Muslim Traitor Abu Liar Exposed.

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So I've always wanted to do a quick exposition on this guy on this Abu layth character, who, I don't know why he doesn't have the courage. And I've said this before, he doesn't have the courage to admit his stance. Like with all due respect, there's lots of ex Muslims out there that just explained to the world, okay, I'm an ex Muslim now. Others like Majid, Nawaz and others, they, for some reason, cling on to the Muslim label. Whereas for all intents and purposes, what they believe is nothing to do with the religion of Islam. In fact, it's more in line with other belief systems, or ideologies. So why don't these people have Why doesn't he have the courage to come out and say,

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where he stands on the issues, whether he actually believes in the things or not but as soon as truth as objective truth?

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If you look at what this man actually says, and I'm going to put a clip right now, just to show you what I'm talking about him talking with a guy called Dr. Hashimi, who is a medical doctor, not not necessarily a professor in any kind of Islamic related field. They're talking about their approach to the Quran, and they can really talk about the stories there is myth mythological.

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And so really kind of iterating what the Quran refers to as the disbelievers saying that they say it's nothing but SLP or a well in the legends of the ancient and they are nonchalantly mentioning this and thinking that they have a claim to Islam thereafter, that you can say that these stories, these histories that are pertained within the Quranic discourse, are somehow mythological, and then you can come to a viewpoint that,

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that this is that that, that you're a Muslim? And how do the two things connect?

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that in addition to the fact that you're a traitor to the Muslim community, especially with the Palestine issue, and we will be exposing that just as Dr. Norman Finkelstein exposed you. Okay. And correctly asked, as we'll put in this video, who gave this guy a voice, unfortunately, was asked, I gave him a voice. But I think he's pretty much canceled now. And anyone who, who dares even mentioned this guy in the public sphere as any in any way connected to the Muslim voice, is only deluding themselves. Leo really is a really good one. If one wants to know what the methodology of the two people that you see on the screen, it was sent to me this video by somebody and this

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probably is the most damaging part of the video in terms of outlining their own methodology.

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These two individuals claim to be Muslim, they're still hanging on to a Muslim identity, which boggles the mind really why you still claim to be Muslim? after you take the views that we're going to see that they take in terms of the Quran. Obviously, the title of this acts as of morality and archetypal myths in the Quran.

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Clearly is speaks volumes in and of itself. But let's see what he says here. Some people find it interesting, and some people find it.

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Not to come to the meat of the issue. Okay. I would answer especially for like minded neighbors, the Chicago professor, not one of these people like to be confused with the West. But essentially what

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they did prior to that, and we talk about it later, but he said that he has a very brief passage, I highlighted it and I started and one of his books, he wrote, believers need to stop worrying about the historical and archaeological enterprises that are going on right now. Because they're so fearful that it will disprove the historical truth, this reality of some of the events that are mentioned, for example, the Exodus, so we also read Exodus, that's proven historically not true. And then our belief goes down the drain. What I'm arguing is, we don't know what we know for certain that Jesus existed, and that when Jesus Allah Islam, he had the weight of on deals with the story

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isn't a literary way. And it actually is, we should focus on what the Bulldog is doing, as opposed to just saying, so for example, when he talks about miracles, what the Koran is doing, is actually saying, is we articulating the story for theological ends? Not generic history, it's saying that, yes, Jesus may have done all of these things in your sacred stories, what really is we attributing them to God that he did with the gods permission? So if you take a literary lens, you no longer have to say this is historically what the prophet is doing. Analyze me. It's me articulating these stories,

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stories. So yes, it's a legend. And legends are usually usually based on actual historical figures, but certain things are dramatized. So I don't think that he actually spoken the cradle or not. These things are literally, okay. This, this takes him out of the fold of Islam. There's no doubt about it. If you think that this is literally what the Quran is saying. This is literally what the Quran says. And I believe both of them fit the category they both do this quite regularly. This takes someone out of the fold of Islam without a shadow of a doubt. The Quran says that they will say it's a three year old Willie, literally the legends of the angel. And he is very candid and nonchalant in

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his, he thinks he's clever, but he really is not. In his saying this guy here.

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So anyone who sees any of these two people, you should know that they are basically not brave as the ex Muslims who just come out and say, you know, we've left the religion for all intents and purposes, they're just people that like Majid Nawaz

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You know, for some strange reason, hang on to the Muslim label.

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So this gives you a little bit of who they are in terms of methodology.

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Let's take a look at what this animal has to say this pusillanimous this coward. This charlatan is weasel? Yes. Let's take a look at what he has to say about Palestine and giving it to the Jews. In his words. I then would argue for the complete exile of the Palestinians, I would say that all Palestinian should leave Palestine and it should be facilitated for them. By Palestine, I mean, the Gaza Strip and the pothole and have not been clearly by Israel. Now. I feel that they should be relocated, and comfortably with compensation and accommodation and education paid for in different parts of the Arab world. Arabic speaking, of course, someone like you would say that someone who's

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been arrested for extreme pornography, we don't know what that is, whether it's Christianity or child porn, because the definitions of extreme pornography, fall into that, and I don't know why people would even want to associate with you, someone so despicable as an individual to be caught with extreme pornography, which by UK law, this the standard of which may mean that you you possessed child pornography or bco bcls or something like this, and you're connected with child groomers. And now you think you have the audacity to sit there and tell us what we should and shouldn't do. It was such an issue as the Palestine issue. What arrogance, and what diabolical and

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embarrassing, you know, statements that just expose you further for your, your fraud and charlatan. Well, so climatized is not difficult, but it should be set up as ghettos of clusters, but kind of spread out. And there's many Arab countries in the world. And I'm sure that that could even happen in Israel probably would even be happy to pay for it because the more money it spends on even bombing them is these things don't come cheap. So what's the problem with this?

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How disgusting how easily and casually talks about bombing Palestinian people? Well, this guy's a joke. Honestly, this guy is a joke of the Muslim community, for any Muslim, any Muslim. Okay, who follows this guy? I'm absolutely disassociated from you, with all due respect. How can you follow a guy that speaks so candidly about Muslim suffering and Palestinian suffering in this way? And who is for all intents and purposes, everything almost the artist with regard to Islamic law is harder than Islam outside of the scope of Islam. This guy's a joke. This Dr. Norman Finkelstein, here he is humiliating. This the charlatan this academic charlatan Abu layth

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who he calls himself Mufti. He's absolutely not a Mufti in any sense of the word. This guy is an absolute charlatan. And look at Dr. Norman Finkelstein has given us more voice as far as nonsense. He's either stupid or paid to be a clown, potentially both and absolutely learn he's caught in some of the things that he said. Dr. Norman Finkelstein is one of the esteemed professors

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in this field, in fact, is foremost in this field. He's written many books on this and he finds this a boring he this guy thinks he's clever, but he finds this upon this.

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I can't stand this guy. Look at the comments. This guy bolu I've seen bolo he, I think he he sums up quite well. He says here, he worked with Quilliam Foundation, which who as we know maajid Nawaz, etc, he tried to prove his credibility by showing up classical scholars and selfies. After scholars got aware about his heresy and deviance lies they rejected him publicly. And this clown on site on site accused him of extreme ism afterwards he is a monastic you know and what it basically means is pretend Muslim, he doesn't believe he's not actually a believer. And you know,

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why not just come out and say if you are that why don't just come out and say well, you know, I'm not a Muslim Be brave. I mean, there's lots of non Muslims out there ex Muslims Be brave like them actually respect the ex Muslims more than this guy. I respect them more than this guy because they just make their agenda clear. This guy's trying to have his cake and eat you both. I on the record now saying I respect x Muslims more than this fake multi level life.