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Religious Okay, not religious because that's different. Anyways, the point is this. I wanted to say to you that if you're sick as the brother, I made an interesting point. I'm not sure if people understood it. So I want to make it clear your point clear so everyone can understand what you're saying because there is a language barrier. What he said was that in the Quran in chapter 33, verse number 33, wildlife pantalla says, In Nemo, you read a lot of us Ivanka, as always, with our hero, comtat hero, that he said that it means because it says uncom that it doesn't touch them. It's not either the same income which mean comes from you and uncom usually, though it could mean on you. Or

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it could mean and is different to men in Arabic language. So he's trying to say the brother, that actually the words that are used are very specific to refer to a little bit. Now. If you've listened to my I'm sure you have some of the videos that I've done. I've already explained that the verse chapter 33, verse 33, starts with ohana for beauty con

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Casa Latina de casa referral if that's referring to the wives of the Prophet, and and this is a discussion about that, so we're not going to go into L. Okay, talk to you about angle beta means in Arabic language, going back to the old shallot, which we talked about before Anyways, what does actually mean? And we've already talked about l could mean it generally means the wives and you agree to this. Anyways, having said that, if you look at this verse uncom, we discussed if it's true, that uncom means that the thing hasn't touched you yet because he said that in the more you read the law, you have an average sample weight means that the richest wasn't on you. And that Allah

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stopped it from coming on you ie the impurity and we said religious means impurity or punishment, or means check, according to a Jaffa saw that in El kaffee, which is something which is measured to see who we have said is a strong Hadith that he says in them or horshack. That certainly registers Chuck, that is doubt. Yes, so if you want to do to steal karamba sana as soon as she Aiya, then you have to say that registers Chuck, you can't say his sin, because that's not somewhere. There was no showerhead. No hurry for that. There's no shared karate for that. And there's no showerhead.

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for that. You can't say that from any perspective. However, you can't say it's impurity. So let's, let's let's take that logic. If you want to save that religious, which is in chapter 33, verse number 33, is in fact, impurity, which hasn't touched which he said, then you have to look at chapter eight, so to unfurl, verse 11. Why do you have to look at that? I'll tell you why. Because in certain unfurl,

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chapter eight, verse 11, Allah subhanho wa Taala, he talks about

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the people that went to do better and village Ma, Sunni and Shia will agree that included the Sahaba it's not just the five people on the Cosette, they want to do better. It wasn't Fatima and the other four they just want to fight? No, it was all the Sahaba and all these people they want to develop a sense about them in the Quran.

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Will you read the law? Who do you have an Qumran is a Satan?

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Will your with Allah como use a bit behind them? The same terminology is used for the Sahaba that is useful for them. So if you think that the verse indicates that the infallibility of donabate than what you're affirming is the infallibility of the Sahaba How can you then say that during the since shokran

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Okay, now he said you said

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for the Sahaba

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I thought

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Allah said, you

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know, why was a cause and effect? What do you

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what do you submit that people

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want to listen to you?

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In order to purify them, Allah sent water so that the purification was completed by the water. Okay. Agreed. Okay. The verse of the tier of debate. Yes. 333 Yes, there was no reason there was

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Okay. If there was one

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there was no

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there was no means to purify them except

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God bless.

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You have the will on the water

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purification he

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just said Allah said

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Same thing with

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the rich the rich was because they had. okay anyway, but it's the same wording No, no, no.

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The Sahaba slept over they came up and woke up and the

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blessing from him sand water to purify them. Okay. Now

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with alidade there was no you don't understand the point there was they did not have Java or anything. I get your point I get your time.

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Dictionary of Arabic, Arabic. It's so many meanings. So it

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said, This is me. I'm calling. I told you about it. And he said,

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Okay. This is really interesting. You know why it's interesting? You know why? Let me tell you why.

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don't we go to the

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dictionary from the

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From the time of the Prophet

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you don't get from Google. You have to go to

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the first 300 years.

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Let me ask let me put I understand the points go back to this question then.

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Would you allow me to refund

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me would you allow me to respond? Can you allow it to your point? But can you you've said something sir. Can I can please? Yeah. Because you know, good manners

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is better sometimes than a good argument.

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So let's,

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let's be good.

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I think you're right. Why

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not? I feel sorry. Anyway. Same here. Same here. Same here.

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Listen to me carefully.

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Listen to me. When does the hava Geneva

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when they were originally been on the state of Geneva

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because we said that they had

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a wet dream. They went to sleep with Yoshi qumola.

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Okay, so they had to sleep and they went to sleep.

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And they had the seal says they had a wet dream. Some says that I have a wet dream. Yes. Okay. So they had Genova. They had that Genova.

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Now you agree that when you're more generic when you have on yourself Geneva,

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you must have to wash your body. You understand that point? Okay, good. Now the impurity is on you. Okay? You I'm not saying you are impure as a person, because we don't believe that Muslims are impure, even if they're in the state of Genova. But then impurity is on you, whether you believe that the semen because this isn't returning is impurity itself, but you're impure, you have to wash yourself in order to improve it to live. So if the impurity is on you, and the word that come, we'll use the avant community, the Satan is mentioned the suit and fell.

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Then his points about it cannot be the case because he was saying it cannot be the case that the genetic

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was on the annual beta. And then it was taken away. He said, it wasn't even on them. And it was stopped from being on them. But if that is the case, then how is it the case? If the Sahaba now they're in the state of Geneva, Geneva, they actually have a physical Geneva on them which need to get off. They have it on them and used to come off them. The way the words will use the vanquish as mentioned. So, if we use the same logic, this would suggest something else interesting. You know, it would suggest it would suggest that animal bait have the least on them, and that was taken away from them. Which means I mean, it's against you. It goes against you. You see what I'm talking about.

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Okay, now.

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Okay. We'll call it we'll call it a date.

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Yo, finish.

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shocker. So if I came across this resort, I think it was just a bit a bit chaotic.

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If you give me the link for that, I believe it