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Mohammed Mana
AI: Summary © The Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam and the importance of hedging a mindset to avoid unnecessary waste of time and rewarded one's life. The need for strong personal and financial/psabatic experiences is emphasized, along with the importance of hedging a mindset to avoid unnecessary waste of time and rewarded one's life. The importance of worship in witnessing the beginning and ending of one's life is also emphasized, along with the need for people to practice it. The segment also includes a brief segment from Malcolm X and Hajjays affirming the need for people to be present in public to avoid disrespecting their religion.
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In Al Hamdulillah national monastery, you know who want to stay feudal who want to study when our roads will be lagging in Shuri and fusina woman ctrm Alina, Mayor de la huhtala Farah mobila. Woman for the Allah wa Shadwell

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in the law, mula sharika. Why should you know Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Cathy Ron Kathy Allah. Yeah, you have Latina de la haka, Ducati. Aleta Martin to Muslim Moon. Yeah, you Hannah sutopo Bakula? De hakomi nuptse wahida ohada caminhada mean humare Jahren Kathy on manisa what upon long Hillary Tessa Adobe he will or ham in namaha kana. alikoum rocky Eva. Yeah, you have Latina am an otaku Longo aku Poland sadita Amala como Villa coup Nova con woman nuclear

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has a frozen a Lima. We begin by thanking and praising Allahu soprano entirely the Most High. We praise Him we think him we seek His help we seek his aid we seek guidance from him, We seek refuge in Him from the evil within ourselves and from the evil consequences of our actions. And we bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah subhanho wa Taala and we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is last and final messenger we beseech Allah to send his peace and blessings upon the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and his family and his companions and all those who follow his tradition until the end of time.

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As to what follows We remind one another to renew our taqwa of Allah subhana wa Taala. Let us remember and remind one another that Allahu soprano data is ever watchful of us at all times, is aware of our thoughts, statements and actions at every moment of our life.

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hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala blessed me to make the Hajj pilgrimage this year, and we recently returned in the past week. And many individuals, whenever I would meet them, they would ask me how was the experience? How did it go? And I told everyone that 100 it was smooth. It was a wonderful experience. It was a big blessing from Allah subhana wa Tada. And sometimes people want more, they want to hear more details. And this is one of those experiences that is so difficult to put into words. It's one of those experiences one of those journeys, that words alone cannot really capture the real feelings and the emotions that you undertake in this experience. So ask Allah subhana wa

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tada to accept from us and to accept from anyone who made Hajj from our community or across our community in general, the oma May Allah subhana wa tada accept the Hajj from the pilgrims and those who have not returned home yet May Allah take them back to their families, safe and sound.

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This was the first time that I was blessed to be able to do the Hajj, the pilgrimage, but each time it comes with its own set of experiences and feelings, it doesn't get old. It doesn't get it each time. It is exciting. And each time it comes with emotions and intense feelings.

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And there's a reason for that. It is a great act of worship. It is a great act of rebellion. As we know it is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is one of those foundational acts of worship that Allah subhana wa tada has commanded every Muslim to do as soon as they have the ability to do so. When he lay here I didn't debate him when he stopped. He Savita Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran, that it is a rite of Allah upon the believers, that they make pilgrimage to his house, to the first house established for the worship of Allah subhanaw taala on Earth, known as the carrabba mustard, or how long the secret mustard nemani sobre la subida for those that have the ability to do

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so. And the ability is very interesting here. any act of worship, anything that is obligatory for us to do is contingent upon our ability. Of course, if a person is sick during the month of Ramadan, they are not commanded to fast, they can eat that day and they can make up the fast on another after Ramadan, they can make up that fast on another day. If a person is has a deficiency in wealth, then these accounts and the charity is not obligatory upon them when they get that wealth then they can do it.

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Which is very interesting because when we talk about the ability, we are talking not only about physical ability, but we are also talking about financial ability both together. And that's one of the things that makes it unique. It requires a tremendous amount of sacrifice both financial and physical. And of course, that doesn't even

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make mention of the internal in the spiritual and the mindset that we should have when performing this act of worship. And because it requires such intense sacrifice, the reward is also intense as well. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us about this act of worship.

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That allegedly mob rule accepted the good accepted hedge. There is no reward for it except Elgin. Except paradise. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us another Hadith men hedger, whoever makes hedge what I'm here for me so does not engage in * while they're in the state of a harem or speaking a lewd manner or commit any sins, while they're in the process of this hudge. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it will be accepted, and he will return pure and free from sins as if he's coming the day his mother gave birth to him.

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So literally, you come back from this act of worship, like a newborn baby. A newborn baby is not born with any sin. There is no accountability. Accountability begins when a person reaches puberty, a baby is born pure and free of sin. So a person goes for Hajj they have the sincere intention, they sacrifice, they do the best that they can they follow all of the rights of hedge appropriately. They don't engage in any of the acts that violate hedge. They come back like a newborn baby fewer and

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pre pure and free from from their sins. Now this is a huge reward.

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But unfortunately, a lot of people listen to this and they think about it the wrong way. This very reward of Hutch is one of the reasons why many people delay going for Hajj even though they have the ability. Can you believe that? Some people think well, you know, because the reward is so great. And I'm going to come back to like a pure free baby. Let me enjoy my life as if there is enjoyment in sin, as if let me enjoy my life and do whatever I want to do. And then when I become an old man or old woman, you don't have plenty of savings, inshallah, I'll go do my hedge and there you go. I've enjoyed my life. And now I've come back pure as a baby and I'm ready to die. Subhana Allah Subhana

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Allah as if we have that much control over the extent of our lifespan, as if we have that kind of knowledge, as if we can play games with Alon subhana wa Tada. That's called playing games with a lion his religion, and we don't play games of the line is religion. That's an arrogant mindset. When a person has the ability to do something, they should hasten to do it right away. Musa alayhis salam said to Elijah Benito, when Musa had an appointment with alongside panatela he hasten so Allah asked Moosa

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tomika Musa, why are you rushing? Why did you leave your people in rush? To la cara Bailey Toba, I am rushing to you, oh my lord, so you can be pleased with me.

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That's the attitude and mindset we should have a person has the opportunity, the ability, they shouldn't put it off. Because if they have the ability, and they put it off, and something happens to them, and they don't get to fulfill that obligation before they die, they will be held accountable. Because the law does not hold us accountable for that which we cannot do. A law in his infinite mercy and wisdom holds us accountable based on our abilities. Now, what can you do right now with what you have. And based on what you have, that's how you are held accountable.

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So we should have this mindset with all of the acts of worship. Now we are talking about hydrate now and using it as an example. But that's the kind of mindset we should have with any of the bad debts with any act of goodness for the sake of Allah that we are hastening to do so not putting it off. matters of dunya you can put it off you can think is this business transaction gonna be good for me or not? Let me put it aside and think about it. Let me sleep on it. An act of obedience to Allah subhanaw taala I have the ability I will do it now.

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Because that's what happens when there is love for Allah. That's what happens when there is an internal and external desire to please Allah subhana wa Tada. If it's purely external, then it's deficient. And if it's only internal internal, but there are no actions there are no carrying out of the obligations. That's also not a complete picture. But there needs to be internally love for Allah subhanho to Allah and His Deen and externally acting upon that. And hastening to do that which pleases Allah subhanho wa Taala. So many different lessons and reflections that can be extracted from this experience in this trip.

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But I will share just a couple of them today that are relevant even to those that might not have performed the hedge and give you an insight into the experience. The first of which is there are many messages there are many objectives that we are fulfilling in the act of hedge, but the most powerful is realizing, internalizing and acting upon the business.

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have tawheed of Allah subhanaw taala the oneness of Allah subhana wa tada

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and remembering that Allah subhanaw taala is our Creator, and he put us here to worship him. But also remembering that we will go back and return back to Allah subhanho wa Taala that's what it is when we talk about in so many verses of the Quran we say, a man who Billa will Yeoman believing in Allah and the Last Day

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there is belief that alone is the penalty that is our Creator, our sustainer our purpose here is to worship and please alone subpanel data as we go through our daily lives, but also we have to constantly remember that there is a feeling that as amazing as this life gets with all of its luxuries, or conversely, as difficult as it gets with all of the challenges, it will come to an end one day and we will return back to Allah subhana wa Tada. And we will be held accountable, and there will be they will be rewarded, and there will be punishment.

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And that this life that we are experiencing is very temporary.

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And so hedges a mini display of that, from the very beginning. As soon as you enter the state of Islam, the men put on these towels. Everyone is chanting, love, bake. Allahumma bake. You know what love bake means? Love bake means quickly, I'm surrendering, I'm coming, I am responding right away.

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if somebody were to call your name and you jump up and you say let's bake. That is literally what we are doing. We are answering this call, which call Alonso panatela commanded His Prophet Ibrahim, well as the finance, he will hedge, call out to the people for hedge for pilgrimage and since the time of Ebrahim until now people are responding to that call. responding to that invitation from Allah subhana wa Tada. And so you make that statement that bake Allahumma bake, let Baker nursery khaliq

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love bake, no partner Do you have Oh Allah, all of this creation that you have created a law. You didn't do it with anyone or alongside anyone without any help or assistance, let

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alone some parotitis not afflicted by any fatigue or even sleepy sleepiness or dozing off none of that general ledger, Allah subhana wa tada the Most High, greater and far above his creation. And so we are saying this is a bake along Mehta, Baker Baker, a shady character bake in Alhambra, one near Mata laka wellmark. Oh, praise and thanks exclusively to Allah. Oh, blessings are from you, Oh Allah.

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Well, milk and the dominion and power.

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What, or who could have gathered all of these people from all walks of life in this one place.

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And as we mentioned, the men are wearing these two towels and nothing else.

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The greatest symbolic act to remind us of how we will be when we are placed in our graves.

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When you are blind, they put you in a little towel. That's all you had. You weren't born with any underwear on.

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And when you die also they will wrap you in these towels and put you in the dirt.

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That's what's going to happen. The beginning of our life to the end of our life.

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And you go through some of these days in the ritual of hedge and people are all gathered in front of you. It's a reminder of a halo. On the day of judgment when every human being from the first Adam II they said up until the last human beings that will

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be the last person before the world comes to an end. All of them will be gathered

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in one plane.

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before Allah subhana wa Tada. No, of course, hedges only a microcosm of all the Muslims and all of mankind.

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But when you see those crowds you remember just like how I am standing here now, there will be a time when I will be standing like this as well. People as far as the eye can see. And so now that allows the panel to and has given us the opportunity. I am alive now I am breathing.

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Now I make Toba now I make sincere repentance. Now I do whatever I can in my ability to please allow us a penalty Allah so that when I am standing on that date, not if but when. Because there is nothing more guaranteed than any woman out there.

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Then I will be in a good position with my own law. I will be in a good position in front of my Lord and my Creator. Because you took advantage of the abilities that you had. Now.

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Another lesson that we take away from hedge is we witness the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala. The greatest day of the year is the day of alpha. Those of you that were not unhedged? Perhaps you fasted on that day. If you did not, please remember to do so in the coming years. The problem is

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Lem said it's the greatest day that the sun has ever risen upon and fasting that date is a purification from sins. Now those that are making hedge they are not fasting, but they are in a place called alpha. It's a plane. And that is the most important day of their hedge journey. And they spend the day from voer until the moment of making drama and begging alone soprano Tada. And on that day, Allahu subhanaw, taala brags to the angels, you see all of these people standing, calling upon me. And so on that day, you see a representation of every single ethnicity, nation, color, and language.

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And they're all making to her in their own ways, in their own mother tongue. And Allahu Subhana. Allah is listening to every single one of those drafts.

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No human being no type of technology can even reach that level.

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Every single one of the projects are there, all of the pilgrims, and even those that are not making pilgrimage wherever you might be on the face of the earth, breaking your fast and making their outdoor long soprano, Terada

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and allies a cemetery boss leave the old hearing the whole thing sees all of his servants and responding to their call, who could have gathered all of these people. What are they there for? They're there seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala.

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It is that experience where you really feel the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And recognizing the greatness of Allah, you then recognize what you need as a human being as a limited human being as a creation.

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That my purpose is to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala my servitude is to my Creator, not to my own desires, not to some other individual not to some dunya benefit, all of that will come to pass or you have courage, because the journey will occur on Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who will remain.

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So kind of who would

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have the lessons also and we will conclude with this one

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is in the process of seeing all of these people, all of these different colors and languages and tongues. You remember how Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned in an Oran yohannes

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or janicoo.

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in a coma, coma in the law, he also panatela says dialysis or mankind we have created you from a male and a female. And we have made you into many different peoples and tribes so that you may get to know one another. And the measure of preference to measure of who's better than who is based on taqwa. kurama come in the law here at koco. The most honorable of you in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala are those that have the most taqwa not those that have the most wealth, not those that have the most status, not those that have the most power or position. But those that have the most tough one. It could be that person that many people despise or think or an insignificant individual in

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society. But because of their taqwa they are at a higher status in the sight of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And so when we reflect upon this verse, we realize the ideal of equality and unity,

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that this act of worship and that the religion of Islam celebrates. And this is especially important

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considering the times that we are living in now.

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And considering the events in our very own backyard, we don't have to go very far. You turn on the TV. And most recently, you hear about the events that are taking place in Oklahoma and Charlotte. And these types of events that have been taking place. Nothing new.

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As we've mentioned before, and other gatherings, we've mentioned that now there's more attention. Everybody's got a camera in their pocket, no. But these events have been taking place. Racism has been in existence for a long time.

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And when you look at this act of worship of HUD, you realize there is no room for that in Islam.

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Everyone is wearing the same two towels, you are standing next to someone, they could be the richest person on earth, you wouldn't know it. They could be the poorest person on earth, you wouldn't know it.

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But you are standing together, side by side, the bake along mela bake the creator Allah is the same creator. And the one we want to return to is the same one. The rich don't have their own day of judgment and the poor don't have their own day of judgment. black folks don't have their own normal piano and white folks don't have their own normal piano. Everybody's gonna be in the same plane.

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And so then for what reason that people have in this junior to elevate themselves over another because of skin color because of race or because of socioeconomic status. There's no reasoning behind that and

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There's no space for that in Islam. I want to read for you and read to you an excerpt from Malcolm X and Hajj Malik Shabazz Rahim Allah. When he made Hajj.

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He wrote a beautiful letter from his experience. Now as we know this was an individual who was a very powerful voice in the Nation of Islam.

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And then he was able to perform the Hajj pilgrimage, and he left the Nation of Islam. his biography is very well known, and very important for every Muslim not just in America, but especially in America to learn and read and reflect over, but I want to share a brief excerpt he mentions, he says, quote, Never have I witnessed such sincere hospitality and overwhelming spirit of true brotherhood, as is practiced by people of all colors and races here in this ancient holy land, the home of Abraham, Muhammad, and all the other prophets of the Holy Scriptures. He then goes on to speak about the events of the past week that he experienced going from alpha to was that effect and

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praying, being in the tent city of Medina. He says, there were 10s of 1000s of pilgrims from all over the world. They were of all colors from blue eyed blonde, to black skinned Africans. But we were all participating in the same ritual, displaying a spirit of unity and brotherhood, pay attention, that my experiences in America had led me to believe never could exist between the white and the non white.

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He then goes on to say something very important. America

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needs to understand Islam.

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America needs to understand Islam, because this is the one religion that erases from its society, the race problem.

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That's what he said explicitly.

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And these are his thoughts. And these words ring true, even now, many decades after he has passed away at Ohio law. But we are witnessing events in our country.

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We are witnessing events that are a reflection of exactly the same events that he was witnessing many decades ago. And the solution has not changed.

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The problem hasn't changed. Maybe it's gotten a little bit more technologically advanced, the root of the problem is the same and henceforth the solution is the same as well.

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To understand that, we are all here, man, servants of Allah subhana wa Tada. And our job here is to obey Allah subhana wa tada to protect ourselves from disobeying him to live our lives in the best manner possible, as true to the teachings of Mohammed. So the longer it was send them as we can,

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and to maintain respect and equality, there is no further there is no preference for any one individual over another because of their skin colour, or because of their socio economic status accepting taqwa

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except in obedience and piety to Allah subhanahu wa tada May Allah subhanho wa Taala rectify our affairs. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us and bless this country with the understanding of this message of Islam so that there can actually be peace and harmony between people may allow the parent to either accept from us or hedge and accept from all of you that went for Hajj and May Allah Subhana Allah bless us with the ability to perform this act of worship. Over and over again relic Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah and whenever any way you can be male or female IoT with the crew, Hakeem akula matters maranoa Sofitel La Nina Kuma Lisa in Muslim equilibrium with Festo Pharaoh, in who

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will offer ye

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala nabina lama sundiata sagina Mohammed in articolo Sunni Kenobi ilumi

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he was an amateur Seaman kathira. And

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these are just a few thoughts that I wanted to share with you all here in this hotel. But tonight in the ffm program, inshallah Tada. We will be joined with several other members of our community that were also blessed to partake in this experience, and we will be having a panel to hear from them about their experiences. It's going to be conversations with hedge pilgrims, and I will be moderating that inshallah to Allah and we will be joined with several community members, you will have a chance to ask them questions and learn from their experiences be inspired. If you have not been blessed with the opportunity to perform heads. This can really inspire you and help you prepare

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for the coming year. inshallah Butera also the California summit university will be beginning the fall quarter next week, there are going to be classes about the life of the Prophet Islamic law, or unyk reading the Arabic language. So to register for classes or to find out more information about this opportunity, please visit their table in

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lobby so that you can register and so that you can get more details. There is a going to be the summer picnic because hamdulillah Southern California just because October is around the corner we're still enjoying summer. So we have our summer picnic on October 2 Sunday in the Yorba Linda Regional Park. There will be no tickets sold at the park. So you're going to need to get your tickets today here at the masjid you can get them at the lobby inshallah Tada. So make sure you get your tickets for yourself and your whole family. There will be I am told that they're preparing some very good food, some good games and activities for every member of the family. So get your tickets

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and spread the word and we will see you all there in shallow Terada about the law in the law here. Anyway either way, you will

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overcome law law come to the Quran was the court of law the man generally has come remember Allah subhana wa tada you remember you wish guru had any I mean he, he has it come think along somehow no to Allah He will increase you. What are they called? Allahu Akbar. the remembrance of Allah is the Greatest or La Jolla animal medicine our own Allah is fully aware of what we do Optimus law

Friday Khutbah (talk/sermon) on Hajj by Shaykh Mohamad Mana

Sep 23rd, 2016

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