hop.

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We just put the whole lot into that word, Yamaha, Yamaha, just say the name of Allah.

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bestow, bestow, keep giving. And I promise you if you keep asking, Allah will never run out, you'll have to say Allah, hang on, hang on. I can't take any more. So if you don't want to make the whole dua will have let me let them cut off my neck of the mohab. Please YouTube, Facebook, please pause to my life group. It's not mandatory. But if you want me to read this door, and you want to see the written notes, part of the mustard has a WhatsApp. How many of us are on that? What's up? If you are, I will read this tour. And I'll put a picture as I put a picture last week,

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to the US was a lot of friends. I know I come at this pretty aggressively. I come with a lot of passion. And I hope that you can only accept this in your community, that I'm not necessarily selling you anything. I used this door in 2012. And I saw a dramatic shift in my life. And I'm only now this many years later saying this handwritten law I did in 2012. It changed my life. It helped me accept paradise and guidance. And I hope that you all can use it does that global theatre does that I would like to share from you last month was the first time we did chronic transformation your life. Everyone at home said thank you to you. They said that the experience changes when I'm giving

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a lecture. And when I'm talking to the camera. It doesn't give the lactobionic field. You all brought that back. We did this for six months just to the camera. You all brought the lecture feeling back to it. So they had an enormous amount of people said desired welfare. If you would like to say Oh, one law. I did good. I want to see that. Please do that. say okay, Allah, I helped a whole bunch of people on Facebook. I did not fit dounia Hasina, because you'll get a lot of goodies. But if you don't ask a lot for a teaching a little souvenir, then you'll never ask for bigger and bigger things. So you want a Tesla ask Allah for a Model S on that little model and then let him

00:33:34--> 00:33:53

raise the stakes from there. So if you're going to ask him a lot, I'm gonna ask for a little key chain and then whenever you see the key thing, rather than a lot is it proven by data data now we'll have the 9 million cut off my neck and we'll have some kind of a bigger a bigger is that Dr. Maya seafood or salmonella mursaleen 109 robot I mean, you do not have to raise your hands but if you'd like to

00:33:54--> 00:34:36

raise from the scapula imagine that Allah was putting wings for you in paradise robina our collective Lord, the Lord that we call upon in good and bad times, that to the lubaina Allah do not deviate our hearts our collective connected hearts bar the data from a state of guidance, which we accept at some level right now. Yeah, well, how banana Midleton cut off my old bestower bestow upon us from Your mercy and let us live inside that rock in a state of grace will have let them in let them kurama in the candle will have indeed you Alice Katana and Netcat and then we'll have our will have the Restore. Take 10 seconds to pray for yourself.

00:34:38--> 00:34:43

Robin knows what you know what's the reality now kurata dawned on him with subpoena Mama.

00:34:45--> 00:35:00

Although the month of March is an excellent opportunity for all of us to take charge again. The third month in this 2018 year yellow be 1439 is shaping up to be an amazing year over a lot in the month of March. Our do our is that the routines and rules

00:35:00--> 00:35:27

Tools associated with the robinus Salawat and the names of Allah subhanaw taala becomes something easy for us. All our make our will do ritualized make our doula ritualized. Make our salah and its posture as ritualized. Give us 10 minutes of ritual breathing one or two Monday Thursday fast overleg bring back rituals and routines into our lifetime lifestyles of how they go because that they are mostly foreign whatsoever not anymore city

00:35:29--> 00:35:31

will handle the law of the land. Does that

00:35:33--> 00:35:33

sound like

00:35:35--> 00:35:37

seeing you in person does the same

00:35:39--> 00:35:50

and just going to attend to the chat box if you don't mind? I have a wonderful time and I'll definitely make dua for everyone drink. Please make law during Irma? Definitely sister Shazia, Salaam Alaikum

00:35:52--> 00:36:05

Nihon family the whatsapp group is for people who go to the masala you all should read your clothes people are already hustling on you the people who go to the masjid here so yes we this the

00:36:06--> 00:36:08

Baraka lobby come take care everyone

00:36:10--> 00:36:12

I'll be okay shalonda young men are here

00:36:13--> 00:36:15

eckleburg ticker Sonic

00:36:16--> 00:36:21

so jack love hearing everyone take care and have a wonderful afternoon evening thanks for being

00:36:22--> 00:36:31

thanks for being a part of the whole thing guys Zack located and we're gonna start are no more Mr. Nice Guy group now our book group rather and we will speak to you all soon.

00:36:33--> 00:37:08

Okay, inshallah, thank you very much with patience, Silvia, Hannah, and family all of you time to get home. Is that located and thank you everyone was salamati. Those who catch the recording hope that you have the chance to write down as we did Robin are allowed to do Kubina and then answer the questions. I don't know if it's inverted, who is God in this scenario to you? Who are you to God? And what is guidance to you? What is Barga data? So if you don't define guidance, how will you know if you're already in it? All right, friends, thank you so much. So like the law he will Barakatuhu

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