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Are you implying that the Christian tradition involves toilet paper in some way that that that

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Nether hygiene is somehow related to St. Peter's checklist?

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I know it's not.

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So the first thing I want to say is that Islam as a religion, yeah, it does deal with this issue of how to clean yourself after you've dedicated why because it claims to be a comprehensive way of living at Dien, which means a comprehensive way of life. So the issue of how to clean yourself after you've dedicated is one that Islam actually deals with in depth in so much as it will tell you that after you've dedicated you should mix between using water, yeah, to clean the area. So you talked about every day, that's one way a legitimate way of cleaning yourself with water. Even the B day suddenly the B day is popular again, I've never used one in my life.

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And using this is the best method using also something like let's say tissue paper, for example. Yeah. But if you can't find the tissue paper, then you can use water. So the whole scare of people getting panic mode, because they can't find tissue would have been resolved if they just knew the basics of Islamic hygiene. And I saw people fighting in supermarkets, over toilet rolls. But the idea of cleaning yourself now think about this. I mean, it might sound quite trivial to you to Ricky. But the truth is this if you're playing football, and some mud came on you, how would you want to clean that mother of your foot or your your hand or your face, you'd want to wash it with

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water. Likewise, Islam says the same thing. Yeah, when you're dealing with defecation, when you've done that, you have to clean this up. What likewise urination, when you view it, you don't just wash your hands, don't just wash your hands, Islam says you have to wash your private area as well. And these are things which if people internalize, they'll have a much more hygienic way of living. And they won't be in panic mode. As we have seen in the Western world, we're in the situation with a pandemic, if they just have the basics of how to live a hygienic life as per the Islamic teachings, he can't prove the non existence of something. So it might be here. And if he didn't want me to find

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him, I would find him. If you're an all powerful being, you are the best Highland state champion in the universe. So here, as you can see, he says that, to quote him, you can't prove the non existence of something. That's a very, I don't know what principle ways, you've just said something that doesn't make sense. And it's not true, because I can prove the non existence. Yeah, have a squared circle impossible things can't exist in the real world. So I can prove the non existence of a circle by the fact that there are two contradictory things is the law of non contradiction, two contradictory things can't coexist at the same time. Using this law of non contradiction, I can

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prove the existence of something which is self contradictory, ie A squared circle. So this point here that you can't prove, prove the non existence of something is a full is a false principle of fallacious reasoning, a false principle that you continually say in all of your discourse, or many of the discourses online, and it's high time now you realize that you using these false principles in order to, to arrive at disbelief is not helping your cause? Or your argument? And if he didn't want me to find it, I would find it. If you're an all powerful being, you are the best Hide and Seek champion in the universe. So here, Richard, your face talks about? Well, he doesn't mention it as

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such, but it's the argument from divine hiddenness. So God is what if God exists and why we Why is he hidden from us in such a way? Well, actually, I've already discussed this in my previous video, God is not actually hidden from us at all. God is a proton knowledge and intuitive knowledge, and instinctive knowledge that we come to and arrive at from birth. And there is many cite scientific or anthropological studies that have pointed this direction we talked about in 2011, the Oxford anthropological society and Dr. Justin Barrett, how he came to this conclusion, using a big study with a lot of people, children before they are socialized, that they come to the, to the conclusion

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approach or conclusion, a, almost an instinctive conclusion, you could even argue, yeah, or in his words, an innate receptivity to God. That's how he reflects a mentioned a receptivity to believing in the divine. You, you're born with that, okay. And there's good evidence for this. So instead of just continually saying, there's a God is hiding from us. Yeah. You have to now refute that kind of evidence. Not only that, but you have to refute the demographic evidence as well.

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geological evidence and the historical evidence, which not only show that God is something which you are born with, as we've discussed, or believing in born, believing in, but is something which is cross culturally accepted. I mean, the idea of God, yes, there are different variations or ideas of what is God, what is the true God and so on and so forth. But the idea of believing in a deity or divinity, that's something which human beings from the beginning of civilizations, by civilization have gone, have gone more with than without, they believe in rather than lack belief in so this is the you're saying is high is high to God is hiding, I don't think you're hiding. In my opinion, I

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think you are doing the truth, you are hiding, you see, but the truth is, this is the actually God is not hiding. And that is why 90% of the American public till this day, even with the spread of, say, new atheism, or this, that with the other 90% of the American public, still believe in a higher power, according to Pew Research, and only 5.5% of the British public are Australian atheists, according to Linda Woods head. And this is all in my book, the scientific deception of the new atheist, which is free of charge, and the link is in the description below. So you see, Richard your face, you need to understand something that your postulations Yeah, and your arguments against the

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existence of God are premised on false types of principles that we've discussed, and weak argumentations so you're gonna have to come back next time, my friend, honestly, you're gonna have to come better than that.

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You don't do the spirits.

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Too dangerous. I like I'd like a whiskey. But I think you've got to do that very sparingly. Christmas, when there's you know, now I'm, I'm a little bit scared of being that guy that sits and drinks whiskey you're talking about.

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But you don't want to be like someone who drinks whiskey all the time in spirits all the time. Because you, you probably visualize what that looks like. And you thought to yourself, I don't want to be I don't want to be in a somnambulant state. I don't want to be I want to have my sobriety, I want to have my cognitive functionality in tact, I want to be rational. And you see that as the Islamic postulation, or the prescription is, you shouldn't drink any kind of alcohol at all. And if you look at it, we're talking about pandemics, we'll put a must now scared of the situation with the COVID situation, yeah, that we're going to be contaminated with that will contaminate others, and

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the risks on the NHS and so on. But what studies have already been done, and I'm sure there have been studies in the Western world, of the problems of alcoholism. Yeah, like, how much strain that's causing for the NHS? How many death related incidents are caused because of alcoholism? How many lives have been ruined because of someone's constant intoxication. And you see, you have to remember something here, that as human beings, we don't really have a strict barometer for knowing what's right and wrong. But what we can see is the consequences of the actions of a country that or or a nation or society. Yeah, that allows these kinds of intoxicants to be freely available for people,

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you have diseases that are related to these things. So what Islam says and this is another point about guidance, is that we shouldn't drink that at all. Maintain your sobriety, maintain your rationality, maintain your cognitive sharpness, you're talking about Okay, I'll drink this beer here, and I'll drink this wine here. As Tom says, If you really want to be rational enough, yeah, to be able to practice your religion and to pray properly. Let acabo salata and tune sukar, hotair. Talamo metta Kowloon, don't come near the prayer when you are intoxicated until you know what's going on. If you really want that cognitive discipline, then you should abandon intoxicants for

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good, eliminate them from your diet. That's the situation here. And you see this brings me to another verse, which I think is very powerful in the Quranic discourse, which is in chapter 28. Yeah, of the Quran, where God challenges human beings to find something which is more of a guidance than this book and the Torah. And the Torah, because we believe in the previous dispensations before it were corrupted. The point here is, therefore, that Islam offers you a solution. That is not only rationally Yeah, satisfying, but spiritually nourishing, and practically applicable. And with that, Ricky jervis. I invite you to read the Quran and to be sincere and to try and find the truth.

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And with that, I'll see you later.