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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a study on a woman named Jamie Sadie who claims to have been bullied by her brother. She emphasizes the importance of having good feelings towards one's brother and sisters to avoid negative consequences. The speaker also mentions the upcoming Larow night and the possibility of a late night.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah you're behind me

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in a study on Sunday on a Sunday morning.

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it was on me as

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a loving mother send me a bunch

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of BS in our Co

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Op can we thank you for having us here in the ministry. And we also have found some kind of way to surround philosophy

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and to cause his messy and disagreement to descend upon us, and to raise us to the NBN.

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And those whom he has mentioned, I mean,

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as mostly and as believers,

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we should be having good feeling towards all brothers. So those of

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us that

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he might have been bullied if see, one of you does not completely believe until he loves his brother that he loves for himself, meaning you he man is not completely fulfilled until you love for your brother, that which you love for yourself. And this is to do with the heart. It has nothing to do with giving or smelting. But the fact that you love that your brother has that which you have is an act of worship for muscle.

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In tonight's verses Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Why

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Jamie Sadie and a man came from different part of the village or different this part of the city that all people follow the Gambia follow the messengers of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In January woman is

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dead on follow those who don't ask you for any recompense they put asking you for money. They're not asking you for anything material in return. But what they telling you is that worship Allah subhanho wa Taala rightly guided.

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So, this land Look at his example. He came from the farthest part of the city, and he wanted to tell the people he was ready to tell the lay brothers or sisters, you know what, these messengers are telling you a word of truth. If there is your Savior, you will be saved from Hellfire you will enter into paradise. This is the feeling that we should have for our brothers and sisters. When we see something wrong, we tell the employer you know what I love you so much. So I want to help you come here. And just the fact that you feel within your heart. And I wish this brother didn't do this because I want for you. But that in itself is rewardable Allah subhanho wa Taala you see how

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merciful God is within your heart, you're not even doing anything. You just see your brother and you think I wish he had a better life. You within yourself. Allah Subhana Allah sees that and he will. And sometimes these are the most difficult actions. Why? Because you yourself may be in a difficult position. But you see your brother struggling as well you say, I hope and my wish for him

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was in your heart, you have a chance and successes with Allah subhanho wa Taala in this manner. So the lesson today is to have a good feeling towards our brothers and sisters don't have good feeling don't have a good feeling and hatred for your husband's brother and sisters that have good feelings. Try and help them where you can try and assist where you can be of good use to community and society.

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Lastly, I'd like to mention before we leave in sha Allah today is the 21st night. So tonight there is the possibility of it being late and in fact some of the scholars say that from the beginning of Ramadan until the end of Ramadan any date can be later two other but more likely the last few nights even more likely the odd of the last 10 nights which means 21st 23rd the 23rd 25th 27th and 29th these nights of Ramadan the last two nights it is more likely that it is later to Ricardo and we all know laylatul

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that the night of algorithm is better than 1000

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Was it better 1000 months meaning if you make one such that it is as though you made such definitely 1000 pounds on what one wants to lose out and miss out on reward like this, give up 10 minutes before softball, even if it is 1015 minutes we know that most of us here are working but 10 minutes 15 minutes half an hour before so it was a wake up and perform two

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cans of soda four cans of soda for the sake of our muscle panel of talent if you can't and you're too tired, in wake up even five minutes before the time for us to hold ends and then say Allah Houma in Mecca are full on to him. Whoo laughs

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Oh Allah, you are the most forgiving and you love them Forgive me. So forgive me, Allah, what you're telling Allah Subhana Allah is that you are the most forgiving and you love to forgive. So Allah loves to forgive you telling him all about us and you love to forgive me. That's a powerful God for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala We ask Allah to grant us a forgiveness that we seek. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant has the ability to stand in a little cuddle. I mean also La Silla modelica

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vida de or Sami Germany.

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