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Sam, I don't know what I got. So I'm joined with my brother Mohammed hijab. And we're going to be sharing some thoughts on this individual who has been active for the longest time.

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His name is CP for shorts, calls himself, the Christian Prince.

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I don't even know if that name is to fitting and we're going to get into that in a bit in sha Allah, as you guys can see, we got this nice little image down here of what I think is more fitting.

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But yeah, Christian Pringles is

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more fishing in my opinion, please. What, why are we even doing this? Why are we discussing this guy?

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Uh, well, I mean, recently, I had a debate with laska doctor law school, and Norway and after that debate, I was collecting some feedback on my social media to see what other people who have who have kind of branded themselves for the most part as Islamophobic or have shown a resistance or, you know, critiqued Islam. I should debate next. So I put some people on the on the list. maajid Nawaz came as number one, I challenged him to a debate because of the sheer number of people that wanted me to debate him. I think 1212 or something like that, that voted 10 or 12,000? I can't remember 6000, almost 6000 voted for Majid Nawaz. We were left with one of the if not the least chosen option

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on Twitter, which was this Pringles individual that you've mentioned, who I call Christian boy. Now the thing is with him is I didn't know much about him. And I don't know much about his, his content. But since some people did vote for it, and I'm guessing a lot of them are from the Christian community, it's incumbent upon myself

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to acquaint myself with the kind of person he is what kind of arguments it brings forth and so on. So let's take a look at some of his content and see what kind of level this guy really is. Alright, let's let's do that.

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And yeah, let's do it. Listen, I'm doing I'm not a kid. I am a scholar. You are a donkey. You'll know nothing you don't know even how to

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do you know how to do you know how to read the wrong answer?

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Yeah, okay. Read for me that the first time reading Arabic

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Okay, show me that. I don't have it in front of screen. I'm on phone. Okay, here we go. It has opened up on Monday. I grew up

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speaking the same time. People are rude.

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You don't give time to people to talk. You like to talk over each other?

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Yeah, Nikita billetto lofi como la la la.

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Was this Yeah, I mean, I've read your native Arabic speaker you've published in the Arabic language. What do you make of someone who calls himself a scholar in Islam a scholar in Arabic and who read the Quran in that manner? I mean, he's not even just trying to get it from memory A lot of us when we're trying to get it from memory we can get it wrong.

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This is his first language this his first language can we explain to that to the to the listeners and to the viewers? What kind of ridiculous reading that was? Yeah, so off the bat I mean, the first words he screwed up he said your little kit up instead of saying Yeah, I'll get up and I mean, basics basics of Arabic grammar you don't need to be an expert in the Quran to know this. Yes, the second one he said what he's saying that left a hollow

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this is embarrassing. This is our first look look, let's be honest, someone who's calling themselves a scholar, someone who's calling themselves a scholar in Islam or and all the Arabic language for him to make a mistake like this I'm not talking about the matter when I came in with that and all of these things or the fact I said let's do and it's meant to be that

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it's simply that he does not know how to do temiz distinguishing between a fat hat a bum and a castle and printed that a critically printed script. This guy is a low level low level low level Why are we Why are we bringing this guy Why are the Christian community convinced that this I mean is anyone with a broken accent nowadays is the assumption that he is actually good at the language that he claims the speaker is speaking

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better that's just that's just a thing that so let's carry on this is there's there's a there's a bit more to this because yeah, I my mind I was like maybe maybe his English is better than his Arabic I don't know. So here's here's a bit of flattery.

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The same verse says we will be carefully saying not directly. The same verse, the same verse as Trinity is amongst all people of the book commit no execute in your religion, nor say Allah. Oh,

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yeah, okay, so he could speak English, because he was really it was excesses. And you read it excuses. I mean, this is embarrassing, isn't it? He can't speak. I mean, why would you? Sorry to say I mean, if you really wanted the Christian community, and if you really want to elect someone, you know, to be representative. I mean, to be honest with you, David Wood for all of his lack of knowledge and areas. He was a professor. He was a PhD, he knew how to communicate, he, you know, he knew how to speak in a language with proficiency. So why does this guy who I heard also attacks David Wood after the debate with me called the Magellan, things like that? Why would someone like

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that? Why would an individual like that be your next choice? To go again?

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I think they're just looking for anyone else to be honest. And he's been active for a while. And, you know, I like what he does is he

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he runs the show. I mean, you know, in his in his platform, he runs your show, he's, he speaks over people he, you know, you know, you have the mic. When you have the mic, people see, you assume that you're in the position of strength and superiority. reality. You're just controlling you're just controlling the show. Who is

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a man who is a Rahim? He's He is God. He's

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telling himself himself as a three or one. He's that he's a gracious God. That is, is that he is a three or he is a three.

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machine, you have no answer. First, let me know. Okay, this is this is one of the issues, man, this is, this is why people think this is why his fan base thinks that this guy is actually good at what he does. He speaks over his audience. In fact, some people his show speaks over. We're gonna see some more we can see some more. Check this out.

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Guys, just to show you how stupid the Muslims are, that those who saw this Shut up. Those who insult their parents should be bored to death. This is the punishment. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up. Shut up, shut up.

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Let's get lost. So he hangs up the phone and says you get lost.

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You said

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hold on, let me get. You said Paul is a fake person who never met Jesus. Correct. Let me get your buster. On Hold on a minute you layer filthy who installed Paul? Because they are ignorant when Paul in the Quran is a messenger of God.

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I just like to point out this guy. Yeah.

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Before before even getting even getting to his claim.

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The person who's asked me a question.

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He wants you to come on his platform. He wants you to come.

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Let's go and see.

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You know, it's gonna be one of those moments where

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it's like the first time I've heard of this verse, you know when that happens? Oh, yeah.

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Pick it up carefully. Everybody. Read Me carefully. Chapter 36 verse number 14. Let's see what they say. Paul, he never met Jesus. Paul is not even though he's a fabricator, Paul, but they are a prophet.

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Oh, yeah. He is sent by Allah. Not only that he made miracles

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in the name of the Messiah, Jesus chapter. Alright, so that's very important, huh? what he just said he said that, but it says the call and says that Paul performed miracles in the name of Jesus, and that this isn't the salon. This is supposedly and what's wrong with him? What's wrong with this liar? I mean, he actually provided a reference

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person, just go to chapter 36 verse 14. Where does it say, Paul? Where does it say they perform miracles? I mean, it's a serious thing. Is this a serious thing? I can't believe this. Yeah, this guy's this guy's a liar. I mean, is he a liar? I mean,

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I've seen I've seen multiple examples of him saying, This is what this verse says you go to, it's not there. It's

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so he's a liar. So he's

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flat out lies to his audience.

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Why would you come into

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Do you not think that people are going to open up the book? And check? Nah, nah, nah, most people don't. Most people. So your arguments are gonna have superficial, superficial reality on it. Because

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his fan base will eat anything he says anything that he says and to him that's what that's what's important doesn't care about the Muslims are gonna look it up. He cares about his Christian fan base growing and them believing what he says. So so let's go on. Let's see what he says. he's quoting GM tips 11 it says, No, you did, that the following variations of the three messengers from wired evenings to the man from Shanghai. And the names of the first two messengers were Shama own. And you, Hannah, and the name of the third was portos. And the city it was in shock. Why You idiot, you keep insulting Paul, when they're on. And your scars report him as a messenger of Jesus. And in the

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same time he says,

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our scholars What the hell is wrong with this individual? This is the thing when you go into a job and you have no understanding what's going on. This guy's a fool. He said the Prophet

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it says Sure, hey,

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enjoying this, you're enjoying this too much? Not too much, as it should have been Java is like an A body who's who's, like disregarded, who's not seen as an authority, and who has some, you know, opinions about matters that have to do with the healthcare tab and whatnot. He's not someone who's taken seriously anti christian principles, saying that our Prophet says this man that he may be his his prophet. Maybe his prophet is called Sure.

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is a joke. It's a joke. This guy goes to credibility. After that your academic credibility. You only have one shot you make, you can make mistakes, and then you have to retract them as an academic.

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Hello. Hey,

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my brother, how are you?

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Where you been? I mean, we didn't talk for long man I miss you, brother. All right. So what do you think about what was saying about

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Sam? Yeah, I was just saying in the text message all of us are students or students of scholars like you because we don't know the Arabic so that's true. That's the true common that's you can't argue against that. This guy some Chamonix NF students yet we're doing the best we can by the grace of Jesus Christ, you know, I mean, all right. So if he's quoting him a scholar he sees him as an authority. Him and David would must see him as an authority. Right if you guys see that Google Scholar No wonder why David Wood was decisive blow in that debate. No wonder why David Wood was decisive. Because you guys are such your guys are you guys apologetics against Islamic Christian

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community? is on such a low level. That someone who can't even read the Quran you guys think because you've got a thick accent you guys think? Because he has a thick accent in Arabic that he can speak Arabic good he can't speak Arabic good we saw we saw just then. He can't pronounce names. You can't even read from the Quran. Let alone from memory. This guy's nothing. This guy's nothing is this the best you can offer the Western world? Is this the best you can offer as an apologetics against Islam. Trust me, man, the challenge of Islam is going to be something new for you guys. The next 20 or 30 years you're gonna see two things you're gonna see you're gonna see if this is the case,

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Christianity is gonna continue depreciating. And it's going to go into two directions mostly in the atheistic direction was gonna be a big chunk of people that are gonna see that option. It's not as the option is the is the monotheistic option that takes you away from the Trinity. It takes you away from all these things, that you have a long line of messengers and prophets all that came with one belief which is to believe in God and that final finalizes. He will see that as an option. Not this nonsense. Sorry to say apologetics against Islam. The guy's a liar. He can't even reference properly when he references chapter 36 verse 14, says Paul, isn't it? He's a liar. Of course, you're gonna Of

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course you're gonna fail. When you debate people like us. Of course, you're gonna fail. Of course, you're gonna fail. And you're gonna continue failing. We got we got a bit more. We got a bit more to cover by the way.

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Yeah, let's let's go through this and shall we're almost done.

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What the What about the Inquisition, the Spanish Inquisition, which is I agree with it. I agree with it. If I'm a king, I would do it too. Because simply, you see.

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Somebody betrayed me. Uh huh.

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an occupation came to my country. And they kill, they kill millions of people and they occupy us for hundreds of years. And now we are being victorious.

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Should we go after the one who betray and join the army of the enemy?

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I mean, is it normal? Why people they think this is a this is a church thing? It's not sure thing. But like, it was a very brutal thing they did, right. Like they torture people and they burn them alive. And

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I agree. I agree with that they killed the Jews as well.

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So this guy's anti semitic.

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I would like to point one thing, I think it's really ironic that the atheist that he's talking to has higher moral standards than he does. Oh, there's no doubt about that. But let me just say something else is that sorry to say, sorry to say this guy, if a Muslim has said the same thing, that in that Muslim would be written off, because how can you not only justify the Spanish Inquisition? Yeah, which as whoever the brother, he's not Muslim as either the atheist devil says

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that individual was pointing out was brutal. That was torture. But it's not only torture, there was all kinds of things. I mean, there was forced conversions. There was a forced immigration. I mean, anyone can look at that part of history. He was right. Jews at that time had migrated to Muslim lands. He's saying that Jews took their side therefore the result of the torture basically he is

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because of his because of his extremist, extremist this guy's he represents an extremist in the Christian community just like we have extremists in our community. We saw the London Bridge attack.

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This isn't extremists in their community. Sorry to say. He's basically saying what happened there. It's fine.

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That's despicable. Man. This guy's finished. What does this guy want from me? What are the only thing he's gonna get from me is Baba Allah, Allah and then straight after we'll see the results in the cage. This guy's anti Semite. He don't like Jews. He's just set aside the Muslims. He's basically everyone should be against this guy's Muslim Jews and Christians. I don't even know why the hell am I dealing with this extremist? Do you think I'm gonna be dealing with an extremist thought that the Christian community should be the first to condemn this individual? They should be the first just like we have to condemn the London Bridge attack and so on and so forth. This guy's

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dirty man

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no no your God your God your boots. Thank you

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stop talking stop talking. This is the

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if you don't stop I will force you to open the camera and show me this guy. No, this is Dave Nicosia

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Are you there?

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to say hello are you there

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keep the mic from your you know don't do breastfeeding now. Later now with a see what Mika Theo said about the motor

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I think she is doing breastfeeding right now taking a break I will stay with you I will stay with you. I will stay with you more no no Hold on. We're still with you until tomorrow we will keep our keep an eye will make you read the whole page

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if we find if we find in the same page or even from it says

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listen listen listen if we see in the same is the same page you're looking for hold on hold on if we read together in the same page while reading from we will read all of it if we find that it says that this is about matter Do you promise me to do breastfeeding for me?

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Yes Maybe Mary she will join us okay no problem let's get to it guys. She said yes. She said yes. Mary.

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Mary Mary the cup she will join us no problem continue. Oh Mary Mary first. Okay. Okay. Mary the court and you and so you will do breastfeeding for me. No problem.

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Okay, continue. Continue.

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Continue continue. I cannot wait for my breastfeeding. You promise me everybody is a witness.

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It's mean you don't give me your boobs.

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Okay, that you don't take off your panty. And you know what?

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Even if you are the only women in the world I will not do breastfeeding for one year from us come back. You must the women are full of AIDS. And now I want you to focus with me We arrived at the motor finally. You will you will give me your breast you like it or not your promise. So now you say you say your promise you promise it because you're saying this is about what? You will do breastfeeding for me. Everybody heard you. Okay, just tell me right now. I was gonna show her face. Or Jesus. I don't know.

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You're a whole like you're a prophet and this why you are allowed yourself to be

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a liar. Okay, you are the scumbag like a prophet. I can go to the English right now. Do you want me to switch? Listen, listen. Listen, listen, listen. You're trying to run away from doing breast feeding from you will do it.

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What is that man? What this guy

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This guy,

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this guy's a puppet, this guy goes, you're gonna do it, whether you like it or not, or something like that. This is raped.

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Sorry to say, he's finished off to that man. He's done, what he wants to come and speak to us. I've never seen anything like that. I've never seen anything like that. And this is not a representation of Christianity. And this is not a representation of the Christian community. This guy, believe me after just hearing that now, the Christian community are gonna disown him. I have full trust. I have full trust, because I've met members of the Christian community out of the very well. They're gonna say, this man does not represent anything, does not represent the Christian teachings does not represent Jesus. Do you think Jesus would speak to a woman like that? According to the New Testament

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corpus, according to the Scriptures, according to their scriptures? Do you think that Jesus will come and talk to a woman until I take off your panties? I'm going to breastfeed you and all these kind of things, bro, you cannot, you cannot you cannot justify this behavior under any circumstances. And you want to come on a platform with me. And you want to come and speak to me and you want me to lower myself and talk to you, your dirty brother, your dirty guy, man, your individual your sicko yourself sick. And that's why you're not gonna come and show your face to someone like me. That's why you'd never come and stand face to face with someone like me. That's why

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you're scared of the Muslim community. But not only that, probably the Christian community as well. You're coming out speaking to the Muslim woman a horse prostitutes. Would you like someone to say that to your mom, your sister, your your auntie, you're dirty, you're dirty. And I know you've got sexual thoughts that are now permit, you can't even control your sexual desires. All you talk about is food and sex, bro, you're out of control. You're out of control, talking to a woman like that. You're dirty, you're dirty. You're done. You're finished. You're finished. You're finished.

00:21:53--> 00:22:06

What the hell? You're touching man, you're touching man. You're meant to be some kind of public figure for the Christian community. Yo, man, I have a following with the Christian community. You might not have 10s of 1000s of people following you.

00:22:07--> 00:22:08

How dare you.

00:22:11--> 00:22:28

And the Annie I hate to be honest. When I saw when I saw other clips, I just thought that he was someone who was low. But when I saw this clip, this specific clip I was against any Muslim debating him? I don't think

00:22:31--> 00:22:42

it is not. It's not. It's not for me. You know? That's what a Christian community. I know. From my experience, the vast majority of Christians are not. Yeah. Yeah.

00:22:44--> 00:22:56

Anything like that? They would not endorse anything like that. And we have to be fair, therefore, me debating this guy. What do you want? What do you want me to come on his little platform so they can meet me? Yeah.

00:22:58--> 00:23:19

Talking about women being prostitutes, so what you're talking about my mum and my sister, and my my daughters and all that? You wouldn't come and say that to me face to face. You're, you know what you are? You wouldn't come to say that to me face to face, because you know who you are? Yeah, you wouldn't come and say that, man to man face to face. But behind the little screen, you're a keyboard warrior. You're nothing your boy, your boy.

00:23:21--> 00:23:27

But you know what? I would I would want to end this discussion with one message of solidarity.

00:23:28--> 00:24:05

And hope. Because what I want to say is, look, we might have the Quran says look, you know, commodity. Yeah, you have your religion, and we have our religion. Like, you know, if we don't agree on your religion, or creed, it doesn't mean that we can start abusing each other. It doesn't mean that now hate has to feel the environment that you have to that you have to that you have to contribute to an poisonous environment. No, if you don't if you really don't understand the meaning of peace and solidarity, look suppiler look at the Quranic discourse well as a home

00:24:06--> 00:24:35

hood, for example, or a lack of a home Cather whenever Allah subhanaw taala says to a comb to a group of people a hammer home, their brother x, right. So obviously these people weren't Muslim Muslim yet. They're not they were not Muslim yet. However, Allah subhanaw taala. He said to this group of people a home Catholic either. Yeah. To these group of people. Their Bravo was sent who is XYZ? Yeah.

00:24:37--> 00:24:53

So at the end of the day, a half of them. were brothers and sisters, and here, for example, in London, and yeah, we're not brothers and sisters. No, we're brothers and HumanIK. We're brothers in, in tribe. Like, at the end of the day, I was born here. I was born here. You know, in London.

00:24:54--> 00:24:59

We're Western Muslims at the end of the day, and we feel like we have solid time.

00:25:00--> 00:25:17

80 of the people in this country, we feel like we will protect a Muslim or Christian or a Jew from physical and verbal abuse. We don't tolerate physical and verbal abuse, the like, which we saw in London, the London Bridge attack like that we don't tolerate that. You know, and that's the problem. So Sam says,

00:25:19--> 00:26:00

He then let me tell Jenna, whoever kills and while I had it was a non combatant non believer couldn't last Kalani, this is an interpretation of it is someone who's not gonna step in, as someone who is would you call it he says that includes them will step in and a more head than them than me. So every kind of non combatant, non believer, we say whoever tries to attack them and kill them, they will never smell the fragrance of heaven. Therefore, we say, as Muslims, we come together with the non Muslim community, the Jews and the Christians. And we want Also, I'm condemned these individuals are rogue, black sheep trap individuals in our community. What we want is the Christian

00:26:00--> 00:26:39

community to also do the same for its community to flush out those elements, which are extreme, frankly, man, this guy is an extremist. And I'm going to say that my understanding of the word, he's extremely Yeah, he's extremely vulgar. He's extremely abusive. He's using rape jargon, and he's justifying historical genocide against not only Muslims, but Jews. How can we, as Muslims, Christians, and Jews, not condemn that as well, we have to condemn all of it. And you know, at the end of the day, that's how we can enhance solidarity within different communities in Sharla we can have a religious discussion, but it doesn't have to reach that level where we're fighting each other

00:26:39--> 00:26:44

killing each other, or of course, abusing each other on the internet. This is cyberbullying.

00:26:45--> 00:26:46

Yeah, yeah.

00:26:49--> 00:26:57

Um, in regards to Christian Prince, there seems to be a thirst for refutations

00:26:59--> 00:27:26

I'm personally I'm not going to go out of my way to create like thorough reputations what I will do though, what I will do I will try to satisfy that thirst by providing examples of the guy having absolutely no knowledge and yes I will provide some examples of him flat out lying and shall I'll be uploading those on my channel on response so Yes, hello yeah, we can we can link down in description or something so

00:27:28--> 00:27:39

you know, because at the end of the day is good that's coming from you, your native Arab you've published the Arabic language you've specialized in some of the areas of knowledge and with him you're gonna easily eat this guy up

00:27:41--> 00:27:41

I don't think

00:27:43--> 00:27:53

is really effective to the extent whereby you need to spend too much of your time on it. Like I said, not perfect. just just just show his complete incompetence and

00:27:55--> 00:27:58

having any last thoughts No, that's a really

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All right. All right, boys. Hope you guys enjoyed the show. Take care of yourself, you guys sick is Take care of yourselves as well. And inshallah we'll see you guys in the next one sent out