Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 27 – L278E

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Follow him at the time of death. What do the angels bring to him? along with what I have known what genitourinary him, then for that person is low, what does low mean?

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rest? comfort, right hand. What does right hand mean? Beautiful fragrance aromatic plants, with genitourinary M and A garden of pleasure.

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Hello, is from the root letters are all low, and low has understood in a number of ways.

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But o has basically relief, remember the father of use of nslm? What did he say to his sons? Let they assume it rohilla don't despair of relief from Allah.

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That when a person is in a trouble in difficulty, when he's anxious, he doesn't know what's going to happen. And finally, what happens what he wants to happen, right. And when that happens, as a result, he is relieved.

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Because what was relief for the father of use of an insulin?

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Finding use of penicillin,

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right? So when a person is in distress, he's anxious, he's unsure. He doesn't know what's going to happen. Eventually, when what he desires is what is given to him that is a source of big relief for him. This is what is. So similarly, a person who is mccobb, a person who sabotage all his life, what is his concern?

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What is his concern?

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His ending the

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his home in the villa, the questioning that will take place in the hereafter. And that worry that concern is what keeps driving him. That doesn't let him stop.

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That wakes him up, even when he's fast asleep.

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That gets him out of bed, even when he's exhausted and tired.

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And when at the time of death when the angels come When the angels give the good news, imagine the relief. Imagine the roll.

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Imagine the good news that Allah gives to his servants at that time, all his life, he's been worried. He's been crying. He's been praying, he's been doing one thing after the other not stopping anywhere. And when the angels come, they bring relief for all home than for him his role for him is a big relief. And what is that big relief, good news of paradise.

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And also row row in the sense that death will be a source of mercy for him.

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Because as long as a person is alive, isn't he in a big test? Isn't he? Because you don't know when you might fall, when you might make a huge mistake and ruin your good deeds.

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shavonne is after a person until his last breath even.

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So 401 meaning that death will be a means of relief for him.

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That death will be a means of mercy for him.

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Which is why we see that at the time of the death of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was given the choice, isn't it to either stay or to be taken in depth? What did he choose a long little field?

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He chose death at that time. Why? Because life is difficult. Life is very challenging. As long as a person is alive, he is in a big test. And remember for the believer, this life is what surgeon

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isn't it? a junior surgeon on Walkman. So when death comes, it's as though he has been taken out of that prison.

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Now he's free. No one

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has also understood as mercy

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row has also understood as well from home from sadness from grief from worries 401 and some have said that row has also row in cupboard in the grave for overwhelm what I hand on what is right hand, right hand is, as we have studied earlier, aromatic plants, right. Some have said that it's the basil,

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every fragrant thing. This is what Rehan is, so they had is understood as a good provision.

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Like we learned about the Shahada, that when they die the way of Allah in that'll be him. years akun isn't an it's a very hanaa vema at a human level. And funnily isn't it so user cool, they're given risk. So they had such a person that macabre will be given good provision, even.

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It's not that his life has come to an end. And that said, He's finished. He's not going to enjoy anymore. No, even in the verse of Allah will give him a good provision.

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And in the Hereafter, Allah will give an excellent provision

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If you think about it, that my hand is also fragrance. So at the time of death, what do the angels bring to him? fragrance? What kind of a shroud do they bring to him that which is fragrant, those angels also are what those that are very beautiful, isn't it. So, their appearance itself is a means of comfort, and they also bring fragrance for that person. So follow from what I have known what agenda to Noreen, and also the garden of delight, meaning the good news of the garden of pleasure.

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And remember that when a person when the macabre when he passes away when he dies, then his grave even what is it like?

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What is it like after he is passed the exam of the grave?

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That it's extended for him? Isn't it so a window to paradise has opened for him. They show her that their souls are were in paradise in the form of green birds, isn't it? So, we learn all of this from Hades.

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So 401 what do we handle with genitourinary, but this is for who?

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For who, for the one who is

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the one whose go, whose desire is to be close to Allah,

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the One whose desire is to see Allah to meet Allah.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, He who likes to meet Allah, Allah also likes to meet him.

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He who likes to meet Allah, Allah also likes to meet him.

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And he who dislikes to meet Allah, then Allah also dislikes to meet him.

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I should have the learner said oh prophet of Allah, Is it because of the dislike of that? Because all of us dislike that.

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Because the only way of meeting allies What? that a person dies first. So she said all of us dislike that doesn't mean we dislike meeting Allah. Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, it is not so. But rather it is that when the believer is given us of Allah's mercy, his approval, and his paradise, he likes to meet Allah and Allah likes to meet him. Meaning that when the believer When the angels of death come to him, what do they tell him? About his meeting with Allah.

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And when he is given that good news, then what happens? He wants to meet Allah even more quickly, which is why we learn that the believer he says, the moon, the moon meeting, take me Take me out quickly, quickly, speed this process up, speed it up. Why? Because this has been his desire all his life. This has been his goal. This is what he had been striving for. This is what he had been running for.

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He says cut the morning cut the morning and what does Allah say that he will be of the macabre being

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and a person who does not want to meet Allah? Why does he not want to meet Allah? Because at the time of death, what news do the angels bring of punishment

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of severity of harshness? So when he gets that news, he doesn't want to go he doesn't want to go ahead. Allah doesn't want to meet that person either.

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So over here Allah says that for Emma encana middle macabre been follow her on what I have known what Jenna to Noreen, than for him as rest and bounty and a garden of pleasure.

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May Allah make because of those

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Well, I'm in Can I mean us heavily? I mean, and if he was of the companions of the right,

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a second category, a different category, a lesser category

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for Salaam Salam Alaikum. In US heaven yummy. Then for you are the one from the US heavily I mean for us only Salam.

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For the macabre. What does Allah say? What does he have? row right hand genitourinary, at what time at the time of death. When the angels come to take his soul? They give him all of that good news at that time. But if a person is from the family, I mean, then what news does he get only of Salah what Salah greetings and also Salaam as that he will be saved from the punishment. But isn't there a difference? Isn't there a difference? Why is there a difference? Because there is a difference between the automobile and the US? How will you mean?

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The Mahal rabina who those who perform the YG bet stay away from Mohamed who strive to perform even more and more, Mr. headbutt and they stay away from Makoto hat. Who is us Hi, William in

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different how are they different that they perform the wire too bad

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but some

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They fall short.

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They stay away from Mohamed, but sometimes they end up doing them.

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And when it comes to Mr. Habad very few

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when it comes to my crew had many

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will I'm in Canada mean us heavily I mean for Santa Monica and us heavily I mean, your performance was average

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your result will also be average

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it was mediocre. This is what you will get well in Canada mean us heavily I mean, for Salaam Alaikum and as heavily me

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what in Colonel Mukesh, Divina lien but if he was of the deniers who were astray, look at the been those who denied in their belief deniers bla lien astray in what in their actions

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in their actions astray. In their belief mchattie been

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for Newsela min Hamid than for him is accommodation of boiling hot water that will burn him inside out.

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What does Leia two jehane and burning in * fire

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fire that will engulf him from every direction. Why? Because he is from the mocha Devi of barley, the US herbal shaman of herbal Mashallah The performance was very poor. This is why the result also is punishment.

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In other indeed this all of this news that Allah gives over here, which news of the three categories of mankind of the end of each of these three groups, all of this Allah says Allah who are Kalia clean, this is true certainty. It is not just health, but it is how can you clean it is such health that is of certainty, meaning truth that you should be convinced of you should not have any doubt

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in the lower half polyethylene facade. So exalt glorify Bismillah bicolor Are we the name of your Lord? Who is the most great

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supernova be an early

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Wanna know?

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Me. Me, me.

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Me. No more.

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tolyatti fish Bismillah Mika loudly.

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If you look at these I had

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62 onwards

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for a 2010 Tesla owner who are nationals or your own before that I have 59 and a lacuna Who am national Harley Cohn.

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If you look at is 69 until until to move in and Muslim alone is 72 until unchecked to shadow a national monsoon and then follow in quantum later on medini

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falola in urban poverty, what does it show?

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But does it show all of these I automatically show that we are powerless,

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we are powerless.

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We have nothing.

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And then Allah says all of this in the habit of creating

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this is a reality. You are powerless, you cannot avoid the

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death is a fact it's a reality. And what will happen after that is also a reality.

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Every single person is going to meet that. And every single person is going to be in one of these three categories. Don't think about others think about yourself. I am going to be in one of these three groups one and not the other.

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If it's the macabre been this is the result. If it's the most horrible You mean, this is the result. If it's the McCarthy beenleigh lien, this is the result. And this is a reality. No one can avoid it, no one can escape it, no one can stay away from it.

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This is a reality. We have to face it.

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We cannot run away from it. We cannot ignore it.

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We cannot disregard it. nor can we be indifferent towards it. We have to take this seriously. In other law who are how can you clean?

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And when a person realizes the fact that he doesn't have any power

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is insignificance. What does Allah say for Sabir? Bismillah econavi. glorify the name of your Lord, who is the greatest one, realize that you are nothing and realize that all power is with him.

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And when you realize that, then glorify Him.

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So two things that first of all, we all need to think about this seriously.

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Because we have a very indifferent attitude towards our

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we think Yeah, we'll see what happens. I believe I do good here and there, we'll see what happens. But there is a clear difference between mokaba bean and as hubballi mean,

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clear difference.

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And secondly, we must also realize that we're nothing,

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nothing at all. And we must realize the greatness of a loss of final data. This is why for Sabir Bismillah, the color of the super handle, not be an early

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we learned that this habit broke by Ben Ahmed, a Jew honey he related that when this ayah was revealed, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam commanded that people keep it in their locker. Meaning when they do record what should they say? soprano it'll be an earlier why. If you look at the position of record, I am nothing I'm small, I'm humble downward.

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And soprano being early

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and later when Sabir his model because Allah was revealed, then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam enjoyed that the people say, soprano obile Arla, we're in the such that this is reported in was.

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So for sub B Bismillah, dikenali.

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Truly, when a person is dying, it shows the helplessness of that individual, and it shows the helplessness of those people who are around him.

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They can do nothing, nothing at all to relieve

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nothing to take his pain away. Nothing to give comfort to him. The only thing that could give comfort him at that time is what if he has been good in his actions, so that when the angels come, that death is a source of relief for him.

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So if a person hasn't done anything himself, no one can relieve him. No one can help him. Nothing can

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It's such a pain that no one can share with you.

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Just like when a woman is delivering a baby, that vein, no one at all can share with no one, no person can. But in this dunya people have come up with ways to cope with the pain. However, that pain of that of the soul being extracted, there is nothing available for that.

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Nothing can help you cope with that thing. And nothing can help you cope with the pain that will come after if you haven't prepared for it.

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Yesterday had, that's the good smell, because we learned from the Hadith that when a righteous person when his soul is taken, then his soul is also fragrant, right? That the angels wonder the angels of his mouth and who is it? What is this? That is so fragrant. Right? So it's not just his soul, but also the shroud that is brought to him the angels that have come to take his soul, everything related to his death is fragrant, you know, like when a person is being received somewhere.

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And if he is being welcomed, will they be fragrance

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flowers, right? The atmosphere will be extremely beautiful, extremely pleasant. Similarly, if a person has optimal color, the way he is welcomed in the next world

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is a very honorable welcome.

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That there's fragrance, there's good news, flow relief. Comfort is the hand with gender to Noreen.

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It's one of the good signs of a good death that when a person dies is literally fragrance over there. Literally, it's one of the signs.

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I was just thinking with all these things that we're learning from the Quran, the reality of we are powerless and all that stuff, and Subhanallah we are slacking in our good deeds. And not only that, like, you know, we're not doing what they're supposed to do. And the other people are there outside, they don't know about these things. Like, you know, a lot of us know it. But we are lacking in our good deeds. And we're not even thinking about the other people who do not know these things. Like we don't have time, we gotta hurry up and do these things like you know, let's do our good deeds, and then at the same time, go out there and let the people know, because

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we were trying to save ourselves in the other people or not. And it's not just that if a person denies it does not believe in it, he won't be held accountable. Because Allah says over here, what a man can I mean, look at the bean of believers look at the one who doesn't believe. So just because a person denies it does not mean he'll be out of these three categories. No, every single human being will insert new and neutral cassada. No, every person will be held responsible.

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And a lot of times we say we want to be everything, but we don't really want to because if we did, we would be striving. And even like in the word a savvy when it gives us the meaning of like the hastening and running and we don't do that we're so lacks and relaxed and doing good. Yeah, I'll do good, but don't really do it. So we should be running and always striving.

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And what is it that makes a person strive that makes a person run? What? It's the worry, fear, right? And also the desire, love of the goal.

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Two things are driving forces, what are they fear and love.

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Love pushes you and fear pushes you. Both of them move you they don't let you stay still.

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So when a person really desires the rewards of the Hereafter, which a lot of panel data has described, and so much detail, that when you read about it, you want to have it. And secondly, when a person has this fear that if not this, then what? I don't want the other option for myself, then that fear is also what moves him. It doesn't let him stays to

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it's this

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and what is this the level of dunia right, which becomes a barrier because if you think about it, grease is a very fine barrier. It's like an invisible barrier. You can't even see it,

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isn't it? You can't even see it. It's very subtle, very fine. You can't even tell it's there. This is the love of the neon as well, that you don't even know it's there. But it becomes a barrier between you and the book of Allah. It becomes a barrier between you and being acerbic, getting ahead racing forward

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and has an adversary he said I'm not surprised if a verse anti non Muslim or his manager of the week, but I'm surprised how the person died as a believer How? Because being a believer being a sovereign is not easy. Do you understand?

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It's not easy to be a cyber, when a person dies in that state. That is truly amazing. That is truly impressive.

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This is why the reward is so great.

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So when I collapse, we don't, you don't see, that person sees the angel of death. You don't know what his end is going to be, which type of angels are coming, but he is going to meet his faith very soon. And very soon it will be you on the other side, and some other people on your side.

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never feel contented, okay, I'm a believer style plds heavily I mean, the thing is that it's very easy to slip very easy. Stefan does not leave a person even though his last breath, he wants him to commit something major at that time even so that all of his deeds, good deeds, everything is wasted when that wasted. That said he has another one to take with him to hellfire. So if our goal is so low, then imagine how easily we can fall.

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You understand. But if your goal is higher, if your aim is higher, if you slip a little bit from there, even you won't fall deep down at least.

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So don't be content with being just moderate. But rather strive to excel. Strive to be at the highest level.

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Because if you've seen all of this, the Quran is mentioned. And it's not just that the Quran has mentioned. Its great status, great position is being highlighted. What is it that it's so important to hold on to this book? And then after we haven't had the the ultimate honeymoon? What does it show that if a person has a very light, a very greasy connection with the Quran, and he will slip very easily. And if a person has a strong grip a strong connection with the Quran, then he will be successful. That is what will elevate him. That's the source of his success in the hereafter. Because the hereafter coffee Latin raffia. So what is it that is la Farah that will raise people on

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the Day of Judgment, their connection with the Quran.

00:27:04 --> 00:27:09

If a person has a weak connection, coffee have a high connection, strong connection of affair.

00:27:11 --> 00:27:23

Just as your friends they either bring you down or they bring you up, right? Who you've been with. So similarly the Quran if you've been with it, your connection has been strong, it will be a source of successful person.

00:27:25 --> 00:27:53

It's really hard sometimes shaytan is ultra sanada is really hard sometimes to do our lesson and all that. But if we make the and ask Allah Allah that we have the Savio phone, then inshallah he will listen, because he can do anything. But we have to have that. Interesting if you think about it, when it comes to our risks, Allah gives it to us even without asking, right? But when it comes to the matter of the

00:27:54 --> 00:28:10

that's not given without you, striving and asking, you have to strive and ask Chris, you can get even without asking even without striving isn't it of dystonia. But when it comes to success of the hero, you have to do something, you have to strive for it.

00:28:12 --> 00:28:29

And we see this in the Sahaba as well, the despite the fact that they were limited in the resources in their abilities, in their numbers. Despite all of their weaknesses, we see that they accomplished so much. Even if they were physically unable, they didn't stay back. So service there's nothing I can do it.

00:28:31 --> 00:28:45

He tries and when he tries, Allah gives him though he's a local tomato kindness efforts. It's about the desire, it's about you wanting it, how bad do you want it? You want it really bad, you'll be able to do it if you don't want to do it, he won't be able to do it.

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I wasn't thinking about

00:28:51 --> 00:28:58

it because our lives together No, because regional closeness to Allah in the Hereafter is only attained by closeness to him in distance.

00:29:00 --> 00:29:12

If a person is no color, meaning that it is close to Allah, he prays to Allah he worships who Christ before him, asks him talks to him. trust in Him believes in him.

00:29:14 --> 00:29:15

He has a strong deep connection,

00:29:16 --> 00:29:52

then only he will be more comfortable here after because it's awkward being close to someone whom you don't really know that well, isn't it? Who are you comfortable with? comfortable being close to someone with whom you have a very strong connection, isn't it? Sometimes it could be your siblings, but just because you don't have that deep connection with them. You feel so disconnected even if you're in the same space. So how do you think a person can become a mechanic in the hereafter without being a mechanic in dystonia? You have to taste the curb of Allah in this dunya and that cannot be experienced without the detail of the Quran

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that cannot be experienced without frustrating in such the in ruku standing inside

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They're making they're not just in Ramadan, but every single day

00:30:05 --> 00:30:09

talking to Allah, presenting your problems before him and not before others

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hoping from him having positive thoughts about him. When a person is like this, then he is woken up

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I said I've already called

Al-Waqiah 41-96 Tafsir 89-96

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