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with Jimmy,

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which we talked about.

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So let's go through some of the key bits. It's a long Hadith. It's a very long Hadith, whereas it mentioned this webinar solid is mentioned in more agenne al Kabir

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barani and margem al Kabir

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and he mentioned

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as I said, this is a hadith which is by for Senate is actually got one chain in it, which is one person which makes it kind of weak it is got weakness in it. However, the nosler is very powerful like and because it's not happy, then we said we can move on with it. So let's go through some of the key elements. It says in the Manila massage or even massage comes from Amazon services, what are the signs and portions of our amazon seller says in them Allah massage your Shahada and certainly the some of the signs and the portions of the owl and yakun. And what are the why even the basic the child will be very angry. Probably with his parents, we are Kunal mazzaro, kiven, and the rain will

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be acidic, there'll be acidic rain.

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Why? So my wife, and I was hot, and we have one lemon, that basically the person who is trustworthy will be sorry, the the person who's not trustworthy will be trusted, and the person who's trustworthy will not be trusted.

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The part of the houses which is particularly interesting, or two or three parts, it says when tawassul at Barco. So when the plates will communicate with each other, and I asked, I did tell him more than one alum on this. This love this question was always

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and to us a lot. But for some of them said we don't know just just clearly just means if you can translate it, you can translate the place will be communicating with each other.

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So what is it talking about? One of the problems is what are some of the automated cars? They rely on the classical? Professor? Yeah. So if there's no, I have not come across, and if someone has, you can enlighten me, but I have not come across one Tafseer of this, have you not one, I've not come across one.

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And I've looked around, and basically awesome dollar, different countries. And they all come to conclusion. So as I say, it could mean it could mean the place, it could mean it could mean the dishes, it could mean a lot. That's the furthest you get, because they're very worried to say something of the Prophet that he didn't say himself or that they'll have Solomon which they don't have made basically someone that came before them to say the same thing.

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So that could mean that but it's a very interesting physiology. At the end of the Hadith, he says Why? Why yoga for Raja Raja women, also the majority, the men will be satisfied with men and women will be satisfied with In other words, homosexuality, and

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and also mentioned interestingly enough that Hades, which has got some die from some weakness, you know, I mentioned that the people will be marrying.

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And then again, the vote so a man will be married his wife here, now that he'll get divorced to her. Yeah. But then he'll continue living with her. So divorce will be seen as and then they'll have kids. And the massage is very shocked to hear this. And you get so this is another point. Now,

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this is one Hadith, which relates to our current present moment. So if anyone says, Okay, this is decent, isn't that, you know, could have been when it couldn't have been written in the 21st century. I mean, this would be ridiculous can or 20th century and it couldn't be, you know, also, it would be the 20th I was gonna write how it

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is, that would be a ridiculous claim. I mean, it would be ridiculous enough claiming any other hobbies because a lot of it was far after the time of the Prophet anyways. But now we're going with delving into a more than ridiculous claim. I'll give you another one where some of the allamah have said that this is talking about something of today. One of them is good one I had to put a little band he says that this is mentioning something today and he says this Hadith,

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which is mentioned I think in and narrated by abnormal, abnormal, is narrated. And there's actually a hadith there's two of those Hadees there's more than one. One of them was narrated, I think in my band is ifisa. Hey, in his book, and I think another alternative version is mentioned in Sahih Muslim itself. So this is

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basically the he says

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he says that performances I'm set

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to coffee, if you already own my tea, in the end parts of my own mind, otherwise the End of Times

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there'll be people you have kabuna surgery this so people will be you know, writing this search thing. What's the such

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so the professor's cashback? They the hell is going to look like the hell was the hand. So if you look at the classical dictionaries of what these things actually mean is talking about

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the classical old dictionaries, not today's dictionaries like this.

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Robin these kind of things, if you collate all of the old dictionaries and you make a research about which I did, to be honest, I want to find out what it was talking about

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is talking about a thing which basically looks like a ship.

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And some of the commentators say it looks like the ship of the jam of the non Arabs. So not the ships are the Arabs created the ships that they don't have straight it is basically enclosed. inside of a this is got killed, which is leather here. So it's got leather interiors, the exterior is fortified from each angle, we're not talking about a horse and carriage here because somebody else asked somebody in speaker's corner, she's the host and carrot, how's it going doesn't look like a ship, my friend, you know, it doesn't.

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It really doesn't. So, but then it continues and it says they're going to be writing this. And then they're going to be a lab lab and massage, they're going to be running it until the mustard dose. Look at the imagery, that's great. It is the imagery that's created that is vehicles, which Albania. So I have got some precedency he has said that this is these are crrt these are the cars of today.

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He said this, he said Oh Allah obviously you can say a lot and because he does, nothing can say 100%. But this is seems completely in correlation here.

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These things which are basically like smoke, because if you think about it from when I was thinking about this, yeah. nouns are things that you can, you can identify this is a proper noun, this is a common noun, just you know, an abstract noun. Now, you've got a you know, you can you can bunch nouns into proper concrete, abstract, abstract, like love emotions in that concrete like things, tangible things. At the time, there was no cost. So how is he going to explain costs? If you think about it? Yeah. So he used words, or he used the things that were available to him at his time. And the closest thing that he could use salatu salam, to mention what we're going to be writing on

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today's world. He used basically these ships, which were if you look at the old Roman ships go into Google and look at the old Roman ships, how they look, it's probably the best bet for if you're going to say something looks like a car 100% In fact, some of them have wheels. Some of them have wheels.

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They have wheels, and Ababa is the best bet. So he says that it's going to be like these things which have wheels. Sorry, this is gonna look like ships is going to have guilt from inside of it's going to have this kind of leather interiors.

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And are you going to be running around listen to this interesting realize interesting. He says you're going to be riding around and you're going to come out who's going to come out of these cars.

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Some women

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some women are going to come out to the vehicles.

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they're going to be IDs Cassius this RDF cassiodorus inside Muslim as well.

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IDs cast yet,

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which means they're dressed and naked at the same time, meaning they were in very tight clothes. And by the way, these are Muslim woman. Yes. How do we know that because the head is continuous. They're going to have kind of hijab was going to be it's going to look like the camels thing that you know, this kind of camels I have this thing like this.

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You see, nowadays I smell I've never I've never seen it just as a side note. I've never seen this hijab tutorials. I've never seen it. My name is Mohammed hijab. Yeah.

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So sometimes the recommended I see like was my name is Ric Murphy, just in the hijab tutorials and I was just wondering, Gani, I always wonder do they did actually take up the hijab and put it on or something?

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I mean, is that what they do? Okay, I'm not going to any other No, they're doing

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but I realized stuff a lot and this is not to take any money to take the money make of any particular community

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but basically doing turbans now like seek seek boys, you know, the sequence, so that the girls that have to turbans like a Sikh men, and I just never expected one. And this is basically what's being described, can imagine disturbing thing that these guys are doing. I'm guessing they probably got this from hijab tutorials, things. Yeah. So the question is, why are they doing that? Because you know, the problem

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is, is that they're men. They are cursed women, you know, and then another and another Hadith he says,

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San Fran,

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Alabama, this isn't a Muslim. So there's two people that have two types of people that I've never seen, and that they both go to the Hellfire and obviously we know and so no Jamal when Allah and the messenger threatened with the Hellfire Allah can still forgive this Yeah, but we're saying when the Hellfire is being threatened a major sin becomes a major sin. So wearing a turban by extension according to him and his though and so forth and his book he says that one opinion is that if Allah and the messenger threaten with with fire, or the Hellfire that is the major sin, so I'm just wondering, like, I haven't seen any I don't wanna any judge anybody. This woman who did the hijab

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tutorials and these things, do they not know that? Maybe they don't allow them maybe they think is okay, well, like, I'm going to presume the best because I

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I don't know what they're doing in that channel. But you know stuff a lot sometimes I see like a thumbnail of you know the

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last time anyways

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another point here