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The importance of proving the legitimacy of Muhammad as the final prophet is emphasized, with a focus on the church's profitability as a driver for profitability. The need for a "medestMBod page" is emphasized, as it is a book that is free to download from the Iraq site. Visitors are encouraged to listen to the Prophet's words and not misunderstand them. The victory of the Iranian-led invasion of Afghanistan is recognized, but plans for future events are emphasized.

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You know, the Quran whenever he says, whenever, whenever Allah speaks about Jesus, could you find? Yeah, yeah, this belief with Mary Immaculate Conception is Sunni and Shia, but yes, yes. But you see, we're saying that these are all prophets, Jesus is on the same level as Moses,

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just as Moses existed and he showed prophet signs and miracles, and Mohammed, he's the final prophet.

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You see the point, you see the point, but one thing that puts them all in the same category, if you like, is that they all came with the same message of believing in one God and worshiping one God. Going back to the commandments and so on.

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To see, I hear what you're saying, I never knew that. I thought you might as you believe this poem, I didn't realize you had

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a different term. Yeah. So so so you believe in David? kingdom? Yeah.

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He was a prophet. Yeah. He was a prophet.

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Solomon was a prophet. Yeah.

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Yeah, we know that from

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Yeah. All right. So these are all prophets. Abraham. I don't think the Bible says he was a prophet, but put this to the side.

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Oh, my God. The cavalry has arrived.

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To help.

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Yeah. So we believe in this. You don't believe a man was a prophet. We believe he was a prophet. And now the Bible isn't? I can't remember where it says that Abraham was. Yeah.

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But But the point I'm making to you is that

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why believe in some and not some?

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you distinguish, if I were to say prove to me that Moses, the Prophet Muhammad isn't? What would be your way of doing that?

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You have to prove he was

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with the idea of profits. It's not us. He has to be proven as appropriate. Not that he's not a prophet. You asked me to prove is a prophet. I can't he's not Moses. No, to prove that Muhammad and Jesus went on. I was asking you now what criteria do you use? To say that Moses was a prophet? And Jesus and Mohammed, one young Testament says, what does it say that Mohammed is not perfect? Doesn't? We believe exactly the one we believe the Prophet has to be proved or disproved? Yeah. You're asking me to disprove Muhammad? I can't do that. Yeah, I would. If you want us to believe in it. You have to prove it. All right. You see this? I can't remember if it's Deuteronomy 18 1818. But

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in the end of the verse,

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let me get the verse, right. Let me get the verse. It gives us a criteria. And let's use this criteria. Is this a fair enough criteria? I think it's chapter 18, verse 21. But let me let me find this. Yeah.

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All right. Yeah. Okay. I've got it. Yeah.

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All right.

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It was me. Yeah.

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It says this. Deuteronomy

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chapter 18, verse 21. You may say to yourselves, yeah, how can we know when a message has not been spoken by the Lord? This is what we're looking for here. Are you with me?

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Yeah. If what? Listen, listen, this is the criteria. And I think if we stick to this criteria, paragraph, what it says?

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Yeah, I think verse 2122. Yeah. If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true. That is a message the Lord has not spoken. Yeah. That prophet has been. The Prophet has spoken presumptuously. So do not be alarmed. That's what the Bible says. Yeah. So give us the criteria.

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Are you with me? Looking at context? Yeah, look at the context. What were you on?

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I didn't want to misquote anything, but yeah, just sort of 1821 to 22. You actually give me two minutes. Yeah, take your time. Let me just as you're saying that, let me read your shall read the full context. Yeah.

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So if we look at

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verse 17, The Lord said to me, I'm just going through the whole thing. Give me a minute, shall I read out loud to read out loud from the beginning of the thing?

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Just only one

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verse one yeah.

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me reading

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scripture, shall I? Shall I read out to those? Let's read out from like verse 17. Sorry, let's read off from verse 14. It says, The Prophet This is interesting. The nations you will dispossess listen to those who practice sorcery or divination. But as for you, the Lord your God, has not permitted you to do so. The LORD your God will raise up for you, a prophet like me among you, I'm not going into this, we've done this to death, right? This one

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from your fellow Israelites, you must listen to him. For this is what you asked of the Lord your God, horrible on the day of assembly, when you said last night ahead of us, voice of the Lord, our God, no see this great fight anymore. Oh, we will die. Verse 17, The Lord said to me, what they say is good, I will raise for them a profit like you from among their followers realize, okay, well, this is something which is a translation, which is problematic, in my opinion, because it says,

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you know, we've been through this, yeah, we've been through that. We don't want to go into that. But the point at the end, the point at the end, says this.

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You may say to yourself, and this is the point. How can we know when a message has not been spoken by the Lord, for a profit? It is the answer, if for profit for claims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true. That is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously, so do not be alarmed. Now, it seems to me, the Bible is saying that the best way to assess the truthfulness of a prophet is through the prophecies of that Prophet. If his prophecies are false, then that Prophet is likely to be false. But if his prophecies are true, then his profit and this profit is likely to be a true prophet. Would you agree with this? Yes. But there's two

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points. The earlier one is set from the fan, which is still on, which we're not gonna argue. Yeah, yeah. That's still a big point. So yeah, we can't agree on that. Yeah. You want to know why we don't believe that. First of all, if we use one, the fact that we could say Jesus might be the Prophet, but can't be Mohammed.

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So to get rid of Muhammad,

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you have to be one of us. That's good, then go back? No, no, I would, I would, I would, I would just, I don't go to 1818. Right, because it's been done to death. Exactly. But that

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is important, but I just want to focus on 18 1821 and 22 1821, is given our criteria for profit? How do you know that profit is a true prophet or a false prophet? You know, through the prophecies, because no one knows the future except for God. So if they're especially in specific things, if they come, and they say things are gonna happen, and they don't happen, then is false. So that's why I say to you now the Quran says, are many.

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True? Yes. So the Quran for example, if you look at chapter 30, verses one to six,

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he made a prediction or the client makes a prediction, aloud believe God makes a prediction. This is the holy books of rooms, he added the abdomen Valhalla himself, the Romans have been defeated in the nearby lowlands. And by after the defeat, they'll become victorious fever, the ICD in three to nine years lilla Hill amraam kaboom and battle your way.

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To God belongs the affair before and after, and that day the Muslims will be rejoicing. Why the law, and this is the this is the promise of golden cow and fatter case, law usually full of water, and God does not break his promise. So clearly, there's evidence even extra Quranic evidence extra Islamic evidence, which indicates that this battle took place eight years later, and as the Quran says, It materialized that the Romans defeated the Persians even though they were on the brink of defeat. That's one example in the Quran. But other ones, for example, Chapter 24, verse 55,

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you know,

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what Allah says in the Quran while Allah let's definitely find the Latina

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You know, it says in the Quran that God has

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levena mo wimereux solly hottie

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became a stickler for Latina makaveli him. What do you make Kenan Allahu Allah? tala? Yeah, so basically, the Quran says here, that God is going to promise for those believers, and the ones who do good works, that he is going to allow them to be successes over the land. And he's going to give them power over that land. We're talking about the Arabian Peninsula. And clearly this is military. And it could go this way it could go that way. No one can predict for sure this is gonna happen. If it doesn't happen, then there's a problem. The Quran is even more specific in chapter 48 of the Quran, where it talks about how the Muslims will enter

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And finally conquered as we know now it's been conquered mohale lapena, room omaka serene layer harpoon that there will be shaving their hair and carrying a meaning in the in the Hajj pilgrimage, you have to cut your bow, you have to either cut it fully or you have to trim it. So they will be doing something and when you're doing hot, you're not fighting. So you were coming in, it will be a peaceful entrance, if you like and that's what happened. There was no major fighting, it was skirmishes, but the Muslims were allowed to do Hajj pilgrimage.

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These are some of the

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some of the first look around. There's others like

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you know, in the Quran in chapter 56, sorry.

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Chapter 54 Yeah, and Surah najem

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where it says about a battle Battle of better Yeah, as as the revelation as probable soul reveals.

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Self level, Gemma we will learn

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that they are going to run away. In other words, the enemy is going to run away. And this was the first fight between the Muslims and the pagans at a time happiness 313 sorry, with three 313 fighters, and they had 1000 more, and it was unexpected that the Muslims will be victorious.

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But the first one and and this and they run away after that, that you know this belief is a this is a tested in history. So these are some of the examples but most of the Hadith literature is quite clear about where Islam is going to spread. The prophet SAW Salam he narrated in the Hadith as narrated by thoburn Zhu he only allowed for itema sharika halmahera bajada, the whole earth was projected in front of me. And I saw his his parts and uswest parts were in Almaty say Abu homolka masui elimina, a my my nation will possess its lands, what has been projected of it to me. In other words, when he's talking about the Islamic expansion, he's talking about a westward expansion, and

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an eastward expansion. If you just have to look at the map and see where Islam spread. But more specifically, a lot at the time, he said he referred to Yemen in a possessive pronoun Allahumma barik leongatha Yemeni now, he said, God give us, you know,

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blessings in our Yemen, our Yemen, and Sham, which is basically the whole region including, but look at Jerusalem. Right? The Prophet said all the time been a day sir, count six things before the day of judgment calls Moti some of adsorbate luctus my death, and then and then the, the conquest of Jerusalem, which happened at a time of Arma bukata. Now, the question is, when Has there ever been really a time when a prophet said something that didn't come true? When the Quran says something is gonna happen in a specific time in place that it doesn't come true, that there was no example of that, whereas you can find that in other religions? You can find that in other religions. And we can

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talk about that. You know, like, for example, the Olivet Discourse in the New Testament, the Olivet Discourse in the New Testament, you have, you're not gonna find me arguing about it. Yeah, right. So just just look it up.

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But the point I'm making is this is where you will be able to falsify like, you know, the Jehovah's Witnesses at a time that had the Great Depression 19 1877. This is the world's gonna end in 1877. It didn't, and they call it the Great Depression. So you can see where someone who claims to be a prophet gets it wrong. And then the theory is falsified. But the point I'm making to you is that going back to Deuteronomy 1820 to 21. It's clear here

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that the criteria is the prophecies. And what we're saying is that we have this, the quick answer is the word

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demands more

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there's two sides.

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to one side, we still have to address

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the physiology. Let's agree that it could mean Lohan could mean from them, ie the ones who are Jewish. And it could mean No, it's not like that. But in either situation, what we're saying is, you still have to contend, because the verses in verses 20 or 21, is talking generally about a true prophet. How do you know what we're saying is that the criteria has been met, while c'est la vie. Live View is a book that my friend has read called the forbidden prophecies, it's free of charge. Download it online, and look at some of the prophecies that the Prophet Muhammad has made. And remember when you're making money

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Looking at those, the verses of Deuteronomy 18, verses 22 to 21. And be honest, ask yourself, are you going to repeat the mistake of those Jews that disbelieved Moses?

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And if you believe in Mohammed, you have to believe in Jesus because you know why, Mohammed? Yeah, because Mohammed came with, I think, I think he didn't know me by now.

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I don't come with my boys when I

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give him my number. I'll give you my number. I don't tell anybody about it. And then, otherwise, I'll be in big trouble.

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And then you can do it in your own time. But forbidden prophecy is a book that my friend Carrie has written, free of charge from the Iraq site. You can download it, and you can also get it as well.

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And so yeah, she lost her job page. ij AB

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Oh, you got it. Yeah, you got it. All right. Last one. Look at it and tell me what you think, bro. Yeah.

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It's a very good conversation. Thank you very much one. Yes.