Mohammed Hijab – Talks Investments with Mark Tilbury and Strike it Big

Mohammed Hijab
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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us to whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah were built in a similar house in Jannah. And we know the great reward that will not only be gained but rather will fill your grave after your death. Whenever someone prays that whenever someone gives shahada in the masjid whenever someone learns something in the masjid, yes, that will be something that you will have on your scale

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on the

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watch, yeah, yeah, but the watch has gone down like recently. It has gone down. A little bounce. Right? It depends on on the models. What? Because you went to watch this. Yeah, I'm not as into it as chi, but I have got a few pieces. So what do you what would you recommend? Well, recently, I bought this one AP blue face. Okay. And this has actually gone up by 12 grand since I've really liked it. And so yeah, so that has been a very good investment, even though I bought it technically, when the market it was on the downtrend, but it has bounced back like that said, so yeah, I just see it as a good way to invest in and where something and have it out and about, obviously in safe

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areas. I wouldn't go around where you live. Yeah.

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That's right. No, I do think it's definitely a good fun investment. And it's something is it just a P that you've invested in. I've got a Rolex as well. Which one have you gone for? I've gone for the Pepsi, with a Jew but the GMT. Yeah, yeah. So like Kaiser. He's got the Batman. That's gone down recently, hasn't it? I got it in the US though. So I got a good price in dollars. You paid for it? $15,000. So that worked out at about 12.4 grand, that was fine. What year is it? 2018 or 19. So now that's gone for like nine right? No, is it final tip? No. Because you

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that's why the thing is, we're not looking to sell them for a good 10 years. I'm probably not going to sell mine. It's just there as a store of wealth. I Nico, Leonardo, I follow his guy who works in yesterday. And they had one of these on a Jubilee bracelet. And they were selling it for 14,000,057. Yeah, really? They're not nine. You probably couldn't get it from the ad. You can ad is probably about seven. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. They won't serve me so if you built a relationship with an ad, then you can go in and buy loads of pieces printed. Yeah. And then you don't necessarily have to sell them but you know that the value is there. Yeah, making you can get in an ad you are printing money

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every time really. But it's it was every model because like for example, March that they just ended the day they I think they don't really make that much the day they get you in the door. If you go in and buy a day, it will probably cost you about 30.

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It will be for the second you leave. Definitely Sure. Yeah. Yes. Not dangerous, but days that day. The most desirable there. If you go in the day, just as like a very cheap like 1000 something right? A date just yet. Yeah, it's like something is the start is the entry level. You said that this was whatever, at the end of the day, you've got to enjoy your investment that I think that's important for you like buying watches, because that's what you like, that's great. I have a watch. It happens to be a rose at GMC as well. Submerge. Okay, well, I like that. That's the one I like, so what I've got, but to me, it's you know, he likes it, then you'd like watching investment. I'm just Well,

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okay, I like wearing one but I'm not too bothered. I'd rather have it in other areas. So I think to summarize, just to wrap up what I was saying is I'm not an expert. Yeah, sure. I'm just an enthusiast.

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Next, but I find it hard to believe that you could go in and ad and not print money every time you buy one unless it is a date just or something to tone or something like that. That will that will make your return. No, you probably lose might lose money. Yeah. Okay. So you are to turn that Yeah. What do you want? Well, you could start the relationship with the ad by buying 11 and a half 1000 pounds for literally the worst twotone date just you've ever seen. And I'm not making that rich that I'm going to start spending 10 grand on watches. I don't even like you know what's going up recently. I think I might be wrong, but Chuda Chuda starting to get like I think it's election.

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Right? Yeah, yeah. And I think it's starting to overtake omega and stuff like that as well. The good thing about Chuda is that someone getting permission for this right?

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You can get like for people that like don't have that disposable income. Yeah, you can go to a tutor shop in Westfield and pay like a monthly payment of no interest. That's quite interesting because then you know, you might not have the, you know, Rolex to do that. He was trying to do it to me because when I went in there to get a watch obviously I wanted to go on for a couple pieces like this. I put myself down for a day day and stuff. You got a relationship with the I could have done if I bought this watch that he offered me because I did go in that funny and after he was actually a fan of Mark. Really No, I told him that I worked for him and all of that. They offered me the one

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watch but obvious

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See, it wasn't one that I was gonna take. And then I was like, Yeah, I don't really know, I sent a picture of it to my mate. He just started laughing at me said, It's so bad, you don't want that. And then I was like, Oh, you're not really sure if I'm interested. And like, even if I am, I'm going to need to like liquidate and get some money anyway. And he was oh, yeah, we can just finance it now. And then you can then liquidate and then declare the finance. If you want, then you can just leave a bit right now. And I was more so trying to get away.

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Yeah, okay. Okay. Yeah. It's a bit of an addiction, though, isn't it? Yeah. It's like, you get the gateway drug. And then you start thinking, I need to get this one that that one, and that this one and that one, but it's not gonna make you the most returns any, like investment stocks or watches. It's just a way to get it? Well, I suppose watches is a bit faster than stocks, but it's still quite slow. How about businesses? Have you got any of those small ones who don't? I mean, like language school, online products and stuff like that? You know? I mean, what about books? Yeah, I've got books. I get nothing from that.

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Yeah, nothing? What's the top of the funnel, isn't it and gets people into your businesses? Yeah, it doesn't do anything. I'll be honest, because

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the royalties are so. So small. Like I actually did that on purpose, because I wanted to get the books out for free, like, almost for free. So they're printing out the material and stuff like that. So I'm not trying to make money from books, I don't think you can read, you know, sometimes it's worth writing a book and putting a premium price on it, just so you do make real money from it. And also people see the value within that book. I think you're right. This is a good point, because I realized that sometimes that if you price something very long, people will sell it something wrong with it. Like there's no value to it. Yeah. I want to read that. It was it was a fiver. Yeah, you

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know, oh, that's 40 quid that book that can't be pretty decent. I've bought it, I'm now going to read it. And not only that, I'm going to recommend it to everyone, because I've pay 30 quid for that. And I want everyone to know, just just to clarify, if you invest in stocks, and they go up in value, yeah. Are you allowed to do that again? Yes, just open a stocks and shares ICER. But the ICER issue is that they have an interest, don't they? No, no.

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You just it's just a wrapper that you would hold the stocks within. Okay. So it's kind of, it's just tax free. So you can invest in index funds, like the s&p 500 long term, you can put in a maximum of 20 grand a year, which is a substantial amount of money if you max that out every single year, and invest it in the s&p 500. You know, historically, historically, you would do very, very well, and you can sell it. Have you ever tried to? Yeah, we'll do it. Yeah. And you can sell it at any time, and bring the money out tax free. There's no retirement hitch or anything like that. You can't pull this out. Now, if you've got 60 grand in there, but it only costs you 30. And you want to pull that

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60 out, you'll have it within three days, no tax, start filling it back up again, whatever you want to do. But you can only put 20 grand a year and because it's so powerful, really Yeah, you can't backdate that 20 grand either? Yeah. What would you do? If like, what do you guys do? What?

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Do you mean the company? Yeah, thank God, I do have trading two on two. But it's just easier on my phone. And it was been profitable.

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Really? Yeah. I mean, yeah, over the course of the last 20 years, nobody no one's ever lost. Nobody can tell you what that markets gonna do? No one and anyone who does they're trying to have you over so but you can look at history, like you can with anything, which you can help predict your future from? Yeah, sure. You look at the historical data, it's very good. Someone who invested in something like the s&p 500. If they invested for a long enough period of time of something like 20 years, I'm pretty sure if you look at the past data, there is not a single person that will have lost earlier, if they invested for 20 years, you invest for a short period of time, there's a chance because

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obviously, one year it might lose 5%, the next year, it might do 10 The next year, it might do five and historically, that will average out at eight to 10% per year. What about individual stocks much more risky, you can use a lot more money, you can make a lot more money. I was a big fan of Tesla stock about a year or so ago. And I had I think is about 20 grand in Tesla's stock alone. And then I had a tax bill come through for about 20 grand. But I think we had some money in Tesla. I think it was about 18. So I was like, right, my stocks haven't been up for ages. I've got this 18 grand tax bill. If I sell my stock now that's gonna make my tax bill a bit cheaper because I've made a bit of

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money on the stock, so fuck it, I'm gonna do it. So I've sold the stock, pulled the money out paid the tax, which I didn't need to do because the tax wasn't due for six months. Five days later, Tesla has gone through the roof. We don't we don't rub that to the point where I would have made probably 50 or 60 grand maybe? Yeah, like within just paid my tax didn't even need to pay it. And then now I would have this watch probably a day you'd hate as well and do other things that I don't have if you want to return to tranquillity. Yeah, yeah, that's where the index funds work. Yeah. Okay. That's one less risk because these things don't happen, you know?

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Like we've tested that could have gone down that much money. Do you guys all invested individual stocks? A little bit? Yeah. Only a little bit just for fun. Okay.

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But massively, how much? How much? Wait, what companies you do it with? Yeah, I mean, I've got some tests I have to put out to be honest with you always in the broker.

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Individual. Let me pull up my, I haven't got mine on. Most of these are the same as mine, apart from I am in McDonald's, quite heavy, has been brilliant. Because a real estate company is brilliant, isn't it? I didn't even know that they were way they are in so much land. Because essentially all I've heard that actually, they buy the land to build the place. And then they've now got a tenant that will pay over the odds because you have to rent it from me if you want to McDonald's, so they've got all this real estate and everyone's paying a premium. So they're just a massive empire of real estate that also makes a bit of money on burgers, Procter and Gamble. free trade is just so

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slow. Yeah, I'm not trying to load it up. I'm just giving you a few warm up. Okay. Yeah. Amazon, not so good at the moment has been good. I wasn't Disney but then I had to pull all of my money out of there because I saw the way that it was going with

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I lost a couple grand on meta juste Do you guys ever invest in smaller companies? Like medium? No, like Penny stocks in that? Yeah, no, not really. If I was gonna invest in a penny stock I'd rather find it outside the stock market and invest in your startup

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influence in the business Yeah, I mean, I've got my biggest ones are Tesla Corsair Mehta. What's Corsair doing now? Not good.

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Adobe is doing very well because we use Adobe products all the time with Premiere Pro and everything so I thought Yeah, why not? You like a good tip put some money into the stock if I buy the product. So that's that's how I choose how are you? Are you wasting your time on social media again, your brothers and sisters in Islam net from Norway are establishing a masjid a Dawa center. Establishing a masjid to convey the message of Islam is one of the best deeds a Muslim, Hindu, there's a huge need for a No way. Do you know this and I know this, so that makes them even greater. So give generously and Allah azza wa jal give you even more

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