Mufti Menk Haters Try to Kill Him

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of identifying one's behavior and behavior in order to avoid violence. They suggest that individuals may be more likely to commit violence than others, and that there is a way to identify one's weakness and weaknesses in order to avoid it. The speaker also mentions their desire to encourage Muslims to stay in America and not engage in violence.
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motivational lecture what does it do? You know, you rather have a workshop where you know, you have people who specialize, let me tell you, not everyone needs to specialize. Number two is if you want me to talk, I'll ask you to the professor seldom had workshops or give lectures.

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And he spoke to the spoke to this, however, he did hold on Juma. He did the things he taught the people, he because he was so powerful. It was the lectures, but the specialized learning happened through those lectures as well.

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The way we have categorized it now, we cannot call it a bit. And because it's a sealer, it's just what that is. But if someone wants to be hard and fast, they could tell you that's not the prophetic way. I won't say that. I say, We need the workshops, we need the lectures, we need the training courses, we need the holiday lessons, we need the weekly, we need the study, we need the school, we need the everything we need it, I'm not one. But if you're going to attack me,

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if I've come to your community, I don't have the time to conduct a workshop, why do you want to attack me, I could refute you and I could actually refute you.

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If I if I stopped shooting, and I get into this engage, losing focus, I've observed things to do what I could be approximately an hour has given me this day, today, I will tick off what I've done in mental take off. And I need today to be better than yesterday, I don't want to waste my time with negativity, I know you can think better because it's up to you think better means not going to reduce the price of eggs that I'm going to buy from the store will increase. Nothing to do.

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If the only thing is when people become violent, like I've had death threats from our own people, really

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quality of machinery.

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They've even tried, they've even tried it. I've had people who've actually shot me in.

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So this was a couple of years ago.

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I thought it was fake news. It wasn't fake news. And and the reason for that just because they believe you, you know, your machinery or your or your euro gestartet assume they say, you know you insult the profits or sell them on the basis. And it's a legitimate difference of opinion. But you know, people are quick to remove others from the fold of stuff. So I've tasted what that field would actually do, when it's just loosely thrown out of centers have tasted what it will do. Because even the best of us would actually just be that itself is what you call extremism. You know, when you when you don't think of what you're saying that way it's going to lead to because one person says

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And they think they're doing a good deed, they think they're doing downward setter, but how the others will translate it is very different. They'll add one in one and make an average of five. And they'll take it in their own hands to one harm and attack a person. If done it to me. Well, just because was that was that in your country or no in South Africa?

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Yeah, and I've never been back to that place after that. But I'm going to go back now. In January, we'll come back to Georgia. We'll get we'll get the boys there.

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To be honest, yeah. And I think even those people have realized that no, this guy is not what we thought he was. And I think they realized that I yeah. And it was easy for me to actually have taken that and made a B noise of it. And you know, probably pointing to the courts and for but for what you're going to get, you're going to start getting to counsel muslimeen fighting each other and it's a win win, win the followers get involved, they make it worse than the principles.

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It's like any of the machines you see nice guys. So some of the followers are worse, worse than anything that they would ever have allowed. But they they claiming to be followers of that shape. I've seen a lot. What advice would you give as a maybe as a final question, because I know what I'm pressed for time.

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What advice would you general advice would you give

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Muslims in the West who are facing those difficulties that you talked about?

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I mean, I was reading something from Pew Research

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that said in America 24% 23 24% of Muslims stay in America.

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I think you're seen as a beacon of light in the sense that you kind of unify the people and and you brought a lot of maybe you could tell that number. What advice final advice would you give? Okay, my my job is normally to reach out to people who are quite weak. But I want to encourage them I want to I want to identify the good in them. Because look, my brother everyone has good and bad. Yeah, yeah, it's just that one is more than the other somehow. And I have a job of identifying goodness in a person. So even if I see someone who looks apparently from the dean, I can try and say a word that will make them feel gosh, you know, I'm actually a Muslim.

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Because I know the impact of that instead of me picking on something and saying you know what, you're

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That's it, you know, because we chase the people away. So when you say people apostate a lot of the times, it's because of us chasing them away because we're not considerate of their situation. And I've said that earlier on today that you know, we're not considerate of their situation. So we start saying things that are hurtful, and then you have others was telling them good words, so then they go towards it. As much as we say Islam is the fastest growing religion in the globe. I want to tell you something that I've studied study