Stories Of The Prophets #7 – Zakariya (Peace Be Upon Them)

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AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the rise of Allah's wife, the birth of a child, and the use of his father's name as a mentor. The use of sign language during conversations is also discussed, along with the use of a woman named Maria Malian for guidance and advice. The segment also touches on the history of Islam for personal and spiritual accomplishments, including praying for one's brother or sister and sharing experiences. The segment encourages people to pray for their parents and children.
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Tonight we're going to be talking to show Allahu taala.

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About the story of one of the last and final prophets before Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He was a contemporary of receving ammonium. He was a prophet, so was his son. And he said, and that is province Zekeriya province of Korea was the husband of the

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maternal aunt of receiving Imodium

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of recess mother, right. So he was Miriam's

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he was he was married to Miriam's aunt, right.

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So in a way, both Risa and Yahia are what?

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Our cousins

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So, the courier Alia

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was the one that was chosen to be in charge,

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and to have and to be the custodian and the mentor of Medina.

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And in order to understand that one of the, you know, one of the merits of this great prophet, we have to talk about mme herself. Meriam. Allah has Salam, the best woman that Allah Subhana Allah created the mother of Risa.

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Moriyama was dedicated or devoted when her mother was pregnant with her. Her mother dedicated her to

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the church to serve the temple and to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala

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not knowing that she was pregnant with a female but when she gave birth she said Hello I'm John says What was her and when she delivered her auditor Rob be in New York to her own? Oh Allah I delivered a female

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well Allah Allah Allah movie mela blocks what he said the Quran alone, sir.

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And then that culture and tradition,

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females were not allowed or were not supposed to be serving the church or the temple. But she already devoted her and she made dua, that Allah Subhana Allah accepts her blesses her and that ALLAH SubhanA what to Allah protects her and her children from what in any order you have, because you react to him in a show your partner regime from Shaytaan.

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So eventually, Meriam was admitted and she was welcomed.

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But then the high priests had to, they basically were competing as to who's going to have be the custodian or who's going to be the guardian and the mentor of Maria Malian Salaam. And Allah subhana wa Taala tells us Well, Matt Kuhn tele de him if you're gonna plan on him, or you want me at full monty M, you are not there when they were competing to as to who's going to be in charge of Meriam. While McAloon tele de here if you have to see more, and they were debating about it. And Allah subhanho wa Taala gave that honor to none other than Zekeriya, who was also as I mentioned, related to her.

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So as a courier, Ali Salam was her mentor. And one day Allah Subhana Allah tells us that was there Korea came, but I met the holiday has occurred el merabh when he walked into the section, where she was worshiping and praying while you're doing the hardest part he found with her some risk risk basically means provision something that she was consuming or eating.

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And he was wondering as to where it came from, because it was amazing. He didn't bring it no one else is supposed to be there.

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And he asked her money um, where did this come from? Some scholars say that he used to find with her the fruits of

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the like the fruits that would actually be out of season. Right. So the summer time fruits will be there with her during the winter time and the wintertime, fruits will show up and she's eating them and enjoying them when it's completely out of season. Where did this come from?

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There were no deliveries back then. Right? She didn't get a special package. So he asked her and then he had a where did this come from? Audits woman named dilla. She said it's from Allah Subhana Allah Allah azza wa jal used to deliver to Meriam

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food and fruits that were out of season

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to honor her, but at the same time also to send a message to

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Zakaria, who at that point,

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had reached an age

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way he gave up on having a child him and his wife were not blessed with a child. They were not given a child. Scholars say that he was in his 70s in his late 70s. And when he saw that Allah Subhana Allah gave him something that was out of season. He thought to himself, maybe that desire in that wish that I have.

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It may not be too late to turn to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Up until that point, the Karelian Salam just left it up to Allah subhana wa taala.

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But then when he saw this miracle, right in front of his eyes, that enticed him and motivated him, to turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala not that he did not know that Allah azza wa jal was capable Subhana Allah to Allah of everything,

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but because he was just too shy.

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So he turns to Allah azza wa jal, Allah says in the Quran when alaka as a career robber, at that point is the Korea turn to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and ask Allah azza wa jal kala Rob be heavily Milla don't carry your tongue by Eva grantley, righteous offspring or Allah.

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In Stewart's millennium, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah tells us as a Korea

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turns to Allah Subhana Allah privately if the IRA is not the robber who NIDA and Sofia he called upon his Lord privately, secretly. The scholars said because one he was too shy.

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Some scholars said no, he actually hid it from people because

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he was so sincere and he knew that that which is done privately between you and Allah Subhana Allah is most likely to be heard and answered.

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And in Gaza CReality Salam teaches us all a lesson.

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That lesson is that not to ever give up hope in the Mercy of Allah subhana wa to Allah, and that we are to turn to Allah azza wa jal for all of our needs, even if it's something that seems to be impossible.

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And that doing it privately and keeping it between us and Allah subhanho wa Taala is much better than publicizing it nowadays. We have people basically posting on social media, oh, I'm making your art for you.

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Right here I am in Mecca or Medina raising my hands I take a selfie raising my hands crying, making dua I just want you all to know that I'm making up for you. Dude, he just ruined it for everybody. Because the prophets of Allah who I didn't even send them tells us that when you make a DUA, when you pray for your brother or for your sister, privately between you and Allah subhana, who want to either do a lot in life without their knowledge, a sincere do not to make them feel like they owe you one. Right? Allah azza wa jal sends an angel to make dua for you. And every time you ask Allah to bless that person with something, the angel will say, Well, that could be within the same, same

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to you or for you.

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But nowadays, we have to show off we have to share everything we feel like the whole world has to know about our spiritual journey, and about our spiritual accomplishments.

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And it's not really from the Hadith from the guidance of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and from the teachings of the Sahaba, or even the great scholars, they always tell us that there is a scholar, they said, for 40 years, he used to pray in the middle of the night. And the members of his household did not know anything whatsoever about that.

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And until one day, it was discovered, obviously, someone's gonna come and ask me, how do they know that? How do we know now? Right?

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There's that famous story about Zayn and Aberdeen.

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For decades, people were receiving sadaqa every single night, and then all of a sudden it stops.

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And about 100 households in Medina, were wondering what happened and people talk to each other there. Like, you know, have you noticed something strange? Well, you know, I used to get this package used to be delivered to me every day. It didn't come last night.

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Okay, let's see if it comes tonight. Nothing comes tonight. So what what happened the other day, Zayn and Aberdeen passed away. Oh, he must have been that secret by or mystery,

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delivery man that used to deliver the aid and these packages to us. May Allah

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have mercy on him. So this is how they use they use so the courier Allah and Sam teaches us that if neither of the Holy damn have here, and then he turns to Allah subhana to Allah, maybe we'll talk about this in sha Allah to Allah in one of the early morning coffee rose, because you know, as I was going

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through the stories of the Gambia, in the Quran of the prophets, and you look at the the way they used to make dua they have, they had a very unique way of making dua.

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The adult that they have the etiquette in the manners with which they used to turn to Allah Subhana Allah with humility, it's just beautiful. So the courier turns to Allah and he says in the one hand allowed woman the wish that my my bones have weakened, or Allah was the other Rasul Shava. And my, my head is covered with gray hair.

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And then he asked him for heavily melancholia. So who does Allah Subhana Allah give him I'm gonna answer Jack, she sends angels fan out that we'll get to a walk on Sunday. Rob in the very place that he made that the angels came to him and they said in Allahu Bashir, okay, yeah, yeah.

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Allahu Akbar.

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And despite of the fact that he was the one that asked Allah subhana, Allah, Allah for it. He was he was so humble. I think he said that he said, How could I have a child at this age? When Marathi mechanically Marathi Archelon

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then Allah subhanaw taala reassured him. And not only did Allah reassured him that Allah Subhana Allah gave him a sign that this is from Allah subhanaw taala This is not from shape line, it's not shape. I'm playing games with you. It's Allah subhanaw taala sending you this clear message. You won't have the ability or you shouldn't be talking to people for three days he lost his ability to communicate with people, except with sign language of making gestures within Zen.

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I made his sunnah. And Allah Subhana Allah gave him Yeah, say he then will hustle when I want to be in a sauna him and him in the area. We're together calling mentalist Salah Ito Allah subhanho wa taala. And both him in the area. Eventually were murdered brutally by Ben by bending his slide. And Allah Subhana Allah curse them for that.

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So yeah, and his father was Acadia, not only were they prophets in that, you know, they were also martyrs at a Hema Salaam. But the point here is that never to give hope and turn to Allah subhana data for all of your needs. There is nothing that is too much and remember what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said I remember that tonight is a very special night and inshallah when I get off the member I'm going to share something privately with my community here.

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Remember that Allah azza wa jal in the middle of the Iota talk about the month of Ramadan, Allah azza wa jal says we're either say Allah carry Verde and he recited it in solitude Aisha, and when My servants asked me about me paying the Hadith, I am so close to them, he would die with a day that tonight may very well be the night we all are looking for. We're all in you know, hoping that we would be in the right place doing the right thing, which is turning to Allah subhanaw taala and so turn to Allah azza wa jal with sincere hearts and ask Allah subhanaw taala privately to accept your deeds and to forgive your sins and to bless you and your family. And that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Help this ummah of ours, this community of ours, overcome its challenges. Make it there, from the bottom of your heart. Remember your parents in your job. Remember to pray for your spouses as Allah subhanaw taala taught us in the Quran. Remember to pray for your children and if you don't have a child or if you don't have a spouse, pray for one tonight insha Allah Allah Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.