Shocking Ideas Infecting the Muslim Mind

Mohammed Hijab


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In recent years, we've seen the rise of fringe movements with bizarre ideas undermining the Islamic paradigm, gaining influence in the Western world, particularly in Scandinavian countries. It's an obligation upon Muslims to protect our children from the devastating influence of these groups. To do that, one of the most influential Islamic organizations in Europe, Islam that is establishing the greatest of its kind, Tao, center and Masjid in Northern Europe, through the center will educate our children with proper Islamic knowledge, to stand firmly against these strange ideas, trying to intrude our homes. We have no time to be standing on the sidelines be passive, not caring about our

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future. We need to act now. You need to act now. Help us establish this educational institution. This mission where Allah's name will be elevated high, click the link, donate and share the great rewards that will not only be gained, but will fill your grave when you have passed away. Whenever someone prays there whenever someone learns something beneficial about Islam whatever someone's Eman is saved or whatever non Muslim embraces Islam embraces the truth, you will share in that ward. Donate now and do not delay this opportunity may never present itself to you ever again. When the project is complete, which will happen soon in sha Allah, you will have lost an opportunity to earn

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the immeasurable rewards for your life to come. May Allah makes you have those who not only stand on the sidelines, but act on the truth walk along people