Muslim Terrorism in the West Due to Palestine Issue

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Now, I spent a long time in Parliament, as you know, Muhammad, and in much of it,

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the air was full of fear of the radicalization, as they always put it of Muslims or Muslim youth.

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They feared that the Iraq War, the Afghan War, the aftermath, or both, would sharply uptick. The level of radicalization and the danger of young Muslims being lured onto the rocks of separatism and violence. They had multimillion pound programs prevent and so on. Which one very successful, but you knew at least why they were doing these things. They had a legitimate fear of radicalization. I used to say,

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you're a Muslim watching on television, what's happening in Iraq, what's happening in Afghanistan, is likely to feel pretty radical. There's no need for a cleric to wind them up. There's no need for a pamphlet to tool them. They have their their eyes, they can see what's happening to their CO religionists. So how radical are Muslims around the world? feeling right now watching what's happening in Gaza?

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It's a really good question. And I think what's really interesting is that, you know, Osama bin Laden himself and members of al Qaeda, and, you know, all the the associated kind of groups, they would use these kinds of atrocities happening, especially in Palestine as the key way of recruiting other people. I mean, the fact was that Osama bin Laden put forward, you also understand the reason why went viral some weeks ago, in fact, they were reading people reading the facts was because a big chunk of it was actually dedicated to the Palestine issue. Now,

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in terms of what these particular groups actually espouse what the exposes that if they kill all civilians, this is effectively a pragmatic kind of consequentialist reasoning. Now, they think that this consequentialism, this Sharia consequentialism, is acceptable from an Islamic perspective, which isn't because there's been a consensus for 1400 years on the matter. And we can, we can quote, the classical sources, Mahmoud Baba and others from the from the 13th century, that said, there's a consensus on not killing the civilians, but they would use a kind of consequentialist reasoning by saying that actually, they're killing our civilians. And so therefore, we can kill their civilians,

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and they will quote verses from the Quran, effectively, alluding to the fact that there's an eye for an eye for either OKCupid some foul to go in with them, I'll put out COVID Zombie, if you're if you're going to receive consequence, so impose consequences, the way in which you receive the consequence. So they generalize the principle. And they say, in fact, what that means is, if they kill our civilians, we can kill their civilians. And so they use an emotional kind of argumentation, and a pragmatic kind of consequentialist reasoning in order to get new recruits. Now, this is a concern, this is a real problem because it flies in the face of Sharia law. It's not it's not

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normative in any way, shape, or form. But because of the compelling nature of the emotional aspect of this, when a young man who's not acquainted with the minutiae of jurisprudential

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you know, legalities in Islamic law is presented with a picture of some kid being blown up. And then being told, actually, there is some Islamic justification, it gives a does actually give fuel or adds fuel to the fire of Islamic, for example, tech, fear ism, I would call it and these groups become more relevant. So in other words, there is a threat here that the Muslim population and the Western populations have to be wary of. And it is a threat, that some young men are going to be looking at these things and thinking, well, they're killing us civilians, maybe we have to go and kill theirs, which is a miss notion and Islamic jurisprudence. But why do we want that environment

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to be to be acceptable or to be creating a facilitation for that kind of environment? Again, this is something that the Western governments and powers have to look at, because we don't want to see young Muslim people in this country or anywhere else being radicalized to that effect.

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Quite sure, and of course, what's true in Britain will, in terms of quantum be more true in France,

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there are nearly 10 million Muslims in France,

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in Belgium, in Germany, in North America, even it is just another factor that we have to put into this equation. We are losing any respect that we had in Muslim countries. I mean,

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Who if Iran this poll that I'm running tonight in Muslim countries, I mean that the result would be laughable. We're losing respect. And friends, we've lost all the very good friends we used to have in the Gulf, in Saudi Arabia, and so on. And we're also placing our own societies in danger, all to support Netanyahu, who is opposed to the outcome that we claim that we support, namely, the two state solution. Make sense of that for me, Muhammad?

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Absolutely. And I think the Americans know that full well, which is why we're seeing a change in politics. What if I had to guess I would think that the conversation, to put it in simplistic terms between the Americans and the Israelis at this point is, listen, we're going to give you this amount of time get the job done, because if you can't get the job done at this point of time, the status quo cannot remain as it is. It will, it will unstabilized the region and for the Americans, I do really think that their interests are slightly different, while at least to a large extent, completely different to the Zionist interest in so much as that they have a region they want to

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protect. They have trade going through the region. I mean, the Yemen, which is the Houthi controlled Yemen, you have boats going over carrying trade, which can easily be pirated and stopped. And these kinds of things. massive disruption can take place, if Hezbollah gets involved, if some escalation takes place, then they can start destroying desalinization plants,

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places and other things in Israel itself that can start destroying the natural gas reserves there, there can be things that take place, if there's an escalation, which will ruin the economy, that area, which will have a trickle down effect in Europe, and the Americans know that this is not just a political and geopolitical issue, it's an economic issue. And they don't want to see this region being destabilize, because they have plans for that region. And so I do think that there is a discussion that the Americans are having, with the Israelis that listen, this is you've got to do this quickly, because public opinion is also against us. And Biden's got his campaign that he needs

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to do. And, you know, if you look at the polls that have been done on this issue,

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you'll find that this is not as much a right left issue as it is a young old issue that the ages 18 to 35 the ones who are exposed to the social media the you know, will have access to social media and seeing all these people being killed, which are a key demographic for the for the Democrats, they they will less likely especially the mob will definitely the Muslim community in America, but certainly other communities as well, to vote for the Democrats ever again, if this continues, so there are so many things which make this not worthwhile for the Americans, which I'm sure are being put into consideration by them. And so that's why you're seeing a change in pilots with with some of

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Biden's words. And I think that's the best way to predict what's gonna happen in the future look at what's in the interest of the Americans. And in this case, we know the interest American stabilize the region for trade purposes for geopolitical purposes, so they can have

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for them they can have the colonial outpost which is ruling in the region being protected because they want to see the protection of Israel as well. Of course, that's what that's something Israel wants as well. So joint objective. However, this is becoming too much now. And I think in about a month or two months time, we're going to see some serious developments.

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Could be a lot of dead people between now and then as always Muhammad hijab you're a star player. Thanks for coming on. The Mother of All talk shows that