Sam Harris Challenges Muslims on Radicalism and Slavery

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Watch me I

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don't even have to go to there. All right, let's go to the next one.

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You can slavery for

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Abrahamic religion generally, these are this is why we know these books were not authored by a moral genius. The Bible in the Quran can't give you a basis to resist slavery. Take it away. So this is

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this is really interesting because Sam Harris has actually written a book called The moral landscape.

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And in that book called The moral landscape, he writes in a footnote, and one of the ending chapters I forget what which which chapter exactly, but he writes, and this is a kind of paraphrase what he says he says that there is no neurobiological way of ascertaining truth and falsehood. In other words, objective morality, according to Sam Harris, cannot be ascertained on the atheistic materialistic worldview. This is not just Sam Harris's opinion. This is the opinion of Richard Dawkins of jacquizz, Derrida of Bertrand Russell of nature of most postmodernists, atheist philosophers, that actually objective morality cannot be ascertained. What's really interesting is

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that on the one hand, where they make this blatantly clear that there was no philosophical epistemological base for basically believing an objective morality, they'll make arguments which are moral against religion. And this is one of the arguments that they made. So he makes he says that the slavery and whatnot, let's take for granted, let's say, for the sake of argument, that he's right about, about slavery, generally speaking, even if he was completely right, that will do absolutely nothing for the case of atheism, and absolutely nothing for disproving Islam. However, he is wrong on that, because

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of one very simple verse in the Quran, which most of the children our children have memorized, and sort of ballads in chapter 90 of the Quran, where it simply says, well, Moroccan balaclava, fat karaca What do you know of the good way? What would make you know what the good way is? freeing slaves is the good way. His exact terminology was that there is nothing within or inside or outside of the Scriptures, which allows for the resisting of slavery, the Quran says very clearly, they actually were Moroccan malaba. What would make you know what the good way is? freeing slaves is the good way? Well, he is saying because he is, I believe, theologically illiterate, I don't think he's

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actually someone who reads books, theological books, Quran, Sunnah, Hadith, and these things. I don't think he actually even looks at the Bible too deeply. I think he makes sociological cases and generalizes them on the religion

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and that's very, very much the nature of what he does. He never caught a hold on. You'll never really see this guy quote in the Quran. Sam Harris Sam Harris doesn't really quote I've never seen him I've never once seen him quoting the Quran because he knows muddy water for him. He's not trained on this, you shouldn't talk about this is he is what they call an ultra crapper. Darien is non specialist talking about something which does not concern him. He's completely talking about something which is out of his lane. What he does the same thing with philosophy is the same thing. He is a non specialist in philosophy, not a specialist in theology, but he talks about both those

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matters as if he's an authority on those two matters. So here, he said that the Quran, and I'm not talking about the Bible now, but we're talking about the Quran specifically has there's nothing in it that would allow us to resist slavery. So he would not be able to basically just he would not be able to

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explain away that verse, which is a non abrogated verse of the Quran. Moreover, I guess what he's trying to say is because the other verse of the Quran was talking about what your right hand possesses, and, and these things in the Hadith, the various Hadith in the Sierra, which shows us that there were slaves at the time of the Prophet, and we're not denying that that's the case. Absolutely. There was slaves at the time of the Prophet. Were saying that the objective of the whole world I mean, the whole world at the time, he absolutely. Well, slavery ended in America in 1865, in Britain in 1807.

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And you can do that legally. Once again, if we take a step back and say, What is slavery? Does it International, I think it's called the International anti slavery organizations organized, they they actually said that slavery is defined as includes child labor, human trafficking, and prostitution. They've said these things, if we consider these factors, and we're very serious about those definitions, and I would say I would claim that the West is actually more involved and engaged with slavery than any other part of the world. And I think that now if you really care if you really want to make a difference, since we live here, that's something that's not talked about. That's like our

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little secret America's secret that there are child sex slave rings in our country right now.

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Up to 300,000 boys and girls are sold in the United States every year. And many of them don't make it out of the industry alive. They're only 99 known survivors from the state of Texas in the last 20 years, who've managed to escape sexual slavery. When we think of the most horrific of crimes, the ones so morally repugnant and barbaric, you know, the widespread ones that make you question humanity, it can help us cope to believe they happen somewhere else somewhere far away. That's why this weekend's FBI prostitution, Sting and capture of over 150 pimps was so disturbing. Over 100 children rescued sexual slavery here at home. How does it still happen? right so now you want to go

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ahead and do some social good? Yeah, Joe Rogan should step up, Sam, Harris's step otherwise human trafficking and talk about human trafficking that's happening right here in our backyard. Yeah, but now you got to go talk about you know, is that the other finger that way? So we don't have to really talk about what's going on at home. It's really interesting. Coppola said that Polaris is one of I think it's called Polaris, one of the organization's they said that America is engaged in slavery, the majority of people that they enslave, in human trafficking and human trafficking forms, is there are actually people of ethnic minority descent. So black people, etc. Those people that are human

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engaged in the process of human trafficking, who are, who are trafficked, are actually people of ethnic minorities. So they're actually oppressing minorities, enslaving people, going back to what they used to be the 1865 days. And talking to us about slavery. Islam is the I would put this very candidly on the on the record, one of the objectives of Islam is to do away with the institution of slavery, the the mechanism by which and through which he attempted to do this, which is what I was saying before, was an incremental gradualist method. It wasn't an instant abolition. And we know from history that frankly, when abolition is or attempted, just like in this country, when the

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abolition was attempted of alcohol, people rebelled against it very quickly, if something as deep and as economically important, as the institution of slavery is interwoven into the economic fiber of our society, it's not possible for you to pull the rug under someone's foot. So in other words, what Islam came with was an incredible incremental method, using different things and of them as a cat, because it sort of toboe chapter nine of the Quran. One of the there are nine things or eight or nine things that are mentioned in the in the verse which talks about zakat. One of them was a federal club, the people who are who are enslaved. So in other words, since the cat is one of the

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five pillars of Islam, and since the five pillar, this particular pillar, must be continued until the day of judgment, we believe, then the there must have been a certain amount of money always designated for the freeing of slaves. But of course, Sam Harris doesn't know this.

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Another thing which is really interesting is chapter 24, verse 33, of the Quran, which explicitly says that if at that particular time was obviously not, not applicable to us, at that particular historical time period, something called marketable can be done. macatawa is where you literally have someone who's enslaved, and then they say to the slave owner, they say to the slave owner, I want to be free, and I will ransom myself, okay? That person is not a criminal. That person is not someone who's done anything, according to chapter 24, verse 33, and you can look at, for example, to fill a court to be or other tifosi, like extra Jesus's that explicitly say that there's an opinion

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that says, and this is a strong opinion, going back to the Sahaba, and the companions of the Prophet if this particular indentured servant because they're not really slaves in the colloquial sense, because you think of slaves like racial slavery, we've never had that in Islam. that's never been part of Islamic never, never ever racial stuff is the Quran is that's what people think that's what they have in their head that we're talking about indentions, because at the time, there was no prisons. So these people were put into into homes and imprisoned as if it was a prison. Right.

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So that particular person if they demand, yeah, if they demand from the slave owner to be freed, then according to the federal courts obey, and according to this habit are related by this tafsir

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they must be freed even if the slave owner you can say the the, the the the one who is the prisoner, the one who's imprisoning this indentured servant declines it this person can go to a kadhi can go to a judge and and forcefully be

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be liberated or emancipated. So in other words, Islam, I would argue, is the only ancient system, which allowed for the freeing of people which will either slaves indentured servants or otherwise, there's nothing else in the history of man that went out of its way in order to get people out of the shackles of slavery and into

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and emancipate

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Generally speaking, whether it'd be Muslim or non Muslim, what comes to my mind? Is it zaytoven? Had it? Was it? Am I saying the right name Where? When he was freed, and then he had a chance to go back to his father to his family, he chose to stay, you know, out of the love, you know, out of

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the love that he had for Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. Yeah. So you have a when you put yourself when you take yourself living in today's 2018 today's age, right? And then you take your back your cell back 1400 years ago, when the whole world everybody must have slavery? Absolutely. Then Islam came to free the necks of the slaves, right? So if Islam just came and said, slave slavery is eradicate wouldn't work. It wouldn't work. You got people invested with millions, hundreds of millions of dollars, you know, in slave business. Absolutely. But then what you're saying here is now if I'm correct now, in every which way you turn, it just made the road that now

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it penetrated the hearts. Yeah. So people gave this up? Absolutely. From the love of their heart, absolutely not like that it was forced in this country. And to this day, people are like, these people should be slaves, right? And you have all this racism is this. Yeah. But there are certain situations where people will be forced to, to free slaves. For example, in Islam, if someone had sexual intercourse with their wife and Ramadan, they have to free a slave. If someone does the harm, which is mentioned in chapter 50 of the Quran, which they call their wives that they say they you're not, you're basically not. You're like my mother. In other words, you're not sexually compatible

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with me or something. It's a very specific kind of insult free after free slaves. Yeah, if they did, if they didn't, oh, you have to free. There's so many things in Islam, which you're forced to free slaves. If you do certain things, then these slaves also slaves become governors, and they become scholars, they become like, absolutely. People of high prestige. People will not understand this, but some people, and because we just said that, for example, if someone was enslaved or an indentured servant, indentured servant, they literally would have Yes, that's what they were. They were indentured servants, if they were in the house of someone who was imprisoning them, and they

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had the rights over them, let's say,

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and they decided that they wanted to do more cutterbar which is this? Basically, it's a ransom the ransom ransoming themselves, they want to be freed.

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And they have the opportunity and they didn't take it. The question is, why would those people don't take it? A lot of the particular slaves at that time would mentioned servants, they didn't take the opportunity because they were getting free accommodation. Yes, that's why a lot of them continued to be memory leak, like the mamluk Empire was actually the mamluks there was two mamluks, one in Egypt and one in India. But the ones in Egypt and in India, both of those was were of a slave car, tribe, or slave, socio economic grouping. So there were socio economically the lowest of the low yet they were made into the highest of the high. So it's not the same as the the western experience. A lot of

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people think they generalize history. So what will happen to the transatlantic slave trade? Where you had black people shifted from West Africa? Yeah, that's that's the same thing as what happened with Islam. It's not okay, before we go to the next one, people are automatically automatically going to see what's going on with this insane state. Right? They use these fringe

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elements, and then some things in Libya. Yeah. What do you say to that? I say to that, I mean, it's really, really interesting.

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The is some extent, we shouldn't call it those who call it a dash or something that whatever they want to call themselves, but the insane state that sounds good, insane.

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those particular individuals, first and foremost, I've never seen such an extreme fringe in my whole life to the extent whereby I watched an interview in Arabic, with one of the more gonna mention their names, but they let's say they are of the same ilk, as Osama bin Laden. Right? They are of the same ilk, meaning they have the same kind of, they believe the same things. And one of their leaders said, We don't consider this is accurately said he said, we don't we call.

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We call this group back to Elsa nojima. So they don't consider them Sunni Muslims.

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Some scholars don't consider this particular faction called highridge. Muslims. Some scholars have said that

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at all. So that's one thing. Those people have said that they don't say they're enslaving. And this what this person said in the interview,

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they're enslaving their women. So in other words, that particular is another faction in the Civil War, which is, let's say, associated with extremism.

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That other faction was associated you saying the person is in charge that faction that there is living our woman?

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What does that show it shows actually, to be frank, that no one sees these people as doing something in line with Islam, not even Osama bin Laden himself. And I'm

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There's the record, not even him. And we know that what he stands for, and all that kind of stuff is completely against mainstream orthodox Islam, according to all of the institutions of Islam.

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But not even he would see what they're doing is in line with Islam?

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Absolutely not. Yeah, I could mention names and all these kind of things. But we won't go into that was a discussion. But the point is, this is such a fringe gentlemen of Islam, that it's really not worth mentioning as a point of reference. Yet, Sam Harris consistently mentioned it as some kind of point of reference is academically disingenuous, because frankly, there are institutions in Islam and Islamic quote, all of the institution's, you know, one thing as United all of the Muslims

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against them as ISIS, there's nothing that has united all the Muslims against them more than ISIS has, but they still keep bringing up this fringe element. Every Muslim 30 shrinks, or 30, every Muslim organization from India, to Saudi Arabia, to Egypt, to Saudi Arabia to all of these Mauritania, all of the centers of intellectual power in Islamic world, which is not even familiar with, I'm sure Sam Harris is not familiar with those places. And those institutions, all of them have categorically condemned ISIS, all of them. So this there was a consensus on this issue. Yeah. And yeah, he's using it as an example. So you're actually disregarding all of the institutional

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what you would call fetters, religious rulings and verdicts of everybody in the Muslim world. All of any scholar worth is, you know, any scholar in the Muslim world has said the same thing. Yeah.

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So how can we ignore all of that and say, Okay, well, these are these this band of people and Libya at the same time, because obviously, Libya and thing have the same ideology, Libya, as ISIS in Libya, so we're killing two birds with one stone with this because, frankly, the ideology is so far removed from mainstream Islam, that absolutely everybody has condemned. Yeah, I don't see how that has flown above his head. They kill more Muslims. Absolutely. Yeah. They actually have done more harm than any to Muslims myth. Before we go to the next point. I mean, there was an FBI released some data talking about that. The book that most of them were found, carrying with them was a

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showing how ignorant of Islam this group, the insane state, is of Islam. Yeah, a dummies guide for understanding Islam. Yeah. So this is a you know, really bizarre when you hear these things where people are just tuning in, and they're wondering, we got

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our reds, Avik jujitsu. We're reaching out to our brother Joe Rogan, hopefully. So he can invite some scholars onto his show, and give the Muslims perspective, have a fair and balanced approach to these very important topics, because again, once again, these things help fuel the division. They help feed into the hate the misunderstanding, and that leads to the violence we've seen a lot of it we can discuss that more towards the end, please God Almighty Allah and you know, can get this to him and you people, like you said, they can share this, they can go ahead and comment on his videos on his podcast on his Instagram. That's a good way of he will he will know, mentioned mentioned the

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deen show. I mentioned Mohammed hijab mentioned Eddie, from the deen show, mentioned those things in the comments. And if there's enough of those comments, you'll see them and if he sees them, and if you even put the link of this video on that on the comment that would be even better. Beautiful. Yeah. And he won't he can look you up Muhammad hijab and you can see some of your work and they're beautiful. Thank you, my brother. Thank you. And thank you guys for tuning in. take that advice. Share it if you care, share, and tune in here every week to the deen show. We'll see you next time. Until then. Peace be with you.