Mohammed Hijab – Reacting to Indian Media Wion on Hijab

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The "by the way" notion is discussed, where women are forced to wear certain clothing to avoid inappropriate and irrelevant public exposure. The "by the way" notion is also discussed, where women are forced to wear certain clothing to avoid inappropriate and irrelevant public exposure. The "ma'am" notion is also discussed, where women are seen as a dressing room and the "ma'am" notion is criticized, along with the " fluids" notion. The "ma'am" notion is seen as a dressing room, and the recent French Senate bill aims to fight Islamism and potentially political involvement.
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Go to quality dot app inshallah the app tracks versus pages and time spent reading and the vs two pages function takes you from reading a few verses a day to few pages a day. This project is for the real enthusiasts. If there's enough of us out there, this will become the future of collapse and support the project if you can't insha Allah May Allah bless all of you. Does ocular care ceremony. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. How you guys doing? A lot of people have been contacting me, especially from the subcontinent, India, Pakistan and these kinds of countries. Sherry Oh, Mashallah brino really appreciate your support.

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To tell me that, you know, you should do a lot more refutations of these kinds of people like we on the the presented I refuted in the previous in the previous video, I'll be honest with you.

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She's a very easy target. She was and the entire organization were very easy. And I think to myself, do these people even think about what they're saying before they say it? Because what I'm going to present to you today is pathetic, is really pathetic. You'll remember in the previous episode, that one of her main concerns if you want to put it in that language, with the Taliban taking control, or other countries and the Sharia in general actually, was

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this women being forced to wear hijab or head covering and so on in Afghanistan. Now, we'll talk about that and the legitimacy of that or lack thereof in a bit. But before we do that, I just want you guys to see this particular video where she's talking about Ataturk. Let's see what she says. Not too long ago, Turkey used to be a modern and secular state and Islamic Republic with a progressive approach, thanks to the policies of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the father of modern day Turkey, a reformer who brought his country at par with the European world. He replaced Arabic with the Latin script, the Islamic calendar with the Western calendar, mosques were under state control.

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Faith was a private matter. Christians and Jews could freely worship their gods in Turkey Turkish men were forbidden from wearing a headgear. Turkish women are forbidden from wearing headscarves. But the turkey of today is very different. Now Turkey is ruled by a leader who wants to take his country back to its ultimate ambitions. I was listening to this thinking is this woman for real? Is this woman for real? She mentioned a few things that Ataturk done in his Premiership. And one of those things was that he banned hijab

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and I want to say something. The silence is deafening.

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The acquiescence is clear. And in fact, the tone was encouraging. From your perspective. Why when it comes to a nationalist secularist, if your paradigm is a liberal one, do you not comment in a negative manner? Do you not condemn,

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banning or restrictions to clothes to clothing, especially women, women's clothing? But when it comes to the Islamic discourse, you do exactly that. This already reveals to me that you are a hypocrites. You are an absolute hypocrite. It's not a matter of moral consistency here. It is a matter of strategic consistency. In fact, you have just fell face first, into an intellectual ditch. You're embarrassing yourself. This is absolutely shocking.

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I can't believe it. And whilst I To be honest, I'm lost for words. But I must say the problem is the notion in the first place that a woman in the West even has any or every right to wear whatever she wants. This is a false notion. And it can be proven or disproven, I should say, with the easiest of introspection. If I say for example,

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if a woman wears a bikini in the bank, okay, look, we've been living. I've been living here all my life. I'm a Westerner. What's your name? I don't know, practice, whatever your name is sorry to say, I don't know your name yet. But I'm a Westerner. I've been educated in the West and I've been an educator in the West. I don't want to worship me now. Please don't worship me.

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Okay, because I know you worship the creation, not the creator was a lot of your people, they worship the creation aside from the Creator. Well, I don't want to go to Bombay and see like a statue of the great hijab, that Muhammad the learned hijab, that I don't want to see this.

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So please, don't worship

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But I've been an educated, I've been educated there in the West. And I've been an educator here in the west for some time. And I can tell you from my experience, and I think people will share this experience here in the West.

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And they in fact, women can't wear what they want. I mean, a woman cannot wear a bikini in the bank, she might be able to get away with it. I mean, I don't think anyone's stopped, maybe the police will come, I don't know. But I can tell you for a fact that a woman cannot wear a bikini

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in school. If she works in a secondary school.

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She I've been in schools where women have been told not to have a lot of cleavage hanging out, if she's teaching your 10th and 11th. Why because it will distract the students. This is very fair. Or you could say, a common policy. You cannot imagine it's inconceivable that women will wear bikinis to work in a school, or in a corporate, even corporate environments.

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And in fact, you'll probably be sent home, I guarantee you, they'll be sent home.

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Women that go to corporate environments, or secondary schools, or university places, or hospitals, or any of those places, which are, we're talking about 10s of millions of women here, just in the UK, a population of I don't know 70 something million, they will be sent home, if they wear those clothes, they have uniform they have to wear

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and it will be seen as inappropriate and public exposure.

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But why can the same woman go to a beach and wear the bikini? And there's no issue? I mean, who gets to set these guidelines? Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever thought about who gets to set the societal conventions? Why is it acceptable in a beach place, and it's not an on the road sides are in a park, but it's not acceptable in a bank or a hospital or in a school? You give me a reason? You tell me what because one will cause a distraction?

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Maybe if wearing such clothing causes a distraction? The question is, at what point does it stop causing a distraction?

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And where does the line where's the line drawn? Well, when was the minister in a corporate environment? Doesn't that cause some kind of distraction on the hormones level hormone levels of men that must drastically different

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or that the behavior of such men will be completely different in corporate environments, to hospitals, to this, but who gets to go get Sue sorry to say, set those cultural conventions? I tell you get to do it, for the most part, white men. And once again, what I'm saying that maybe you've already jumped into frustration, but before you do get back up, get back up.

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Listen to what I'm saying. Might men maybe white women as well in the feminist movement has had a huge, I would say influence as well. But why should we follow those regulations? They are legally enforceable, organizationally enforceable, structurally enforceable, institutionally enforceable so many times. So you can't say women can whatever they want in the West. They can't. That's that's that is a misnomer. That is a that is fallacious reasoning. That is wrong. legalistically. False. JOHN Stuart Mill himself, he had limits the father of social liberalism. He said people having * in the roadsides should be banned. Fortunately, Mexico didn't take his advice. But that's another

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story for another day.

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The point I'm making to you is what is that much different?

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The only differences in the type of clothing?

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Well, you might say, well, it's actually more coverage, you know, the Islamic government. But when girls go to go schools or even mix schools, when boys go to such schools, they are told what to wear it by color, that you know even the color they have to if you don't have the tie, you go back home. You mean, what do you mean, you go back home if you don't have a tie? Isn't that restricting what you wear? You can't wear what you want? This is a misnomer. What country do you think this is? Do you think What? Why do you think we are living in a nudist place? The West is a new displace. There's a huge misconception. So that's the first thing I want to say. The second thing is clear,

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your hypocrisy is very clear.

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Why do you allow girls to be segregated and girl schools in Olympic events for them to have designated uniform, all of these things legally enforceable in organizations and institutes? But when the Taliban do it with a different Well, these guys do. Whoever does it. You're thinking this is so much It's so weird. It's not that it's not to be honest with you. It's not that weird, is very similar to what you guys already impose. But it's just in a different format. That's all it is. It's in a different format.

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Now, the question is now a Sharia question. Since you hear the expression Yeah, of course. Yeah. He doesn't know what the Messiah of Sharia were, but you're the expert, which means the sources of Sharia. The point is what happens in a Sharia state

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Is there any had punitive law that stipulates no Khurana for a woman who doesn't wear hijab there's no such hot actually mentioned.

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That doesn't mean to say they can wear what they want. Because the Quran states mechanically movement in what I'm what militant is a cappella solo, I'm wrong, and you're calling

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him. That's not for Muslim man or Muslim woman, if Allah and the messenger have chosen something for them to have any choice in the matter, because if you really are most Muslim, Muslim, someone who is submitting to Allah, you believe that this religion is from God, then this is that this is this is the godly uniform if you like, if you don't want to be a Muslim, if you're not a Muslim, then let go of it in Catarina roster from react router, level custom circuit blogger, there's no compulsion religion. But this verse is for non Muslims. As for Muslims is these are our guidelines. Why? Why are guidelines so foreign and your guidelines so

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the ones that we should all follow, you haven't even given us reasons, do not see the patheticness of your your pathetic, you haven't even argued for your case. So I say

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this is a really weak approach. The second thing is I want to also point to the fact that when it comes to religious freedoms,

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your colleague,

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look what she says about encouraging of Macron and his policies which are anti muslim. And once again, one of the policies is to restrict women's dress code. But let's see what what your your colleague says about this.

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We start off with the latest coming in from France, where the lawmakers have now approved president Emmanuel Macron new law that proposes to fight radical Islamism. The law aims to strengthen oversight of MOS schools and sports clubs to safeguard France from radical Islam. So once again, here, look at this encouraging tone when it comes to him when it comes to the secular republican Macron. It's not that you're liberal, by the way, you're not liberal. You might call yourself liberal.

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But you're disguising fascism with liberalism, quite similar to Hitler, quite similar to your President, actually Modi, the bastard. Yes, the bastard, the one who is allowing all of these things to happen with minorities in his in his country. This individual here you are exposed already as an individual. And the proof is in the pudding. Because if had you not been a fascistic person at least an inclination, then you would have some kind of liberal consistency, which you don't and I have nothing else to say to you. You're finished. Good night.

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