Mohammed Hijab – Sunni Encounters Young Shia Group!

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The conversation is about the idea that people who have been separated from their religion become Shia. There is a discussion of the idea and the use of "we" in relation to "we" keywords. There is also mention of confusion surrounding the Prophet Muhammad sallaviya's teachings and the use of "we" in relation to "we" keywords. There is also discussion of the weight of shaver shaver and the need for public testimony.
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can you quickly I mean, you guys are younger. Yeah. You guys doing like a little something? Yeah.

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Okay, look, I'm Allison amsonia. You guys she is from, from Pakistan, the minority in Pakistan of Shia. All right. Today I'm going to expose you to a narrative to a narrative meaning to an idea, a Quranic idea. And I want you to tell me what you think is what this means. Some people say that the word she I, or she

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is not much of the Quran. Have you heard the same? Some people say no, she Hassan is not in the Quran. Have you heard that? Some people have made that statement before. You know the word Shia is no crime.

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It's in the Quran approximately six times. And it comes in the Quran in two different formats. Either in Arabic is hovering, it's talking about something which is informative. Like for example,

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in the Prophet Ibrahim is referred to as belonging to a kind of group in dementia it laborer, he says that from his from his group is about him, for example, but there are some parts of the Quran which also refer to show you what to say on the

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meaning of the terminological

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in the linguistic sense.

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Shia referred to

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Shia is referred to them in a negative sense. Okay, now there's two places where she is referred to negatively.

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The watch Yeah.

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So I'll tell you what they are.

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Yeah, yes.

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point one is mentioned in chapter 30, verse 30, Chapter 33, verse 32, it says minella Zina fara codina homochiral Shia Kula has been been validated.

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It says that there are some people who separated their religion became Shia, that each every single one of them is happy with their particular brand of Islam or their particular brand of their religion.

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The Quran this therefore talks about them in a negative way.

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And chapter number six verse 159, it says the ones who are separated their religion have become Shia, such as Mohammed Salah Salaam, this is what it says to him. Less Tamil Humphrey Shay says that you have nothing to do with them. Now you might say okay, this is fine. This is not talking about us talking about the linguistic understanding of

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the fight accepted. But what I'm saying is, I find it ironic,

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intensely ironic. And I find that against the Quranic narrative for a group of people to come afterwards. Yes. And to call themselves the very name that Allah subhanahu wa taala told us not to do. You see, it's a problem is a problem. You might be saying, Okay, why do you call yourself suddenly, suddenly, the lesson is from a hallucinogen.

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Meaning the Sunnah of the Prophet of the Prophet is not necessarily about this, what you can find the word is not necessarily what's important. It's the concept Allah Subhana. Allah says in the Quran,

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Allah factor biyani myba como la, it says that say if you

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if you love Allah, then follow me. And Allah will love you back. We understand. So therefore, the following of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is what Allah subhanaw taala commanded us to do.

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I say to you, look at the authentic sources that describe the Prophet Mohammed actions

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and follow Him and then you will be doing what the Quran says. Don't call yourself Shia. Allah told you not to. Allah says Allah Zina follow.

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This is the exact word you shouldn't use it. yourself Muslim and follow the Sunnah of the Prophet. That's what Allah said. He didn't say anything about being a Shia.

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We believe in

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Don't be fooled by anybody else, no agenda, believe it.

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We say the

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following debate is part of the religion of Islam. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam we said in the Hadith, which is saya

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Select a vehicle meet female intersection behave lento, the Luba

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he said that I have left for you Jake has that which if you hold on to that you will never go astray after me. He said the key tabouleh was put on the page which are defined by the Quran. debate the family of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which include hacer, which includes, which includes, which includes Fatima. according to Quran who also include

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includes eyeshadow jolanda and how do we know that? What's the proof? No, you can't say that.

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I'll tell you the proof. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, Chapter 33 verse 33, Allah says

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to the prophets wives, says stay in your home

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and don't go out. Like he used to back in the days of Jehovah or like what the people used to do. Walk in the salata Latina sacchetto ala rasulillah it says aunty pray and Jesus gives a care and be obedient to Allah.

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Ll Bay

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tequila, you know this was

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in them are you read aloud to us? Ivanka, Marisa

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tequila, as mentioned here, now the shower will say no, no, it's talking about yourself because when this first came down, you know the hottest kisser which is narrated in Muslim. Muslim narrates this hadith says that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said

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the Prophet Muhammad was underneath the blanket

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was underneath the blanket was underneath the blanket. So there were five of these people underneath the blanket.

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This is how we understand the verse based on the Heidi. Firstly, the Hadith was narrated by

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herself in Zion Muslim.

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Number two, this is important that if we do Hassan, which means that we're confining these, these five, there's a problem. Why? Because a she, I believe in 1212.

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And if you say that weight is confined to five, then where do we get

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all of these other?

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debate believe it? So if you want to keep it five, you can't say 12. So therefore, you are. There is a problem with that. If they say there's only five, then you can't say 12. If you say 12 then you're contradicting yourself. If you say five, you can only choose one or the other and say listen, my friend, it says in the Hadith, I will say to you, it says in the Hadith

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the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam he said what do you believe?

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He says, men come to Mola

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Whoever is my whoever is my you can say friend Master, we're gonna call it I don't mind.

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As soon as you say friend. Just say something. Yeah. So I am. Leon Mola. Yeah. So okay, his clay say they say it's very clear that this means to say that the Prophet he put Allah in charge. Okay. Let's, for the sake of argument, agree, just for the sake of argument problem. Yeah. Let's, let's pretend our lesson for the sake of argument. Say that's what he meant to say. Guys, you have to understand the argument because you need to know where the rest of the Muslims are coming from. Let's say that's fine. That's okay. For the sake of argument, we don't believe we say

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the same Who's next?

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So we say if that's true.

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Does that mean to say, does that mean to say? Sorry? It doesn't mean to say that. It must be the case.

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It must be the case. Yeah, it must be the case that the Prophet must always assign or someone must always assign publicly, publicly must always assign some. Mm

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hmm. So it started with Alli. Why is there such a

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mechanical makuta Mola Mola. Is that the equivalent of it? Is there such an equivalent for all of the other Emma 11? No.

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All right. So in short, thank you very much for listening, and Charla focus on that one. Yeah. Thanks for that.

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