Mohammed Hijab – Rap Battle- Rastafari vs Muslim

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The importance of respecting each other and acknowledging differences is emphasized in Islam. The speaker emphasizes the need to strive for one's spiritual goals and not just try to convince others to accept everything. The speaker also discusses the difficulties of living in a world where everything is just a mess and the importance of finding purpose. The speaker emphasizes the need to have a strong spirit to see one's own success and wonders where one could be in the world.
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We're doing a freestyle freestyle. Yeah, but we're gonna try and do that one.

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Man, let's do this.

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So I'm just airing the pop, anytime from my heart.

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And, you know, I respect that my brother's doing that though.

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And I even respect that sometimes you don't like, sorrow, sorrow.

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But at the same time, we all remember the words of the Father, the monster. And you know, the Master says peace. So we don't want no be

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COVID dad to see, and I couldn't see anything, wants to know everything with everything. And we got elements. So I just want you to let me know how you think we can, you know, get on again.

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That's it. That's it.

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Okay, okay.

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Let me tell you, you heard that person scream.

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And I can see you lying lack of beam. Because the truth is, look, we speak a lot of truth. And a lot of people like you

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get away from controversy. Yeah.

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And then people will like you. Look,

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I know that truth is

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that you know me. Yeah. And I, we, I know you.

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Well, this ain't going nowhere this time. So I'm gonna give it back to you.

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I don't really know what to say. I just know that if you come from a place of love, and not hate.

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The hate should fade away. You know, the Quran says if someone speaks ignorant, and leave them it doesn't say if they speak ignorant MP. Oh, I like it. He says the season. And I think if we all respect each other on so that goes on both sides, that we will be able to come together and reason. Because human beings ain't always gonna agree. But we can agree on principles lack respect. That's why I put myself in the respects. Oh, but not respect. I don't want to

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make the mistake of respecting someone and this is the Most High. So I've got to deal with Russ. Like Rasulullah Rastafari? Okay, I and I see everyone has differences. And it seems that some of these people here are illiterate, but they just want to zone in on the differences. But we also have things that we can come together now. So instead of always standing on our different platforms, is good to see us common some common ground. Oh, whoa, whoa, listen.

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Common Ground Yeah. All right. Because this was twisted like a twister.

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Fake Fox and got the right picture.

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I don't care if you're strong. Because of even the toughest St. immortal. You can come.

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Don't you know what's right from wrong?

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Try to copy what you hear from a song.

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Come on.

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Come on. That's doneness. You must be lost like a messed up compass.

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Well, hey,

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we want guidance.

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And that's why I say Islam is the lightness. It's not really a word, but I'm making it work.

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And this is why I'm telling you here bro.

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Worship one God.

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And it will work.

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It will work. Yeah. I don't think you can worship one God in a mosque or church.

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Deeper than what we believe

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is what we know.

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But some people just go off of what they have.

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You see the Most High duty righteousness and conduct

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and remember, there is no love that is greater than God's love.

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So I just know that there's an element of God or righteousness in us.

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We get that for the most hi I won't lie I've had some cold nights where I've rode by the four or five on a road night like his whole time. And I saw guys trying to pull guys but that was the wrong way. I was lost in a feed me

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and showed me a better way. For me that was rescue for right. I've been on them dotnet Super aqis and we're talking some knowledge and the knowledge the Mima aqis Shea is an analyst they get in the college Oh

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Okay, that's gonna be hot

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cuz you got a good swagger

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and you're packing is immaculate

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content bars and you're moving swagger ish.

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Hey, oh, love it. Flight you're above it. What are you doing a buck get your mind

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was you've been through it

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Hi pop and sorrow get much like

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know, defending their brother man.

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And just as long as

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there's no wall, that's the best thing.

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I understand that everyone's got questions, because it's like this big lesson. Yeah, and the more science testing and everyone trying to find the right way

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I say sometimes I know it's wrong to a lot of wisdoms, but I like the high grade. And I think guy makes me think about life made his life through his life fake. Should I take that call for Should I take the highway? Most times I don't even know. But I know I've got a voice inside my soul. And it kind of tells me where to go and how to grow and what's right or wrong.

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But I know this road I'm on is the righteous one. So you know, the road is gonna be long.

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And it gets hard, but you gotta be strong. Oh,

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gotta be strong. I don't wanna make this long. Look.

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Let me tell you something, right?

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times ticking.

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We're moving forward, things are going oscillating like a pendulum.

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We've got limited time to find purpose.

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And that is why

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you've got this conundrum. Look, you've got to think, what is the purpose in life.

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And you've got to strive

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to live this life in a way that doesn't mean you're gonna roll with a knife.

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In that dark night that you were describing.

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You don't need to fight.

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But it's all about look.

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It's all about living and knowing your purpose. It's a fixed objective, that you know, you're worth it. And that's when you believe in the one God and all the prophets. The final one we believe is Mohammed. The one that came to the seventh century Arabs. Look, he came in the cave

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for our lives, he came to save

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the hellfire.

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We need to circumnavigate look, we want to get to the agenda, which we call heaven.

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So, brother look

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there's only one thing

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that I want to say to him now.

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I see the potential right in your eye.

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You want to become Muslim. But right before you die

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if Muslim is someone who submits to the winner the most time and I've been on my team, okay, no, I mean,

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at the description for me is something that's deep

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in roster we call it liberty.

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Islam, I listen to some sizzla Kalonji and for me that's like an authentic and thief of offer.

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That's why, for me it's the only to choose to speak. So I always tell my kids staying the theme. You know, I mean, yeah, cuz you know well being. But only these books in this knowledge that I read shows me that it comes down to piety, and it comes down to spirit, and not just give the most time the fact that I can spare in these lyrics. But I know that these locks are not a gimmick can leverage the platform for how am I fighting against the system? Because I believe that the prophet in logic was an activist, a revolutionary

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amongst you fighting against many who was into greed, but to the Most High, the burden he carried was heavy.

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But instead of staying on that deal, some of my Muslims are watching the telly too.

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When they should be reading the Quran,

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I'm a Christian should be trying to read a song. But everybody's looking for B flat, they're looking for a farm and the rest of the month to compete that but a wild one.

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So what I'm saying is, I understand that my Muslims want me to convert kinda Muslims are my brothers. And as a brother, you look out for each other because you don't want to see a man in * having to suffer.

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But I'm going to tell you right now, you definitely see this roster in Ghana.

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I heard you speak without interruption.

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You say you're fighting the system, but in ourselves as corruption.

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I want you to start the dean properly, you can call it combustion, because it will blow you out of rhythm.

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And it will give you satisfaction. Look.

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The DNA is when you follow the prophets.

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Moses and Abraham

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and Jesus and Mohammed.

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All of them came with the same message, which is worship one God, and you'll be diverted from the *. Look, here, I'm not a salesman, I've got nothing to sell.

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Myself, I got nothing to sell.

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Look, I'm I'm a speaker here and in speaker's corner. But I've only got one thing to tell,

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which is that look,

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connects with your Lord

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connects with your Lord.

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Like a phone call itself.

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We do that through Salah five times a day,

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where we connect with the one Lord.

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And to him we tell and complain.

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abstain from all the things he tells us not to eat, or drink. And we refrain from all the things that we cannot do.

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And you know what I'm talking about. So look,

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these are commandments from the Most High demo the most knowledgeable.

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Were saying this is all truth.

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And there's nothing more tolerable for the soul to consume. And for the person to believe.

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Now I know here you can understand me.

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And you can surely conceive

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that look.

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It's time

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to follow the path of God

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in a complete way.

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And that's the deal.

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100% but I could show you that

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if you took care about what we're meant to be and what we're not meant to eat

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you know, we didn't eat no meat. Oh, you know, I'm saying. So you have allow and you have Itau. And if you're talking on a health skill, hello is no contest arrival for the Itau. That word is by now

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you might find out that the rest of man is living the closest to the way that the original man live. You see the rest it just deals with righteousness. Every time we talk we must pray

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it's a prayer for me to say give thanks to the most I every day when I drink a drink when I wash my face at the sink when I slide around the ice skating rink

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the Most High is something in my foot. And it's like something inside me I've been conditioned to think see only the most hi knows where I've been.

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But the Christians told me that I was full of sin.

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But they didn't tell me I had something in myself that was divine

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and that is i&i so that is I and the most I that's why I rest afar rice is

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because it's our connection with the most I and I won't lie on them cold nights in a roadside where my bros died the most I kept them strong you can't be going on. But I just know that no man can curse who judge a bless

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and Rasta come to burn their wickedness.

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we can talk about the spirit.

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Call we don't need to know in our flesh. I think we both agree that Allah knows best.

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