Joe Rogan Slips up on Islam

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This is a you know really bizarre when you hear these things where people are just tuning in and they're wondering, we got

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our red xovis cuz you jujitsu. We're reaching out to Brother Joe Rogan hopefully. So he can invite some scholars onto his show and give the Muslims perspective have a fair and balanced approach to these very important topics because again, once again, these things help fuel the division. They help feed into the hate the misunderstanding, and that leads to violence. We've seen a lot of it, we can discuss that more towards the end. Let's go to the next one. You ready? Cha Cha, kobita

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Zilla bi d a, I think it might have an H on it. I'm not sure. But I don't speak Arabic. And the idea is that there are no initiation not have any innovation, not the innovation that they already use, like Toyota trucks. Yeah. The like, for example, the king of sound had a hell of a time. Right. Okay, so Saudi Arabia was founded by the Eben sound family in so this is very interesting. I mean, you have Joe Rogan, who has a lot of knowledge in many different areas. Yes. He's one of the best fight commentators if you want to talk about jujitsu or mixed martial arts, he's an expert there. Yeah. And obviously, we're assuming that he wants to learn. So if you learn you grow, but now when

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you have someone like this, he comes on, and he's just so you know, with the he's got the British, he's got accent like you. Right? Yeah. And and you're laughing because you've dedicated your life, to this Deen to this way of life to studying Islam to learning to go. How do you feel when you have someone? When you see someone like this? Coming off, like, man, he's like, you know, Mr. Chef, you know, we call he's a scholar. Like he's, you know, he's really educating Joe, Joe is coming to him for the knowledge. Well, first of all, I wouldn't say that I hate my life, or like, if I was anything like that, I would, I would wish to have done that. Ally, as first foremost. But secondly,

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this guy, he's trying to use the word Buddha. Yeah. And he did not pronounce. He didn't know what it was. He did not spell it. He said he doesn't know the Arabic. And then he falsely, he falsely gives a false definition, when he gives the false definition to Joe Rogan, who swallows it wholesale. And then he accepts it without questioning it. And then he kind of attacks Islam based on it.

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I would say this is this is not the way to educate yourself on any topic. It really isn't. The way he was trying to say was bizarre. And what he's trying to say here is that Buddha is actually

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an innovation of any kind. So technological innovation, and he's trying to imply that Muslims are averse to technological innovation, of course, the hadith of eyeshadow delana. Is

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she said, he said, when death a fee Dean and I had my license, I mean, who forgot whoever innovates in our religion, what's not in it than it is rejected. So this is a way of like preserving the religion, right? It's all religious stuff. It's only it only relates to religious

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injunctions. So in other words, we cannot invent a new religious injunction or put into the religion of Islam, what's not in it, because we believe Islam is perfect is complete. The Quran says in chapter five, verse three, a Yama XML to lecom Deena como una mirada to lekman Islam, Medina, so I perfected your religion, I have completed my favorite point you and I've made this lambier religion. So it's not a matter of,

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of technological. And this is such a blunder. I mean, it's such a blunder that I can't believe that he's got someone like this on the show.

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Educating him on a very important topic.

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And then he's swallowing all up wholesales. Really, it's actually quite embarrassing. It is. So now if the person is making a major blunder here, imagine all the other mistakes and you're swallowing them whole and then not just that is different. You guys is dangerous. Okay, you guys having a conversation and you go and spewing, but you got a massive audience now. Yeah, that's true. And it just doesn't stop there. continues on he just continues on we got we'd be here all day. Yeah, you know, going. We've seen so many blunders, though. I mean, it's just one example of it. But it's such a blunder, to be honest with you. So