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AI: Summary © A representative from a charity discusses their mission to transform lives of people across the world by offering Basically every aspect of life, including food, clothing, blankets, and shelter. They also mention a new campaign called One in a million, which is aimed at reaching a million people worldwide and positively impacting their lives through donations.
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We often say that our charity will transform the lives of others for getting that it may also transform ourselves.

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Last year I went to visit the Rohingya refugees and with your support collected around $25,000 we distributed food, clothes, blankets, built shelters, water wells, bathrooms, and started a project called sewing our lives back together by distributing sewing machines to all the woman in the camp through which and by which they would be able to make a living.

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We put life back into the hearts of so many families, we put smiles on the faces of so many children.

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Let us do our part and transform hearts. Let us make a change, even if it's in small ways. Let us show the power of $1 bill, but also the power of our will. And let us not forget that the best way of living is by the way of giving.

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This year I am starting a new campaign called One in a million. And this project we hope to reach out to a million people worldwide, collect a million dollars and positively affect the lives of a million rohingyas. All through dollar donations.

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every dollar counts. Please donate generously.