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I'm trying to learn.

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Thank you. Thank you. Now there was a bit of a controversial demo.

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As we know,

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Joseph Smith existed in the kind of

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18 1800s. Okay, that was the build up to what we know is that American Civil War? Yeah. Yeah. So obviously, the same time. Yeah.

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exactly what's going on?

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obviously, there was the issue of slavery. I'm not saying that the slavery was just in Utah. Yes, because I don't think it did exist in Utah.

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It was all over America was in southern states. Right. So all I'm saying is I don't think Utah necessarily had slaves. I'm not saying, well, Missouri, I'm not sure.

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what the point is. I was looking into some historical,

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I realized that

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I didn't

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own the pose of great

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price, okay, which is not a book that's available at the bookstore.

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From what I remember, someone who was basically a moment he told me this, yeah, he became, let's say he became his mother was a woman.

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He said that it says in that book, that, you know, this whole thing of the curse of habit, which is alluded to in Genesis, chapter nine, verse 22, of the Bible, this curse is now

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spoken of in direct

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as having a curse, because they have black skin, and now I've seen

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can correct me if I'm wrong, is that 1978 or whenever it was, there was a reform within Mormonism whereby This was now not not something which is believed so because you guys believe in continuous revelations. But the point is, you don't see that as problematic dow one point

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that in your scriptures that there was the references kind of racial

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reference, which, which, at the time of slavery could have justified slavery, especially

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Native Americans that the reason why there's

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no, yes, at the time.

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A black man couldn't become a woman. Could it be him? No.

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priesthood is the power of God the father used to create. So

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my assumption was that he couldn't be baptized.

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Why he couldn't go into the priesthood.

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until the time that so why is that?

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No, no, you got to do the training. Yeah.

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I'll be honest with you. I think you guys do it.

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when you're hungry.

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when he talks about

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that time,

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some point

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they all die.

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Man when Joseph Smith restored our church, the church

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sorry about the black people receiving the Christian

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listen to what the prophecy

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let me say one thing I know, I'm not sure if this is true.

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But I heard that you guys are not allowed to receive. Like you're not allowed to hear anyone else's religion.

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I'll just tell you something about my religion quickly.

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So I believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah, he's the Word of God. But he's, you know, he doesn't

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believe in the Virgin Mary,

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I don't believe,

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came to the Arabian Arabian peninsula. And he said that he was the final prophet. And there was no prophet gonna be after him.

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But also that he is

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that he says, for humankind,

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the purpose of life, according to us, it's Washington one, but believe it or

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not our perspective in regards to race relations.

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There's no difference between a black man a white man

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if we were to compare this statement, which came 1400 years before Joseph Smith,

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was mentioned in the title of the puzzle, great idea. Would you say that the Islamic notion of race relations, everyone is equal for the race it is more or less true, more or less something you would follow today than that which was mentioned.

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But what what is mentioned is that basically, because of the black people

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mentioned that clearly that black people, that's why that's one of the justifications they have.

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So what would you think is a more correct thing to say? You know, that there's no difference in race, even if, even if a black man was in charge of you, he's so black, that his head is like a region. He made this

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culture. They didn't really accept the black majority. Yeah.

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He wants to show that the blackest of men, and you could say nothing about that, even if the blackest man.

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And he wasn't charged. He didn't have to follow what you said.

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Something really interesting as well. Some people here in the speaker's corner, have been a racist religion. I came across a sexist religion as well, you know, you've heard the

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subjugation of women

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which is our second most authentic book of the Quran, we have to put up with the Word of God, then go for it, which is there wasn't a prophet. This Hadith says that is related to

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Titus was individual.

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A man Yeah. Okay, so a woman came and listened to this, she was a black woman.

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I'm just gonna finish off

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a black woman. She was a black woman,

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a black woman. So she wasn't just a woman. But she was a black woman. She came to the Prophet Muhammad.

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Basically, we have a ruling in Islam, whereby if you're, if you're, if you take the milk, if you take the breast milk of a woman, you can't marry him.

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And if a woman gave two people breast milk, like a man and a woman, then they become like, like preferences. Yeah, no, exactly. Preferences about like preferences there, because you know, different kind of maternal thing. No.

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Black woman came, she said, I gave milk to these two guys last week. Yeah.

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That means they can't be married. No, she was a one black woman. Yeah. She gave that testimony. And he off the bat was a man. He rejected. He said, No, no, she's lying. Yeah. She said, he said, She's lying. The Prophet said, Didn't you hear what she said? In other words, in this situation, he took the testimony of a black woman over the testimony of two men.

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Now one man in this case,

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the point I'm making here is that when it comes to Islam in a race, we have a very strict policy with race, we don't believe that any one race can be in any time, more valuable than another race. This woman who was a black woman and the lowest society, because knowledge was the black, but she was a black woman. Because women were seen as low as well, let's not live in that society. There was a strong patriarchy. And she was not just a woman, but a black woman. So the Prophet said, you know, you have to be divorced, and he created a divorce between these two individuals based on the testimony of that one, which is a very difficult thing. Now, the point I'm making this judgment

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to you guys, is

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I believe that you should come to Islam. Why? Because I think you know, and I know that what I've just described to you in terms of race is more common sensical than what you had in your face.

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And I believe

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If you are a person that doesn't believe in racism, I accept that you're not

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the only religion that is least the least racist religion and the most inclusive, diverse religion in the whole world is just based on that fact alone. If you guys believe that racism is a bad thing, you should become a Muslim. I believe that is the final perfect. Would you say to that? Well, the one thing that I heard you say that the only thing we talked about our trip

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now that our church is

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accepting of everyone, what makes it so our churches less racist?

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At one point, at one point in time, the founder of Latter Day, saints ism, or Mormonism,

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Joseph Smith, who was meant to be a prophet and relief revelation from God had racist beliefs. Now, we're saying that these racist beliefs are unacceptable, and they at no point in time were acceptable. So when he said it was not acceptable, or when it said now is not acceptable, therefore, we should reject it. Because what he said is what he said was wrong.

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So it's not about race. It's about inclusivity, diversity and obeying God, and that's what makes your higher. You agree with me?

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You guys wanna look? I know, I know. You're on a mission. I feel.

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Okay, you understand my point? I know you're never you're on a mission. You're on a mission. Yeah. They've told you to come here. And I know, it's the least thing that you'd have expected to come and become something else. But you know, the Bible says something beautiful, it says, seek the truth. and the truth shall set you free. Now, you will know you've accepted my premise, that racism is intrinsically a false thing. You've accepted Islam. And I've given you the proof for it. I slept is the religion of inclusivity and includes a race we've accepted also that in humanism, there is the idea of racism is that was there for a particular time. Accepted that's wrong. So therefore, when we

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come to an epistemological decision, which is more true

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it seems to me like what you're saying is

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true, whether or not on racism? Yes.

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Yes. Because I believe it's intrinsically true if God does one

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need to pick people over than other people and God created other people believe God created the white people.

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What do you think? Why do you think God will prevent the white of the black or the black or the white? All of them are creation so that's why the religion has to be inclusive, including all of the all of the races. If there is any faith, which exclude any of the races, then there is a false within that.

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And this includes at any time, no any so if there was any time because it's not fair to say okay, they were not included in the preset preset 1978. Therefore, pre 1978 it was okay to be racist.

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Okay, so here, we're saying what was true 1979 was true in 1977 It's true. 1978

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you agree with this point?

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modern era

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he was born when he was

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we have seen revelation we don't have

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perfect knowledge.

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Did you look at

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Joe Smith By the way, it wasn't because it was continuous revelation or someone else. Joe Smith.

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It wasn't Joe Smith that said that don't with someone else or someone who came off.

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Islam from the beginning.

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When Islam came to him, it was reserved at that point.

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There is no difference between the black and white except Empire is the one who's more fired

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He's better than the other, whatever race he is, wherever he came from, whatever, whatever, you know, you know, his, his features are still the same, he will be, he would be better than the other ones who are, for example, thinking that he's, you know, came from the types of startups or whatever. So that's what was sold at that point. So that's why it wasn't sold at the spot at the point from the beginning of that time, say, by the way, all races, all hospitals.

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So this is the issue here has to be resolved.

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In the beginning, so in order for later people will not look down on the other day.

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You know what the issue is? It seems like Joseph Smith on this is no disrespect to Mormonism. I honestly don't want to disrespect you. But Mormonism and Jehovah's Witness, both of them which came out around the same time, like,

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there's something which brings them in common is that they're very American religion is the land of opportunity to make your own religion. I'm not saying that that's what happened. But let's just say that, that could be an extension of the capitalistic dream. Joseph Smith, he seems to have Americanized Christianity, in a sense that he's now made Missouri. I'm not gonna say heaven, but he's made it into a special place. Apparently, Jesus came to America, all these things. So now it just seems like it's been an Americanization. I mean, he

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didn't have any precursors.

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You know, it proliferated in America.

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So it seems like American religion, and that is in line with social understanding of that particular time. So when in the in the 1800s, it was okay to have black slaves, it was okay. It was okay to, to whip them into it, to humiliate them. And all these things. This was, so he was in line with that thought, what we're saying is that, now that we can look in retrospect,

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what happened that was completely wrong. So he was wrong. And if we say he's wrong, and we come to that conclusion, then it must be the case, that there must be a religion if we believe in God, that is true. So which religion is there that doesn't have the curse of ham? That doesn't have the problem of the Trinity

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and which is believed in Jesus Christ. So you only have so would you like to become Muslim today and wipe away all of your sins and worship one God and believe in the Quran? And we'll give you the forum and it'll be a new new reservation for

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salvation is a big

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if you're looking for true salvation and the truth

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No way.

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I said to myself, whatever the truth, I don't care.

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I'll give you as a

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Do you want me to

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read it?

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and I would find truth and I would then

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logically, okay, what do you what do you define?

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If you're looking for the truth,

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if any scripture has a contradiction,

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show you

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I'll show you one right now.

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I said if I show you what

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you said to me, even if you show me

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what that means to you say whatever you show me

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I want to speak to him. Because he came he said to me,

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show me a

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new one. You know what? I'm looking for the truth, if the truth is what the moment is a man. So why is it when I said to you that you said to me, You know what that means? That means even when I show you the truth,

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it's your salvation. It's not a job, it's your salvation. As much as you don't want me to go, go, I don't want you to go.

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If I show you a single

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I'll give you the pen.

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Would you think about it?

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If you ask me the same question, I will say show me one

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that shows you know what that means.

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To be divided, and you find the errors and it just doesn't make sense. This big change.

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You have to push in it.

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I'll give it to you guys. If you believe in God, you pray to God and say God, whenever