Shia Intellectual Caught Out by Sunni

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The speaker is discussing a dispute between the Prophet and the Shia Ali. They question the merits of the dispute and speculate about who is causing the conflict. The conversation is interrupted by a brief advertisement for a coffee and water drink.

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That's a family was not the first Khalifa That is why I am a Shia of Ali because it is the Sunnah of the Prophet, which leads me to be a Shia Ali with all of these evidence bring me one case, as we said one case where the Prophet said any of these words were the Imola Khalifa about anyone else. Why do they always come about Allah? Allah? Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah again, again, again, again, how many times? What did the Prophet have to do to prove it to you?

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Okay, look at look into your heart and your conscience. Okay? This is between you and Allah. Are you really following the Sunnah of the Prophet?

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and reject all of these? For me that Paramount's to rejecting the Sunnah itself. So if I find what is right, if I find one example, that's it.

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So you're interrupting Yes.

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So I think that's it. That's it. I think. Angela finds that, for the most part. This was a respectful discussion. Yeah. He said, Give me one example. Where the words he said Mola halifa. Well, he is used for other than olive oil. This was his challenge, wasn't it? Was that your challenge? Yeah. And if I was able to find that, then how is your whole argument is crumbled, isn't it? Yes or no? Yes. Okay. That's why No, no, here's what he says.

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In the Quran says we'll move

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about that we are actually actually I'm only to him and he's only to me. Your argument has crumbled already. I'm not even talking about a pub. I don't need to go to Alma. I'm only I'm only I'm only talking about Imam I'll give you a verse in the Quran. That means I'm in a meme. It says unsuitable for contracts 25 the Koran

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as well as you know karate iron, or jamnalal mustafina. Mmm.

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May Allah give us as the people that listen to the Quran, good offspring and good water, good progeny and make us to the Mata Qin. Amen. Amen. So I'm an Imam. And I'm a Willie. What's the difference? Now according to the yoke, you said you want the woods to be used? Yeah, I'm not gonna go too far. Because if you want me to go to Morocco to finished, it's mentioned in

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your books is you're finished when you're finished. I'm not gonna go to my books. I'm gonna go to books. Yeah, it's mentioned the Nigel Bulaga. Yeah, is your main book of Hadith. One of the main ones. Yeah, which is acquired of alien avatar live.

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That I have never thought of. He said himself, that I was, I was elected. Listen to the words of Allah. I was elected, not chosen by appointment by Allah. I was elected after Alma and Abba

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and Osman. And they called me as they called them, and they call them immense. Oh my god.

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I'll get you. I'll put it in the description box as well. No, I did it in the previous discussion. You can find this discussion with the guy with

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my notes, but No, I don't. So you can go to the previous discussion is that the previous discussion was about so here, he made a challenge. Give me something where it says Nola Willie. Oh, remember whatever. Oh, halifa I gave him but I give me ma'am. But who's saying I've never thought of according to our books. No, no, no, according to your book. Well Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.